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If you are of the masses who believe Obama is the first Black president, you could not be more wrong.

 Thomas Jefferson, America’s third president was the nation’s first Black president.   Jefferson, the "son of a half-breed Indian squaw and a Virginia mulatto father," went to great lengths to conceal his ethnicity.  Jefferson was said to have destroyed all documentation of his mother and even seized letters from others that were penned by his mother.
The nation’s seventh president, Andrew Jackson, was the son of an Irish woman who had married Black man.  Jackson’s eldest brother was sold as a slave.  Later, in 1863, Jackson was placed on a 2-cent stamp; it was satirically named “The Black Jack.”

Abraham Lincoln was called "Abraham Africanus the First" by his opponents because his mother was known to be the product of an Ethiopian tribe.  Lincoln’s dark skin and course hair also confirmed to many that he was the product of an African father.

President Warren Harding, unlike Jefferson, Jackson and Lincoln, never denied, or tried to hide his African heritage.  Harding not only attended Iberia College, a college for fugitive slaves, both of his parents were on African lineage. 

Calvin Coolidge took great pride in his ethnicity as he boasted his mother was of dark complexion because she was of Native American descent.  Coolidge’s mother was actually a “Moor” and not Native American.  It was later determined that Coolidge was in fact of African descent.

There you have it. Quick, clean and simple; Obama is not the first Black president.

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