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My goal for the day was to write two articles; I failed – sort of.  So now I will have to settle for an article and a blog.  The good news is that this blog is to help my fellow writers, political and otherwise.

As a writer, I, like most, have a wide range of interests, curiosities, thoughts, passions and likes – all of which are a joy to write about.  Writing for Examiner allows me to fully express my interests in politics, but that only quenches the thirst of one of a myriad of topics I would like to write about. 

And along comes Suite 101 which allows me to write about virtually any topic of interest.  Since writing for Suite 101, I decided to place more emphasis on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  The practice came easy; keywords, tags, anchor text, all of which enhances Google’s chances of finding your article.  You write and then you practice SEO.  What could be better than that?  Hardly anything, until you actually do it the way many (including Suite 101) suggest. 

In my practices and setting my website, discovered was the usefulness of Google Trends.  It was always my intent to examine first what was trending heavily and write on the subject matter which was of most interest at the time.  This morning Google Trends ( had a “hot topic” that fascinated me; the 13th zodiac sign.  Curious, I started reading and discovered that the new zodiac sign Ophiuchus just happened to be mine as it replaces Sagittarius’ position in the chart.  A perfect trending article to write!  The article posted online at 5:02PM.

Four hours later the time has arrived for article number two for the day.  Step one, Google Trends.  What I discovered was shocking!  Of the top ten “hot topics,” 4 through 10 were directly pertaining to my article of four hours ago.  Of the top ten “hot searches,” one through ten all matched the tags, key words and anchor text of the article less one, “horoscope” (which I should have thought through when putting the final touches on the article).  This of course made me revisit my article.

In four hours time my cumulative page views more than DOUBLED!  As I write this, the article is currently receiving 10 reads every minute.  When you are getting paid to write, this is a very good thing.

Of course luck is involved.  This topic just happened to catch my eye.  I could have just as easily selected one of the other nine options, or the two topics above it and missed out on such success, but when you have the opportunity to go with what is trending, things are always better than ignoring such hot topics.

Don’t get me wrong, I will still write want I want to write, or what I feel is important to write about.  This will just be balanced against what needs to be written about for the benefit of generating appropriate readership.

Just a lesson I learned today that I thought was worth sharing with my fellow writers.