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Writing about politics found me; I never really sought it out.  It was the most dynamic, fluid, important and meaningful subject to cover.  Studying politics just made sense; writing on it just came naturally.  Unfortunately, to write, you must first self-educate - and studying politics reveals a truth that no one seems to really want to fully acknowledge, let alone accept  it.  Living in a world of political truth is a lonely place where all around are essentially lost to their self-insistence of denial.
To many, Barak Obama is a great president. Denial. Mitt Romney for others, represents a return to a better America.  Denial. Herman Cain is (somehow) the Tea Party favorite.  Denial. Americans, desperate to hide from political truth, use denial to provide themselves with a false sense of security in hopes a better future will magically blossom from blind hope - and the efforts of the more aware and more assertive American.  The truth is as obvious as it is a lonely reality.
Voters, both Democrat and Republican alike, have articulated the need for America to return to a nation led first by its constitution, and its politicians second.  It is felt that in order for America to prosper in the future, she must again become a
state which is more in keeping with the Framer’s intent.  Problem is, little more than articulating the need is being done.  Americans say they “want,” but do little to effect the change required to return to a more conservative state where individual freedoms, as prescribed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights, can reign prevalent.
Bi-partisan contempt for constitutionalism
Americans live in a world where the most concrete aspects of constitutionalism are subjective at best. Freedom of speech, while the most widely recognized right, has more conditions and restrictions than ever before. The Right blames the Left for this, but
the Right was instrumental in the development of “free speech zones” that serve as designated [restricted] areas where speech of dissent of America’s course can be expressed “freely.”  Plainly stated, if American citizens wished to protest former President Bush while he was traveling, they could only do so in areas segregated from the President himself, his course of travel, and out of eyesight and earshot of the mainstream media. 
Americans have the right to bear arms; that much is distinctly clear.  Yet, Second Amendment rights narrowly survived the SCOTUS in a 5 - 4 vote. Conservative Justice’s ruled in favor of the clearly constitutional right to bear arms while all Liberal Justices voted against it. The Left’s anti-Constitution position grew so fierce local governments like Chicago implemented laws making the right of gun ownership so difficult it was impractical to own a gun and virtually impossible to meet the requirements
to purchase a hand held firearm – in direct defiance of once unquestionable Constitutional rights. 
Recently, President Obama has fallen under criticism for “not thanking God” in his giving of rightful thanks. This criticism is driven by the “non-secular” Right which has forgotten the right to not express religion is equaled only by the right to express it

Every right granted unto the people through the Constitution and Bill of Rights is now subject to the interpretations of the nation’s controlling party.  Clarence Thomas has recently fallen under attack for this very reason. The weak, unorganized and ill-fated attack was a baneful attempt to remove the Conservative Justice and replace him with a Liberal Justice appointed by an increasingly progressive regime (likely, in attempt to shift the Conservative hold to a Liberal advantage prior to the SCOTUS hearing arguments on the constitutionalism of an increasingly unpopular Health Care Reform Law). 
Voter denial bests political truth; a snapshot 
The Republican Right refuses to acknowledge President Obama is not wrong for his lack of evoking God despite his glaringly obvious right to refrain from religious context; a right based upon the constitutionalism Republicans claim they want back. The Left, also calling for a return to constitutionalism, does not want to accept the fact Americans clearly and unquestionably have the right to bear arms.  Both contend they wish a return to a more constitutionally driven nation; neither make an effort to arrive at the fact that both sides only use the Constitution when it suits their needs and agenda at a given time.

 Presidential candidates of today represent this exact same set of shortcomings.  The Perry’s, Romney’s, Newt’s, Cain’s, Obama’s, and Clinton’s have all, with great detail and very overt expression, defied both the conditions of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  In doing so, the Framer’s intent Americans to wish to return to is discarded as irrelevant, unnecessary, and meaningless; yet, these same Americans calling for a return to a better America support them. Disgraceful.
The truth behind the denial
It was not until a recent dialog that I realized my own frustrations with Americans support of the un-American President and the un-American Presidential Candidates was out of their own foolish self-denial of political truth.  Though, for the life of me, I cannot figure out why any sane American would support President Obama, but they are free to do so.  The last thing they actually want is a return to constitutionalism. (Hell, they are not reading this anyway – in that Team Obama has not directed them to do so).  Those whom support this laughably incompetent, anti-constitution embracing field of the Presidential Candidates only see them as a means to and end with no President Obama - while none of the aforementioned candidates and political figures are even remotely capable of delivering America to a better place, let alone an America where constitutionalism is relevant. This is to say very directly; if a person supports anyone other than Ron Paul, they do not wish to return America to a nation in which the Constitution governs the land over political agendas. Sorry, but that is the truth and even the most deeply rooted denial must yield to it on order for America to progress healthily as a land reputed for  individual freedom.
Like versus American need

We like candidates for the wrong reason. Well, perhaps I am applying the wrong usage of the word like. We “select” our candidates because we “like” them.  What Americans should be doing is selecting candidates that America needs at a given point in time.  It is not a matter of “liking” them per se, it is a matter of fitting the right person into the presidential slot at the right time.  It is the economy that is driving electoral support, even though people are calling out for individual freedom and 
constitutionalism. Misguided?  Not really.  The people have long since been duped into the personal favorite game then selecting politicians.  The whole idea behind this was to lure voters away from the political truth with the perceived likability of a given candidate!  We fell for it and what we have today is its direct consequence!  So yes, Americanism has been lost, but its recovery lies in the American people placing the truth before their preferential prejudices of denial.

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