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It is amazing how an entire nation can get something so simple, so wrong.

Sadly, citizens naturalized to America have a better understanding of the responsibilities of being American citizens than do those Americans to whom citizenship is ascribed through birthright.  Of the nine responsibilities of American citizenship, the fifth reads as follows:

"Respect the rights, beliefs, and opinions of others."

As the nation descended upon Chick-Fil-A in a show of support for the 1st Amendment, the media portrayed the chain’s record sales as a national rebuke of gay rights, gay marriage and gay people in general – which it was not.  Americans supported Chick-Fil-A because Americans support the notion of freedom of speech.  This was construed as; to support the 1st Amendment is to stand against the gay agenda which has been allowed to demand special consideration and priority of acceptance; not equality.   

Much of our social life is befouled by this perverse sense of political correctness.  If you, as a member of a given majority, disagree with the position of a selected minority group – you are evil, racist, discriminatory and branded as such for simply maintaining and articulating your own values.  They gay community’s treatment of Chick-Fil-A is of no exception.  In fact, it best demonstrated the uglier side of the gay community as it insisted NOT IN THEIR INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY as American citizens to respect the rights, beliefs and opinions of other individuals.

The problem we face in America is we now lack the courage to place this individual responsibility where it belongs – on the individual.  “God,” as a word would not be banned in public schools and buildings across the nation where it is deemed to “offend” the lesser sensibilities of social influence.  There is nothing wrong with one person knowing another believes in a god that they do not.  In fact, it is their AMERICAN RESPONSIBILITY as CITIZENS to respect this difference – not force a difference into suppression as the gay community and its political enablers have attempted to do with Chick-Fil-A.

Americans across the land have gotten to see the uglier side of the gay community in recent days.  Their demands for “special treatment” for being gay met stout resistance in the form of Americans whom cherish the 1st Amendment over the demands of the now clearly misguided gay agenda.  If one person is against their agenda, the gay community then seeks to force all Americans to side with the gay agenda or suffer consequences for simply possessing different values. 

Lawmakers have mistakenly weighed in seeking to restrict both commerce and free speech – unconstitutionally of course.  This culminated in a HUGELY record breaking day for Chick-Fil-A sales.  The gay community has been very neatly put into its place, but still refuses to accept opinions, beliefs and perspectives that differ from their own. 

It is one thing to respect a person’s right to be gay.  However, it is un-American to force that acceptance on another in the manner that Mayor Edwin Lee and the horrid Rosanne Barr have.  It is not that gays are bad, or the gay agenda is wrong – it is that the face of gay America has lost its truer American influences.