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I do support the Tea Party and so do liberals, they just do not realize it.  Think about it, liberals have come a long way since the Pelosie’s quip referring to the Tea Party as “astro turf.”  Two years were spent demeaning and sabotaging the Tea Party with plants in a failed attempt to make them look bad.  The Republicans then kicked the living daylights out of the Democrats in Nov 2010 and suddenly liberals started singing a slightly different tune.  Do not get me wrong, they have not directly complimented the Tea Party, but they have otherwise fully acknowledged their legitimacy.  We all know what they say about “imitation.”

Imitation through deception
And that is what the liberals have done, imitate the Tea Party while vocally dispelling the Tea Party.  “Grassroots” immigration reform pushes have already begun in states where immigration is not crisis level issue.  The grassroots initiative was passively announced on the White House Blog when the president’s coveted amnesty bill otherwise known as the DREAM Act failed.  What this says is the liberals have taken note to how the Tea Party has found success and appreciate their effectiveness.  Of course if you ask someone from the Left about the Tea Party and they will tell you tales of racism, slurs, epithets and vandalism that more than likely conducted and committed by one of their own planted in the Tea party that has lead to a rhetoric of loathing and left generated hate.

Despite such underhanded manipulations, the Tea Party has turned heads.  This was accomplished by bringing the truth to the people and rebroadcasting the message of truth consistently, relentlessly, calmly and repeatedly.  In speaking the truth, the truth always surfaces.  It was the Obama administration’s practices of deceit that surfaced as the Tea Party said they would.  As this happened, those who once doubted the Tea Party realized they had be fooled by an administration the preyed upon their emotional weakness to win and steal their support.  The Left falls to the reality of their own devices and the Tea Party continues to win favor.  It is for these same reasons that the Left will not be able to truly imitate the Tea Party mind you.

Denial of support
Either way, it is easy to support an organization that was born against run of the mill Republican; to return conservative values to government.  They were never “against” Obama and consequently his minions; Obama just fit the bill once his actions after election failed to match his BS before the election.  His runaway spending is what got the attention of the Tea Party… now look where we are.  He said he would be fiscally responsible; but this was because he actually campaigned against Bush and his supporters were not smart enough to realize he was running against a ghost.  We all heard the “better than McCain” story, but of those who said that, who could really state any of McCain’s positions?  That he supported amnesty?  Very few, this is because to the Obama supporter, McCain was inconsequential!  Bush was the one to hate and by casting a vote for Obama meant one was making a statement against Bush.  It was Bush’s final years that led the Tea Party to take action.  It was Obama’s similarities to Bush’s habits that forced the Tea Party into action against him.  If you were anti-Bush in your support of Obama, you were pro Tea Party; ironic.

Plate of distinction
Today the Tea Party has legitimately moved a nation and in doing a certain value has been found.  States have also moved to support their local Tea Party organizations.  In Arizona, there is a very active and effective Tea Party.  The rallies are peaceful and the messages are clear.  The truths have been clearly seen and thus the support continues to grow.  It has grown so much that the state is considering a “don’t tread on me” Tea Party license plate. 

The liberals are of course against it, while at the same time concocting ideas for one of their own; perhaps one with a watermark containing a burning constitution. 

I am all for a don’t tread on me vanity plate.  There are tons of different plates in AZ as it is.  I am not for a percentage of the proceeds going to the Tea Party which is after all a political interest group though; even one that I support.  The bill to approve this has been sent forward today after being amended to make Tea Party supporters responsible for $32,000 set up fee.  The way I see it, the Arizona Tea Party is worthy of a state plate, but the precedent it sets is concerning.  Next year will there be a Planned Parenthood Arizona “Kill Baby Bill” plate where a percentage of the proceeds supplement the soon to be lost taxpayer dollars?  It even lends itself to a discussion of constitutionalism where a state run organization is utilized to raise funds for political organizations; something the Tea Party of all organizations should be in tune to not only this concern, but the perception it presents, the precedents it sets and like intentioned organizations which have unhealthy and undesirable goals for the America they dwell in.  A Westboro Baptist Church supporter plate that uses it revenues to demonstrate at the funeral of fallen military members?

True support is conditional
The problem as I see it is not so much the Tea Party having a plate, but what it will eventually lead to.  The Tea Party is grossly misunderstood by many because people bought into the rhetoric from the Obama administration who saw the Tea Party as threat and used their influence over their followers to paint a picture of untruths as a perverse reality.  Even with this factored in, you cannot help but wonder what comes next. 

Believe it or not there is a “Choose Life” plate, a “Golden Rule” plate and a “Masonic Fraternity” plate in AZ.  All controversial in their own right and all organizations see $17 per plate sold.  Actually, the plate list in AZ is quite extensive:

AZ GOV Motor Vehicle Division

None of these are of direct political intent.  Some may argue that the Choose Life plate is, but we have politicized life and do not governmentally support not having abortions; for some strange reason the reverse is true.  A Tea Party plate is one thing, seeing $17 per plate going to a political organization simply does not sit well because of its consequences.  What we do know statistically is that people who would not otherwise directly donate will purchase a plate in a pledge of both emotive and financial support.  This could be huge for the Arizona Tea Party, but its appropriateness is questionable at best.

What is right, is right and blind support is what has gotten America into this mess!  Am I turning my back on the Tea Party?  Absolutely not.  At the same time, if any organization is doing something, or moving in a direction that I do not support; the RESPONSIBLE thing to do is call it like it is.  Our collective failure to do so has also helped deliver America into this mess.  Support is NOT a 100% across the board thing.  True support is CONDITIONAL and we hold the unalienable right to be selfish in such manners.