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OK look.  Little is more upsetting than an atrocity of integrity for president.  And that is what Obama is and why he has lost so much support, so fast.  He doesn’t even attempt to be sly.  He just blatantly lies to the people and moves on with his own agenda against the people. 

Administration of deceit

We have seen this repeatedly starting with a stimulus that failed to deliver on promises he knew it couldn’t keep; it was what was needed at the time to further weaken an already threatened economy which served as the catalyst for a wave of recession extending government sponsored programs.  We listened to him directly criticize conditions in the AZ immigration enforcement law and turn to have the exact same provisions installed into a failed DREAM Act.  That of course got under my skin.

For months I listened to people complaining about HOW DARE WE REQUIRE IMMIGRANTS TO CARRY IDENTIFICATION ON THEM AT ALL TIMES.  This little fire was started by the Obama administration and fueled by people who failed to understand that such a requirement is a FEDERAL LAW.  When this found its way into the DREAM Act… silence.  This silence clearly stated the people would object carrying identification if it could be used to determine their unlawful status, but were perfectly fine with it if it meant the law breaking were suddenly “legal.” Such hypocrisy is maddening because it just goes to show how shallow and weak minded supporters against a cause and against the law can be.  They become supports of no cause, led by a supposed supporter of Human and Civil Rights; that only wished to tax illegal immigrants while selling a lie that he gave a crap about them and their well being.

And then there is the health care reform LIE.  It was Obama who bested Clinton in saying he would NEVER MANDATE health insurance in the US because he WOULD NEVER BURDEN the American people with the mandated expense.  This of course was determined to be unconstitutional as states lined up to protect themselves from the financial burden of the program.  One of the least discussed aspects of Obamacare is just that; the burden it places on the individual states.  The program expands a grossly failing Medicaid program that is suffering funding cuts while at the same time the Obama administration wishes to expand the demographics of those eligible for the program.  Though in ideology this is enticing to many, the math does just not add up.  You cannot cut funding to a program you are expanding and expect positive results.  The Obama administration was called out on this by the states who had determined the obvious.  What the Obama administration did was implement a program, cut funding and stuck the individual states with the shortfall (with the exception of Nevada whose elected official (Bart Stupak) who later decide to not run for re-election) sold his vote against the program to Obama’s offer (bribe) to cover health care reform costs for the state).  When the states called the federal government to the table to discuss these issues; the Obama administration literally walk away leaving the already economically crushed states to fend for their selves.  When you look at the happenings of health care reform, repeal should be based on principle, constitutionalism and economics.

Virtual and value of repeal

The Republican House of the 112th Congress has decided to go forward with, "Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act."  OK, stop; just stop!

The Republican takeover of the House was too easy because it is this is the type of crap Obama led the 111th to do!  All rhetoric and no principle!  There is just reason to repeal the health care reform law and the just cause in doing so is the only reasonable approach to repeal. 

In all honesty, job killing could be a possible effect of Obamacare, but let’s face it; job killing was included in the title solely to elicit emotive response against the program long before it is proven to an actual detrimental aspect of the program (rhetoric).  This Obama like strategy is the exact opposite of why the 112th has been put in place by a population voting against Obama, his rhetoric and his lies.

Repeal it because the individual states were stuck with funding a federal program which they simply cannot afford to do.  Repeal it because the general population supports the repeal of the program.  Repeal it because the general population was against it while their elected officials supported it in defiance of their electorates.  Here’s a novel idea for the 112th Congress; REPEAL IT BECAUSE IT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL! 

Understand this; the 112th Congress is in place for the right reasons.  This of course does not mean they will follow the will of the people.  It is the people whom they work for, that is the way America was founded to be.  In their desire to repeal health care reform, they MUST go about it in the correct manner; nothing less should be tolerated by the people.  Here we already have them trying to do the right thing, but going about it the wrong way.

This shows you the impact Obama has had on American politics.  It is in direct spite of this that the 112th Congress was elected.  In doing the right thing, we must insist that they do it the right way.  They must explain to the people that the states have been collectively stuck with the tab on the federal takeover.  Explain that the mandate and the lie it represents is unconstitutional and goes against the very fabric of America in that it unravels Americanism.  This is not rocket science, but it is a matter of principle and integrity. 

American principles first

The day of expecting more from congress has passed.  It has yielded to a day of demanding more from and of congress.  Today, less than a third of Americans feel America is on the right path.  As alarming as this is, if the nation remains on a course of special interests that go against the will of the people it will become the norm and America will be lost to an era of political rhetoric and agendas against the people.

The election of the 112th Congress will only be of positive consequence if the remaining two thirds of Americans voice the virtues and values on which this great nation was based.  America is only lost when the people of her fail in seeking her out from the toils of internal self destruction.

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