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If you are tired of this whole birther issue repeatedly resurfacing, you are in good company.  Never the less, the issue will continue to rear its ugly head until such a time it Is put to rest once and for all.  And putting it to a final rest is what Governor Neil Abercrombie wishes to do.

"It's an emotional insult. It is disrespectful to the president; it is disrespectful to the office,"  he told the New York Times.  "There's no reason on earth to have the memory of his parents insulted by people whose motivation is solely political. ... Let's put this particular canard to rest."

The fact of the matter is that he is correct. However, he faces two challenges; the Hawaii Department of Health and President Obama himself.  According to the Hawaii Department of Health, only President Obama and his immediate family have the “interest” to request the long form birth certificate; which has not been done despite the controversy.  In short, standing in Governor Abercrombie’s way is the organization he now represents and the very president he seeks to protect.

Though the “certificate of live birth” has long since been made public, it did little to thwart the movement calling President Obama’s birth place into question.  The long form is being sought to be revealed to the public.  On the long form the physician’s name and signature are provided, the name of the hospital is listed, the birth weight of the child and the national origin of the parents are detailed.  The long form is in demand even though the short form holds the same legal merit.

Chris Matthews joined melee reasoning that if the long form would put an end to the debate, it makes sense to provide it.  Representatives of the president claim that he has more pressing and more important issues to tend to rather than requesting the long form birth certificate from Hawaii.  Perhaps thanking the Eagles’ coach for giving Vick a second chance was more important as well.

Here is the problem, 23% of Americans are unsure whether the president is truly a natural born citizen and eligible to serve as the president.  THIS IS A HUGE PERCENTAGE!  The overwhelming majority of people do not question the president’s eligibility, but more people are “uncertain” than believe the president is not eligible (20%).  When close to a quarter of the nation in uncertain about their own president, something is very seriously wrong.  To directly see the president not take the extra step to provide the needed “security in understanding” by disclosing his long form only serves to fuel the doubt.  Furthermore, it sends a message that the president has no desire to swing the perception of so many Americans; he could care less about them is what he is demonstrating.

It is felt (by the Obama administration) that the 20% that is confident Obama lacks the constitutional eligibility to serve as the American president will not be swayed with the release of the long form birth certificate.  This if course is not true in that most people are reasonable when presented with physical evidence.  There are those who will insist upon themselves over any such evidence, but it is by no means 100% of those who believe Obama is a constitutional fraud.  Given Obama’s decline in popularity, one would think he would take the extra step to at least attempt to end some of the doubt.

The birther issue is a byproduct of Obama’s actions to seal so much of his past from the American people he serves.  This alone was reason enough to not vote for him because a person had no way of truly knowing who and what they were voting for.

To many, the birther issue is silly and grossly unsubstantiated.  A claim that makes sense when the birthe has absolutely zero tangible evidence to the contrary of Obama’s claims.  A circumstantial case of this nature has to eventually be taken a step further.  As common a feeling as this is, a glance at what some states are doing will make you wonder.

Some states are now seeking legislation that will require all presidential candidates to fully disclose constitutional eligibility to the state before the state will allow them on the election ballot.  Why would states move in this direction based on so little factual evidence?

Me? I fall into the 23% of the uncertain due to the ambiguous nature of certificate of live birth which we all know is very easily forged.  I am not about big doubter of where he was born despite the audio tapes of his family and Kenyan officials claims that he was born in Kenya.  On the long form birth certificate, nationality of the parents is documented.  If there is an issue, it will be that his father was a legal citizen of England.  Like America, England grants birth right to the offspring of the male citizens, regardless of what nation they were born in. This of course would make him ineligible for the office.  This of course cannot be determined without the long form which Obama seeks to protect along with several other aspects of his past.

Being in the 23%, I cannot come to the point of believing the president is a legal president without him providing the access to such a document in order for an accurate determination to be made.  I cannot say that I know very many people who go through such extent to prevent access to information without something to hide.

If Obama wishes for me to believe he is eligible, he should first prove his eligibility with the long form birth certificate due to the fact the certificate of live birth in this case is inadequate to make honest determinations on despite the otherwise legal merits of the document.  Is that really asking too much?

Recently I had to make one of the single toughest choices of my life; to sell my interest in a business to the other partners.

You have to understand, going down with the ship is only honorable when the ship itself is worth dying for. The glory is only found when the ship is sailing on a course of honor. It only matters when the fight of the journey itself is worth the arrival to a destination of greatness.

The fight for and of the journey was no longer worth the arrival of a destination that drifted further and further into horizon; despite pursuing it with all the effort and conviction I could muster.

The American Dream is disappearing.

I did not leave small business for me, I left it for the same reason I ventured forth into it; I did it for my kids – they are great.

The problem with small business today is the same problem with the American Dream. It is being destroyed by the Modern Liberal dream of anit-Americanism. Success is punished and underachievement of social dependency is becoming the new status quo.

“There comes a time when you have made enough money.” - Barak Obama

This is to say that working hard and striving for more is to cease in order to not make the underachiever and socially dysfunctional – not envious. If all can’t be better off; no one can.

It is all about “fairness” anymore. Let’s all underachieve together shall we?

This America, I can’t say that I much care for.

We have become too over sensitive. Too lazy. And too stupid. So stupid that the Modern Liberal can no longer decipher what is wrong from right. A Modern Liberal America that has the nerve to defend a teacher and school for FORCING students to remove t-shirts adorned with the AMERICAN FLAG because it COULD BE offensive to ILLEGAL students.

A Modern Liberal America that boasts a DHS that finds pride in failed border security. A DHS that boasts thwarting a failed terrorist attack on American soil while the Vietnam Veteran, hotdog vendor that actually drew attention to it, remains humble.

A Modern Liberal America that cannot see such flaws in governance for what they are.

We are losing America to Americans that do not understand what America is.

We have all grown up with the same dreams; it is just that some have pursued it more vigorously than others. It is okay to want it, just so long as you don’t acquire it. For when you do, the Modern Liberal wants the rewards of the success of others for no effort on their own while they make excuses for not being able to do better.

Under direct attack in America is small business, not because people get “rich” in it, but because it is part of the Dream itself. The Obama administration has launched a series of systematic attacks aimed directly at destroying American small business. This is not to say that they will succeed at doing so given the resilience of Americanism, but to say that unlike the Modern Liberal, I believe my children’s futures are my responsibility – and if I fail, they fail. Small business in pursuit of a fleeting Dream was no longer worth the risk.

So, I did the responsible thing and sold my vested interest and entered a line of work that even the government will have a hard time destroying. My children are owed my 100% and that is all they will ever get out of me – even in my final dying breath.

Success, (as hated as this administration has made it and as vile as they have painted it, in order to force an emotive response of jealously while the Obama administration ushered in a new era of racism to bifurcate a great nation – by using black against blacks – by using black against whites) is still attainable.

The choice to change fields came over a period of six headache stricken, nauseating and stressful months. The choice to change came in the belief that if I were to uphold my responsibility to my children, it had to happen with 100% commitment. 100%.

And that is what is missing from Americans today. The willingness to give 100%. The fear of going all in and failing. The forgotten concept that being able to fail is one of the greatest luxuries of freedom ever adorned a nation. Contrary to popular belief, failure is an option that you can opt out of through determination, hard work, methodical calculation and good old fashion effort. You learn that by failing first; over and over again while believing on yourself enough to persist.

But, because failure exists, the American Dream is being destroyed and the nation turned into a controlled test tube where failure is not feared, it is forbidden through controls that systematically disable opportunity through risk. The beauty of failing is efforting a dream - no matter the result. It is experiencing the harsh reality of the price of freedom – first hand. Failing is living and humbling yourself to try again – harder and with more commitment. Failing is picking yourself up and dusting yourself off - then creating a better plan. The willingness to fail is the willingness to live free.

The will of America is being broken because this administration does not believe in America and the ideal that the costs of freedom are varied and run deep into the fabric of this great nation; a fabric being ripped to shreds by the anti-American Modern Liberal.
The two beer buzz sets the tone for the evening out. Well, four beer buzz since we drink tall boys. You know that point when you are out drinking with friends and the mood takes it true shape as that perfect little buzz sets in. Will it be a calm and mellow night? Perhaps a wild night? Maybe a night of harassing the lesser cerebrally enabled? You know everything you need to know three quarters of the way through that coveted second beer.

It is the released desire in the mitts of the adult ego state taking a much needed break. Your inner liberal rears it emotively driven head and begins to speak while allowing you the freedom to do the unthinkable.

Suddenly, you know what is better for others than they know what is best for them selves. Your sentences start with “you should” and “you need to” because in your liberal ego state in the absence of adult mindedness, all around you are no longer adults competent of making their own decisions.

You are the high and mighty and they are but the minions looking for some one to follow in the absence of their own self competence. Your advice is for them, not for you as you spew words of pseudo wisdom that you yourself cannot adhere to. Being heard is far more important then being honest.

The advice you give is ideal, not practical. Your prior failures in life become accomplishments to anyone that will listen and you insist upon yourself over the voice of reason. You turn liberal when you drink.

Hypocrisy becomes the standard, a lie is but a mere twisted truth as you determine life’s course for others; regardless of what they want.

When you’re drunk, your dirty laundry is suddenly neat and dry cleaned hanging well organized while you explore the depths of the closed closets of others.

You determine that all others are inept, incompetent and stupid as it is your duty to save them from themselves. You are liberal when you are drunk.

If you're not drunk, then what the hell is Obama’s problem?!
Where the parties go wrong is espousing rhetoric over values. To be honest, it drives me crazy! How Liberal is a Democrat and how Conservative is a Republican? And I mean that seriously. Liberalism that was once was adorned with such words as “ask not what your country can do for you…” Words that were further right arguably than the practices of ANY Republican in office today. This is why I believe many “Democrats” with strong Liberal values currently stand against an administration that has embodied any thing but true Liberal values. Ideologues themselves, are supported by ideologues only.

What is supported is nationalized health care; because of the ideals it is based upon. Overlooked is the truth. Truth in the mandate is unconstitutional. Truth in the numbers – it is now predicted by the CBO that in 2019 only 10% eligible will actually be covered, while all are taxed for it, that number down 50% from just December. What is attractive is the concept of the state (government) providing to its people - a direct conflict to the values the Framers used in developing the Constitution and exactly why they limited (forbid) government’s ability to mandate programs of this or any nature. Thus, the modern Liberal has forgotten what Americanism is because it is easier for government to take care of the people than it is for the people to take care of themselves as the Framers intended that they do. The modern Liberal has simply forgotten it was such mandates by a tyrannical government that lead to the development of America to begin with. The modern Liberal is simply not a Liberal at all.

It is believed that “people die on the streets because they do not have health insurance.” A farce based on government rhetoric. People without insurance die because they feel their health is not worth the expense of being healthy. What has happened is simple. People live outside of their individual means to provide for themselves and have grown to expect government meet their needs for them. The American of today spends 30% of their income on necessities, with $1200 in savings and an average of 56K in debt. Health insurance is cast aside to “keep up with the Jones’.” Implementing a mandate to insure does not change the financially inept’s ability to meet their own responsibilities as the Framers intended they do.

This is NOT unique to Liberals in government; if anything they are following Republicans on this issue citing the fact that the first big push on mandated health care was carried out by the Nixon administration following the death of not only Kennedy, but Liberalism itself. Given “values,” no Liberal or Conservative would ever stand for such a measure! Where they would agree is that means need to be sought to provide an alternative insuring option that forces the insurers to compete for greater catchments; a measure directly omitted from the new law mind you. The result is premiums will INCREASE for those who have already decided that they cannot afford insurance to begin with! More damage than good has bee done with this bill, but it is not seen for what it is because it is not contained within the confines of rhetoric spewing from government sources and thus the modern Liberal proponent of the measure has little to say beyond the scope of emotive response and what the elected Democrats tell them to say.

Moreover, today’s Liberal nor Conservative can accurately define political values outside of what they told by government, nor can they define liberalism or conservatism without the use of Wikki! It is this loss of political self identity that has lead to a political impasse between the parties. As individuals begin to define what they do and do not support, more common threads are found than are actual differences BECAUSE the political belief structures are inherently MORE similar than they are dissimilar! The majority of American’s believe in personal accountability and personal responsibility. They believe in the right for the individual American to pursue their right for prosperity. It was not until the Modern Liberal took office and emotively enabled a nation of Liberals to embrace that which is not Liberal as a common political footprint. The dangers of this will result in an America that is anything but American as far America was intended to be. This becomes interesting when today’s Conservative and today’s Liberal cannot begin to discuss the 28 Principles the Framers used to create this great nation. How then can either group state, with any credibility whatsoever, what is or what is not American? They can’t. And because they can’t, they base their arguments on GOP and Democratic rhetoric devoid of the truth, with no full understanding of how our current course as a nation will is leading us away from a nation that was destined for greatness by its very design. Our concepts of Liberalism, Conservatism and Americanism are thus based in gross ignorance. America is being lost to Americans that do not know what “America” actually is! This is how I know the fight for America has already been lost.

We can split hairs over whether global warming is man made and taxing the people into not using resources is the right corrective action and we can debate whether it is the government’s responsibility to provide and force the purchase of insurance all we want. These discussions however, are of no true value or meaning if we as a people fail to understand why we are here in this position, or how the events that lead to this position defy what Americanism was meant to be. We must reframe from both the cognitive and emotional perspective the framework of the Framers in developing the Constitution to even begin discussions on Americanism. We cannot speak to how great a job Obama is doing if we have not the base of knowledge to understand how he and his policies impact the intent this nation was founded under. We cannot support a Tea Party that was founded to give rebirth to Conservative values if we cannot define conservatism. We should not speak on items of discontentment if we do not know why the subject matter defies Americanism. The time to stop being GOP and Democratic puppets has long since past. The time to fully appreciate and understand how both parties have defiled the American Dream has arrived. The time to become self educated with freedom from the emotional shackles of government intent is upon us; if we are to save an America that the average American cannot even define. We, as Americans are now in dire straits as we face a nation being delivered to economic oppression as we allow it to be driven to a likeness of ever failing European Economies!

As Americans, we have failed America by taking America and Americanism for granted. We have failed America by not appreciating why America was founded. Moreover, we have failed Americanism by thinking the America we have loved would be there for us without us being there for her! The reframing of our political value system is the very essence of American survival. This time, we must embrace it, or leave America to a state of permanent Anti-Americanism.
Boy was my e-mail FULL this morning! Last night’s article on Arizona’s new immigration enforcement law stirred quite the buzz. Many are less than pleased, which is fine with me because on that website I report more than I provide commentary to. But with close to 70 e-mails, here’s your commentary!

Many are glad that the ACLU and other immigration reform supports are seeking to sue if Gov Brewer signs the bill into law because it grants police the authority to stop and question for citizenship or legal documentation under what is described as reasonable suspicion. These people obviously do not live in Arizona. I say that because each trip I take north of Sierra Vista I am stopped and by law I must announce my citizenship and when questioned, prove I am an American citizen. That’s right, every single trip out of Sierra Vista. Here I am born and raised in the worst of areas American has to offer and a military veteran of multiple armed conflicts (many of which the average American will never be told of) defending American freedoms and interests and I am stopped because we have FAILED to secure our borders. This is of no consequence of course. What is a problem for many is that under this new law illegals can be apprehended by multiple law enforcement agencies and like me, a citizen, they can be stopped on their way from point a to point b. It seems more than fair! The problem is… for me, that we have no problem infringing on the rights of those here legally while granting further leniency to those not here legally that are not eligible for the same rights that others have had removed from them BECAUSE WE ARE CITIZENS! Now, what sense does that make? Really!

What people do not know. (Or are simply not smart enough to understand).

Close to 100 billion American dollars enters Mexico tax free every year. Let’s look at this from the perspective of the new AZ bill and yet another contested point by those opposed to the bill. Day laborers under this bill become illegal. These are the men standing in front of Lowe’s and Home Depot that get picked up by people looking for cheap labor. The people are paid in cash and they send that money back to Mexico where it has far greater buying power. This is comparable to America receiving 12 trillion dollars cash at the expense of a neighboring economy. You see, most illegals are not here for themselves, they are here to send money back to Mexico for the buying power of 12.15 to one. A day laborer earning $5 an hour is actually bringing in well over $60 an hour. A $150 dollar cash paying painting project earns them the equivalent of $1800; this all at the expense of a devastated economy. Keeping 100 billion dollars in the economy does not bring in 12 trillion, but it does help considerably when you factor in the aspect that the dollars are predominately coming from only four states; Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and California. It is currently estimated that in a very equal share, the Arizona economy is losing 21.6 billion dollars annually to this. This in a state with no open rest stops, record school closings, record fire and police force lay offs, record state forced furloughs, record public education jobs loss, record cuts to social programs (more on that in a second). One cannot help but to wonder the obvious at this point. The same groups that advocate for social programs, greater teaching, police and fire forces are the same groups that advocate so strongly to legalize those here illegally. They are essentially insisting upon themselves so forcefully that they are now working against themselves and they can’t even see it. If Arizona had seen the 21.6 billion dollars last year, the state would not be in such dire straits this year. Moreover, there would actually be more money infused into the economy given the disparity in labor rates.

There is however a bigger problem afoot. America is a dying country and we do not even realize it! The minimum birth rate for societal perpetuation is 2.11. America is at 1.6 and only attains the minimum 2.11 WITH the illegals whose birth rates are considerably higher. The small family is a by product of American greed. Families are small because they cannot afford to be larger. They can’t afford to be larger because they can’t afford their lifestyles! Only 33% of income goes to necessities where once just over 90% did. Greed, not capitalism is causing this. We barrow rather than buy which forced us to begin to fail as a people in terms of long term population sustainment. In the early 1900’s the Muslim population was in the low thousands… in 2006 it crested 9 million. Canada and European nations seeing very similar trends. We are looking at the evolution of a Muslim world which is exactly what the religion is designed to do; yet we persist in enabling rights to those that have no birth right to them while we embrace religious tolerance at the cost of our own culture.

This is why Liberalism has become toxic in its emotive response to the social atmosphere. Here we have created an environment where the American can no longer perpetuate as a people in the long term with the key Liberal groups insisting abortions are good combined with the infusion of support for legalized non Americans while the American culture further succumbs to the growth of a religion designed to conquer the world and we cannot even see it the obvious problems because we are so pre occupied with political correctness.

We object to securing the borders because it is “racist.” We defend abortion while we cannot sustain self perpetuation as a people and when embrace religious rights before we even understand the fate of our own people as we deny a problem out of cognitive ignorance and emotive guilt. If we cannot embrace our own future, what then, is the purpose of today?
I had met Richard once before. He and Kimberly had come into the store wanting to discuss “an issue with Congress woman Giffords.” Both were very cleanly dressed, very nice and seemingly approachable. Until the Giffords comment that was. I had nothing nice to discuss with them about the AZ District 8 Representative.

The discussion started tentatively enough. They were on the verge of getting thrown out of the store before Richard mentioned 2D Amendment Rights.

“Have a seat.” And a relationship was born.

It had been a few months since my last discussion with Kimberly and Richard. Perhaps it was more given Kimberly’s introduction of Richard in last week’s visit. “This is Richard, a Delegate and Constitutional Scholar.” Fortunately, I had known neither about Richard during their previous visit making her miss timed introduction was nothing less than perfect. A Constitutional Scholar sitting before me, sitting on my desk a working copy of the US Constitution that I have been aptly studying trying to make sense of what we have managed to turn America into; what more could a concerned citizen ask for.

I had to ask the obvious in terms of the constitutional bearing of health care reform (Complete text of the Bill is here). How do we deal with a president that passed a law, knowing full well that is was unconstitutional and in retort very cavalierly stated that once legislation is passed and signed, it becomes “Supreme Law.” Which is to insinuate that he knew the protest would be made, but could not be formally pursued until such a time that it was signed – which technically made it too late. Richard’s response was simple. “The US Constitution IS Supreme law.” He went on to rapidly list several articles and amendments that were currently in violation with the signing of the bill. (Far more than my constitutionally novice eye caught). I wanted the discussion to focus on the probable outcome of the law suits filed by the states Attorneys General, but Richard was more focused on dealing with the issue directly; what you and I can do. Moreover, the best and most effective way to ensure we do not take the nation down the wrong path with the precedent set with the reform bill. To put it simply, vote Red and remove as many Democrats from office as possible and insist the program never gets funded – essentially killing it in place.

America has forgotten something. Forgotten are the 28 principles that the Framers based the US Constitution on. Principles like: The Proper Role of Government is to Protect Equal Rights, Not Provide Equal Things. (The 7th Principle). This is woven into the Constitution in a manner that limits government’s involvement in our pursuit of prosperity. Government is limited in this fashion because doing so protects freedom and liberty. Doing so ensures that those who chose to strive have something to strive for. Doing so makes the right to fail a privilege of freedom. These principles that are being violated are solely at the hands of Americans that do not understand Americanism, underestimate liberty and take freedom for granted. Americans that do not understand that limiting government is freeing the people. Politicians who do not want freed people by limited government involvement. Politicians who seek tyrannical control under the guise of directly violating this 7th Principle the Framers insisted upon so that we could prevail as people free of government.

“Governments, in general, have been the result of force, of fraud, and accident. After a period of six thousand years since the creation, the United States exhibit to the world the first instance as far as we can learn, of a nation, unattacked by external force, unconvulsed by domestic insurrections, assembling voluntarily, deliberating fully, and deciding calmly concerning that system of government under which they would wish they and their prosperity should have.” - James Wilson

Done right and going wrong because prosperity is not understood. Prosperity is only measured in terms of what a person does not have and has not accomplished and compared to the reality that someone else has more and has accomplished more. It is a form of greed that has been exploited to grow government’s control over the people as government insists that attaining in life is wrong because not all have. Prosperity becomes punished and turned into a reward for those who have sought not at the hands of those who have sought. A Free People Will Not Survive, Unless They Stay Strong. The 24th Principle was woven by the Framers with the knowledge that enabling success, as difficult as it may be from time to time, is essential for national sovereignty. As we lower the bar for the nation, we weaken the nation. They knew this, we have forgotten it. When a person is rewarded for dysfunction, applauded for not attempting and hailed for not trying; we undermine the fabric of Americanism. In doing so, we only ensure that America will no longer be a nation designed not of force, fraud or accident; but turned into just another nation that was. All because we are too insecure to accept the fact that achieving prosperity is the responsibility of the individual; not the government.
Amy just got me all pissed off this morning! Not her fault, it was because her blog was true in its truest form. Health care reform and abortion. The blog was written in reference to another about deciphering the abortion language in the health care bill. We’ll it is not all that hard to decipher so I never checked the blog out, or at least that was my excuse. Truth be told, I just hate the debate because I have a fairly peculiar stance on the whole abortion issue. It’s not my business. Do I support abortions? No, I do not, but at the same time I do not judge those who do. The matter is far too delicate of an issue within the family unit to turn political, so I tend to just stay clear and avoid blogs, discussion and debates surrounding the issue. If you ask me directly, you will get an answer. But that is about it.

Why break the silence now? It is a simple answer. Because the administration now seeks for me to directly pay for procedures I do not support. That’s why. In all of these years of me not being vocal and slamming on pro-choicers has not meant that I supported them, it has meant that I respect their freedoms to choose. No intervention of words on my part would change a thing. It is not like they knocked on my door asking for a donation or anything. Nor is it like they have knocked on my door demanding that I support them. Until now that is. Government is trying to kick my door in, not knock on it to in their attempt to force me to pay for abortions that I do not believe in!

So, since you all have made it my business, let us discuss it a bit shall we?

I have a daughter and I would not support her choice to have an abortion. And yes, LIKE OBAMA, I would not want her future jeopardized by having a child too early. I can completely relate to that. However, my child is my responsibility and her getting pregnant early means I have to be burdened at least in part. UNLIKE OBAMA, I would have to step up on behalf of my daughter (who is my RESPONSIBILTY) and aid in ways that allow her to stay on track to a promising future – or as on track as she can be given the manner in which we have derailed her future with the recent forms of legislation she will be paying for. Truth be told, this is where the majority of abortions come from. They come from parents wishing to absolve themselves of the responsibility of their own children. The abortion is the easy way out for THEM, so they support the decision of the children; if not force them into it. (Don’t think for one second that because I have been silent on the issue does not mean I do not know what is going on.)

The fact of the matter is that is unfortunate that the ability to reproduce is solely biological. A 16 year old kid has no business getting her head bounced off the head board by some snotty nosed, acne riddled punk who masturbates to the wind blowing the trees outside of his window. We know this, yet we allow it and turn our backs to it because “everyone else is doing it.” As society erodes we make an active choice to erode with it; babies and abortions are the consequence.

In setting the record straight on this issue of abortion, I could give a rat’s ass who has one or why UNLESS it is my girlfriend, wife (should I re-marry) or children (to include hers). But since we are lead by a person that has clearly identified himself as an irresponsible parent that would NOT step up on behalf of a daughter (which he has the means to do) that HE is RESPONSIBLE for, it was simply a matter of time before I was forced to call it like it is. What you and your family do is on you, not me and that is precisely why I stay out of it. But you have dragged me into this by FORCING me to pay for YOUR abortions whether I support them or not, I take extreme exception to this! Typically I would not care if you have acted so irresponsibly that you have ended up pregnant or gotten so one pregnant and did not want to be burdened with the responsibilities of your actions. Nor would I care that as an adult you have not gotten your own life together enough to aid your child when they truly needed you most; until that is you have forced me into a position to voice my displeasure of personal habits that grown so large they garner their own legislation ON MY DIME! I cannot speak my displeasure without judging and I do not like to judge people. Here we have legislation literally killing the only chance at survival our nation has; its children. This because we value luxuries IN life over the luxury OF life. Life itself is a virtual impossibility. Think about that for what it is for a moment. Human life is an impossibility. The odds in us evolving to populate this ONE planet to be you and I communicating right here, right now are so profoundly unlikely that they are a true virtual impossibility – that being just, living, eating and breathing – here. Couple that with the number of ovums passed with normal cyclic and almost metamorphic inter-human stages confined to a cycle of events only found in the female adult stage and the multitude of spermatozoa passed; our existence is IMPOSSIBLE not improbable. That all cast aside for convenience of not being burdened with a perceived inconvenience. That all being cast aside in order to NOT be held accountable for one’s action in life; to be absolved of the only responsibility we have as human beings. In abortion, there is no sense of humanity, only sense of the selfish self in the worst phases of the adult ego state. A mother is often heard saying she will give her life for her child, somehow, I really doubt this as true as people make it out to be. It is too often in our current age that the mother kills the baby for her convenience; I find it hard to believe such acts and mindsets instantly shift 180 degrees to the polar opposite so fast in many of these people. That level of selfishness plagues for a lifetime, not a couple of months.

I watched my aunt die so my cousin could have a CHANCE at life. That’s a mother, not these people spreading their legs for every clown they have a fancy for who have so little identity of self that they can hardly begin to identify with a child developing within them. That is not a mother, a woman and is marginally by definition a human being. It is in the wild where see the young eaten by their own, not in a civilized society.

Today we abort at every opportunity to disavow ourselves of our own accountability and responsibility as adults; the killing of babies is but a mere symptom of a far greater problem. I call it the Adult Abortive Response Syndrome. You can practice this to your heart is content, but I will be damned if I am going to pay for it for you!
It was a beautiful white GMC Denali Yukon, with nice rims, low miles, killer sound system and CLEAN! Every car salesman wanted to sell it. It was one of the few vehicles that would not require negotiating to sell. The sticker had been removed and each salesman more or less had a price they would sell it at, take it or leave it. One unfortunate day I took the Denali to help a fellow salesman who was stranded on the side of the road. Fortunately, all he need was a little gas. Unfortunately, I took the Denali to get a gas can which spilled all over the back during the middle of summer in Arizona. The fumes were enough to make you feel that you were about to pass out. This, of all things, in the biggest cash cow on the lot.

The guys in the detail shop never ceased to amaze me in their abilities and with their miracle working skills. The befouled Denali was presented to them. I was in desperate need of a hook up and they were looking far less than confident. The next morning the Denali was sitting in the detail shop with the doors open as it dried from the cleaning and deodorizing it had received the previous day. The two detailers were smiling because they not only saved my ass, I now owed them. Later that day I sold that Denali and they were rewarded for their efforts with burritos for lunch and drinks that night which cost me about $50 with tips included. The sale was a “12 pounder!” (That is that the profit on the Denali was $12,000 on the front end. (“Take it or leave it” works on such a vehicle when you present it the right way to the right person.) Of that, my cut was 35% because with that sale I hit my 30th car of the month increasing my percentage on the sale from 30 to 35. (Selling 25 units you go from 25 to 30% with all things below that being 25% if you can maintain the profit margin in the unit.)

The sale’s manger and finance managers saw ever greater percentage sharing on both the front end and back end of the sale. What came to me in the form of $4,200 for the sale they saw closer to $6,500. Keeping in mind that there was but one sale’s manager and two finance mangers controlling interest not only my sales, but that of 18 other salesmen! The general manager and owner saw similar profit sharing which included service work and accessory sales. The higher up the food chain you go, the money you can make.

From burritos and beers, to $4,200, to $6,500, to no telling what; each one of us decided our fate within the food chain and were rewarded in relative terms. The detailers could have sold cars, but did not want to risk the inconsistency of sales work. I could have been a finance manger or sales manager, but chose instead to work my hustle from the sales floor. The sales manager could have vested and become a general manager, but did not want the risk and liability. The sales manager could have opened his own store, but did not want to incur the start up debt.

This is how capitalism works. You choose your role and you get compensated for your choice. As a car salesman I could easily maintain upper middle class income and in a good year put back six figures. That came with a cost of 12 hour days (often longer) and six days a week of GOING HARD and never really being off the clock because prospecting sales was a 24/7 job. It’s a tough grind. The detailers worked 40 hours a week for minimum wage or slightly better. They had a life outside of the lot, I did not. We each made our choices. So why is it then, that capitalism is bastardized because people fall into the food chain at the lowest point? I will not work 40 hours a week for minimum wage, two burritos and three beers! I WON’T DO IT! Because others will does not make it wrong.

There was a point in my life where I did work for 40 hours a week at minimum wage; I didn’t like it. I quickly figured out that I had to make a better way. Others have not committed to themselves to progress; capitalism is blamed, but not the person’s lack of initiative or personal reasoning. The general manager, sales manager and finance manager all started in the detail shop and decided that they were worth more than what they were being given. Rather than BLAMING the establishment, they insisted upon themselves and progressed despite the challenges they faced in doing so. We can’t all be general managers; it defies the laws of economics, but at the same time we choose to be the detailers; some just stay in that position longer.

What we forget is that because there has to be someone in the detail shop of life; it doesn’t have to be us! Capitalism works best when we work capitalism.

It is almost amusing (in a sad way) to watch people condemning capitalism because they do not believe in themselves enough to make a better way. Because capitalism has its flaws, doesn’t mean we have to be a part of the flaw itself. We, because of capitalism, we live in a consumer based economy where spending is paramount. In terms of contradiction, to be financially successful in life, you cannot be one of the idiots spending themselves into oblivion. You must work your way up the food chain without feeding the economy that is supporting you in the manner that others do! The average American home has $1200 in savings and $56,000 in debt; they will work until they drop dead while they feed those that have sought to only support the beast of capitalism AFTER they have first been taken care BY the beast of capitalism! Because such individuals have figured this out, they and capitalism to many are bad and evil entities living among us. Let’s face it; this is only because the masses are not smart enough to figure this out.

What you have not heard me complain about it the economy itself. Economies constrict from time to time; it is what they do. Because it constricts does not mean you cannot excel. You cannot excel because you have not committed to excelling. It is just that simple. Selling cars was profitable, but living the lifestyle of selling cars was hazardous to my health. We would work 12 hours, go out drinking to the wee hours of the morning and be back on the grind the next day. (One binge lasted 17 days of continuous work and partying.) We fed the hell out of the beast during those weeks while we destroyed and compromised personal relationships. Stopping the party habits (or slowing them I should say) was not enough. Before long, I found myself delving into other ventures that gave more time and less money to show for it; it was a fair trade. Having less money, but more time gives the ability to figure ways to… make more money! LOL! It is laughable, but true. And that is exactly what I continually do despite the tightness of the economy. Because the economy sucks does not mean I cannot excel in it; it means I have to effort the cause all the harder TO excel in it. I am and I will continue to do just that because I believe in myself enough deliver for myself.

The harsh reality is this: The American consumer is so stupid that they will feed the beast before they feed themselves. Period, end of discussion. That’s right! You read it correctly; STUPID! There was a day that the average American household contributed almost 90% of their income to necessities. Today, the average American dedicates a little over 30% to life’s necessities; the rest goes towards luxury items. The beast is being fed like never before, yet it is only criticized because people have chosen to be the detailers and not finance managers or better. This of course coming from people feeding the beast as it has never before been fed. Please pardon my directness, but it is hard to criticize not only what you so willing support, but what you freely choose to not allow to be empowering. One year selling cars I raked in 130K in pursuit of being a part of the nation’s elite top 5% of income makers. In half killing myself in that venture it became apparent that being in that group was secondary to a comfortable lifestyle. Being middle class is very poorly defined in terms of economics standards. You can bring in 85K, have $1000 in savings and 350K in debt and barely have the ability to enjoy a decent income level. This person is by definition is middle class, but has indebted themselves to the poverty level. STUPID! The American consumer has zero understanding of what they can do for themselves and consequently bases their choices on that which others have made. They have 30 year mortgages and 72 month car notes and cannot understand why they are struggling to make ends meet with good paying jobs.

The idea is to make capitalism work for you; not against you. You do this by (I know this is novel in ideology) SAVING. If you have to pay for 30 years to buy a home; can you really afford that home? NO! The average American pays as much in interest on a home as they do for the home itself. That is an economic waste factor of 100%. Buy a home for 150K and paying 300K for it when all is said and done makes about as much sense as buying a $100 dollars in groceries and handing over two hundred in cash and walking out. We would NEVER do the latter, but have based an economic lifestyle of doing the former while multiplying thousands of percent. STUPID! When the money stops getting wasted so egregiously, financial successes become achievable goals. The cause? Greed that starts in the home and becomes manipulated by capitalism. You can either be of weak mind and be manipulated or you can go against the grain and buy only what you can actually afford. (I know, I know! Yet another novel idea!)

The economy isn’t bad, capitalism isn’t bad; the American consumer is just stupid that’s all.

Capitalism is not bad, but it can be cruel to those who fail to understand how to use it.

The bottom line. In front of my house sits a BMW in desperate need of a detailing. The question of who details it is only a matter of who wants to! But then again, I would be more inclined to do it myself than feed the beast. Think about that.
It was gorgeous spring day. The sun was bright, the breeze was cool and my 8th grade Political Science / US Constitution teacher was pissing me off! Each word she said made my skin crawl as she vigorously defended the Tillman Act of 1907. “A corporation does not have the voice of a person.” she practically demanded. My argument was simple, “I if own a business I have a voice. If I am a partner of a business we collectively have a voice. A corporation if united by its shareholders whom are often balloted to assess their desires in management and fiscal matters they then have a voice too; even if it pertains to politics.” She again referenced the Tillman Act rather than debate the principle of the argument. Special interests as they are defined today were not the concern.

The bell rang and I dashed out the classroom and downstairs to the locker room to don my running gear as I told the track coach I was not going to make it to practice that day. (I can imagine his confusion given the fact I was dressing to run when I was telling him I couldn’t.) I emptied my back pack a kept a pad of paper and a few pens and darted out the back door. Our in school library was awful, I had to go to high school library; it stayed open until 6:30 on most days, later if the chess club was in there.

The run was up hill and against the flow of the larger, lazier students descending not only from the high school, but for many of them, in life as well. By the time I arrived the last of the high schoolers were trickling out of the main door and down the stairs of the building that more reminiscent of a castle than the public institution of lower learning that it actually was. The library however, was nothing less than spectacular to an eighth grader looking to prove an obnoxious teacher wrong.

I was after the Tillman Act itself. In particular the why behind the Tillman Act. The campaign finance reform that brought the Tillman Act to life was a dark and sorted tale of hate. The Tillman Act sought to financially silence a corporation’s political intentions because they favored Blacks at the time. Politicians were threatened by the fact that a company could dig into their pockets and aid the campaign of a candidate that was supporting a pro Black agenda. The Democrats of course despised this and enacted the Tillman Act in order to maintain their agenda that excluded as many Blacks as possible… to make a long story short.

I was shocked. I was further shocked to learn of the anti Black agenda Democrats were so notorious for. And completely dismayed that my father was a Democrat. That night I wrote the PJ version of a position paper (not knowing the correct format at the time) and handed it to Ms. Davis as soon as I walked into class the next day. She started the class by reading it aloud. Midway through she began to falter. Like many Americans, she simply did not know the origins of the Tillman Act of 1907 and supported it only because it currently existed. She like far too many teachers today, was there to teach was existed, not why it existed, nor whether if what currently existed was right or wrong. A classic example of how schools fail our youth and how our youth fail themselves by not self educating beyond the realm of these oppressive curriculums.

It has been amazing these past weeks. Almost incredible when this same argument is back on the table and shocking that the Supreme Court has actually done the right thing for the right reasons; despite the Liberal and even Conservative lack of popularity. Obama was pleading for an amendment to the Constitution citing this Act has been in place for “over 100 years.” Not whether it was right or wrong; but due solely to the fact it is a huge hindrance to the Democrat agenda – as it has always been. Disgraceful on a personal level, but that’s a completely different discussion.

In my youth, the consequences of such an action could not be seen as far as over turning this act. Clear as day is the concern of special interests. Just as Ms. Davis demonstrated her inept abilities and I sat in an empty library that should have been full due to the youth of America refusing to take that extra step, much could be lost to such a decision. There are things that exist now that did exist when I was such a spirited eighth grader that can be of great benefit to this ruling. Campaign finance disclosure is one of them. A simple click of a mouse these days will tell you everyone who has contributed to a campaign. Special interests will be seen from a mile away and the candidate can be directly challenged on this. Of course this requires effort and that is where the problem lies. Americans are lazy and tend to blindly follow in the worst of ways and can easily fall victim to a highly advertised campaign.

We have reached a point in our destiny that as Americans the free ride is over. Being American now means that one must be responsible, that one must self educate and that one must understand what they want before they ask for anything. Gone forever are the days of birth rite protections of freedom and liberty, clearly they are being robbed before our very eyes each passing day. It is equally clear that if we unitedly do not control our understanding of the candidates and the interests backing them through this decision we all stand to lose not just freedom and liberty, but can easily become enslaved to corporate machine propelling an agenda of equity over constitutionality. Two foes were born of this, the new Liberal agenda and now the political empowerment of special interests. Both have to be kept in check through thorough self education.

Just as I stated as a virile youth, the decision is a constitutionally sound one; it just may not be in our best interests. Accepting or rejecting it is done through understanding what lies beneath the campaigns. I would argue that had there been an Obama 101 course that educated Americans on his writes, his voting history and his previously stated comments on his long term goals; he would have lost 75% of his support. Ignorance is now the enemy more than ever before. Conquering it is now our collective responsibility.

More than one hundred years later, the oppressive design of the Tillman act has fallen victim the Constitution that is was born to circumvent. More than one hundred years it took. Race however, was hardly the issue. From this political posturing is born and our nation’s first “black” president is defending it. Can’t help but to appreciate the irony.

I was 12. Out in a vacant lot playing baseball with friends. Looking for a surprise home run knocked out the "park" by the smallest kid playing, I got way in front of the pitch while swinging with all of the mini might I could possibly muster. I don't even think my eyes were open when I made contact. Toing! The aluminum bat sounded. And the foul ball screeched right over the fence which was the out of play boundary for obvious reasons. It made a bee line straight to and straight through Ms. Foster's second floor bathroom window. I never moved; I knew I was in trouble. I looked up and everyone took flight so fast they dropped the gloves and bats where they stood. Damn, I should have run too! But I hadn't and rather than let Ms. Foster find me, I went to find her. Knock, knock.

"Hi, Ms. Foster. I broke your window." My thought was that confessing would be enough. It's not like I had a job!

"I know. Your father is on his way." She very calmly stated. This scared me because Ms. Foster was NEVER calm! I did not know what my dad told her to bring her to a calm state, but I knew it was not good for me!

"Go home." Is all he said upon his arrival. At home it was not the firestorm I anticipated it would be. Just a lecture about being careful when playing baseball in the lot over there. He paid to have the window replaced. The good news was that breaking a window playing ball was a good problem to have considering all of the things I could have gotten into back on the inner city Philly streets. What I learned that day was even though I did something wrong, my father was ultimately responsible. Paying for a window, though the same in principle is a far cry from raising a child of but a child. Today, would be grandparents seek the means of escape using their own children as an excuse.

It's funny how the abortion issue seems to keep slipping its way back to the forefront. Brian posted a video this weekend that I could not help but share on my Facebook page. A 12 year old girl playing Monday morning quarterback on Obama's pro abortion position. (Make that "pro choice" before I offend the faint of heart).

It is one of those topics that just seems to generate a bunch of controversy as soon as the word the word is uttered. What's fortunate for me is that I am a guy and my input is actually limited. Let's face it, where the rubber meets the road, it is not my "choice" that really counts now is it? But then again, had the rubber met the road in the beginning, the topic would be all the more moot now wouldn't it?

Okay, the president is very pro choice, aggressively so and that is fine. Last I checked, he is allowed to be. He feels that his children should not be burdened with a child prematurely. Or is that a child or a pregnancy? There is a big difference and it is that difference that has caused the uproar.

Here's my contention on the issue. Let's use a word that we hear all too much now a days; "unsustainable." Everything we do anymore is unsustainable; our government spending, our deficit, social security system, health care reform... you name it. If America has gotten its hands on it, we have made it unsustainable. Believe it or not, this includes perpetuating life as Americans. Our birth rate has dropped to unsustainable levels. Yet, abortion and birth control are growing ever closer to synonymy.

Don't get me wrong, many mothers should not be! We see them every day, but they had the decency to become mothers, to be accountable for their actions and respect life. It is odd that we criticize them to the degrees that we do given the alternative.

What I can't figure out is why abortion supersedes adoption options. The parents perhaps. Maybe Obama is saying he does not want people to see him as the father of a pregnant teen daughter. No one wants to be the one with a 16 year old pregnant daughter. I know I don't. Out of our parental comfort (or lack thereof) we "force" them into having abortions and will the associative emotional scaring onto their unready shoulders and off of our own. Or so we think.

The fact of the matter is that the overwhelming majority of teens who have abortions before the age of 17 have a child before 19 anyway. Simply put, two lives for one. A significant amount of young mothers have more than one child before 20 after having an abortion prior to 17. I find this interesting because the abortion comes by "force" (parental influence) and is followed by choices of their own, choices that go directly against the previous wishes of their parents. Many move away from home, many marry, but as a standard, their choices seem to stand in direct resistance to their parents.

When I stop and think and think about it, I can't fathom the guilt associated with having an abortion. But I can imagine the level of rebellion that would result from being manipulated into having one by parents who did not want to deal with the situation. The way I see it, having one child far too soon with the support of the now new grandparents is better than having a child a little too soon with less support.

I do know that as children get older, the thought of a new baby is all but nightmarish. Here our child is all but ready to fly from the nest and we see our lives being relegated back in time to when it was most stressful. So rather than go back in support of our children (who after all, are our responsibility) we take the easy way out at their expense.

If we are at unsustainable rates of reproduction as a people, why would we foster an environment that only ensures our eventual demise? Each passing year we become more selfish and less altruistic. Since not every would be mother is not yet ready to be a mother other options abound. Options that are place out of sight because we insist upon ourselves over all else to the point we will eventually be no more; one child at a time - literally.

Abortion is not a very complicated issue when you stop and think about it. No, not everyone is ready or fit to become parents. Biology foils both socio-economics and personal responsibility, but biology is not something that can just be turned off and on. Instead we intermittently force it off to allow for personal comfort over personal responsibility. It is to suggest that the condition of pregnancy is not worth the life it brings forth; even if that life is better off in the hands of another for the long term. If nine months is too much to ask in the name of life itself; we are a lost people that deserves not the sustainability we fail to understand. What's worse is a great part of this is being perpetuated by the parents, not those in the demographics having the abortions performed. Those defining the standard are demanding the wrong standards. Something is wrong when it is okay to have an abortion when virtually no consideration is being given to adoption. Adoption is more difficult to deal with. Everything is real and tangible so we steer clear of it not wanting to fully acknowledge the gravity of the circumstances. We have become weak and cowardly.

We say life begins within the womb, but our woeful decisions declare we have little emotional connection to any such reality. Sadly, we place the burden on the same youth we declare are not ready to become parents and force them into life and death decisions while expecting no repercussions. The repercussions are there, we just refuse to look at them for what they are and accept who is actually to blame.