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It is not that I am “anti-Right” or anything like that, though I have matured enough politically to see the gross republican failings.  Hell, that would make me a Liberal… or even worse – an Independent!  “A far Right Conservative,” a very good friend more recently called me.  It was to say that I tend to be a bit unbending in my political perspectives; rigid and unforgiving – extreme even (which is what “far Right” means anymore).  Consider it a “slight of compliment” that was both fitting and at times appropriate. 

It was a comment that made me think

Place the emphasis of “far Right Conservative” on Conservative; i.e. not Republican is what was being stated.  (I like the sound of that – “Not Republican!” It would make a good blog or website theme these days).  I like Republicanism and the associated political ideologies, but before that, the political values of fiscal responsibility, individual freedom, constitutional rights, personal accountability, personal responsibility and limited government must be upheld.  Looking at my little checklist: Where do Republicans really fit in to my political value system?  In my opinion, Republican officials represent these values in terms of rhetoric only, not in practice.  They DO exist in Republican philosophy and mantra, but both current and more recent Republican leadership refuse to practice them.  Moreover, I see the Party for how it practices the art of American politicking, not how they wish to be perceived as practicing them.  And this is where I simply veer course from the “establishment Republican” – they either do not find such values as important as myself, or they simply refuse to see and accept the truth about what their Republican political leadership is actually doing.  It is not that they are bad people; it is just that I see things differently and am accordingly not blinded by party affiliations over personal values and common sense.  (Ahem, Not that all Republicans are).

I just don’t get it

Practically, everyone on the Right is fuming over Obama’s Executive Order essentially granting amnesty to illegal immigrants – and rightfully so.  What I don’t get is why the actively elected Right has called upon an out of office, professional President wannabe (with no active political decision making authority what-so-ever) to take the lead on the immigration issue.  Rather than effect active legislation, those HIRED TO SERVE IN OFFICE BY THE RIGHT have taken a roll of passivity while further relying on a moot political figure, solely because he is running for office.  Simply put, Romney is not in a position to right the unilateral wrong committed by Obama, nor is Romney in a position to dictate immigration policy.  Elected politicians, inept in their own individual political ability, have hid from the issue behind a Romney shield instead of taking action as they were hired by the people to do.  Yet, no one really seems to notice. 

For purposes of personal amusement, let’s take a quick glimpse on Romney and the Latino vote.

Romney’s presidential bid needs no less than 31% of the Latino vote AFTER Obama just rolled over, smiled and swallowed  and secured the Latino vote in a monumental way.  When pressed on whether he [Romney] would strike down the EO if elected President, he ducked, dodged and avoided answering.  [Should probably insert a note here that Romney’s avoidance means he will do nothing if elected].  Romney however, is not dumb, but he may be making a very stupid move to resolve the “immigration” conundrum he faces.

More of the same old thing

Have you noticed how the media consistently covered how “Obama deported more illegal Mexicans than Bush;” all while AZ was attacked for enforcing the same standard Obama was being given credit for?  Perhaps you may have noticed when Obama deportation numbers were being dropped in public view; ICE was granting amnesty.   This Democrat hypocrisy exists because MOST DEMOCRATS SUPPORT IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT, NOT AMNESTY.  Obama pandered to both sides of Liberal immigration temperament and then sealed the deal favoring the Latino vote over national sovereignty.  Suckers.

Here’s another little immigration conflict for ya!  Asians now stand to overtake Mexicans in immigration to the US.  If they (both Republicans and Democrats) have sold national sovereignty for the Latino vote to this extent; can you possibly imagine what they will be willing to do for the Asian vote once politicians decide to make Asians the next American race issue?  That is how they get the votes you know.  They make it look like anyone not of a specified race is wrong and racist for not being of that race and then promise they will make things different and better.  The whole time making it worse to have something to actually fix, then walking away - after the given ethic group has given them their blind loyalty that is.  If you are Black like me, that should sound all too familiar.  If you are Mexican, I hope you have been watching closely; you’re next.

Republican vetting against constitutionalism

Rubio is currently being vetted for the coveted VP slot.  Not a bad choice in terms of political perspectives, but one cannot help but wonder if this is merely a “Hey! I like Latino’s too!” move to counter traditionally low Latino support for Republican politicians in a time where the Latino vote could well be the deciding factor in the 2012 Presidential race.  Though obvious, this is not what makes it a potentially disastrous and stupid move. 

Rubio, the son of Cuban immigrants, has something in common with the good old Prez.  Rubio’s parents “held off” on become US citizens until such a time Marco had already earned dual citizenship.  (In case you have not noticed, the commonality is not the Cuban parent part….)  Please allow me to digress even further.

The Right hosed the “Birther” issue by attacking it the laziest way possible.  Challenged was “where Obama was born” because the Right felt that if it proved Obama was born in Kenya, it would be an open and shut case; WRONG!  They almost completely ignored the true issue in that Obama’s father gave him dual citizenship because he [Obama] was born of a father that claimed citizenship to a nation that extended its citizenship to those children of their citizens born abroad.  You see, it never matter “where” Obama was born per se, because the dual citizenship is where the constitutional argument lies; an argument more difficult in constitutional terms than that of Obama being born in a foreign nation.  Had Republicans taken the higher ground, the “birther” conspiracy would have held the merit it truly deserved.  The average American of course, does not know this and the majority of those whom do possess the apathy of those worthy of following only.  Be that as it may, constitutional eligibility has been brought back to the forefront by Republicans; incorrectly, but nonetheless by Republicans – and constitutionally minded Republicans at that. 

So, that leaves me pondering why a Republican presidential wannabe would venture so recklessly in the deep and murky waters of constitutional eligibility – after making such a big deal about it and all.

What matters is winning the Latino vote, not the constitution.  Sound familiar?  The system was wrong for allowing Obama to be vetted and consequently seated in terms of constitutional eligibility.  Now stay with me here.  Yet, because American politicians have failed in the three years since Obama’s election to correct (or even attempted to correct) the failed system that allowed Obama to win the Presidential seat in the name of the Democrats – it is now only appropriate that the constitutional eligibility blind eye now be turned in REPUBLICAN favor.  A little quid quo pro if you will.  Since when was the constitution relevant anyway?  When will we, as Americans, become smart enough to realize that Left versus Right yields no true winner when both are wrong?

When both are wrong; all lose

And that is the underlying theme of all of this anyway isn’t it?  Both sides are wrong and they are wrong on all of the issues.  When it comes to the political elite; they are of the same agenda, just with different means to their ends.  Obamacare was so wrong, yet we nominate its architect for President? Never mind Nixonian Republicans and their attempt, ignore Clinton’s attempts and Gingrich who pushed it while Speaker of the House. Illegal immigration is wrong, but Reagan passed Amnesty; now Obama pens an EO for the exact same reasons Reagan pushed it through.  I mean really, with such hypocrisy; who should take the establishment Republican or modern Liberal seriously?  When is the last time an administration, albeit Republican or Democrat, effectively reduced government, regulation and spending?  Chirp, chirp.  (Hint: WWII for those not taking the question with its posed rhetorical intent.  BTW, it was the sharpest recession recovery in US economic history – yet today both Republicans and Democrats see it only fit to increase spending in order to provide entitlements in barter for votes).  The big difference is that Democrats have arguably done a better job of exposing Republican failures than Republicans have exposed the egregious failings of Democrats.  What’s funny is that Americans are ever so bitterly divided – all while their given elected officials pursue a common agenda against the good and freedoms of the people.  Well, that’s not really funny is it?  Please interject sad, pathetic, pitiful or any other adjective you deem most appropriate lieu of funny.

Conservative deviance

The problem is that, to an establishment Republican, I maintain an “extremely conservative” political perspective.  (The word they are looking for is DIVIANT, not so much extreme – while fully admitting extreme can fit in several places).  ;)

It is this deviance that separates Conservatives from establishment Republicans.  It is almost as if establishment Republicans have not yet awakened to the fact their political elite do not share their agendas, or at least I hope they don’t (given all the unconstitutional laws passed and what not).

It goes to reason why so many people refuse to follow politics.  It is truly a culture of deceit, corruption, hypocrisy and destruction.  In not following, you are spared the frustration and don’t have to look like a hypocrite for supporting one side over the other; you win by not playing.  What’s better than that? 

I hope at this point you realize our problem is not so much what the Left is doing versus what the Right is doing.  They are doing the same things and we only find political wrongs “un-American” and unconstitutional when it is the other side penning the legislation.  It is as shameful as it is true.  Perhaps what is most shameful is supporting this Two Party system solely designed for internal destruction and expecting someone to take you seriously.

Boy was my e-mail FULL this morning! Last night’s article on Arizona’s new immigration enforcement law stirred quite the buzz. Many are less than pleased, which is fine with me because on that website I report more than I provide commentary to. But with close to 70 e-mails, here’s your commentary!

Many are glad that the ACLU and other immigration reform supports are seeking to sue if Gov Brewer signs the bill into law because it grants police the authority to stop and question for citizenship or legal documentation under what is described as reasonable suspicion. These people obviously do not live in Arizona. I say that because each trip I take north of Sierra Vista I am stopped and by law I must announce my citizenship and when questioned, prove I am an American citizen. That’s right, every single trip out of Sierra Vista. Here I am born and raised in the worst of areas American has to offer and a military veteran of multiple armed conflicts (many of which the average American will never be told of) defending American freedoms and interests and I am stopped because we have FAILED to secure our borders. This is of no consequence of course. What is a problem for many is that under this new law illegals can be apprehended by multiple law enforcement agencies and like me, a citizen, they can be stopped on their way from point a to point b. It seems more than fair! The problem is… for me, that we have no problem infringing on the rights of those here legally while granting further leniency to those not here legally that are not eligible for the same rights that others have had removed from them BECAUSE WE ARE CITIZENS! Now, what sense does that make? Really!

What people do not know. (Or are simply not smart enough to understand).

Close to 100 billion American dollars enters Mexico tax free every year. Let’s look at this from the perspective of the new AZ bill and yet another contested point by those opposed to the bill. Day laborers under this bill become illegal. These are the men standing in front of Lowe’s and Home Depot that get picked up by people looking for cheap labor. The people are paid in cash and they send that money back to Mexico where it has far greater buying power. This is comparable to America receiving 12 trillion dollars cash at the expense of a neighboring economy. You see, most illegals are not here for themselves, they are here to send money back to Mexico for the buying power of 12.15 to one. A day laborer earning $5 an hour is actually bringing in well over $60 an hour. A $150 dollar cash paying painting project earns them the equivalent of $1800; this all at the expense of a devastated economy. Keeping 100 billion dollars in the economy does not bring in 12 trillion, but it does help considerably when you factor in the aspect that the dollars are predominately coming from only four states; Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and California. It is currently estimated that in a very equal share, the Arizona economy is losing 21.6 billion dollars annually to this. This in a state with no open rest stops, record school closings, record fire and police force lay offs, record state forced furloughs, record public education jobs loss, record cuts to social programs (more on that in a second). One cannot help but to wonder the obvious at this point. The same groups that advocate for social programs, greater teaching, police and fire forces are the same groups that advocate so strongly to legalize those here illegally. They are essentially insisting upon themselves so forcefully that they are now working against themselves and they can’t even see it. If Arizona had seen the 21.6 billion dollars last year, the state would not be in such dire straits this year. Moreover, there would actually be more money infused into the economy given the disparity in labor rates.

There is however a bigger problem afoot. America is a dying country and we do not even realize it! The minimum birth rate for societal perpetuation is 2.11. America is at 1.6 and only attains the minimum 2.11 WITH the illegals whose birth rates are considerably higher. The small family is a by product of American greed. Families are small because they cannot afford to be larger. They can’t afford to be larger because they can’t afford their lifestyles! Only 33% of income goes to necessities where once just over 90% did. Greed, not capitalism is causing this. We barrow rather than buy which forced us to begin to fail as a people in terms of long term population sustainment. In the early 1900’s the Muslim population was in the low thousands… in 2006 it crested 9 million. Canada and European nations seeing very similar trends. We are looking at the evolution of a Muslim world which is exactly what the religion is designed to do; yet we persist in enabling rights to those that have no birth right to them while we embrace religious tolerance at the cost of our own culture.

This is why Liberalism has become toxic in its emotive response to the social atmosphere. Here we have created an environment where the American can no longer perpetuate as a people in the long term with the key Liberal groups insisting abortions are good combined with the infusion of support for legalized non Americans while the American culture further succumbs to the growth of a religion designed to conquer the world and we cannot even see it the obvious problems because we are so pre occupied with political correctness.

We object to securing the borders because it is “racist.” We defend abortion while we cannot sustain self perpetuation as a people and when embrace religious rights before we even understand the fate of our own people as we deny a problem out of cognitive ignorance and emotive guilt. If we cannot embrace our own future, what then, is the purpose of today?