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As of late, there has been a theme that I keep mentioning to Rachel for no apparent reason.  Not sure why, but I keep almost subconsciously bringing it up.  It is as if something inside me has clicked.  Anyway(s)...

Do you know what it is like to be poor?  I do.  Imagine growing up, dirt poor (in our more modern terms) in an inner city row home deeply obscured by the far larger lost and forgotten, poor, Black, Philadelphean city-scape.  We were Black, we were poor, and no one really gave a shit.  Some winters were more harsh than others and being so poor only made the winters worse.  One distinct memory persists. 

Getting up for school of the morning of a hard freeze with no heat and no food made for a rough reality for a sixth grader.  Bundled up as if I was already going to school, heading downstairs, stomach grumbling, to find my brothers and sister sitting in a semi circle around an open stove which was the only source of heat in the house.  Much of that old city is still fueled by coal to this day... coal my father could not afford at the time.  No coal, no heat.  It added an extra sense of bitterness to the already wicked cold and added an extra sense of coldness to a young developing heart turning icy to cope with the harsh realities of life.  If that is not a bad enough start to a young kid’s day; imagine my breakfast delight - a can of condensed milk, water, sugar, and vanilla extract to be divided by four kids, warmed up on the stove and poured into my father’s old coffee cups.  A breakfast of champions right?  (I’m thinking it is not exactly what Wheaties had in mind).  And off to school I went in one of the worst moods of my life.  (If you have ever wondered where the hashtag #FML actually originated... now you know.)  Young, extremely aggressive and short tempered by nature, I found myself sitting tall in the principle's office (yet again).  Frustration got the best of me that morning and the class clown got his nose broke when I kicked him in the face for talking too much... his voice was grinding and grinding until I exploded with rage and fury.  Standing over him as he lay crying in a bloody heap, I punched him the face for good measure... and kept punching and punching and punching until Tony Cook pulled me from atop of him. (A ground and pound Tito Ortiz would have been proud of).  Don’t remember a thing; my hand hurt for three days though, so I know I did it.

Why is this relevant?  Because I know what it is like to progress beyond that of what your own father is capable of providing.  As a Black youth confined to such inexorable conditions, you either succumb to them, or you rise above them.  When the latter is chosen for a course in life, you will inevitably come to a point in time where you find yourself metaphorically face to face with your father’s image.  It is a heartbreaking moment of discovery when you conclude; “I will be better than you.”  As you progress, a certain sense of arrogance sets in, a sense of control and power that you quickly learn to harness as you inflict your will upon those whom posses a vision of self that places them as your subordinate.  On occasion, this sense of accomplishment can cross lines of appropriateness.  You see, this is what I think happened to Cain.

His father was brilliant.  A poor driver of a very successful businessman, he asked for shares of the company instead of cash rewards a bonuses - the apple did not fall far from the tree.  Seeing how his father worked capitalism, Cain vowed to best him having taken an early journey from poverty as he began to fast track to greater success.  For a period in his life, it may have gotten the best of him. 

Upon succeeding my own father, a certain sense of arrogance became overwhelming too.  Rather than grope (or break people’s faces) I took on specialized military challenges - almost in hopes that pushing the extremes would ensure that my final days of life would be in the comparative comfort of military duty.  This would ensure I have both succeeded and would never raise my children in the conditions I was forced to endure that destroyed my childhood innocence.  (Rough concept huh)?  For a poor Black youth, overtaking your father comes with baggage that no other person can ever really grasp.

Because of this, the first accusation levied against Cain was immediately dismissed; never even thought twice about it.  Four though, that’s a bit a much!  Given the statistics of the number who report harassment against those who do not paints a completely different picture; it has to be far more than four.  While Cain refuses to admit it, his support base has been rocked by this (see Jimmy Kimmel’s show that aired last night).  Cain supporters are heart broken to say the least.  Why?  Because the non-politician has been forced down the level of the average politician who is today, burdened in scandal.  Politicians lie, often with none of the tell tale signs of lying. (Remember this guy)?  Questions then arise: Is he lying?  Is she lying?  Did team Obama pay her to put the rest of her life at risk to squash the ever increasing formidability of @THEHermanCain?

A note on the latter.  Obama got into the Illinois Senate by having his three competitors removed from the ballot leaving him to run unopposed.  Clearly, if the man is this ruthless...

These challenges in morals and values are preconditioned to assume guilt, not innocence.  “It’s complicated.”  America’s European ancestry is a sordid one.  Everyone on the planet was thought to be second to the White male.  Blacks were slaves, Native Americans in many ways saw a far worse fate.  Women were no better, but women were able to overcome the victim role as they have been offered the protection of the social benefit of the doubt.  Cain, a Black man, is not.  Thus, with no proof, he is presumed guilty - even if he beats the rap.

Cain’s likability has as much to do with him as it does what he represents politically.  The people, in 2010, elected Republicans to stop the Progressive’s destruction of America’s intent.  The elected Republicans have proven to be completely inept at best.  Cain is the popular divergence from traditional GOP agenda driven politicians; until now anyway.  While Cain’s actual separation from the Republican norm is far more slight than his supports will ever admit, or may even realize, he is a fresh breath from the norm of politically fouled air; for this, many are quite enamored with the incredibly likable Cain.  They [Cain supporters] are at a loss even though everything they have asked for has long since been in the form of a far more experienced presidential candidate - one that lacks such integrity violations to boot. 

The potential loss of Cain as a candidate has sent a shock wave through the Right - a shock wave from which there may be no recovery - a shock wave that could well result in a 2012 Democrat President!  Even though many Cain supporters show the typical signs of political denial when it comes to Cain, they, as a group, are smart enough to know the far reaching implications of a lost Cain candidacy.  (Trust me, if Obama’s sense of arousal is as poor as his leadership abilities, the Presidential Chubby in France right now is completely unnoticeable).  Be that as it may, the entire Right is not only in jeopardy, it has been reduced, once again, to the failures it is most reputed for.  Cain was “that guy” who could return the Republican Right to grace.  Without him, the inept Romney’s and hypocritical Perry’s are likely to again reign supreme leaving Republican voters desperate for a fresh face to deliver them away from their own voting histories.  (I really hope you are tracking with me on that)!

Can Cain recover?  Just look at the candidate field which is riddled by scandalous politicians... now you tell me.  Of course this now makes him one of them, but perhaps he always was. 

What I like about Cain is that he has delivered to the people what they have asked for.  The people have very clearly stated that it is time to lessen the entitlement sensibility in America.  Cain delivered to them his 9-9-9(-9) plan which essentially removes the people’s special pardon for simply being American (less of course those in America unlawfully whom are draining an already crippled entitlement system).  Whether you like the facets of the 9-9-9 plan or not, you have got to respect him for listening to AND answering the desires of the people.  Last I checked, it is how America was designed to work.  There comes a time in politics where you must revert back to the American design; one of freedom, voice and choice.  Because I have many concerns about his tools to deliver America away from Modern Liberal Politics of Plunder simply means I am in the minority (again, imagine that).  This is good because this is how America is supposed to work.  Hell, it is how Obama and his “rediculousness” took control!  The people spoke out against America’s founding intent and sought, through means of progressive irrationalism, to destroy it.  Today, they are very clear in their intent to destroy capitalism itself.  (If you short sightedly voted for this because you were caught up in the Obama hype - slap yourself!  No hard feelings towards you, but like my mom would say after I hurt myself doing something extremely stupid - which was all of the time: “Now what did you learn?”  Hopefully, you learn faster than I).

If you find yourself struggling to rationalize your continued support for Cain, keep things in perspective.  It may turn out that Cain is not that squeaky clean political antitheses Conservatives have been yearning for.  So what.  Bubbles of hope often pop in life.  When they do it forces you to think in more practical and realistic terms which have not yet been fully applied to Cain because he has only been perceived as the non-politician.  Apply them and reevaluate your support from there; you may be surprised at just how deep your resolve actually runs.  Support is always conditional, but few actually take the time to identify their conditions of support!

I look at it like this.  That very bad sixth grade morning I snapped breaking a kid’s nose, and beating him unconscious - it was different time in my life, one that I found myself completely submerged in my own bitter reality.  As heinous an act as it was: How long am I to be held to account for it?  My entire life.  However, it is up to you to determine your own feelings about it.  That is where you should be with Cain. 

Don’t assume guilt because you have been socially conditioned to do so to thwart our European, White male history of discrimination. 

I will defend Cain when it is reasonable to do so, but you probably will not see me supporting his presidential run until he is the last man standing. 

Honestly, the way I see it, if both I and you supported him; we’d both be wrong.  It’s a matter of perspective: Let me be wrong for my reasons while allowing yourself the guilt-free freedom to be right for yours.

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I have to admit, it is good to be a work in progress; it allows you to be wrong from time to time as it grants the freedom to grow and learn through identifying inaccuracies in concepts, thoughts, ideologies, and predictions.  In this case, it was a conceptual inaccuracy about Herman Cain’s once fleeting and “marginal at best” support base.  His win in Florida, though followed by an almost immediate and abysmal defeat within the same polling group, was answered by a wave of support as Perry lost steam fueled by his more “mainline Republican” positions that are fouled and marred by a classically Republican dichotomy. 

This is not to say that if Perry were not being exposed for his questionable positions on illegal immigration, borders, and trade that Cain would not have surged.  In fact, as I look back, Cain was likely to surge with or without Perry’s history or debate strategies, which are “not [his] strong point.”  Cain is on fire; a game changer that is indicative of a very telling bifurcation in the Right.  While I still feel Cain is far too green to bear the burden of a nation in crisis, knowing the direst of Cain consequences will be felt not by me, but by my children – the man’s momentum is undeniable.  Either way, it is important to note that Cain and his 9-9-9 driven support represent an important divergence from the common and arguably inept GOP support structure as demonstrated by those on the Right still supporting the problems represented by “Republican” in candidates like Romney – the “Front-runner Farce.”   

Not one of those guys

Cain differs from the Romneys’ in that he stands against the traditional GOP standard that has set the wheels in motion for an essentially uni-dimensional candidate field designed solely against a train wreck of a President.  In doing so, the GOP candidates are starved on issues like foreign policy and have in turn (Romney) designed foreign policy proposals markedly similar to that of the Obama administration.  Republican supporters ONLY SEE no Obama and refuse to address how both Romney and Perry will advance policies that they today stand against.  Like I said, Cain is the “Easy the Choice” for the Republican voter weary of the current GOP direction, but not quite courageous enough to fully embrace the true Conservative values driven into existence in the 1960’s when it was determined the Republicans were actually part of the American problem.  Cain, well, he just is not one of those guys – and for that reason (among others) Cain supports are to be admired.  You can decide whether or not to admonish the ideologies behind Romney supporters for failing True Conservatism and remaining part of the antagonism destroying America.

One of the key support elements lies in the flat tax of the 9-9-9 plan.  Nine percent tax to be paid by every American.  A fair share paid by all.  The poor will say, that the 9% affects them more adversely than the rich.  The Left will declare it class warfare – personally, I like the flat tax as an economic adjustment tool that can serve to return equilibrium.  (If you do not know what I mean by that, look it up – no time to explain all the details now). 

Many will assuredly declare Cain “won” last night’s debates.  You don’t “win” debates!  All candidates do is present their ideas compared to current policy and that of other candidates in ways they think you want to hear it.  You either like what a person has to say, or you do not.  Over the string and series of debates, you then narrow down the candidate that best addresses your personal values and beliefs; clearly, no one “wins” – the media just uses that to sell candidates.  Look at it this way; how many times has Romney “won” a debate with horrid performances?  Not picking on Romney or his supporters, but we must understand he is saying what many Republicans wish to hear.  Trouble is, horrid is subjective.  What is awful for the Conservative is often grand to the Republican – that is how different we can be! 

Blackness; a rant

Unfortunately, Cain is now a matter of Blackness.  Well, not to us, but to the Left where race is the pinnacle issue.  To combat Cain Blackness, the Left sought to demonstrate Obama still maintains control of the Black vote – and I am sure he does.  What made this interesting is how the Left, through the media, concluded Obama is still (the one) supported by the Black vote.  To accomplish this, the Left turned to the most reputable polls.  The discovery was what one might expect; Obama support was rapidly waning in the one area they hoped would be steadiest – during the most challenging times, Obama’s Black support dropped an astronomical 50%!  Not thwarted by the truth, the Left sought out a poll that would show the most marginal loss of Black support.  They resorted to a poll that directly asked respondents to overlook Obama’s performance as President.  "General impressions of Obama rather than focus on the job he is doing as president" to be specific.  This ploy resulted in a 5% drop in support when compared to his Black support immediately following his election.  This of course failed for obvious reasons.  The US Presidency of today is about getting the damn job done.  Obama has been so bad, that in order to find support they must dismiss the single reason Obama is being polled – disgraceful. 

Following this failure, Team Obama ambassadored Team Sharpton to discuss whether or not Cain is Black enough for… being Black I guess – never mind the fact Obama is half White and half African (which equals zero percent Black as we currently understand Black to be).  In dissent, Cain said both the best and worst things imaginable on being Black in America.  If you are poor, it is your fault and if that was not both good and bad enough, he followed it with having “left the [Liberal] Plantation a long time ago.”  Moreover, he said the Black, as a victim, is doomed to an eternity of second-rate failure while wallowing in self-contempt and the continued disbelief in individual competence through truer equality. 

All of a sudden, it was as if Cain was speaking directly to me after reading some of my blogs.  Granted, Cain is not the Black Conservative Antithesis (yet), but he fundamentally understands the plight of the Black community driven by the irrational need to vote Democrat.  Cain is saying that Black support for Obama is essentially a self-fulfilled prophecy of Black failure.  He is correct, but the Black community is nowhere near ready to understand the depth of the implication, nor change their voting habits to match the values and conservative principles taught in the home.  In translation – Cain will never attain the Black vote preaching such concepts of contempt for Blacks who refuse to awaken to our own reality.  Oddly, the Black community, which shuns Cain, will highly benefit from Cain as they become less dependent upon the clearly oppressive Left.  Gotta love the multitude of ironies!

Speaking of Black; have you been keeping an eye Justice Thomas?  Big, bad is brewing with deep, far-reaching implications.

Hidden reservations

An interesting element exists in literally 100% of the Cain supporters I have talked with; a certain reservation is present with Cain that is in constant battle with his more likable attributes.  People like his willingness to learn.  I like that too, it is just that I reserve that as an admirable trait in subordinates where I can assure they develop appropriately.  If you wish to lead me, your learning curve requirement best be minimal!  As these reservations with Cain emerge, supporters almost immediately go into denial because they have been conditioned by a broken two party political machine to “settle.”  Supporters never use the word, but they describe its conditions quite well.

Whether it is his greenhorn role or other issues, Cain, like any other candidate has inherent shortcomings.  The more articulate citizen now understands how the Fed is contributing to the nation’s economic doldrums.  The Cain supporter not only understands this, but also opts to avoid Cain’s history with the Fed.  As the issue grows more critical, the Cain supporter now refuses to address his highly disputable Fed role model of the bubble blowing Greenspan.  Once upon a time, I thought Greenspan was an economic genius.  You have to understand that this was at a time when I was acquiring my Masters Degree and was attending Columbia – the Left leaning school highly supported several governmental economic programs now under Conservative scrutiny.  Self-education and the school of working to actually retire one day (soon) have taught me otherwise.  Calls to end the Fed and many other government organizations go largely unheard by not only Cain, but also the mainline candidates like Romney and Perry.  Clearly, Cain blends more into the Republican norm and becomes far less of an exception to the typical and now problematic political elite of the Right.  Conservatives, shun this and in doing so, look at bit deeper at what both separates and ties Cain to that so troublesome (R) behind his surname. 

Looking deeper reveals innate differences between Republicans and Conservatives.  Cain will not defend the individual liberties of the citizenry.  The reason for this is, like his supporters, he too has opted to “settle” in that the Patriot Act is 90% correct.  To the Republican, 10% represents a sort of acceptable and nominal dysfunction, whereas the Conservative views this as a potential showstopper because the said 10% wreaks havoc on individual liberty.  The difference is profound.  To the Republican, individual liberty is more of an afterthought of policy than it is the priority Conservative Libertarians endear it to be.  This is not a good or bad thing per se; it only highlights difference between the two.

Not ready for freedom

Truth be told, as much as Americans think they are ready to return to a state in which the Constitution becomes America’s priority, as a people, we demonstrate with no uncertainty we are fearful of being burdened with the level of personal accountability and responsibility required to maintain the freedoms bestowed by the Document.  Conservatives are demonstrating that America MUST return to its founding roots and in doing so; government reforms will take hold as politicians become more loyal to America’s intent.  These politicians will have no choice but to abandon America’s current course to self-destruction led by both the Liberal Progressives currently in office and the GOP’s failure to assume more conservative positioning. 

Republicans (let’s be honest), have not been attentive to the calls from the voting Right.  More importantly, their success is deeply rooted in the overwhelming Liberal failure than it is their accomplishments in office or meeting the needs of their constituents.  Many Republicans see this and have abandoned traditional GOP prospects for the less traditional Herman Cain.  Good for them and good for Herman!

Me?  I am not on board the Herman train because I value things that span beyond the scope of potential Cain represents.  If it came down to Cain V. Obama… I would flick the Cain switch.  If you pitted Cain against the likes of a strong Conservative cherishing constitutionalism and individual liberty… Can would be assed out of my vote without a doubt.  It is my values, I am not voting for myself next year; I am voting for Jamahl, Jasmine, Janece ,and Aaliyah and their future.  I want them to be able to look me in the eye and tell me they feel it is possible for their potential to carry them further in life than my potential has brought me.  Cain cannot deliver the intent of this ideology without first embracing the true concepts of individual liberty – even though he himself is the direct result of this sense of Americanism!  You see, it is not Cain; it is the way WE minimalize our perspectives of what and who these candidates actually represent. 

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