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OK, the government shutdown. So what!  If Congress were to shut down; at least then we could rest assured the federal government was finally acting with some semblance of competence.  But of course, in true Obama fashion, the shutdown is the Republican’s fault – and he and his fellow Democrats are completely innocent and not in the least bit culpable.  The shutdown, driven by Republican anti-ObamaCare sentiment has left federal employees temporarily out of work and has been made out to be the ultimate American partisan Armageddon. Ignorance abounds.

The “defund ObamaCare” line in the sand is not what it is being made out to be.  The Republicans want “changes” to ObamaCare – not to cast it into the depths of the sea as Obama has been saying… yes, your beloved presidential messiah, is a liar.  The bigger question people should be asking is what “changes” are being sought.  Before that, the Right needs to grasp the concept that the Republican political elite SUPPORT health care mandates and “taxed” socialized medicine models.  Hell, Gingrich, who many Republicans supported on his presidential run supported health care mandates as Speaker of the House. Never mind the Republican Nixon era push, or how “Conservative” organizations like The Heritage Foundation spearheaded Republican based support.  At least this supported existed when health care mandates were a Republican ideology.  As Democrat ideology, the Republican Party has developed a public oriented façade that the Party despises the concept.  If this were the case, why then would the Republicans have started the resistance with “repeal and REPLACE?”  If the Republican Party cherished constitutional authority over political agendas of tax revenue, there would have been no need to replace ObamaCare for another insurance mandate model.  Because Republican support is what is, socialized health care in its current ObamaCare form is never going away.  Get over yourselves already.  ObamaCare was largely based on RomneyCare and despite years of fussing about ObamaCare, the Right lined up in mass and voted for Romney.  If the Right truly stood against ObamaCare and its founding unconstitutional conceptualisms, Romney’s name would have never found its way to a single ballot.  It is continually that the Republican political elite say one thing while doing the opposite, yet the Right’s constituent response is only reflective to what their leading Republicans are saying – not to what they are actually doing.  This leaves the Right arguing against their own Party’s agenda because they insist upon themselves with a perverse sense of denial about the larger Party’s actions. 

Since we can reasonably establish underlying Republican support for ObamaCare, we can then focus on what the Republicans actually find wrong with ObamaCare and in the least would like its start-up delayed.  Here is what you don’t know.

Perhaps the single largest problem with ObamaCare, beyond its blatant betrayal of constitutional authority, is the enrollment process.  Forced upon the states and grossly underfunded by the federal government is the enrollment process itself which is managed by “Navigators” and “Assisters.”  These individuals are hired to assist citizens in enrolling in ObamaCare in order to stay out of jail and or avoid being additionally taxed by the federal government for not enrolling.  Due to ObamaCare’s excessive complexity, it was determined that Navigators and Assisters will need a minimum of 20 to 30 hours of training to effectively enroll potential candidates.  Despite the training concern that was generated by the Obama Administration, they have allowed Navigators and Assisters to enroll citizens into ObamaCare with as little as five hours of training despite having no prior health insurance training or experience. 

To complicate matters with enrollment, Navigators and Assisters will not be held accountable for providing misinformation about ObamaCare plans that cause the enrollee to undergo financial hardship as are other professionals such as accountants and financial planners that disenfranchise their clients through either malicious intent or professional incompetence.  Long story short; the Obama Administration recognized the high probability of enrollment errors and rather than seek to correct the issues before these problems occurred, the Obama Administration has granted Navigators and Assisters “immunity” AFTER SETTING THEM UP TO FAIL the public.  This will assuredly result in enrollment errors, cause enrollees to pay for services in which they have no need and have enrollees be refused access to care because they will not be enrolled in the correct plans.  Sadly, those doing the enrolling will be provided federal protections for the harm they will undoubtedly cause.

This immunity however, stretches a bit further than one might imagine.  Navigators and Assisters will have direct access to the enrollee’s Personal Identifying Information such as SSN, date of birth, household income and even this same information of other adult individuals living within the same residence.  During the rulemaking session HSS conducted for ObamaCare, this concern led to a discussion to determine the feasibility of conducting background checks before hiring Navigators and Assisters to mitigate the high risk of identity theft.  One government official serving as a board member who was said to be “well versed” in Human Resources questioned whether the federal government held the authority to conduct background investigations as a condition of employment.  The discussion was then curbed citing background checks would hinder enrollment in that many areas where ObamaCare is in need. Potential Navigators or Assisters in these areas were described as being unwilling to submit to a background check and thus would not qualify for employment by default. This, according the HHS rulemaking board, would then leave gaps in where ObamaCare could be accessed and background checks were not included as a condition of employment.  Again, the Obama Administration identified a risk with the enrollment process and ignored it because it was deemed more important to launch the program by a specified date than it was to protect the American consumer enrolled in the program.  Sadly, this not where the enrollment issues end, it is where they begin.

The HSS was also advised against paying Navigators and Assisters on a per enrollment basis. They ignored the warning and have now set in place Navigators and Assisters who are grossly under trained, many of which have criminal backgrounds to include crimes of identity theft and have incentivized them to enroll the highest number people possible for the most expensive plan available while further granting them federal protections for misrepresentations of the program that cause financial harm to those seeking ObamaCare.  This system of dysfunction immediately led to ObamaCare scams where individuals and organizations sought to exploit the easily compromised program.  The HSS, once informed of the fraudulent activities refused to certify legitimately sponsored programs in order to protect the consumers.  This simply means there is little to differentiate the real program from a fraudulent program until such a time as the IRS seeks action against an individual who is actually not enrolled in ObamaCare.  In such a situation, it is the consumer who lacks protections and it is stretch to think the IRS will suddenly be forgiving when owed money when it has already abused its power enforcing its own interpretation of the new health care law.  Least we not forget, despite the misinformation and misrepresentations, ObamaCare IS NOT FREE.  The majority of enrollees will have to pay for their mandated insurance plans.  Because of this, the IRS now has unprecedented access to an individual’s financials that they will forcefully police.  Failure to comply will bear results that are hardly unpredictable considering the IRS’ enforcement tactics.

The problem here is that issues such as immunity for those enrolling individuals into ObamaCare, the gross lack of training, failure of the government vetting these employees for consumer safety reasons and the IRS’ power grab have not seen the light of day in the media and WILL bring direct harm to those who have been forced into ObamaCare.  The ideology behind the program was that it was for the good of the people, yet those implementing the program have not done a single thing to protect the people from the problems that ObamaCare is guaranteed to cause.  The “Republicans who have shut down government” as Obama likes to refer to them, want things like this fixed BEFORE implementation of the program.  While there are a few who would completely defund and do away with ObamaCare in the name of constitutionalism, they are not the driving force behind the current budgetary debates.

To delay ObamaCare gives government the opportunity to correct the highly faulted program and protect the interests of the consumer who under ObamaCare are forced by law to figure out how to pay for their share of the law’s mandates.  The majority of those who do not have health insurance do not have it because they cannot afford health insurance and pay for things like groceries and rent (see RomneyCare complications for an example of how this will affect most Americans enrolled in ObamaCare).  The law forces that decision on their behalf at rates that have now been determined to be more expensive than pre-ObamaCare health insurance rates.  More specifically, Obama promised to decrease the average family’s health insurance by $2,500 per year, while it will actually surge some $7,450.

The truth, as painful as it may be, is not what the highly partisan banter has been about.  What Obama supporters need to understand is that the program’s implementation is far more important to Obama than the protection of consumer interests that are clearly compromised by the program.  The Right needs to accept the fact that the Republican political elite are now completely out of step with their constituent base.  On both sides, Americans simply want to believe it is the other side that is wrong.  Unfortunately, neither understands what is actually happening.  Democrats have been duped, by their own over-abundance of ignorance, into believing Republicans are harming them by blocking ObamaCare while they (the Republican political elite) are in fact the only entity within the federal government attempting to protect them from the certain ill effects of ObamaCare.  Republicans, in an attempt to protect the secrecy of their support of ObamaCare have used the denial of the Right to poise a defense of defunding the program.  In doing so, they have lost the only position of integrity to be found within the entire debate.   Republicans birthed the ideology of mandated health care models in America.  They have wanted “ObamaCare” (or the like) for no less than 40 years and have pushed for it on several fronts since 1974.  Supporters of the Republican Party must come to terms with this in order to understand what is really happening in America today and within their own Party.   

Amazing is the deafening impact of denial when coupled with ignorance.  Of course, the Left will never acknowledge that their great one is perhaps the single most deceptive president in US history and Right will never realize their political elite have long since abandoned them and their conservative values.  In the end, we are left with exactly what we have here today.  We now live in a land where rhetoric has replaced reality.

One thing is brutally clear, people are not happy with debt ceiling increase.  Everyone seems to be upset about it.  Obama’s approval has dropped, the GOP has garnered considerable blame for the debacle, all while the fewest number of Americans ever recorded are stating America is on the right track.  The rhetorical game playing conducted by the political elite has come with appropriate consequence.  The people have grown tired of the natal political approach to very serious issues, the sophomoric name calling by those selected by the people to lead by example, and are now weary of the gross fiscal incompetence demonstrated by government.  Good for Americans, it is about time the masses have awakened to their new reality.  Oddly, many are upset for the wrong reasons!  This entire week has been spent assessing the discontent and at times correcting even correcting it.

Imagine if you will, a young single mother attending college while working full time, struggling to make ends meet today in order to get ahead tomorrow who decides she is going to purchase a new car next year.  She selects a top of the line Porsche that will cost her $175K knowing she cannot afford it.  To rationalize this irrational spending, she opts to target her own young children and puts them to work walking dogs, babysitting and doing chores for the elderly within the neighborhood so she can take those earnings to “offset” the economic damage she is about to inflict upon her family and household.  Her sisters then intervene and demand she not increase her household spending knowing it will eventually lead to complete fiscal collapse in that the spending is unsustainable.  To placate her family, she opts instead to purchase a $100K BMW.  To exculpate this phenomenal and still unsustainable INCREASE in spending, she explains her decision to buy the BMW saves her $75K!  AND HER SISTERS FALL FOR THIS HIGHLY FLAWED ECONOMIC LOGIC!! 

Clearly, nothing is being “cut (or saved),” and spending is increasing astronomically.  Yet, part of the discontentment is the “cuts.”  It is not a cut!  It is the slowed growth of government’s role in “supporting” the people.  In short, this means the rate of governmental dependency has eased from its prior established schedule, but they continue to grow nonetheless.  As with the single mother, this money does not have to be spent (keeping in mind, not spending money you do not have does not equal "saving," nor does it meet the common definition of fiscal "cut").  Just as she insisted upon spending it, government has done the same.  People concerned about “cuts” need not be.  Your government has just supported your desire of runaway and reckless spending.  To placate the people not economically savvy enough to understand this perverse form of fiscal fascism, they just call it a “cut” in a blatant disregard of American cognitive ability.  Sad. 

Democrats, especially older Democrats, are highly upset about Medicare “cuts.”  (See above).  However, there exists, as usual with many Democrats and their unyielding allegiance to Obama, an anti-GOP resentment that spawns its own double standard.  The Ryan Medicare plan to establish “cuts” to the program has drawn an incredible amount criticism.  Okay, blinded Obama supporting mindless Modern Liberals, ask yourselves this; why is the Ryan plan even on the table today? 

It is on the table because Obama has egregiously failed in all matters fiscal.  Look at it this way.  The last fiscal task Obama fully completed was the stimulus!  Not so much as a completed FY budget followed!  Now, understanding this aptitude of personal agenda prioritization over needed fiscal responsibility, ask your marginally minded self; why he could accomplish passing the stimulus on a package that not one single elected official was granted the chance to read in full, but could not oversee the passing of a single budget?  (Answer in a moment).  These budget lapses evolved into a debt ceiling debate.  Here, we have no budgets passed in more than 800 days followed by a demanding of the people more money be spent.  It gets worse. 

The debt ceiling debate never really ended.  All they have done was pass the buck by creating a “Super Congress” that will convene on the debt ceiling issue NEXT FISCAL YEAR!  In doing so, they raised the debt ceiling.  Not even 48 hours later, the federal government set a new spending record.  (Tough to blame Bush for that, but you will figure out a way to do it).  As Savage said on the debt debate, the nation has been “hoodwinked.”  Because Obama FAILED yet again on budget issues, the door was reopened for the Ryan plan that Leftists seem to hate so much.  Obama allowed this because he wanted to SPEND TODAY, before Congress could implement any changes in the spending structure.  Silly, silly, foolish, gullible people.  It is timely to mention at this juncture, the passing of FY budgets contain changes in spending structure; something Obama has side stepped since he has been in office.  (The answer to the above non-rhetorical question).  But no, many are pissed at Ryan because he wants to “cut” Medicare.  Tsk, tsk, tsk.  First, the door was opened for Ryan before America's very eyes, and yes, America has been played by the Progressive Idol.  However, I digress, if a person is pissed at Ryan (and the words against him were HEATED and laden with HATE); why are they not pissed at Obama?  Not for passively and deceptively allowing the Ryan plan come to the fruition of opportunity, but for the Medicare and Medicaid cuts that OBAMA SOUGHT?!  That’s right, Obama sought cuts to your beloved program, but you hate Ryan for doing what your leader has attempted to do because he from another Party!  You are a shameful and prejudicial American blinded to reality through your own ignorance.  (Someone has to tell you the truth).  Perhaps now, more will seek complete sources of news information that tell you what you need to hear and not just what Obama wants you to hear.  Follower, pull up your skirt, grab your balls and demonstrate some independent thought already!

Back to our beloved single mother.

The bank supports her deficit spending because they wish to control her household externally.  For her, this is fine because she wants to spend at all costs.  Slowly over time, the bank moves in taking control of one room at a time while allowing her to live in her house, but under their rules in the rooms they have seized.  Her children then fall under control of the bank as she falls further and further into debt.  Her household slowly falls into a sinking, economic failure.  Her neighbors debate to help, but become afraid of the risk.  They watch her lose her SOVEREIGNTY to debt.  The home she lives in increasingly falls under the control of her creditor whom has assumed the debt in order to weaken her economic independence.  To not assume her debt meant she would have been forced to curtail her spending.  Her fiscal prudence would have strengthened her household over time allowing her unlimited access to future economic growth and opportunity.  She was an ever-willing victim of economic sabotage.  Had she kept on track, though a modest lifestyle at first, she could have progressed.  In her spending binge, she not only lost control of everything, she lost her children to her debt as they will ultimately foot the bill because her spending made them wards of the bank while living under their own roof.  

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This was not a single Party effort.  Both Parties have designed an America that is owned and controlled by the interests of those whom we are fiscally and specially indebted.  American's individual economic freedom is being removed as citizens increasingly become wards of the special interest bank.  The dollars spent today represent the land's fleeting economic future, not today’s government losses.  Slowly, Americans are awakening to this nightmare, but they are caught blaming the other while ignoring the faults of their own.

Republicans blame Democrats and Democrats blame Republicans.  Interestingly, they say the EXACT SAME THINGS ABOUT EACH OTHER!  “How Republicans ruined the economy.”  “How Democrats have put their interests before the economic needs of the people.”  We can go on and on and in every phrase, accusation and claim, one could interchange the words Democrat and Republican.  They all however, culminate into this fill in the blank assertion against the other.  “_______ s hate America!”  Have you stopped to think both sides may be Correct?  Such a statement sounds extreme because of the rhetorical and largely inappropriate use of the word “hate.”  It is not that a given Party “hate”(s) America, it is that they are now so far removed from American civil objectives, they have now FORSAKEN  America.  Try this on for size.  “Democrats have forsaken America.”  Nice fit huh?  (Good thing this is not the OJ trail).  If we say that for Democrats, we can effectively establish the same for Republicans.  Their agenda items differ, but the fiscal tools to enable their agendas remain the same.  Spend more!  This is why both Parties have allowed the deficit spending to continue.

The fiscal problem is easily solvable.  Trouble is, we simply lack the QUALITY of elected class needed to solve it.  They solely wish to spend, just as our single mother has failed her children, the collective political class will fail their constituents.  We see this in the other while denying its existence in those whom we support.  If Ryan is wrong for seeking to cut Medicare, Obama is equally wrong.  If Bush was wrong for increasing the deficit spending (which the WHOLE WORLD agrees upon) Obama is MORE wrong for criticizing it in order to perpetuate the spending while further failing to pass budgets in order to retain spending structures existing since Bush’s final year.  You ain’t slick B.O., I know what you have been up to you naughty boy you! … wait, I said boy… was that racist of me?!  Idiots.

As this brings us to today, BOTH sides have presented debt ceiling increases backed by a plan that HAS YET TO BE DEVELOPED!  Foolish and yet some still back what is happening.  What they actually support is the economic thievery of their own offspring.  Those, whom have found voice to protest it, seem to be protesting based upon the inaccuracies presented by the side they support.  In short, they are protesting the very thing their side is doing, has done, has tried to do, or is planning to do.  The two sides are largely one in the same when it comes to spending.

The shopping list differs a bit, but they have committed themselves to spending.  America's future has already been spent, they are now working on Jr.’s and the III’s future.  I highly suggest that the blinders of party affiliation be removed until such a time that Liberal vs. Conservative values are truly at play.  Today, on this issue, that is simply not the case.  Cut the BS, wake up, self educate and start looking at this for what it actually is.  You cannot pull the party line on this one because pulling it makes you the problem, not the solution.

Ahhh.  I feel better now.