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OK, we need to be completely honest and look at things as they are and for what they are and take the political correctness BS out the equation.  You see, this is what happens when you spend a generation baking the cake of double standards then want to sit down and eat it while expecting there to be no consequences. 

I am no Trump fan, but he has got some cojones!  Unfortunately, he is tea bagging the living daylights out of Obama with them!  Obama succumbs to the Trump pressure and releases his long form.  He folded, he knows it, the nation knows it and Trump took full and rightful credit for it.  Did that satisfy his craving for Obama blood?  No, one could argue he loves the taste!  The Obama Administration is taken back and Trump has their complete and undivided attention because he has effectively mapped a blueprint on how to defeat Obama in 2012.  And that is by doing what politicians have been too afraid to do because they are fearful of being called racists; take Obama head on and ensure he is fully exposed FOR THE FIRST TIME.  (Shame on you America for electing a man that has more sealed records than does a filthy rich criminal)!

With a quick and easy victory under his belt, Trump called for Obama’s grades as it would seem he will not rest until every single sealed Obama record is released.  Trump stated the following:

“I have friends who have smart sons with great marks, great boards, great everything and they can’t get into Harvard… We don’t know a thing about this guy.  There are a lot of things that are unanswered about this president.”

The retort?  This is code for saying Obama “got into law school because he is Black.”  as it would continue to read; “… an ugly strain of racism running through the whole thing.”

Trump is a racist!

Now just stop the stupidity because this is the exact type of thing the Obama / Holder team stand for.  What we are talking about is Affirmative Action.  States that have voted to have Affirmative Action programs removed are criticized as being “racist states.”  However, if one suggests a person is a product of a program they so strongly support, it is they who are the racist?  You can’t have it both ways Slappy!  This is exactly why Affirmative Action has outlasted its usefulness.

Holder and Co. recently forced a city to accept candidates into the police and fire/rescue services who did not meet the testing scores because they were Black.  One such Black candidate stated that he wanted to make it on his own merits because he did not wish to be stigmatized as a quota and judged as incompetent because he was Black.  Good for him, but shame on the Department of Justice for setting Blacks back 47 years!

So now we have a suggestion that Affirmative Action birthed Obama’s education and we are supposed to paint Trump as a racist for the insinuation (which is subject to your own interpretations by the way).  This is the damage the program causes and like it not, Obama and his DoJ are forcing it on the nation, but how dare we assume that people are actually products of the program… if we make such an assumption, no matter how loosely, it is an act of racism itself.  Yet, we insist that things be both ways?  We want equality, while we force a double standard of acceptance upon the people.  It becomes easier for minorities and women to attend certain schools, obtain certain jobs and even attain certain levels of success while never acknowledging that this in and of itself is an act of discrimination; racism in motion.  But, a person can only be viewed and referenced as an intellectual equal despite having to meet lesser standards in order to obtain the same position of “equality.” 

There have been times in my life that I have been discriminated against and I really did not care for them all that much.  Putting the shoe on the other foot, I can see why some take issue with Affirmative Action.  It is difficult, no, impossible to accept that you are not good enough because the color of your skin happens to be “wrong;” regardless of how good you actually happen to be.  Isn’t that what we tell White males with Affirmative Action?  Because they are White, they do not have a certain right of access to resources and opportunities?  That because they may be the person that posses a better skill set, have higher grades, or be more experienced; that they are not eligible because they are White; that even though they are a better fit, the slot must be filled by some one less qualified, less experienced, or less skilled because they are the right gender, or right color.  It sucks to be told that you are not good enough, even though you know you are far, far better!  It sucks like you would not believe.  There is nothing worse the busting your ass to get somewhere in life and be rejected because you do not look a certain way.  If it is wrong for me to be denied something because I am Black, it is equally wrong that a person is denied something because they are White!

So now we have this program that we “support” and even force upon the people, but do not consider it racist and discriminatory because it is believed that it “benefits” minorities.  We knowingly impose this double standard and blatantly ignore the consequences of such actions. 

Here is a clue, if we want to do away with the perception that a person has attained more by achieving less due to the color of their skin, perhaps we should do away with the program that enables such mindsets.  Just a thought.  So long as the program exists, the reality of the products of the double standard exists.  We can’t have it both ways and when someone calls us out on it, we really have to evaluate who is actually perpetrating the fraud and the racist acts. 

Let’s face it, America has a serious problem with the terms and conditions of race as a collective people.  We toss the word “multiculturalism” around, but have not have the foggiest idea on how to embrace ethnicity.  We allow ourselves to overreact each and every time we hear the words racist and racism.  Because of these interpersonal failings we have been exploited by a political entity that has learned to use these words to polarize constituents into passive followers of hate.  When the accusation is made it is believed, though the vast majority of the time it is never substantiated.  Sadly, America is so racially and culturally inept that an accusation of racism does not have to be substantiated to have an affect.  I will prove my point right here and right now.

If I would post on my Facebook page that Mark (no offense man) made a racial slur against me, your reaction would be; “Oh my God!  How could he?” because you do not know him personally.  Then I would have to listen to comment after comment about how intolerant you are to racism and how it sickens you that it exists.  It is because you find guilt first based upon the accusation of race that demonstrates your profound insecurity with race as an issue.  It does not make you a racist, but it does make you an enabler of racism!  And it is the latter that is fed upon to perpetuate the atmosphere of racism that exists in America today.

I spent the day engaging in various discussions based upon articles that that have used gross exaggerations of racism to fuel the political agenda of a given side and against an opposing side.  In each and every case, the accusation was largely supported even though no true details were known in which to base judgment accurate upon.  The Right was simply a bunch of racist losers as judged by supports of the Left who themselves were appalled by racism.  Our problem is that we fail to see the dichotomy that can exist in being "non-racist," but enabling racism through assumed guilt.  No one here owes the next person a thing when it comes to race and ethic relations.  All must be treated equally in order to attain equality.  The bottom line is that overcoming race as an issue means the individual must first overcome aspects of themselves they never directly face.  Because we cannot do that, allows us to be inclined to assign guilt with no evidence racism has been committed.  The result is an American society that cannot move beyond a sordid and racist past.

When will we realize the promise actually lies in the future and not clinging to the guilt and resentment of the past?
It is really unfortunate, the entire thing, start to finish.  It should have never happened.

Peek my head up for a few seconds between writing projects to find out that Obama FINALLY released “his birth certificate.”  As one can expect, the ridicule was immediate.  Those a bit more dissociated with the issue criticize with comments like “I bet you guys feel stupid now.”  While those more rigorous in their defense of Obama took more of an “I told you so” position. 

Personally, I felt a sense of relief.  It meant, for that very short lived span of time, that Americanism had not failed me.  That believing in the American political machine still had some shreds of merit.  It meant that I was not a fool for believing in American politics; for that very short lived span of time.

My mind raced back in time a few months to an interview.  Some politician was defending Obama by stating that he had not released his birth certificate because those whom questioned his constitutional eligibility would not believe its authenticity.  Thus, any release of such a document would do no good.  Granted, it was the weakest rationale imaginable, but it stuck with me for some reason.  Probably because I never wanted to be that guy refusing to believe Obama’s eligibility and every turn of the situation because in doing so forces the acknowledgment of the failure of Americanism itself.

As I was being told over the phone to go and check the document out, errors in the document were being pointed out as it was being described as a fraud by someone who could care less about the issue.  Still glad to hear of the document’s release, I enjoined the Modern Liberal thought process as I slipped into a sense of denial.  Such denial that I refused to even examine the PDF File closely.  To accept the idea the document was not authentic meant to accept the fact that America herself was no longer worth believing in.  Obviously, no such affront on freedom was both orchestrated and executed by Obama alone. 

To Facebook I went and the condescending “now shut up about it” verbiage was in plain view.  Clearly, even the best educated failed to understand the issue of eligibility for what it actually is; or at least was to me at the moment.  It was not an issue of Obama  being born in Hawaii, it was the issue of dual citizenship being of Kenyan father.  That is the debate I was in pursuit of, and this document only fueled that debate because for the first time in three years it was in plain view for all America to see.  Of course finding someone well versed enough in the constitution on which to have this debate is clearly another issue; one more difficult than I ever imagined anyway.  It is not that people are stupid per se, it is more that they are just not quite smart enough.  You can find a person that has studied the constitution, but that does not mean you have found someone well versed enough in which to enter such debate.  Not dumb, just not quite there all rolled in one nice little hump of passive Obama supporting denial.

Because I have become fairly outspoken about the issue and knowing I would be about the three millionth person to do so, I posted the development to my Facebook page and engaged in conversations on pages that opposed my point of view.  Returning to my page Darrell, Ron and Rachel returned me to my senses and slapped the newly embraced Modern Liberal insensibilities into logical, reasonable and cognitive suppression.  I had to accept the fact that the America I love so dearly may have slipped into a state of political corruption that is simply no longer worth my adoration.  First was this video that Ron posted on my page.

The comment under the video were even more telling.
A comment that was validated across the web in similar fashion to this.
In the wave of discovery that disclosed the long form birth certificate as a fraud, the mainstream media took the sure footing that secured Obama’s place history; RACISM!

I have always found it funny how anyone that fails to support Obama for whatever reason is deemed a “racist.”  After all, this strategy was started by the Obama camp during his campaign.  It proved so effective that they forced it upon the people after the election.  It is unfortunate that the people are not smart enough to figure out that each and every time Obama is under fire, it is not due to the policy being contested, it is due racist Americans.  Their claim is that all of this is because Obama is Black.  Too bad he isn’t Black.  You would think when crying racism, they could at least get the ethnicity correct!  It is all the worse when they attach such accusations to a “birth certificate” they cling to as true where the ethnicity is clearly defined.  Obama is a lot of things; Black just is not one of them… thank goodness too because he would be an epic embarrassment to those of us whom are Black and damn proud of it!  (There is a multitude of sub context in the latter tertiary sub statement; feel free to draw you own conclusions.)

This was my first break to rest my brain from intensive writing for the last week.  The first relaxing moment was confronted with this catastrophe of an Americanism that has failed.  An aspect of my personal belief system is a lie and such a wake up call is always accompanied with a certain pain.  I began contemplating a hiatus from politics.  It is just a niche and I can write about so much - and make considerably more money doing so.

What is there really?  A Modern Liberal Democrat leading an intellectually inept support group too cerebrally challenged to see that Democrats only wish to economically enslave the nation while they destroy freedom through absolution of individual responsibility.  Republicans that can no longer begin to define the conservative nature of their so called political practice.  

Politically, race has brought America to her knees.  A double standard has been institutionalized to such a degree that the only person who can best arguably the most incompetent president (who should not be) in American history is Donald Trump.  I cannot even begin to count the number of things that are wrong with this.  Through his persistence, he manage to illicit action the American government is responsible for and has begun to generate documents hidden from public view.  As the Obama mask begins to unravel, it is not Americanism that is responsible for revealing truth; it is the individual effort of a single that has set focus on an individual goal.  Hand selected to fail against Obama was a washed up Politician who had long since lost political direction coupled with a quite lovable idiot.  This is a complete and utter disgrace. 

The “Great Experiment” that was America has failed.  Corruption and greed has systematically dismantled all that was once good and promising.  Government has turned into a tool of destruction that is now worthy of only its own destruction and abolishment.  One could argue with increasing success, the American people would be better without government, than with government.  To protect itself, government has set out to provide for those with less under the guise that government is only reason they have at all.  For without government, they would have not.  To absolve the individual is to enslave the individual to government; they in turn defend the need for government because they lack the confidence to believe in themselves over their government provider.  The fact of the matter is when you are not worthy of self; you are simply not worthy of entitlement.  Think about it.  The irresponsible are rewarded by government while they go out and get high; while if the responsible go out and get high, the risk losing their jobs and becoming of the irresponsible.  Because we can not see the irrational nature of these most basic principles is how I know the experiment has now failed.  Couple that to the extreme and we can not clearly see how it has failed to the degree that freedom has been duped into electing its own demise.  What’s worse is that despite this all being quite clear, the people are powerless against it.  It can proved that this latest shame by Obama is a fraud; however, who do the people have at their disposal to prove it to in order to have something done about it?  Please don’t say Donald Trump!  Although he may well be the single remaining option since he can get things done that freedom in our democracy obviously cannot.

Perhaps it now time to begin the experiment anew. 

So I working a couple writing projects and had to take a few minutes away to free write in order to get the juices flowing.  You know what I mean, it is when you are stuck, but not really dealing with writer’s block.  You just write about whatever is on your mind and then you go back to the task at hand.  Just as it crossed my mind to do this, an article on Donald Trump popped up stating that Republicans should not take him lightly.

Ok, I can’t help but acknowledge that last time America elected someone too politically inexperienced to run the nation, we got an activist-in-chief that has driven the nation to the brink of destruction whose only “defense” was to blame Bush for enacting the same policies that he actually voted in support of.  The reason we got an activist is because that is what gave political birth to Obama.  An activist goes against the will of the majority by nature.  Obama was no different; he smuggled his hidden agenda to disable constitutional rights into the White House while his inexperience led to  him failing the American people by fostering foreign policy over domestic responsibility.  The reason so many activists fail to progress to the spotlight is because their ideology defies reason in ways that the masses cannot accept.  Politically, they tend to move in anti-American directions.  Obama was very big in Socialist political circles.  He was raised to believe that the rich were the reason the poor existed and that the failings of the individual was not the fault of the individual if they were under privileged.  Thus, he has implemented unconstitutional legislation that even liberal courts are ruling against, he has stated directly to the American people the he would seek to undermine the U.S. Constitution through the development of ad hoc legal teams, he has even stated his disdain for the Constitution because it hinders government’s control over the people.  Of course his die hard supporters will never openly admit this, but it is all true.  It is for these reasons that his popularity has slipped and never recovered in the manner in which previous president’s polls have.  Those whom remain loyal are an ever shrinking breed of denial absorbed, closed mind minded Obamites whose strongest defense of Obama criticisms has been relegated to, “he’s president, so deal with it.”  How pathetic and sad.

And now we have Libertarians suggesting to Republicans that they not dismiss Trump’s candidacy?  I take pardon to this for a couple of reasons with the first being the obvious.  Obama is an abysmal failure in part because he simply does not yield the experience to be a competent Senator let alone President.  Despite this, we will advise inviting in a similar recipe for disaster?  Amazingly stupid from so many different perspectives.   Then there is the almost stereotypical Republican agenda Trump presents as a base on which to consider him.  When you listen to the man, there is but one original concept he brings forth; we will get to that in a minute.  This is concerning because his lack of originality suggests an ulterior motive.  Again, we can look back to 2008 and see the exact same thing.  Nothing original shielded a hidden agenda that is all too clear today.  Do we really need that again?

What Trump does bring to the table in terms of originality is the ideology to run  America as a business.  He commented on The View that he is willing to use our troops to generate national revenue.  Though we can question the conflicts we are currently involved in, a nation with the correct financial resources would be considered to deploy our troops to so they can advance their agenda in directions which could not be in the best interests of America; and we would help them do it because our troops in this case would be transformed into international mercenaries.  Not wise.

What Trump undeniably brings to the table that should not be taken lightly is Trump himself!  Think about it for a second.  Trump has dismantled aspects of Obama in weeks that elected Republicans failed to do in three years!  People get wrapped a little tight about the birth certificate issue for some reason, but Trump is actually the first to elicit a direct response from Obama himself on the issue.  This is what the media is for, but the Obama administration has essentially silenced the media from reporting on the topic from a negative perspective.  (Much of which has been through direct threats).  When comparing this to Republicans in office, the difference is quite distinct.  Republicans have simply fallen victim to this perversely distorted perspective of political correctness.  Boehner stated that if Obama says he meets the constitutional eligibility, then he believes him; of course he left room for interpretation in his comment - but where are the balls?  (Deeply hidden in the Republican ass by  raw, ram-rodding, strong shoulder gripping, hard pounding Democrats - if you do not want the quandary to be a rhetorical one.)

What this means is that Trump will not be silenced because it is nice thing to do.  He has gone on the attack with a vigor those currently elected to office have long since abandoned.  He took from his own pocket to deploy his own investigators to dig up a deliberately hidden from public view Obama past and now states how he will shock the nation with early findings of his own investigation.  Why would this have to be a private initiative?  Those whom have supported Obama simply did not and do not care enough about America to ensure the individual who is leading the nation is worthy of doing so.  He was elected fully knowing he was somewhat of a ghost.  If you have nothing to hide, why hide it?  He has hidden because it is disparaging in one way or another.  Some defend this hidden past because they feel it is not the public’s business to know.  If you want to lead the public, you submit yourself to being within full view of the public.  Part of that is being judged by the public - that is voting is; public judgment.  To judge appropriately and fairly, the full spectrum of the individual must be delivered forth unto the people.  In hiding your past, you present forth, not yourself, but who you want them to see you for.  Thus, fair judgment cannot be passed.

Trump has refused to settle in the same manner in which Obama supporters have and even Conservative elected officials have; and that is a good thing.  What is sad is that Trump can completely dismantle Obama and his life of lies and deception single handedly.  The people have failed and those elected by the people to protect the people from such atrocities to democracy and freedom have failed.  What is worse, Trump has demonstrated that if he has a goal, he can be more  American that the entire system of Americanism of the last four years when Obama entered the national scene.  However, Trump’s previous silence should demonstrate that his newly found interest is generated by a specific motive and that in and of itself should at least raise an eyebrow.  Perhaps it is simply that he has identified the failing of Americanism that has resulted in the Obama presidency and realizes that is someone like Obama can with the highest seat in the free world, he can as well.  The best way to defeat Obama is to do what all others are too cowardice to do to and take Obama head on.  Let’s face it, we treat Obama in very gentle terms and conditions as if he is an American charity case; and that is wrong.

Trump has some usefulness to the American people.  Unfortunately, that usefulness is to correct the epic failure in the collective American political culture that has allowed Obama to be.  We must however, determine as responsible individuals if Trump’s purpose for the American people and political usefulness spans beyond that of correcting our wrongdoings. 

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Capitulation is a term being increasingly used against the GOP in reference to their role in the budget debates of Washington.  One poll claimed high favor for Boehner and his role in getting budget cuts; easily he slaughtered Obama and Reid.  Obama then delivers a speech that essentially redefines the budget debate.  Some Republicans were rightfully credited for attempting to protect military pay against a shutdown.  Obama insisted that military pay would be directly affected by a shutdown; Reid was completely indifferent to whether or not military would be paid for their efforts defending America.  What people do not realize is that Boehner refused to take the military pay issue off the table.  Simply put, the troops were not protected against a federal shutdown and all three are directly responsible for this.

So, the blind, unconditional GOP supporters can credit the Party for their contributions to the budget reductions all they want, but they should know that things are not as they appear!

A very recent CBO report details a far more telling reality than these Republican voters may be a bit less willing to admit to.  Net spending under these debates actually decreases by less than $350 million!  It is clear that the Obama Administration’s spending addiction is destroying the American economy; that, there is no question about and it is unarguable even by the most devout Obama supporter.  If the previous “budget cuts” were considered to be a drop of water in the sea, the reality is that they are more like a single droplet of steam escaping into the atmosphere.  Whom can we thank for this?  Boehner, Obama and Reid (arguably in that order).  Given the direction of cited future “investments”  during the period in which spending is to decrease, balancing that against the $350 million true spending cuts, while holding that against skyrocketing interest rates of those whom we are indebted; what we discover is that  we have actually caused more economic damage with this budget than we have improved our economic position. 

I know we blame Bush for the spending.  It is a favorite (and accurate) claim for Obama supporters!  What they do not state is that Obama voted in favor of Bush spending increases 100% of the time.  So when blaming Bush, Obama is actually being blamed as well.  It came as no surprise when he went spending crazy.  What Bush did not do is spend America into unsustainable levels which the nation may never be delivered from: Obama did that in less than an eighth of the time it took Bush to embrace economic fascism.  But, there is more.

One of the first things we collectively teach our children as they begin to enter their adult years (sooner for many), is that a person cannot spend their way out of debt.  Such logic defies all economic principles, yet far too many accepted such an incredibly poor economic planning by the Obama Administration.  This could be for a myriad of reasons ranging from the ideology of entitlement where the more the government spends, the less a person has to do to be rewarded for doing nothing; to a blatant double standard deeply rooted in hypocrisy to laud the efforts of an inept president that a person supported.  Assess the latter and you will see what I mean.

Many Obama supporters today, default to the fact that Obama won the presidential race.  Their comments consist of “He is president, so deal with it.” never taking into consideration, or downright denying how flawed a policy or position may be.  Such blind followership is born out one insisting not upon themselves, but finding a deliverance of ego through the least resistible means; completely unrelated facts.  Unfortunately, this exemplifies how an Obama supporter will go intellectual miles out of their way to find a concept of being right to cling to.  It is reminiscent of “Stockholm Syndrome,” and that is scary.  These people would not allow such flawed concepts in their personal lives while they in turn passively support his actions through the most rudimentary and dissociative means available. 

Clearly, an individual household that would seek to run their home and personal lives in the same manner in which Obama is running America would fail.  If you do not believe me, or truly support it, try it yourself.  Go into debt at rates that double what you generate monthly or annually in terms of income and begin paying off your debt with credit at ever increasing interest rates and see just how long it takes you fall into complete financial collapse.  Only a fool or someone who wishes to economically destroy their “home” would do such a thing; take your pick.  The only people who would take interest in such debt are those who wish to see the home the destroyed!  By “investing” in this home, the other ensures its increasing weakness.  By not investing into the home, the home may be forced to recover through means of economic and fiscal prudence, discipline and responsibility returning it to an even stronger position after demonstrating more responsible fiscal practices over time which would inherently blossom into new and better future opportunities.  If an entity wishes to not see such a household strengthen over time, they will allow the economic enslavement to continue by buying their assets and allowing them the perception that the assets remain in the home.  In doing this, they are not investing in the home; they are investing in their position above the home because they are enabling the self-destructive fiscal practices to continue.  The day will come when they will call in the debt and the home will instantly implode with no economic means of self-efficiency in which to continue or even sustain itself.  This is economics 101 people, not rocket science.

It has been interesting watching the partisan support through the budget crisis.  Wrongful credit has been applied to the GOP’s leadership and the support of the Obama Administration has been moronic to say the least.  Everyone has lost and some are (to put it bluntly) either too stupid, or too selfish to understand what is happening.

We have just watched the Washington D.C. Mayor and several District officials arrested for protesting the (incomplete) budget deal.  What do you think they were actually protesting?

D.C. is not a state, it is a true District, and due to this, the District falls directly under federal law as it has not the state laws to buffer it from legislation.  In the budget deal, abortions in D.C. saw direct budget cuts and the District, led by its leadership went up in arms to protest the “budget deal” of less spending.  Not hard to figure out what sparked their ire, nor is hard to figure out that the sense of entitlement trumps what is best for the nation as a whole.  It epitomizes how clueless of a nation we have become and just how easy it will be for America to now be toppled by means of its own economic ignorance through its newly Obama Administration delivered entitlement mentality. 

The fact of the matter is that the GOP had an opportunity to begin to slowly deliver America away from certain economic disaster.  By not placing values first, they have failed miserably!  Many Republicans have been criticized for not agreeing with the conditions of the budget.  They were right for not.  Our government’s and the Obama Administration’s addiction to spending will, with no uncertainty, deliver America into economic peril and failure.  What is needed at this juncture is economic radicalization to decrease spending; nothing less.  Americans must realize that the time has come for the individual to make and find a way and no longer allow handouts from government to sustain them in their times so called need.  Look at this way, unemployment is at 10%; now open your local newspaper and view the help wanted ads.  We can blame Obama all we want, but a portion of the unemployment conundrum belongs to We the People!  This is due to this sense of entitlement and until these incentives to fail are removed, we will not be delivered from our perils: This is the “hard” choice that needs to be made, it is unfortunate for all that the Obama led Modern Liberal lacks the courage and intestinal fortitude to make the call.  The GOP has identified this very clearly, both strategically and tactically created the scenario in which to implement fiscal responsibility and with historic cowardice, caved to the Obama regime of internal economic destruction. 

When venturing deeper into the problem we find that the Obama Administration is a true reflection of the American people.  A government that ignorantly set its sights on economic failure by wishing to spend that which it cannot sustain.  If this were not true, the credit crisis, nor the housing crisis would have been so devastating.  We have seen an elected Democrat state that she could not afford a delay in the delivery of the due portion of her $178,000 salary while supporting the troops not being paid.  This is to suggest that while at the upper levels of the American income, she has found a way to live paycheck to paycheck: In other words, too much debt!  Though the true and average American supported the pay of troops continuing through a shutdown, they have encumbered themselves with unmanageable and unsustainable debt levels.  It was due to this lack of financial responsibility that weakness in solvency of many Americans was exploited.  In turn, we allow the government to go on an unprecedented spending spree to rescue the consumer whose debt crisis was the result of not living within their own means.  We wish to practice this fiscal irresponsibility while we criticize Obama and his administration for doing the same?  This hardly seems fair, but it is a true case for many of the pot calling the kettle black!  Such criticisms should be reserved to those who can suffer the loss of a job and sustain their way of life for six of seven months without their primary source of income.  Of course we do look at it this way because we are more apt to complain and accuse than we are to take personal inventory of accountability and our individual role in the plight of America. 

Sure, Obama is to blame, his administration is to blame, the GOP and their leadership are to blame, but at the same time, the American people are to blame as well.  If the government were to force financial prudence on the people, we would complain about its intrusion.  If the people fail because of their personal fiscal practices which government then mimics, we complain about government’s lack of fiscal responsibility.  Really; how many ways can we have it once?

I understand the frustration that many feel with both government and Obama’s incompetence, but it is crucial that all are aware of where these problems started.  When the consumer is foolish enough to believe that keeping up with Jones’ and living beyond their means through credit is right thing do; there lies some culpability with the American consumer while accepting the fact that government’s practices of today are in part an irresponsible extension of inept consumer response to the absolution of individual responsibility.  It is foolishly that we believe the individual impact of the sole person does not collectively hinder the whole of the people.  Until we figure that out, for America; there is little economic hope.

Zach has gotten one thing right.  Abortion has clearly taken a racial turn, and it is about time considering the numbers!  Years were spent trying to force the CDC to release true numbers by ethnic group on abortion and now that they have, the numbers are finally beginning to hit the community most affected by abortion.  Though these numbers have been available for years, they were not sought out by Blacks because Planned Parenthood has described abortions as being the righteous and responsible thing to do for Black “mothers.” 

The current anti-abortion campaign that is being driven at Blacks is actually led by Blacks! 

The twist that is being applied to it is one that leads the Black community to believe all pro-life initiatives are White developed and White led.  In short, it is yet “another racial attack on Blacks.”  You have to love the Obama post racial America, but in this case, the race card is being well played if one understand the details behind it.  The race card is being misrepresented by pro-choice groups, but let there be no doubt about it; Blacks have enacted the ultimate trump card of race on this one!

This all started in New York where a pastor ended Black History Month with a billboard.

“The most dangerous place for an African American is in the whom.”  Almost poetic in its brutal honesty.

Sparks flew and the billboard was later removed.  The Black community was outraged.  Here are the facts.  In New York, 59.7% of Black babies are aborted.  This is more than Black lives lost to disease, accidents and violence; COMBINED!  Ending Black History Month by bringing greater attention to the abortion issue embodied a call for awareness to the future of the Black community.  Of course, it was not received this way, but that was the intent.  It was received solely as a disparaging mark against the Black community.  We will get into the disparaging aspects soon enough.

Billboards then began popping up across the nation.  As awareness increased, the tension increased; all fueled by misrepresentations of the message.  A driving force of the tension was the use of the word “genocide.”  30,000,000 abortions have been performed on Blacks since abortions became legal on January 22, 1973.  To understand this impact, one has to look at it from an anthropogenic perspective.  When viewing it as man caused, we must look back in history to find when man has taken 30,000,000 lives.  WWII 1945, WWI 1918, Taiping Rebellion 1864, Mongol Conquests 1472, and the An Shi Rebellion 673 are events that come to mind where 30,000,000 or more lives have been lost; wars!  And if you are wondering… no, the Qing conquest of the Ming Dynasty (1662) does not make the list as it claimed 25,000,000 lives if memory serves me correctly, but I am not the history buff I once was.  When you boil the numbers down to comparative proportions, you must then add the fact that we are talking about Blacks only, a single race of people.  That eliminates all conflicts less those in China where war was waged by hand for absolute rule.  You must understand that the 30,000,000 in question are not combatants, they are unborn Blacks whose only voice was a mother.  That then makes this the single worst life tragedy in modern history.  Genocide more than fits.  I guess it because Blacks are taking Black lives; many feel that the term genocide does not fit.  Perhaps a review of its definition may be in need.

What is worse is that some of these conflicts took 70 plus years to do what we have done in half the time, all voluntarily.  I am not sure about you, but that saddens me deeply.

As the billboards pop up across the nation and are met with outrage rather than a conditional understanding of what is happening, a very important point is being missed.  This is the Black community crying out to the black community to educate on what we are doing to ourselves.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Unfortunately, the message is a disparaging one and too many in the community wish to resist it through denial rather than take responsibility for their part in it.

Not having a baby is not always as easy as people think.  I have been a relationship for over four years and to this day discussions about birth control are present.  Without them, we would be looking at a significant investment of time, energy, devotion, and all resources to include financial resources.  When these discussions are not made a priority, the result is an unintended pregnancy.
And that is where the Black abortion story gets all the more saddening.  Hispanics, by proportional shift have more unintended pregnancies than do Blacks, but in stark contrast have far fewer abortions.  If this does not set off alarms in the Black community, nothing can!

We can dive into the minutia of the demographics all we like.  We can examine religious backgrounds, extended family units, average household income levels, but in the end the result is the same; Hispanics value life more.  We can complicate it all we want, attempt to justify and rationalize it and it still boils down to a complete moral and ethical failure within the value system of the Black family.  Until this brought into perspective, the loss of thirty million unborn Black children is completely meaningless.

Abortion of this magnitude is a symptom of a far greater and far more complex erosion of a specific populous.  It is the grievous exacerbation of multiple generations believing in the superficial while insisting upon the need of the provisions by the other over the fundamentals of family, self reliance, personal accountability and deeper values that untie a community and populous and deliver it into the future.  There comes a time when “history” is simply not enough, but there also comes a time when “history” is all that you have.  The Black community has not reached the latter, but 30,000,000 tiny voices are crying out that we are rapidly heading in that direction.  The only question that remains is if we are willing to hear their calls for help.  We have turned our back on them once; ironic it is that we still need them and they still need us. 

Disparaging is the fact that more than half of the Black babies in New York are aborted.  Disparaging is the fact that we would rather take offense to the truth than deal with truth’s reality.  Disgraceful is the fact that we of the Black community have allowed this to happen to the Black community.