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It is always interesting reading liberal blogs, those that have not died off anyway.  They are not all the right wing blasting, progressive, anti American, BS that they are stereotypically made out to be.  Similar concerns are found, Libya, the debt, Japan… what will be the next stupid thing North Korea does.  And then there are the anti-Right blogs that are so determined to be anti-Right that they that they prove themselves wrong.  What’s that old game show?  “Things only a progressive would say!” he shouts out and wins a dining room set.

Arizona is largely hated.  How dare Arizona seek to uphold the law and claim that illegal immigration is actually illegal.  Granted, that’s a stretch and all, but you would be shocked at how bloggers ridicule Arizona on this issue, yet will not argue that it is illegal.  I know that is shocking, but it is true.  That is not the only thing they are angry about with Arizona.  Another shocker right?  They are angry because Arizona introduced a bill (again) requiring Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates to prove their constitutional eligibility.  Never mind the twelve other states that are pushing similar legislation.  The reason they are angry with Arizona is because the bill contains the following specific “anti-Obama” language.

Yes, the long form and bither issue… again!  It is as if it will never go away.  Did you know that more Americans are aware of the eligibility issue and question Obama’s eligibility than there are Americans who can identify who Biden or Pelosie are?  It will not die!  Either way, as the AZ bashing goes on, the bill is demonized as it attacks Obama specifically because it is so well known that he has yet to produce a long form birth certificate.  As if that is not enough, these blogs piece together, through their complaining, a compelling argument that all states should have birther bills… even though they denounce it.

This particular tale of anti-birther woe starts with the Democratic National Committee’s Certificate of Nomination… or should I say Certificate(S)! 

Let’s play a game!  Which one of these pictures is not like the other?

The second lacks the statement of eligibility.  Rut Rho Shaggy! 

I had no idea this was even an issue (the whole Certificate of Nomination thing) and here liberal bloggers against constitutional eligibility measures in AZ are giving up the goose!  Not the brightest bunch, but enlightening old chaps, we can at least give them credit for that.  The stories get a little twisted, but the DNC defended the two DIFFERENT certificates by saying… well, nothing.

Where the stories go wayward is which forms were sent to which states.  Some claim Hawaii needed the additional statement, while others claim “some states” needed the additional adage of being constitutionally eligible to hold the office. 

Do you mean to say that not all states ensure this is verified?  Admit it!  That just went through your mind!

Apparently not!  Though the DNC are and RNC are vetted with the verification of constitutional eligibility, little is in place beyond that of taking their word for it - and so it would seem the these two committees take the word of the candidates.  Craziness I tell you!  On occasion, constitutional eligibility is made issue of.  More recently, McCain was targeted to which he provided a copy of his long form birth certificate. 
McCain’s view was if you have nothing to hide, why hide it.  But this is where it gets interesting.  Hawaii has gone on record stating that no one has been provided with verification of Obama’s birth eligibility as it pertains to him being born in Hawaii.  NO ONE!

All of this coming to light as bloggers criticize AZ for sponsoring a bill specifically requesting the long form birth certificate.  Truth be told, we could have had multiple presidents serving that were not constitutionally eligible… not just this one.  That was a joke, but there is truth in jest.   

Out of prudence, it was important to look at the RNC’s Certificate of nomination.  Yes, it contains the caveat of constitutional eligibility.  No, there were not different versions for different states.  And no, it does not have the DNC’s typo in it either.  Did you catch that?  “Though” is used for through.  This typo dates back to at least 2000.  Gore’s contained it, Kerry’s contained it and obviously Obama’s contains it… both of them.
So why has this not drawn more attention?  Well it has found its way into the Kerchner v Obama & Congress lawsuit.  (Paragraph 89 -91 and Endnote 16). 

Dismissed of course and the appeal was called frivolous.  Interestingly enough the call for discovery was denied.  It boils down to this, “I am sorry you demand to ensure the constitution has been upheld, but we are not going to go through the process of discovery in order to verify your claims against the President and the federal government.”  Nice right?  ThRough (note the r) the court there is simply no recourse. 

Remember that all of this was in liberal blogs.  I had no idea about any of this.  The blogger would write disparaging things about Arizona and go forward in presenting an excellent case as to why constitutional eligibility verification is actually needed.  Even if Obama is not a usurper, would it not be nice to definitively know that each and every president is actually eligible to be President of the United States; especially after seeing the gaping holes in constitutional eligibility verification that have been waiting to be exploited by a person who studied the constitution?  It has been the perfect storm brewing while it awaited the right opportunist. 

Not only has there not been a long form birth certificated provided to put this to rest, one has NEVER been requested.  It makes more and more sense why Obama has spent 1.5 million taxpayer dollars keeping his secrets so secretive.

My guess is that if states would pass these so called "birther bills," Obama would come up with an excuse to run in 2012.

All of my brothers, sisters and I had high school teacher in common.  We were all told the same thing.

“Getting your high school diploma is important because without it you cannot become a trash collector for the city.”

In her eyes, us being a trash man was a good thing because working for the city came with benefits.  Not that people who work in the sanitation industry are under achievers, but when young minds are reaching for the stars, it is sobering to understand that certain people simply do not believe in you.  That your future was limited by your demographic and without a helping hand, your future was all the more limited.  Why?  Because the United States was once the home of slave and slave owners.  Because of this sordid history, Blacks were and will always be destined to a future of relative and comparative failure.

In reference to this past of slavery and Lincoln’s roll in it that we cannot seem get past; Franklin Brown left the following comment on my Facebook page:

“And, in truth, while some of it is unpleasant, it is nothing to be ashamed of. Growing stronger through adversity is a good thing.”

He is right, we are ashamed of our past.  It is a past of racism and discrimination that haunts Blacks and hinders the progression to true equality to this day.  To aid Blacks in attaining equality, affirmative action programs swept the nation.  Programs that states are now voting to do away with.  These states are labeled as “racist states” by many, but what people do not look into is why many communities are moving past the past by abolishing affirmative action.

POTUS deception

Equality can only be achieved one way, by unconditionally meeting a set of equal standards.  As states and organizations began moving in this direction, it was in hopes that the transformative aspirations of a newly elected Black president could help deliver the nation to a post racial society secure enough within themselves to embrace ethnicity over racial differences.  As it would turn out, this ideology was ephemeral at best; if it ever truly existed in the president to begin with.

Soon after Obama’s election and the fall of his coveted ACORN, it was disclosed that part of campaign strategy was to incite racism.  If a White journalist did not agree with a given position of the would-be president they were labeled as a racist.  This in turn negated objectivity and gave room for a presidential hopeful to go largely unchallenged in the mass media in fears of attacks for being considered racist.  It was a highly effective strategy that later infected the highest levels of the federal government.  A person who did not support health care reform was suddenly “racist.”  To implement health care reform would be to do away with the “American holocaust” that current health care is.  Through embodiment of these claims of racism, Blacks became victims of a Democrat political machine seeking to exclusively corral the Black vote and even further oppress Blacks.

Enter the Department of Justice and Eric “My People” Holder

The DoJ has been a key tool in ensuring that both Blacks never attain equality and align with the Democrat Party.  Voters in a small North Carolina community voted overwhelmingly to do away with party affiliation for local elections.  The voters wanted the ability to vote for “their candidate of choice” in local elections citing that in the small town they knew who the candidates were and thus did not need the D or R to determine whom to support.  The city has a population of 23,000; two-thirds of which are Black.  The DoJ threw out the vote claiming Blacks need the Democrat Party in order to know who to vote for.  Further acting upon racial intent, Loretta King of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division wrote of the decision, “Removing the partisan cue in municipal elections will, in all likelihood, remove the single factor that allows blacks to be elected into office.”

The DoJ has also ventured deep into the waters of affirmative action by forcing the Dayton Police Force to hire minority applicants who cannot pass the entrance exam.  Community leaders believe the Justice Department’s mandate stigmatized Blacks.  What the community wants is law enforcement and emergency personnel who are most capable of doing the job.  Under the mandate race becomes an issue because a minority will be questioned for their competence based upon the potential of being hired under a double (lower) standard.  In not lowering the standard, equality is attained; by lowering the standard, equality is forever an unattainable dream. 
Affirmative action is discrimination and racism

Further concerns will be raised when we consider the fact the affirmative action is in fact the employment of racism. 

In New Haven Connecticut, the city threw out firefighter advancement exams  because the results left too few minorities qualified.  As a result of the throwing out of advancement exams, one Latino and one Black were scheduled for promotion over White counterparts who clearly out performed them.  White firefighters sued for discrimination.  A suit that the Supreme Court ruled only 5-4 in favor of the firefighters.  Rather than correct the action, the city opted to not certify the results and promoted no one at all.

All discrimination and racism is wrong

It is not that minorities can’t, it is that minorities often too don’t have to!  We are so polarized by race and race issues we forget to look at things objectively.  If it is not fair to discriminate against women and minorities; why in the world is it acceptable to discriminate against White males?  Better yet, how is having lower standards of acceptability good for anyone in a given society?

There was a time when affirmative action was more than necessary and appropriate.  Today, at the hands of an affirmative action program that has been hijacked by a Black headed, largely Democrat led government, we have transcended from good intentions to overt government sponsored, endorsed and mandated racism.  While some see this clearly, others remain metagrabolized out of guilt for a past no American today has any control over while they render themselves ineffective as they fall idle and passive to race and race issues. 

Though a common political excuse, two wrongs never make a right.  Because slavery was wrong, does not make discrimination against another right. 

I was taught to set lower expectations, but that never meant I was not capable of being the best that I could be.  It never meant that I could not best any given standard.  This is somewhat of a unique outlook because human nature is to meet the standard.  If a person needs an 1100 on a SAT, they do not commit themselves to attaining a 1530.  What happens when that 1100 finds his or her self in an elite school because they are of a certain race, sex or both?  They fail.  What’s worse is that we all fail when we collectively fail to realize that.  Imposing standards of acceptability is done for a purpose; they are either met or they are not.  When we stray from the standard, we sell ourselves short before anything else.

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I was taken back the other day when I stumbled across an article claiming the earthquakes and tsunami in Japan were caused by melting ice masses; man-made global warming.  What made this so repulsive is the fact that a political farce would be peddled following the massive loss of life, during a national emergency of a foreign nation that could well impact the well being of those in other nations and even further hinder the global economy.  The global warming agenda is a hoax to coax the free world into being excessively taxed for the advancement of globalization and the enrichment of the very few.  These few true pushers of global warming are vile and disgusting creatures to all humanity.

You may have noticed an interesting poll not too long ago.  It said that liberals prefer the verbiage of global warming and conservatives prefer climate change.  Perhaps it was the other way around, but what the poll and accompanying article were actually stating was that both liberals and conservatives alike support the concept; and they thought they were fooling somebody.

Do I believe the climate is changing?  Absolutely!  This is because the climate of the Earth has NEVER been stable.  Good old fashioned fear was instilled in the hearts of those who refused to self educate and they have gotten away with bloody murder in doing so.  They have been granted so much free reign and pardon in advancing their agenda that many do bat an eye when the loss of more than 4,000 human lives are exploited.

Taking the man-made global models into consideration, it becomes noticeable that “scientists” like to use climate data going back 15,000 to18,000 years.  This is because the Earth has warmed considerably in this period of time.  The problem with the model is a simple one, the warming has not been “man made.”  The second thing that becomes noticeable is the claim of “consensus” among the scientific community.  To put it plainly, there is no consensus, nor has there ever been one.  The models use Co2 concentrations as the main cause of warming.  There is no correlation between Co2 and temperature increases due to Co2, but beyond that, Co2 is used because human activity has significantly increased atmospheric Co2 levels.  Beyond the trees loving it, scientists have been playing on the naturally occurring fluctuations in Co2 levels.  When global temperatures increase, Co2 levels increase a short time after the temperature.  Today, we have increases in Co2 that are in no way related to global climate.  This Co2 increase is said to responsible for temperature increases, which DO NOT FOLLOW Co2 levels in the way; Co2 levels changes generally follow temperature increases.  They have it backwards; it is just that we are not supposed to smart enough to figure that out.

18,000 years ago, the Earth was the peak of its most recent ice age.  Global temperatures were 5 degrees lower than that of today.  More than half of North America and Eurasia were covered with ice thousands of feet of sheet ice and the world saw sea levels that were 400 feet lower than that of today.  Obviously, the Earth then warmed ending the ice age.  Given the logic of man-made global warming proponents, the only warming the Earth is capable of undergoing is at the hands of man.  They never address the warming and cooling trends that preceded both man and man’s ability to impact the environment in any significant way.

900 years ago, Co2 levels were lower than that of today, but global temperatures were warmer.  The perception that is being sold is that the world has never been warmer than today, but glancing back a mere 900 years disproves this failed science of deceit.  In this era of Vikings Greenland was settled, inhabitable and not only “green,” it supported a European agricultural lifestyle.  The Earth then began to cool.
Since 2006, temperatures have actually decreased, not increased.  The last few years have been riddled with record breaking snowfall, deep freezes and low temperatures.  All blamed on man-made global warming.  Natural disasters soon fell victim to the blame game of global warming.  Changing weather cycles were the fault of man, severity in weather, increased and decreased rain fall, frequency and infrequency of sizable storms; all the fault of man’s negative impact on the Earth.
It has gotten so absurd that beer tastes both better and worse because of global warming, fish are bigger and small, more scarce and more plentiful.  Heroine has more protein, Vegas is failing, baseball bats will become a thing of the past, sharks will eventually consume all that dare to swim in the ocean and get this; you are more apt to getting kidney stones – because man is warming the planet. 

Keeping things in perspective, much of these claims are result of “creative” advertising because the concept of global warming is so prevalent.  What stands out most is freezing being blamed on warming, but inverse relationships do exist such as with the melting and forming of polar ice caps.

It is one thing to be divergent with the science behind any given concept, but quite another to have a so-called science play the public for stupid.  It is insulting.

The line of tolerance has been crossed.  The idea behind the farce is to fool people out of their hard earned money in order to grant a perception the Earth can be stopped from doing what it has done for eons.  Nothing the Earth does cannot be controlled by man.  Man cannot stop a 1 MPH breeze, a single raindrop from falling, nor a leaf falling from a tree.  Man simply lacks the significance to impact the Earth in the manner the Earth can impact man. 

Use the unfortunate events of Japan as an example.  The Earth naturally changed its axis.  In order for man to change the axis of the Earth, man would have to endanger all of mankind.
Despite the obvious truths, our politicians seek to economical endanger the nation’s people.  It was Obama that stated in no uncertain terms that his Cap and Trade legislation would impose a 90% or more increase in utility bills for the American citizenry.  Under Cap and Trade, a failed legislation that is currently being implemented behind the scenes and through various agencies, gas prices were predicted to soar to $7 a gallon.  When challenged, the Obama administration refused to apply a cap preventing gas prices from getting so high that the average American could no longer afford their work commutes.  More recently, Obama has gone on the record stating he would tap into American reserves to prevent gas prices from getting too high due to the crisis in the Middle East.  Do you see what is happening here?  In the name of global warming there is no economic mercy granted to the people, while unrest in the Middle East is reason to spare the wallet of the American taxpayer.  The translation is simple.  Sky rocketing fuel costs cannot not allow the Middle Eastern nations to look bad.  However, advancing the lie of the man-made global warming agenda will spare no one.  Think about that.

In sparing no one, they have now claimed the lives of thousands in the name of their lie.  In doing so they have laid stake to the claim of all humanity; no one or nothing is sacred – all are but a mere pawn in their game of deliberate deception.  We are meaningless in their eyes and the only value we have to them are the dollars we earn with our hard work.

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The potential for a government shutdown has been creating quite a stir in the last couple weeks.  To set the record straight, the deeply divided House of Representatives voted to approve a three week budget.  This does not resolve the budget issue, but it very clearly demonstrates that fears Armed Forces personnel will be asked to serve the remainder of the month and not receive pay on April 1st are unfounded.

Part of the confusion for Armed Forces personnel is irresponsible reporting.  So let us set the record straight since “military newspaper staff writers” (all terms used loosely) wish to strike fear by releasing deliberately withheld information.

The concern was generated when one such staff writer wrote an article detailing government’s plans to shutdown government and not pay military personnel on the subsequent payday.  The draft planning guidance that was used to generate the article was just that; a DRAFT.  An incomplete idea awaiting further approval and at no time had any policy making or pay impacting merit concerning the troops that were led to alarm by the article.  The draft was presented by our Democrat leadership through the Pentagon in an attempt to put the screws to the Republicans in hopes that threatening military pay would force them into approving a budget that did consist of the deep budget cuts the Republicans are seeking in order to offset some of the damages being caused by the government’s runaway spending. 

However, all that was reported when it came to service men and women was that military personnel were in a situation that that could lead them to not getting paid on April 1st.  This coming from a “military paper” that is highly used by military personnel is reason for concern given the fact that the withholding of their pay was a mere idle threat that was never put into any official form. 

Such draft planning guidance is nothing new for our fellows in the beltway.  In 1995 the government suffered a similar plight under Bill Clinton and some 17 “drafts” were presented by Democrat leadership to call for the withholding of military pay while our troops served with the honor they swore to.  Politicians who are not so honorable sought attack their pay; all attempts which obviously failed much in the manner this one has.

The article blames the division of a Republican House and Democrat Senate that cannot resolve a budget issue while further stating the budget was not passed on October 1st of last year when the fiscal year began.  While the latter is true, look at the dates.  The division of the House and Senate occurred on November 2nd when Republicans won the House and made significant gains the Senate.  The divided budget debates as described in the article did not begin until January when said Republicans took office.  What this should tell the reader is the budget failed to pass when Democrats controlled both the House and Senate; even though the article is written to suggest that today’s division of the House and Senate is the true problem.  Today’s division simply had nothing to do with last year’s Democrat in fighting.

This has been the tone of many writers from 2009 through 2010 where failed government agendas and legislation were blamed on a party that lacked the numbers to block anything in both the House and the Senate.  The problem was the lack of agreement between fellow Democrats; as was the original problem in this case.  Today, the tide has turned and the two parties are far from eye to eye on any and all budget issues.  Despite this, it not the intent of any honorable elected official to see a single service member serve without pay – even if that pay is later reimbursed.  This of course exempts the lesser desirable elected official who would even suggest such a fiscal atrocity of our fighting men and women.  Disclose them and vote them out!

The Federal Times and other military affiliated newspapers have failed their readers in their publishing of such an inaccurate article by a staff writer who either got his hands on very incomplete and thus unverified information, or simply chose to submit portions of information that would incite turmoil amongst the troops in an attempt to gain his 15 minutes of fame.

In as much, portions pertaining to this article are correct, but they are also grossly misrepresented.

What is important to remember is that Enlisted men and women are serving under a service “agreement” and not a contract.  This enables government to effectively not pay them while giving them no recourse against government because a contract will not have not been violated.  In light of such truth, attempts to hold political agendas hostage with military pay have always failed and always will.  A government not willing pay their service members is simply not a government worthy of serving.  This is also to say that an elected official willing to consider a measure like this is not worthy of your vote and person willing to place military personnel through such stress with this poor reporting is not worthy of reading.

“Trusted sources” of information are subjective at best.  Perhaps after this readers will begin to reconsider what their trusted sources of information are.  When a topic like this one comes to your attention, research it before believing it, or ask me and I will be happy to research it for you.  Of all the things our service men and women deserve, honest and credible reporting is the least that can be provided; that much I am more than willing to do for our fighting men and women and their families.

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Tsunami levels coastal Japan towns
It is really unbelievable.  It is hard to put into perspective and difficult to comprehend.  There have been two reactions to the tragedy in Japan.  One that is more of compassion and concern, and one more of an honest curiosity.  There is more to the curiosity than people realize.  While some can easily connect to such things from an emotional perspective, others simply need more to both connect to such tragedy emotionally and bring things into perspective.  I am of the latter; it is not some dark and morbid curiosity.  For many, detailed information is needed to connect all of the dots.

It would seem that the host Earth is increasingly inflicting its merciless will upon its parasitic inhabitants.  Professional sources like the NOAA claim that such incidents are below the “norm” in terms of averages and that the immediate availability of information gives the appearance that the Earth is becoming increasingly unstable.  Logic in statistics and watching the impact of 8+ magnitude earthquakes, tsunami, volcanoes, and radiation leaks have nothing in common.  We can understand that these occurrences are not as frequent as they could be, but seeing more of the less frequent events is very humbling.  Couple it together and you quickly realize that things not only could be far worse, but could directly befall you in very surreal ways.  Your “curiosity” then peaks.

Rachel asked how I could watch the videos of Japan's nightmare come true with such attentiveness.  It’s the process of survival that gets me.  How do you get past the event in order to enter into survival mode?  The videos are very telling and to extract the information, you must first fully digest the horror they contain.  We all know the computer models will follow with their sterile, non-emotional, detailed descriptions of what happened, but they will be devoid of certain realities.

One video was shot at the level of the tsunami as the first wave pushed through a seaside town.  A motorist entered an intersection and turned left speeding down the road slightly ahead of the water as a videographer shot from the lower level of a staired, paved hill.  The wave brought with it dumpsters, then consumed cars and swept them away as if they were toys.  Trucks followed, small houses then fell victim as boats from the sea flowed through.  Entire wooded buildings then took to the street; all heading in the direction in which the motorist sped off.  He opted to drive, abandoning a clear chance of survival on the hillside.  My thought was that the person was rushing home to ensure the safety of family – the ultimate survival wildcard.  I hope he made it.

The fact of the matter is that time will bring such events to everyone’s doorstep.  Look at it this way, and please forgive me while I geek out on you:  The radius of Earth at the equator is about 3963 miles.  The surface area of a sphere  obtained by  area = 4 pi r2, so the surface of the earth is: 4 x 3.14159 x 3963 miles x 3963 miles = 197,359,320.78684 square miles.  You would have to add a bit for peaks and valleys to get more accurate numbers, but we are talking about 198 million square miles.  Japan is about 149,000 square miles, or just over .07525% of Earth’s surface area this is the entire nation which is far beyond that of the affected area).  This is minuscule, yet the events in Japan have shifted Earth’s axis.  What this tells me is that an event such as this covering 3% of the Earth will directly impact all life on Earth; the balance  of life is just that fragile.  We all know that each continent has progressed to their current positions on the globe.  This progression has been violent and often life changing to the degree that it has led to human life.  We also know that the continents are not at their given permanent resting places; the progression continues and witnessing events like that which have befallen Japan gives the individual a glimpse of what this progression looks like and how it impacts man.  Many cannot stomach such a scary reality.  Unfortunately, it is a reality that all humanity will eventually face.

The idea in delving into the horror is to gain multiple perspectives that all unite into realistic sets of circumstances and how best to deal with them when we come face to face with an ever evolving planet playing temporary host to a parasitic human existence.  We are led to believe that the better we treat the planet, the better the planet will treat us in return.  That if we go green, recycle our Rice Crispie boxes, drive electric cars while taxing the usage of Earth’s resources, we will be spared from an inevitable fate.  It is not a dark and morbid obsession driven by a perverse fascination with destruction and the massive loss of life.

Unfolding before us is the inconsequential nature of self.  Put into perspective is how helpless we are as a race of people when compared to the often-violent nature of Mother Earth.  In such humility lies an understanding of who is actually in charge of whom.  Our host has very patiently tolerated our existence, but coming could well be the day that the next evolution of major life begins.  Just as it has happened before us, it will expand beyond us.  Seeing that for what it is tends to defy a human nature that believes we are the end all be all of life on Earth.  My thought is that we a mere passerby of a far greater evolutionary process - events such as this seem only to serve to emphasize the plausibility of this obtained perspective of direct observations.

Lincoln is referred to as the “Great Emancipator,” credited for ending slavery and has been largely portrayed as being the first White American that believed Blacks were to be viewed as equals when compared to their White counterpart.  The last few weeks have been a celebration of the 16th president spanning from President’s Day to the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s inauguration on March 4th.  A celebration led by a century of misrepresentations, misunderstandings, and even denial.

Views on slavery

As the Lincoln inauguration was marked this past weekend, his words in the inaugural address are overlooked when crediting him for his position on slavery.  “I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists.  I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so.”  Less than two years later Lincoln wrote in a letter to Horace Greeley, "My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union, and is not either to save or to destroy slavery.  If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that.  What I do about slavery, and the colored race, I do because I believe it helps to save the Union."  Prior to these very telling quotes, in 1858 Lincoln wrote: "I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races.  I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of making voters or jurors of Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry with white people.  There is a physical difference between the white and black races, which I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on terms of social and political equality." 

It was Lincoln’s desire to save a bifurcating Union threatened by the secession of the southern states that evolved into emancipation, not a personal belief of human equality.  The southern states were economically dependent upon slave labor and even utilized slave labor to rebuild fortifications during war against the north.  In leading a Republican Party that insisted upon the abolishment of slavery and in an effort to economically cripple the southern states, the Emancipation Proclamation was signed by his hand.

Colonization after emancipation

For freeing slaves with the January 1, 1863 Proclamation, Lincoln’s place in history has been solidified.  However, after signing the Emancipation Proclamation, Lincoln went on to describe former slaves who desired a permanent life of freedom in the United States as “selfish.”  He further promoted his agenda of the colonizing freed slaves in the Caribbean by stating "especially because of the similarity of climate with your native land — thus being suited to your physical condition." 

Lincoln sought the cooperation of the British government to establish settlements in Honduras for the newly freed slaves where slavery had been abolished in 1838.  Though this colonization effort failed, this shows Lincoln in a newer and more truthful light.  The newly released documents pertaining to colonization after emancipation are detailed by Phil Magness in his new book Colonization After Emancipation. 

“It makes his life more interesting, his racial legacy more controversial," Magness told MATTHEW BARAKAT of the Associate Press. 

Lincoln’s support of voluntary colonization is well known among historians, but these deeper truths seem to elude the mainstream American education process. 

Ideology of deception

Many today are too attached a deceptive ideology of the Great Emancipator and Moral Abolitionist to accept the notion that Lincoln’s agenda was less honorable than they have already accepted.  Lincoln was a political abolitionist at best and far from the moral abolitionist we want him to have been.  The freedom of slaves hinged upon the Republican Party’s insistence and the desire of a president to strike the southern states in ways that would most hinder their war efforts against the north.  Lincoln has been glorified as something he is not and never was, yet Americans cling to these misrepresentations and misunderstandings with the unyielding might of denial.  It is said that without Lincoln, the nation would not  have evolved to behold a 44th half-Black president.  The reality is that with Lincoln, the nation was precariously close to a future completely devoid of Blacks altogether.  The Great Emancipator and Moral Abolitionist?  Hardly.  Lincoln advanced the position of Blacks under pressure of the Republican Party while viewing the freeing slaves as the necessary requirement to win the war against the south.  After emancipation, Lincoln continued his push to have Blacks voluntarily relocated to other countries.  Lincoln only relented on colonization when moral abolitionists overwhelmingly objected to the resettling of freed slaves.

Had the North maintained a greater military and economic advantage over the south during Lincoln’s tenure as president, the United States would likely not have seen emancipation under Lincoln.  Lincoln did not enter the Office of the Presidency with the intent to free slaves; his opening words as president claim the contrary to be true.  Despite these truths, we glorify Lincoln for something he simply never was, nor wanted to be.

I do support the Tea Party and so do liberals, they just do not realize it.  Think about it, liberals have come a long way since the Pelosie’s quip referring to the Tea Party as “astro turf.”  Two years were spent demeaning and sabotaging the Tea Party with plants in a failed attempt to make them look bad.  The Republicans then kicked the living daylights out of the Democrats in Nov 2010 and suddenly liberals started singing a slightly different tune.  Do not get me wrong, they have not directly complimented the Tea Party, but they have otherwise fully acknowledged their legitimacy.  We all know what they say about “imitation.”

Imitation through deception
And that is what the liberals have done, imitate the Tea Party while vocally dispelling the Tea Party.  “Grassroots” immigration reform pushes have already begun in states where immigration is not crisis level issue.  The grassroots initiative was passively announced on the White House Blog when the president’s coveted amnesty bill otherwise known as the DREAM Act failed.  What this says is the liberals have taken note to how the Tea Party has found success and appreciate their effectiveness.  Of course if you ask someone from the Left about the Tea Party and they will tell you tales of racism, slurs, epithets and vandalism that more than likely conducted and committed by one of their own planted in the Tea party that has lead to a rhetoric of loathing and left generated hate.

Despite such underhanded manipulations, the Tea Party has turned heads.  This was accomplished by bringing the truth to the people and rebroadcasting the message of truth consistently, relentlessly, calmly and repeatedly.  In speaking the truth, the truth always surfaces.  It was the Obama administration’s practices of deceit that surfaced as the Tea Party said they would.  As this happened, those who once doubted the Tea Party realized they had be fooled by an administration the preyed upon their emotional weakness to win and steal their support.  The Left falls to the reality of their own devices and the Tea Party continues to win favor.  It is for these same reasons that the Left will not be able to truly imitate the Tea Party mind you.

Denial of support
Either way, it is easy to support an organization that was born against run of the mill Republican; to return conservative values to government.  They were never “against” Obama and consequently his minions; Obama just fit the bill once his actions after election failed to match his BS before the election.  His runaway spending is what got the attention of the Tea Party… now look where we are.  He said he would be fiscally responsible; but this was because he actually campaigned against Bush and his supporters were not smart enough to realize he was running against a ghost.  We all heard the “better than McCain” story, but of those who said that, who could really state any of McCain’s positions?  That he supported amnesty?  Very few, this is because to the Obama supporter, McCain was inconsequential!  Bush was the one to hate and by casting a vote for Obama meant one was making a statement against Bush.  It was Bush’s final years that led the Tea Party to take action.  It was Obama’s similarities to Bush’s habits that forced the Tea Party into action against him.  If you were anti-Bush in your support of Obama, you were pro Tea Party; ironic.

Plate of distinction
Today the Tea Party has legitimately moved a nation and in doing a certain value has been found.  States have also moved to support their local Tea Party organizations.  In Arizona, there is a very active and effective Tea Party.  The rallies are peaceful and the messages are clear.  The truths have been clearly seen and thus the support continues to grow.  It has grown so much that the state is considering a “don’t tread on me” Tea Party license plate. 

The liberals are of course against it, while at the same time concocting ideas for one of their own; perhaps one with a watermark containing a burning constitution. 

I am all for a don’t tread on me vanity plate.  There are tons of different plates in AZ as it is.  I am not for a percentage of the proceeds going to the Tea Party which is after all a political interest group though; even one that I support.  The bill to approve this has been sent forward today after being amended to make Tea Party supporters responsible for $32,000 set up fee.  The way I see it, the Arizona Tea Party is worthy of a state plate, but the precedent it sets is concerning.  Next year will there be a Planned Parenthood Arizona “Kill Baby Bill” plate where a percentage of the proceeds supplement the soon to be lost taxpayer dollars?  It even lends itself to a discussion of constitutionalism where a state run organization is utilized to raise funds for political organizations; something the Tea Party of all organizations should be in tune to not only this concern, but the perception it presents, the precedents it sets and like intentioned organizations which have unhealthy and undesirable goals for the America they dwell in.  A Westboro Baptist Church supporter plate that uses it revenues to demonstrate at the funeral of fallen military members?

True support is conditional
The problem as I see it is not so much the Tea Party having a plate, but what it will eventually lead to.  The Tea Party is grossly misunderstood by many because people bought into the rhetoric from the Obama administration who saw the Tea Party as threat and used their influence over their followers to paint a picture of untruths as a perverse reality.  Even with this factored in, you cannot help but wonder what comes next. 

Believe it or not there is a “Choose Life” plate, a “Golden Rule” plate and a “Masonic Fraternity” plate in AZ.  All controversial in their own right and all organizations see $17 per plate sold.  Actually, the plate list in AZ is quite extensive:

AZ GOV Motor Vehicle Division

None of these are of direct political intent.  Some may argue that the Choose Life plate is, but we have politicized life and do not governmentally support not having abortions; for some strange reason the reverse is true.  A Tea Party plate is one thing, seeing $17 per plate going to a political organization simply does not sit well because of its consequences.  What we do know statistically is that people who would not otherwise directly donate will purchase a plate in a pledge of both emotive and financial support.  This could be huge for the Arizona Tea Party, but its appropriateness is questionable at best.

What is right, is right and blind support is what has gotten America into this mess!  Am I turning my back on the Tea Party?  Absolutely not.  At the same time, if any organization is doing something, or moving in a direction that I do not support; the RESPONSIBLE thing to do is call it like it is.  Our collective failure to do so has also helped deliver America into this mess.  Support is NOT a 100% across the board thing.  True support is CONDITIONAL and we hold the unalienable right to be selfish in such manners. 

When you read as many articles during the course of a week as I do, every now and then one creeps back to the forefront your mind.  This one was an article about the increase in tickets being beat by drivers using GPS devices.  What is important to remember about this is the economic times we currently live in.  It is no secret that law enforcement agencies across the nation are writing more tickets for lesser infractions and issuing fewer warnings to drive dollars into the local government.  More tickets, more fights, and in this case, more victories at the hands of GPS technology armed drivers.  So I decided to see how easy it would be to beat a ticket using my cell phone.  The results my surprise you!

The phone
Verizon Droid Pro
My Droid Pro was perfect for this.  Android version 2.2.1 / system version 2.26 powered by a 1GHz Snapdragon processor.  The phone has a 2GB internal memory and (disappointingly) came with a 2GB SD card that was swapped with the 16GB SD card from my previous Droid (though it is expandable to 32GB).  What made the phone ideal for this is its ability to run multiple apps simultaneously without slowing, freezing and shutting down.

The idea was to use free GPS apps to track and record every inch of a road trip from Sierra Vista, AZ to Marana, AZ and be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt my travel speed at any giving point in the 200-mile round trip drive.

The apps
Speedview free app
Google Maps, Navigation, Latitude; which all come installed on the Droid, along with Speedview and Maverick which were installed for the test.  Both Speedview and Maverick were tracking between 8 and 13 satellites and proved more accurate than the car’s speedometer.  To compare Speedview v. Maverick v. car I timed 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50 mile increments over the time traveled.  Speedview and Maverick were both +/- .0001 mph and the car was +/- 3.78 mph when put against good old-fashioned math.
Maverick free app
Speedview interfaces with both Google Maps and Maverick and exports the GPS files to the SD card making it very user friendly.  Maverick however only records when the SD card is available.  This is somewhat of a problem because the GPS must remain on in order to track data accurately; enabled GPS on a cell phone is a battery hog forcing the operator to have the phone charging while GPS is in use.  If using a USB port in the car, be sure to set the phone to “charge only” as the USB connection will seek to access the SD card preventing Maverick from sending data to the external memory device. 

The GPS track files from both Speedview and Maverick can be imported to Google Earth 6 where it will map the data and provide you with the proof you will need with unbelievable accuracy!
This is the start of trip leaving my house in Sierra Vista.  Here’s the cool part!  Each light blue arrow is a data point containing longitude, latitude, speed (measured to the tenth of a mile per hour), heading, date, and time (measured to the tenth of a second).  As you can see, with up to 13 satellites tracking at any given point (though there were only 9 when I left) provides you with very dense data feedback.
So much data feedback that it can be overwhelming.  As you zoom out on Google Earth and click on your course, the data points literally explode off the selected area.  Each arrow contains the same data as the screen above. 

In the event that you were to get a ticket, it is important that you “flag” the location of the stop!  It is easiest to do this with Maverick by simply tapping the green flag while in the map display screen.  Flagging this location will make it easier to extract the data from Google Earth as it will serve as a waypoint.  The issued citation will provide further data to aide in locating the specific location on your GPS print out; statements like “mile marker 250,” or “exit 398” are routinely listed.  By doing this at the time of the ticket, it will enable you to select the exact location of the stop and assess your traveling speeds prior to being pulled over.

The point of truth
By now you may have realized something; by seeking to disprove, you also set yourself on a course to prove.  Going back to the beginning where we leaving my house in Canyon De Flores, if we were cited for running the light at Canyon De Flores and Highway 92 I can easily pull the data from not only being at a stop, but pulling the data from the subsequent points I can show how long I was at a stop.  At the same time it is important to remember that opposite is true.  If the speed limit were (hypothetically) 35 mph on Highway 92, I can only prove the only time traveling under 35 mph was from the stop as we accelerated to 55 mph and the ticket is thus legit.  What this process proves is truth as provided by technology equal to that of law enforcement and more accurate than “pacing strategies” many law enforcement agencies still use.  If you are speeding, you are speeding and GPS will not prove innocence where it does not exist.  However, it can correct an error on the part of law enforcement, spare you the trouble of a fraudulent citation, and provide beyond a reasonable doubt the exact details of your course of travel.  When this differs from the claims of law enforcement, you have a tool that is winning in traffic courts across the land.  Just understand that it will not claim you were doing 64 in a 65 when you were actually traveling 72! 

Truth be told, the conservative nature of people dictates that if we are speeding, we do not mind the ticket; we do however, insist the citation be accurate!  Those whom believe in personal accountability will accept a ticket for doing 72 in 65 if they believe they were going roughly 72.  It is when we are told they were doing 76 and cited for it when we last looked at the speedometer being just over 70.  Here is where such clarity will become helpful.  In such an error, a new citation cannot be issued to correct the speed as an admission of guilt through GPS technology; the original citation must be thrown out and you get off scot-free by being 100% honest due to law enforcement inaccuracies.