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Zach has gotten one thing right.  Abortion has clearly taken a racial turn, and it is about time considering the numbers!  Years were spent trying to force the CDC to release true numbers by ethnic group on abortion and now that they have, the numbers are finally beginning to hit the community most affected by abortion.  Though these numbers have been available for years, they were not sought out by Blacks because Planned Parenthood has described abortions as being the righteous and responsible thing to do for Black “mothers.” 

The current anti-abortion campaign that is being driven at Blacks is actually led by Blacks! 

The twist that is being applied to it is one that leads the Black community to believe all pro-life initiatives are White developed and White led.  In short, it is yet “another racial attack on Blacks.”  You have to love the Obama post racial America, but in this case, the race card is being well played if one understand the details behind it.  The race card is being misrepresented by pro-choice groups, but let there be no doubt about it; Blacks have enacted the ultimate trump card of race on this one!

This all started in New York where a pastor ended Black History Month with a billboard.

“The most dangerous place for an African American is in the whom.”  Almost poetic in its brutal honesty.

Sparks flew and the billboard was later removed.  The Black community was outraged.  Here are the facts.  In New York, 59.7% of Black babies are aborted.  This is more than Black lives lost to disease, accidents and violence; COMBINED!  Ending Black History Month by bringing greater attention to the abortion issue embodied a call for awareness to the future of the Black community.  Of course, it was not received this way, but that was the intent.  It was received solely as a disparaging mark against the Black community.  We will get into the disparaging aspects soon enough.

Billboards then began popping up across the nation.  As awareness increased, the tension increased; all fueled by misrepresentations of the message.  A driving force of the tension was the use of the word “genocide.”  30,000,000 abortions have been performed on Blacks since abortions became legal on January 22, 1973.  To understand this impact, one has to look at it from an anthropogenic perspective.  When viewing it as man caused, we must look back in history to find when man has taken 30,000,000 lives.  WWII 1945, WWI 1918, Taiping Rebellion 1864, Mongol Conquests 1472, and the An Shi Rebellion 673 are events that come to mind where 30,000,000 or more lives have been lost; wars!  And if you are wondering… no, the Qing conquest of the Ming Dynasty (1662) does not make the list as it claimed 25,000,000 lives if memory serves me correctly, but I am not the history buff I once was.  When you boil the numbers down to comparative proportions, you must then add the fact that we are talking about Blacks only, a single race of people.  That eliminates all conflicts less those in China where war was waged by hand for absolute rule.  You must understand that the 30,000,000 in question are not combatants, they are unborn Blacks whose only voice was a mother.  That then makes this the single worst life tragedy in modern history.  Genocide more than fits.  I guess it because Blacks are taking Black lives; many feel that the term genocide does not fit.  Perhaps a review of its definition may be in need.

What is worse is that some of these conflicts took 70 plus years to do what we have done in half the time, all voluntarily.  I am not sure about you, but that saddens me deeply.

As the billboards pop up across the nation and are met with outrage rather than a conditional understanding of what is happening, a very important point is being missed.  This is the Black community crying out to the black community to educate on what we are doing to ourselves.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Unfortunately, the message is a disparaging one and too many in the community wish to resist it through denial rather than take responsibility for their part in it.

Not having a baby is not always as easy as people think.  I have been a relationship for over four years and to this day discussions about birth control are present.  Without them, we would be looking at a significant investment of time, energy, devotion, and all resources to include financial resources.  When these discussions are not made a priority, the result is an unintended pregnancy.
And that is where the Black abortion story gets all the more saddening.  Hispanics, by proportional shift have more unintended pregnancies than do Blacks, but in stark contrast have far fewer abortions.  If this does not set off alarms in the Black community, nothing can!

We can dive into the minutia of the demographics all we like.  We can examine religious backgrounds, extended family units, average household income levels, but in the end the result is the same; Hispanics value life more.  We can complicate it all we want, attempt to justify and rationalize it and it still boils down to a complete moral and ethical failure within the value system of the Black family.  Until this brought into perspective, the loss of thirty million unborn Black children is completely meaningless.

Abortion of this magnitude is a symptom of a far greater and far more complex erosion of a specific populous.  It is the grievous exacerbation of multiple generations believing in the superficial while insisting upon the need of the provisions by the other over the fundamentals of family, self reliance, personal accountability and deeper values that untie a community and populous and deliver it into the future.  There comes a time when “history” is simply not enough, but there also comes a time when “history” is all that you have.  The Black community has not reached the latter, but 30,000,000 tiny voices are crying out that we are rapidly heading in that direction.  The only question that remains is if we are willing to hear their calls for help.  We have turned our back on them once; ironic it is that we still need them and they still need us. 

Disparaging is the fact that more than half of the Black babies in New York are aborted.  Disparaging is the fact that we would rather take offense to the truth than deal with truth’s reality.  Disgraceful is the fact that we of the Black community have allowed this to happen to the Black community.

It is sort of funny, but I have been everything in the book.  Most notably, I would have to say would be neo-Nazi and liberal.  What makes it all the more amusing is those that have called me a neo-Nazi cannot list a single trait of commonality that would link a position of mine and that of the Nazism they heard (mis)used by CBS and Keith Olberman, thus picking the verbiage as a new key phrase of their own.  The sad part is the bastardization of liberalism that more aligns the Modern Liberal to the Nazi agenda than any other major political party in US history.

When faced with the neo-Nazi comment I usually ask “how” and wait for their response.  It is no surprise that their responses actually accuse the positions of the Modern Liberal and not my comments against this new and perverse direction the Left is moving in.  Therefore, it is laughable when a member of the Nazi leaning Left, accuses me of having a secret desire to bring Nazism to America.

When we look at liberalism, we cannot help but look at Obama himself.  Few realize how little he even uses the word and when he does, he dares to not delve into its lost definition.  The liberal of today cannot define liberalism beyond that of the common dictionary usage of “liberal.”  Tearfully sad I might add.  What’s worse is that so many of those whom supported Obama’s quest of Commander in Chief had so little interest in America herself, they could not articulate the difference between Left and Right, let alone find an internal political value that aligned them with a concept of liberalism that spawned an aged of accelerated Marxism, Leninism and economic Fascism; among other non American political agendas. 

Part of our collective problem is the need to define and label each other.  We do so with a ruthless scrutiny that disallows the individual expression of moderation.  You are either a full on party line puller, or nothing.  This is not unique to the rhetoric of the Left.  The Republican Party, which in my opinion has been a very poor representation of the Right in recent years is equally guilty.  Thank goodness for the Tea Party and their intent to return Conservative Values to the Right.  Either way, we are not a nation of special interests; we are a nation of individuals born with the right of the individual pursuit of our individual happiness!  To be clear, I redundantly used the word “individual” because that is where I feel the right to pursue life and life’s happiness falls.  It is not an entitlement in terms of guaranteed results as the Left is trying to turn it into.

However, I freely admit that I am not party line pulling conservative either.  Why would I want to be?  I define me; my political affiliation does not.  This definition is based upon a lifetime of developed personal values and beliefs.  I do not agree with all things conservative though conservatism best aligns with me.  If you were to be technical about it and base it solely upon “political aptitude,” I am actually better defined as Libertarian / Conservative!  Here is the kicker.  Most conservatives today actually lean more towards Libertarianism while they hold their conservative true to heart.  The Right of course downplays this because Libertarianism is gaining ever increasing representations that threatens the house that Republicans built on their journey away from conservative values as they pandered to the personal benefit of special interests.  This freedom that I express has caused some to say that I am liberal.  Hold your horses; if you read some of my writings, on the surface you will find some commonality with that of a Left that is now lost.

I am cool with gays in the military.  I have not always been, but “grew into it” as I matured in the military in the same manner I grew out liberalism while I was in the military.  Such a concept may at times cause a lesser politically articulate person to believe blue blood runs through these veins.  At the same time, though I am anti abortion, I am not Mr. Pro Life either.  Again, because I believe there are times that abortions are indeed called for, these same individuals may believe I am Pro Choice because seen in the writings are only certain key words that are attributed to a given side.  Just like people have selective hearing; people also have selective reading habits.  All I can say is read a bit deeper and if I write above a person’s level of understanding; read more – you will eventually catch up.  The one thing I am not is liberal.

Another part of this misunderstanding is what makes a conservative, a conservative.  I believe in less government - a very anti liberal position.  Going back to the individual pursuit, the pursuit comes with a certain burden of responsibility, a responsibility that lies solely with the individual.  It is not a gift owed to a person from governmental involvement in the regulation of personal lives.  What the government owes is equal opportunity, not equal outcomes!  The only gift provided upon birth is the gift of freedom that comes with being American.  What the individual does with that gift is up to them!  The Left of course does not agree with this.  And don’t feed me that “disadvantaged” BS because few were born more disadvantaged than I.

I believe in life and that life should be far more embraced than Americans today are willing to appreciate it.  Abortion in my eyes is not and should not be used as birth control, or as a tool to absolve individuals of their personal acts of irresponsibility.  Even though I do not fully agree with the Pro Life agenda, does not mean that I do not appreciate life for what it is or make me Pro Choice for that matter.

In as much, I believe in personal responsibility and accountability.  By far, this is the single greatest separation between my beliefs and that of the the Modern Liberal that has hijacked a once decent political philosophy.  What Obama and his minions of Modern Liberals want is equal outcomes in order to absolve the individual citizen of the personal responsibility that is granted as a gift upon birth requiring individuals to put their best foot forward despite the challenges they are born into.  This gift of freedom is viewed as curse because the Modern Liberal now covets on behalf of the other.  The other has identified this from a perspective of not having to fully effort the individual pursuit of happiness because it is easier for government to provide than it is for certain individuals to the risk the pursuit of more.  The ability to fail is freedom’s accountability for the willingness to strive.  The Modern Liberal now lacks the courage it takes to accept the consequences of failure as a part of Americanism.  By insisting upon equal outcomes, the Modern Liberal removes the individual responsibility of freedom and the accountability of where an individual finds them self in life.  In doing so, freedom itself is actually abolished!  Personal responsibility and accountability is everything.  It just takes guts to believe in it when times are hard.

How can I be cool with homosexuality?  It is about personal responsibility and accountability.  Homosexuality has been denounced since the onset of monotheistic religion.  For it, there is a consequence and that consequence comes in the form of accountability.  So, for me it is easy.  An adult makes choice just like any other and as with any choice, there will be accountability.  Because a person is gay does not make them bad when it comes to military performance.  It takes a certain type of person to be able to do the things required of those in the military and if that person happens to be gay, so be it.  From firsthand experience, the majority serving with them are more concerned with whether or not those that have been charged with the responsibility of having the life of another in their hands are capable of fulfilling the requirement.  It makes no sense to replace a gay person who can with a straight person who can’t.  Ask anyone who has had their life saved by someone who is gay and I am sure they will tell you the same thing.  If a gay person cannot fulfill such a mission, they should be prevented from serving BASED UPON THAT!  My fear is that gays will exploit this latest ruling and serve solely because they can and not because they are actually capable!  I fear that government will lack the courage to refuse service to those said gays out of fear of lawsuits and allow all gays because they are gay.  You see, supporting gays in the military comes with very conservative values; those of personal responsibility and accountability.  The Modern Liberal sees the tag GAY only and places no conditions of responsibility with it. 

So no, I am nothing like the Modern Liberal of today even when my views are confused with values of the Left.  For anyone stuck on the whole neo-Nazi thing, read a history book that is available anywhere in the world EXCEPT Germany and then re-evaluate your own position before judging mine based upon inaccurate Left Wing rhetoric.

For some strange reason I have been getting a great deal of e-mail inquiring about my position on abortion.  More specifically, requests to write an article on the new bills proposed in Congress and government’s role in abortion.  Fair enough.  The article is started, but while I collect my thoughts on the article, I will address some positions a bit more openly.

First off, I am no big fan abortion; everyone should know that by now.  While many seem to feel that this is due do my being conservative, this is actually an incorrect assumption.  It is because my personal values and personal experiences that have delivered me to a place in life where life itself appreciated a bit differently.  When “no big fan” is stated, it is to say that there is far less support for abortion than there is open opposition of it.  It does have its place given the cruel world we live in where the innocent are preyed upon by the vile.  Clearly, there are and can be no absolutes.

Where it started
The hang up exists in the history.  Our generation is a bit too young to understand “back alley abortions.”  A young woman in the 1950’s would get herself “in trouble” and turn to some quack to have an abortion.  Everything from hangers to rigged vacuum cleaners where used to conduct abortions.  This led to deaths from hemorrhage and infections.  Because of this, the government had little alternative but to regulate abortions.  In doing so government gave birth to a controversy that would become a political issue for the forth-coming generation.

What the argument lacks is balance.  Take for example a young 17 year old that has been the victim of her own father since she was three.  She simply does not have to be protested against and belittled when an abortion is sought.  This is of course a shortcoming of many on the pro-Life side.  They protest any and all before they take the time to stop and consider the factors.  Of course patient privacy prevents a selective protest, but not all seeking abortions are doing so as a means of absolving ones acts of irresponsibility. 

Facts are facts
I know, I know!  Condoms break, birth control fails.  Well, it is all in the numbers.  The failure rate is not what people think.  We all hear the astonishingly low failure rates, but they are manufacturer boasts of ideal applications and usages.  Women forget to take the pill.  Reality is that if she becomes pregnant, it is her fault, but this is a flaw AND failure of the birth control method given the administration protocol of the medication.  With this in mind, the birth control failure rate for the pill is actually 8%.The condom has a failure rate of 15%.  Do our youth actually know these percentages?  Probably not because so much “education” is sponsored by manufacturers and pro-abortion groups that real numbers are skewed.  This inaccurate representation of the failure rates and deliberate passing of misinformation only serves to increase the pregnancy and abortion rates. 

A personal account
I remember being taught very incorrect information.  The educator would take a condom, slide it over her hand and forearm to demonstrate that condoms “do not break.” 

“Well, Mrs. Johnson, what about  known wearing impact on latex of friction, ph balances, constant force and pressure?”  I could not help but ask.  She of course was not prepared for such a challenge, could not answer the question and chose to redirect.  Not one to by blown off, I took the high road and opted to disrupt the class.

“Stop listening, she is lying.  She can’t answer the question because she was not told what the failure rates actually are.  She is here trying to do our parent’s job and she is going to get someone in trouble doing it.  Look at her, when was the last time she needed a condom used?  How would she know from experience?  Old bitty, witch has no idea what she is talking about.”

My actions almost got me expelled from school for such direct opposition to a key liberal agenda piece.  (Un)fortunately, my aunt was the senior vice principle (who was more than tired of seeing me in her office) and my father was on the school board.  Nice right?  My problem was a simple one.  Because I was a poor Black kid did not mean I was stupid.  I never missed a single science question in all my years of school and though I did not know everything about sex and condoms, I knew BS when someone was trying to blindly shovel it down my throat.  That was my objection.  If you were going to lie to me, you at least had to attempt to do it smartly.  My punishment was an oral report on sex education and pregnancy prevention.  I had my say in the end.  A say that directly challenged the statistical efficacy of the planned parenting we were being taught.  My challenge was never met.  My aunt smiled, shook her head and walked out of the class.

No replacement for personal responsibility
Looking back it becomes obvious where the problem starts.  Youth have no idea what they are getting into.  They only know that they are supposed to be doing certain things by a certain age; with less and less parental involvement and more and more kids having kids – sex is what they are supposed to be doing.  It boils down to the irresponsible literally being taught both formally and by example of their parents that sex is very high on the adolescent to do list.  It ends in pregnancy that is supported by a system that condones and passively encourages premature sexual activity and abortions as an essential tool of birth control.  So, I get it.  Planned Parenthood and pro-choice groups are protecting the youth from being forced into the responsibility of being parents too early in life.

So where is the responsibility?  It is good to know that abstinence is on a comeback and teen pregnancy is dropping.  But at the same time a huge problem exists as our morals erode as a society.  What was once taboo is now commonplace.  We do not bat an eye seeing a pregnant 16 or 17 year old waddling through the mall while those of the traditional generation would have wanted to have words with both his and her parents.

One side believes abortion is the answer through enabling the lesser evil; death over responsibility.  The other side believes life itself should be cherished enough to at least be given a chance.  The two sides in this case shall never meet and that is fine.  All I am saying is that responsibility starts long before a given side is trying absolve another of it; yet they really do not support that concept - the concept responsibility starts before conception that is.  Because sexual activity in the young is so mainstream, it is not discouraged.  To make matters worse, the education process is laden with poor and inaccurate information which predisposes youth to risks they are hardly prepared for.  To right this wrong, abortion is again the answer delivered as a solution to a problem that was never correctly addressed to begin with.

The Obama factor
On the pro-life side exists a very interesting dilemma.  Most are not fully opposed to abortion, but embrace a concept of life that starts before even those of the Obama administration will acknowledge while the “acknowledgement” on the pro-life side is largely that responsibility begins with handling the events leading to pregnancy correctly.  However, what runs a bit deeper is accountability.  It is felt that if a person is willing to act in a more adult manner, they should be held accountable when their actions take a form on to its own.  With this group, it becomes a bit easy to ruffle feathers and stir spirited debate.  And that is exactly what Obama has done with not only with his personal support of abortions serving to absolve responsibility, but with ObamaCare that sought to very overtly deliver abortion services on taxpayer dollars.  It was contested that taxpayers were not funding abortions through ObamaCare, but that was very easily dispelled by simply reading the bill and its amendments. 

The fight over ObamaCare and its repeal did little to address these concerns.  (Please understand that ObamaCare hinges on far more than a simple repeal bill).  Adding to the challenges ObamaCare faces is a bill that seeks to ensure taxpayer dollars are not used to provide abortions in cases of consensual sex – regardless of government provided insurance or otherwise.  To the accountability respecting pro-lifer, this creates an ideal circumstance where responsibility is applied and those who truly need abortions are provided the option under circumstances that do not further economically imperil them.  Those on the pro-choice side disdain this bill and have delivered arguments and protests against it solely based upon the semantics of the definition of “rape.”  What they are actually angry about is a group has directly challenged their position to use abortions to absolve the accountability of the actions of individuals not fully understanding the consequences of sexual activity.  This disdain is felt so forcefully in this group because this group has always misrepresented the facets of sex on multiple levels and are thus largely responsible for the insanely high abortion rates of many ethnic demographics and deliberately refuses to fully address the level of responsibility that accompanies sexual activity.  This comes as a direct slap in the face to them and they have not taken it lightly.

The fact of the matter is that neither side is 100% right or wrong.  But there is not an equitable balance to found between the two either!  Hell, pro-lifers have taken lives in their protests against the taking of lives!  Pro-choicers have taken a position that virtually no one is responsible for their own actions and have gone to great lengths to ambassador a culture of immoral behavior. 

Finding balance
It is not whether a person is “pro-life,” or “pro-choice.”  It is a matter of balancing the perspectives that have polarized conventional and reasonable thinking.  Most support personal responsibility and feel taken back by government forcing them to fund the absolution of responsibility of the other while most also support the belief that what a woman opts to do with her body is up to her.  The balance lies in the imbalance between the sides that have been driven apart by the politicizing of an issue that actually has far more commonality than people will admit.  As with most, both sides have merit and both sides have fault, but what is most important to remember is when you respect yourself first, the polarizing aspects of the other become less so.  We embroil in debate and stand separated on an issue that has sufficient enough common ground to foster open and unifying discussion, yet we insist solely that the other side is wrong in our arrogance of self.  Interestingly enough, lost in the debate is life after life as we selfishly insist upon ourselves!

Amy just got me all pissed off this morning! Not her fault, it was because her blog was true in its truest form. Health care reform and abortion. The blog was written in reference to another about deciphering the abortion language in the health care bill. We’ll it is not all that hard to decipher so I never checked the blog out, or at least that was my excuse. Truth be told, I just hate the debate because I have a fairly peculiar stance on the whole abortion issue. It’s not my business. Do I support abortions? No, I do not, but at the same time I do not judge those who do. The matter is far too delicate of an issue within the family unit to turn political, so I tend to just stay clear and avoid blogs, discussion and debates surrounding the issue. If you ask me directly, you will get an answer. But that is about it.

Why break the silence now? It is a simple answer. Because the administration now seeks for me to directly pay for procedures I do not support. That’s why. In all of these years of me not being vocal and slamming on pro-choicers has not meant that I supported them, it has meant that I respect their freedoms to choose. No intervention of words on my part would change a thing. It is not like they knocked on my door asking for a donation or anything. Nor is it like they have knocked on my door demanding that I support them. Until now that is. Government is trying to kick my door in, not knock on it to in their attempt to force me to pay for abortions that I do not believe in!

So, since you all have made it my business, let us discuss it a bit shall we?

I have a daughter and I would not support her choice to have an abortion. And yes, LIKE OBAMA, I would not want her future jeopardized by having a child too early. I can completely relate to that. However, my child is my responsibility and her getting pregnant early means I have to be burdened at least in part. UNLIKE OBAMA, I would have to step up on behalf of my daughter (who is my RESPONSIBILTY) and aid in ways that allow her to stay on track to a promising future – or as on track as she can be given the manner in which we have derailed her future with the recent forms of legislation she will be paying for. Truth be told, this is where the majority of abortions come from. They come from parents wishing to absolve themselves of the responsibility of their own children. The abortion is the easy way out for THEM, so they support the decision of the children; if not force them into it. (Don’t think for one second that because I have been silent on the issue does not mean I do not know what is going on.)

The fact of the matter is that is unfortunate that the ability to reproduce is solely biological. A 16 year old kid has no business getting her head bounced off the head board by some snotty nosed, acne riddled punk who masturbates to the wind blowing the trees outside of his window. We know this, yet we allow it and turn our backs to it because “everyone else is doing it.” As society erodes we make an active choice to erode with it; babies and abortions are the consequence.

In setting the record straight on this issue of abortion, I could give a rat’s ass who has one or why UNLESS it is my girlfriend, wife (should I re-marry) or children (to include hers). But since we are lead by a person that has clearly identified himself as an irresponsible parent that would NOT step up on behalf of a daughter (which he has the means to do) that HE is RESPONSIBLE for, it was simply a matter of time before I was forced to call it like it is. What you and your family do is on you, not me and that is precisely why I stay out of it. But you have dragged me into this by FORCING me to pay for YOUR abortions whether I support them or not, I take extreme exception to this! Typically I would not care if you have acted so irresponsibly that you have ended up pregnant or gotten so one pregnant and did not want to be burdened with the responsibilities of your actions. Nor would I care that as an adult you have not gotten your own life together enough to aid your child when they truly needed you most; until that is you have forced me into a position to voice my displeasure of personal habits that grown so large they garner their own legislation ON MY DIME! I cannot speak my displeasure without judging and I do not like to judge people. Here we have legislation literally killing the only chance at survival our nation has; its children. This because we value luxuries IN life over the luxury OF life. Life itself is a virtual impossibility. Think about that for what it is for a moment. Human life is an impossibility. The odds in us evolving to populate this ONE planet to be you and I communicating right here, right now are so profoundly unlikely that they are a true virtual impossibility – that being just, living, eating and breathing – here. Couple that with the number of ovums passed with normal cyclic and almost metamorphic inter-human stages confined to a cycle of events only found in the female adult stage and the multitude of spermatozoa passed; our existence is IMPOSSIBLE not improbable. That all cast aside for convenience of not being burdened with a perceived inconvenience. That all being cast aside in order to NOT be held accountable for one’s action in life; to be absolved of the only responsibility we have as human beings. In abortion, there is no sense of humanity, only sense of the selfish self in the worst phases of the adult ego state. A mother is often heard saying she will give her life for her child, somehow, I really doubt this as true as people make it out to be. It is too often in our current age that the mother kills the baby for her convenience; I find it hard to believe such acts and mindsets instantly shift 180 degrees to the polar opposite so fast in many of these people. That level of selfishness plagues for a lifetime, not a couple of months.

I watched my aunt die so my cousin could have a CHANCE at life. That’s a mother, not these people spreading their legs for every clown they have a fancy for who have so little identity of self that they can hardly begin to identify with a child developing within them. That is not a mother, a woman and is marginally by definition a human being. It is in the wild where see the young eaten by their own, not in a civilized society.

Today we abort at every opportunity to disavow ourselves of our own accountability and responsibility as adults; the killing of babies is but a mere symptom of a far greater problem. I call it the Adult Abortive Response Syndrome. You can practice this to your heart is content, but I will be damned if I am going to pay for it for you!
I was 12. Out in a vacant lot playing baseball with friends. Looking for a surprise home run knocked out the "park" by the smallest kid playing, I got way in front of the pitch while swinging with all of the mini might I could possibly muster. I don't even think my eyes were open when I made contact. Toing! The aluminum bat sounded. And the foul ball screeched right over the fence which was the out of play boundary for obvious reasons. It made a bee line straight to and straight through Ms. Foster's second floor bathroom window. I never moved; I knew I was in trouble. I looked up and everyone took flight so fast they dropped the gloves and bats where they stood. Damn, I should have run too! But I hadn't and rather than let Ms. Foster find me, I went to find her. Knock, knock.

"Hi, Ms. Foster. I broke your window." My thought was that confessing would be enough. It's not like I had a job!

"I know. Your father is on his way." She very calmly stated. This scared me because Ms. Foster was NEVER calm! I did not know what my dad told her to bring her to a calm state, but I knew it was not good for me!

"Go home." Is all he said upon his arrival. At home it was not the firestorm I anticipated it would be. Just a lecture about being careful when playing baseball in the lot over there. He paid to have the window replaced. The good news was that breaking a window playing ball was a good problem to have considering all of the things I could have gotten into back on the inner city Philly streets. What I learned that day was even though I did something wrong, my father was ultimately responsible. Paying for a window, though the same in principle is a far cry from raising a child of but a child. Today, would be grandparents seek the means of escape using their own children as an excuse.

It's funny how the abortion issue seems to keep slipping its way back to the forefront. Brian posted a video this weekend that I could not help but share on my Facebook page. A 12 year old girl playing Monday morning quarterback on Obama's pro abortion position. (Make that "pro choice" before I offend the faint of heart).

It is one of those topics that just seems to generate a bunch of controversy as soon as the word the word is uttered. What's fortunate for me is that I am a guy and my input is actually limited. Let's face it, where the rubber meets the road, it is not my "choice" that really counts now is it? But then again, had the rubber met the road in the beginning, the topic would be all the more moot now wouldn't it?

Okay, the president is very pro choice, aggressively so and that is fine. Last I checked, he is allowed to be. He feels that his children should not be burdened with a child prematurely. Or is that a child or a pregnancy? There is a big difference and it is that difference that has caused the uproar.

Here's my contention on the issue. Let's use a word that we hear all too much now a days; "unsustainable." Everything we do anymore is unsustainable; our government spending, our deficit, social security system, health care reform... you name it. If America has gotten its hands on it, we have made it unsustainable. Believe it or not, this includes perpetuating life as Americans. Our birth rate has dropped to unsustainable levels. Yet, abortion and birth control are growing ever closer to synonymy.

Don't get me wrong, many mothers should not be! We see them every day, but they had the decency to become mothers, to be accountable for their actions and respect life. It is odd that we criticize them to the degrees that we do given the alternative.

What I can't figure out is why abortion supersedes adoption options. The parents perhaps. Maybe Obama is saying he does not want people to see him as the father of a pregnant teen daughter. No one wants to be the one with a 16 year old pregnant daughter. I know I don't. Out of our parental comfort (or lack thereof) we "force" them into having abortions and will the associative emotional scaring onto their unready shoulders and off of our own. Or so we think.

The fact of the matter is that the overwhelming majority of teens who have abortions before the age of 17 have a child before 19 anyway. Simply put, two lives for one. A significant amount of young mothers have more than one child before 20 after having an abortion prior to 17. I find this interesting because the abortion comes by "force" (parental influence) and is followed by choices of their own, choices that go directly against the previous wishes of their parents. Many move away from home, many marry, but as a standard, their choices seem to stand in direct resistance to their parents.

When I stop and think and think about it, I can't fathom the guilt associated with having an abortion. But I can imagine the level of rebellion that would result from being manipulated into having one by parents who did not want to deal with the situation. The way I see it, having one child far too soon with the support of the now new grandparents is better than having a child a little too soon with less support.

I do know that as children get older, the thought of a new baby is all but nightmarish. Here our child is all but ready to fly from the nest and we see our lives being relegated back in time to when it was most stressful. So rather than go back in support of our children (who after all, are our responsibility) we take the easy way out at their expense.

If we are at unsustainable rates of reproduction as a people, why would we foster an environment that only ensures our eventual demise? Each passing year we become more selfish and less altruistic. Since not every would be mother is not yet ready to be a mother other options abound. Options that are place out of sight because we insist upon ourselves over all else to the point we will eventually be no more; one child at a time - literally.

Abortion is not a very complicated issue when you stop and think about it. No, not everyone is ready or fit to become parents. Biology foils both socio-economics and personal responsibility, but biology is not something that can just be turned off and on. Instead we intermittently force it off to allow for personal comfort over personal responsibility. It is to suggest that the condition of pregnancy is not worth the life it brings forth; even if that life is better off in the hands of another for the long term. If nine months is too much to ask in the name of life itself; we are a lost people that deserves not the sustainability we fail to understand. What's worse is a great part of this is being perpetuated by the parents, not those in the demographics having the abortions performed. Those defining the standard are demanding the wrong standards. Something is wrong when it is okay to have an abortion when virtually no consideration is being given to adoption. Adoption is more difficult to deal with. Everything is real and tangible so we steer clear of it not wanting to fully acknowledge the gravity of the circumstances. We have become weak and cowardly.

We say life begins within the womb, but our woeful decisions declare we have little emotional connection to any such reality. Sadly, we place the burden on the same youth we declare are not ready to become parents and force them into life and death decisions while expecting no repercussions. The repercussions are there, we just refuse to look at them for what they are and accept who is actually to blame.