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I was taken back the other day when I stumbled across an article claiming the earthquakes and tsunami in Japan were caused by melting ice masses; man-made global warming.  What made this so repulsive is the fact that a political farce would be peddled following the massive loss of life, during a national emergency of a foreign nation that could well impact the well being of those in other nations and even further hinder the global economy.  The global warming agenda is a hoax to coax the free world into being excessively taxed for the advancement of globalization and the enrichment of the very few.  These few true pushers of global warming are vile and disgusting creatures to all humanity.

You may have noticed an interesting poll not too long ago.  It said that liberals prefer the verbiage of global warming and conservatives prefer climate change.  Perhaps it was the other way around, but what the poll and accompanying article were actually stating was that both liberals and conservatives alike support the concept; and they thought they were fooling somebody.

Do I believe the climate is changing?  Absolutely!  This is because the climate of the Earth has NEVER been stable.  Good old fashioned fear was instilled in the hearts of those who refused to self educate and they have gotten away with bloody murder in doing so.  They have been granted so much free reign and pardon in advancing their agenda that many do bat an eye when the loss of more than 4,000 human lives are exploited.

Taking the man-made global models into consideration, it becomes noticeable that “scientists” like to use climate data going back 15,000 to18,000 years.  This is because the Earth has warmed considerably in this period of time.  The problem with the model is a simple one, the warming has not been “man made.”  The second thing that becomes noticeable is the claim of “consensus” among the scientific community.  To put it plainly, there is no consensus, nor has there ever been one.  The models use Co2 concentrations as the main cause of warming.  There is no correlation between Co2 and temperature increases due to Co2, but beyond that, Co2 is used because human activity has significantly increased atmospheric Co2 levels.  Beyond the trees loving it, scientists have been playing on the naturally occurring fluctuations in Co2 levels.  When global temperatures increase, Co2 levels increase a short time after the temperature.  Today, we have increases in Co2 that are in no way related to global climate.  This Co2 increase is said to responsible for temperature increases, which DO NOT FOLLOW Co2 levels in the way; Co2 levels changes generally follow temperature increases.  They have it backwards; it is just that we are not supposed to smart enough to figure that out.

18,000 years ago, the Earth was the peak of its most recent ice age.  Global temperatures were 5 degrees lower than that of today.  More than half of North America and Eurasia were covered with ice thousands of feet of sheet ice and the world saw sea levels that were 400 feet lower than that of today.  Obviously, the Earth then warmed ending the ice age.  Given the logic of man-made global warming proponents, the only warming the Earth is capable of undergoing is at the hands of man.  They never address the warming and cooling trends that preceded both man and man’s ability to impact the environment in any significant way.

900 years ago, Co2 levels were lower than that of today, but global temperatures were warmer.  The perception that is being sold is that the world has never been warmer than today, but glancing back a mere 900 years disproves this failed science of deceit.  In this era of Vikings Greenland was settled, inhabitable and not only “green,” it supported a European agricultural lifestyle.  The Earth then began to cool.
Since 2006, temperatures have actually decreased, not increased.  The last few years have been riddled with record breaking snowfall, deep freezes and low temperatures.  All blamed on man-made global warming.  Natural disasters soon fell victim to the blame game of global warming.  Changing weather cycles were the fault of man, severity in weather, increased and decreased rain fall, frequency and infrequency of sizable storms; all the fault of man’s negative impact on the Earth.
It has gotten so absurd that beer tastes both better and worse because of global warming, fish are bigger and small, more scarce and more plentiful.  Heroine has more protein, Vegas is failing, baseball bats will become a thing of the past, sharks will eventually consume all that dare to swim in the ocean and get this; you are more apt to getting kidney stones – because man is warming the planet. 

Keeping things in perspective, much of these claims are result of “creative” advertising because the concept of global warming is so prevalent.  What stands out most is freezing being blamed on warming, but inverse relationships do exist such as with the melting and forming of polar ice caps.

It is one thing to be divergent with the science behind any given concept, but quite another to have a so-called science play the public for stupid.  It is insulting.

The line of tolerance has been crossed.  The idea behind the farce is to fool people out of their hard earned money in order to grant a perception the Earth can be stopped from doing what it has done for eons.  Nothing the Earth does cannot be controlled by man.  Man cannot stop a 1 MPH breeze, a single raindrop from falling, nor a leaf falling from a tree.  Man simply lacks the significance to impact the Earth in the manner the Earth can impact man. 

Use the unfortunate events of Japan as an example.  The Earth naturally changed its axis.  In order for man to change the axis of the Earth, man would have to endanger all of mankind.
Despite the obvious truths, our politicians seek to economical endanger the nation’s people.  It was Obama that stated in no uncertain terms that his Cap and Trade legislation would impose a 90% or more increase in utility bills for the American citizenry.  Under Cap and Trade, a failed legislation that is currently being implemented behind the scenes and through various agencies, gas prices were predicted to soar to $7 a gallon.  When challenged, the Obama administration refused to apply a cap preventing gas prices from getting so high that the average American could no longer afford their work commutes.  More recently, Obama has gone on the record stating he would tap into American reserves to prevent gas prices from getting too high due to the crisis in the Middle East.  Do you see what is happening here?  In the name of global warming there is no economic mercy granted to the people, while unrest in the Middle East is reason to spare the wallet of the American taxpayer.  The translation is simple.  Sky rocketing fuel costs cannot not allow the Middle Eastern nations to look bad.  However, advancing the lie of the man-made global warming agenda will spare no one.  Think about that.

In sparing no one, they have now claimed the lives of thousands in the name of their lie.  In doing so they have laid stake to the claim of all humanity; no one or nothing is sacred – all are but a mere pawn in their game of deliberate deception.  We are meaningless in their eyes and the only value we have to them are the dollars we earn with our hard work.

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Tsunami levels coastal Japan towns
It is really unbelievable.  It is hard to put into perspective and difficult to comprehend.  There have been two reactions to the tragedy in Japan.  One that is more of compassion and concern, and one more of an honest curiosity.  There is more to the curiosity than people realize.  While some can easily connect to such things from an emotional perspective, others simply need more to both connect to such tragedy emotionally and bring things into perspective.  I am of the latter; it is not some dark and morbid curiosity.  For many, detailed information is needed to connect all of the dots.

It would seem that the host Earth is increasingly inflicting its merciless will upon its parasitic inhabitants.  Professional sources like the NOAA claim that such incidents are below the “norm” in terms of averages and that the immediate availability of information gives the appearance that the Earth is becoming increasingly unstable.  Logic in statistics and watching the impact of 8+ magnitude earthquakes, tsunami, volcanoes, and radiation leaks have nothing in common.  We can understand that these occurrences are not as frequent as they could be, but seeing more of the less frequent events is very humbling.  Couple it together and you quickly realize that things not only could be far worse, but could directly befall you in very surreal ways.  Your “curiosity” then peaks.

Rachel asked how I could watch the videos of Japan's nightmare come true with such attentiveness.  It’s the process of survival that gets me.  How do you get past the event in order to enter into survival mode?  The videos are very telling and to extract the information, you must first fully digest the horror they contain.  We all know the computer models will follow with their sterile, non-emotional, detailed descriptions of what happened, but they will be devoid of certain realities.

One video was shot at the level of the tsunami as the first wave pushed through a seaside town.  A motorist entered an intersection and turned left speeding down the road slightly ahead of the water as a videographer shot from the lower level of a staired, paved hill.  The wave brought with it dumpsters, then consumed cars and swept them away as if they were toys.  Trucks followed, small houses then fell victim as boats from the sea flowed through.  Entire wooded buildings then took to the street; all heading in the direction in which the motorist sped off.  He opted to drive, abandoning a clear chance of survival on the hillside.  My thought was that the person was rushing home to ensure the safety of family – the ultimate survival wildcard.  I hope he made it.

The fact of the matter is that time will bring such events to everyone’s doorstep.  Look at it this way, and please forgive me while I geek out on you:  The radius of Earth at the equator is about 3963 miles.  The surface area of a sphere  obtained by  area = 4 pi r2, so the surface of the earth is: 4 x 3.14159 x 3963 miles x 3963 miles = 197,359,320.78684 square miles.  You would have to add a bit for peaks and valleys to get more accurate numbers, but we are talking about 198 million square miles.  Japan is about 149,000 square miles, or just over .07525% of Earth’s surface area this is the entire nation which is far beyond that of the affected area).  This is minuscule, yet the events in Japan have shifted Earth’s axis.  What this tells me is that an event such as this covering 3% of the Earth will directly impact all life on Earth; the balance  of life is just that fragile.  We all know that each continent has progressed to their current positions on the globe.  This progression has been violent and often life changing to the degree that it has led to human life.  We also know that the continents are not at their given permanent resting places; the progression continues and witnessing events like that which have befallen Japan gives the individual a glimpse of what this progression looks like and how it impacts man.  Many cannot stomach such a scary reality.  Unfortunately, it is a reality that all humanity will eventually face.

The idea in delving into the horror is to gain multiple perspectives that all unite into realistic sets of circumstances and how best to deal with them when we come face to face with an ever evolving planet playing temporary host to a parasitic human existence.  We are led to believe that the better we treat the planet, the better the planet will treat us in return.  That if we go green, recycle our Rice Crispie boxes, drive electric cars while taxing the usage of Earth’s resources, we will be spared from an inevitable fate.  It is not a dark and morbid obsession driven by a perverse fascination with destruction and the massive loss of life.

Unfolding before us is the inconsequential nature of self.  Put into perspective is how helpless we are as a race of people when compared to the often-violent nature of Mother Earth.  In such humility lies an understanding of who is actually in charge of whom.  Our host has very patiently tolerated our existence, but coming could well be the day that the next evolution of major life begins.  Just as it has happened before us, it will expand beyond us.  Seeing that for what it is tends to defy a human nature that believes we are the end all be all of life on Earth.  My thought is that we a mere passerby of a far greater evolutionary process - events such as this seem only to serve to emphasize the plausibility of this obtained perspective of direct observations.