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One of the things I have stated (repeatedly) about the Right is the lack of depth and relevance of its presidential candidates.  As Obama spirals, the Left (as much as they hate to admit it) spiral with him.  The spiral, now more reminiscent of a freefall, has opened the door for the Right to make further gains in the House, conquer the Senate and take the Presidency.  But how different will things really be?

America is truly in dire straits and we must remember that while Obama is directly causing America’s decline, America is currently suffering through its second consecutive failed presidency.  First things first, we must be realistic about replacing Obama with a candidate whom possesses zero political experience.  Don’t get me wrong, Cain has value, the bigger question lies in timing.  My thinking is that a Rookie should not be the one pulled from the bench to quarterback a 4th and 15 from 45 with 2 seconds left on the clock when the home team losing the damn game.  He may throw that miracle pass, but chances are he fumble and fail.

This quarterback’s failure is not so much a reflection of his overall ability or potential, but driven by his inexperience pitted against the larger pressure of the prospect of failure.  Most of us want to be the hero and several us will be, but it will come at different times and different scenarios where ability, potential, and experience all intersect more evenly.  For Cain, the timing has not yet aligned for a successful U.S. Presidency. 

As we learned with Obama; when a President fails, a nation fails.  (Hmmm, that sounds like a good book or essay title; don’t steal it).  We simply cannot handle the failure of another president and must thoroughly assess whether our support for Cain is worth the represented risk associated with his inexperience.  Well intended or not, Herman can further stall a painstaking economic recovery, hinder job creation, compromise personal liberty, and even destroy the few positive aspects of an already crumbling foreign policy.  These are the consequences of the next president’s inability to perform; consequences that are not only exacerbated by inexperience, but also more likely outcomes of an inexperienced politician.  It is only after that where we can consider Cain from other, more traditional perspectives. 

Herman Cain SMOKED Perry in a recent Florida poll; and then finished dead last in the very next Florida poll.  Come to find out, he considered dropping out of the Presidential race twice prior to his Floridian surge, which can best be described as a fluke.  (This with the understanding that no candidate in the mix achieves the poll consistency of Ron Paul.  Some movement in the various polls is to be expected.  Cain however, has a consistency pattern of dead last – his support is actually marginal at best).  Many like Cain and I have to admit, there exists a certain fondness for the man in my heart as well.  What makes me different is that I understand why Cain enjoys a certain fancy of so many – his story.  He is the anti-candidate that lacks the political pedigree the nation has been drawn to despise because of the 2008 Obama campaign.  That’s right, Obama is still in people’s heads and they don’t even know it!  Cain still believes in the Patriot Act – I cannot even begin to emphasis how serious of a strike this is.  He has fine-tuned his delivery and is no longer making the errors of his early candidacy, but the attractiveness still lies in the journey, not Herman Cain the politician.  Support is found in his blueprint to best Obama; a straightforward attack saying what these other candidates are scared to say.  You have to appreciate a man in the forefront clearly stating Obama is a liar and he is tired of Obama’s “bullshit.”  Nice!  Really nice in my opinion.  But, (to all of you Cain supporters) is he the man YOU want serving as YOUR President?  Is he politically affluent enough to competently and effectively serve you as President?  Have you read his jobs plan and understand how much it will cost you?  Has he answered the question of how creating jobs in the private sector differs from creating jobs from the federal perspective of governance?  How are governance and job creation inter-related?  Tough questions, but questions he MUST be able to address that no one seems willing to challenge him with on level that translates wholesomely to the individual voter.  Cain, in my opinion, though vastly improving in dialog, does not measure up.  What we are forgetting is that we are repairing eight years of ineffectual, mismanaged and now blatantly corrupt Presidential leadership.  Is this really the right time vest support in an inexperienced wild card?  Oh, and if you wondering, I like the aspect of Cain that he is the most unlikely presidential candidate in the field whose journey is nearing a new beginning, not an end.  If you listen to Cain, he is in this as a personal challenge and fully expected to pull out long before things got serious.  The downside of this is simple; the Presidential run is a stepping-stone for something else (his words not mine).  The national exposure will do wonders for this man, but it leaves me wondering, that no matter how much I like his story and journey through to this point: Where does his commitment actually lie? 

There is a Cain factor that team Obama fears, the Left fears, and even elements of the Right fear.  Today, if you support Cain, yep, you’re a racist.  Can’t say we didn’t see that one coming, even if had to come from yet another idiot progressive celebrity.  (Can’t we just put them all on an island… and sink it)?  This is funny because a rhetorical question was posed to me in the form of a Facebook add: What will Liberals say when southern Whites begin supporting Cain?  And there it is, the most ridiculous Liberal response imaginable.  They will go on to compare this statement to that of those aimed at Obama citing his race driven support – nowhere will it be address these are apples and oranges.  Curiously, these irrational people are stating the following: The Right hates Obama because he is Black, but the Right loves Cain because he is… hoooold it… waaaait for it… YES!  BECAUSE HE IS BLACK!  Gotta love the Left.  Thus, apple = Racist anti-Obama Right; orange = Racist Cain supporting Right (???).  Only the Left wants things so ridiculously two sided.  Hard to believe these Liberals are this impossibly stupid. 

Herman Cain also sent warning flags into motion on Twitter.  He tweeted that he met with Gov. Jan Brewer and she told him she, “liked what he was saying.”  Call me a paranoid over-thinker, but this signifies a certain connection in message delivery that overshadows the actual intent of the candidate.  How my mind’s eye read Cain’s innermost thoughts when sending the tweet: “She likes what I am saying because I am now saying the things that will get me elected.”  But, like I said; paranoid over-thinker.

The bottom line on Cain is an assessment of the risk associated with the novice politician versus the unlikelihood of his ability to fulfill his potential during critical times of recovery that have been deliberated slowed by the current sitting President.  For this reason, Herman Cain is at best a Vice Presidential candidate where he can rely on the Senate to teach him the ropes of administering legislative processes – something Cain has absolutely zero clue on how to do.  Cain is breath is a breath of fresh air in an atmosphere clouded with lies, deceit, rhetoric, racism, ignorance, and now even unyielding Obama related corruption.  Many cannot and do not wish to filter the air to discover which candidate is the best fit for the challenges that face the nation.  More or less, he is the “easy pick” because there is so little to sort through with Cain because he has no background in politics.  While this is understandable, it is also lazy.  Not having the correct background, can actually be worse than having a bad background.  Again, we can look to Obama the freshman who very quickly found himself immersed in his own incompetence and inexperience.  This can only be worse with Cain.  Is now the time to risk four more years of American future on someone we KNOW is more unqualified than the current failure of a President?