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Rachel Maddow is back in the conservative spotlight and being criticized for a comment she made about the incoming Republican takeover of the House.  “Watch what the Republics do, not what they say.” she said of the Republicans and their claim to be the new party of fiscal responsibility.  (Not something aptly demonstrated in the past mind you)!

Several things come to mind.  The first of which; she is right and conservatives rebutting such a comment are doing so out of closed minded and stubborn ignorance.  What we know about government and any political orientation associated with it, is that the rhetoric far exceeds the impact of any truths stemming from it.  Both Democratic and Republican administrations are blatantly guilty of this.  Suddenly, a liberal news personality calls it correctly and conservatives want to have beef with it.  Is the beef because conservatives want to “hear” rhetoric from DC that is in line with their values… ONLY?  Is it that conservatives feel threatened by being called out by an expectation the Republicans actually deliver on their spoken intent?

We can split hairs on this if we want.  Should we overlook it because it is coming from a liberal?  Absolutely not!  It was the conservative vote that delivered these Republicans to office and it should be the conservatives who hold the Republican’s feet to the fire in undoing the Obama regime’s internal destruction of America.

What Americans do not understand is that America was designed in a manner that bestowed upon the people the power to overthrow the government and make it into a government of their choosing.  That is what Obama represents; an overthrow of Americanism.  Under our constitution, the people have the power of ultimate rule.  This where the Modern Liberal has found control of America with the intent to deliver America to a Europeanized Union of States. 

The steps to returning America to her former self have been taken, but are meaningless without the elected Republicans making good on why they were elected.  It is not a matter of “watching what the Republicans do,” it is a matter of forcing the Republicans to do what is right for America.  Accountability is a self expectation of any good conservative in America and accountability MUST be demanded from Washington.

We have watched for two years how the Obama administration has stated one thing and done the complete opposite in order to advance their own agenda over the  interests of the people.  We have listened to how health care would not entail a mandate and watched a coup against the constitution delivered by a lying US President who used political corruption to pass a bill against his own personal promises to an entire nation.  We have listened to how a stimulus would save America from her economic woes and watched the delivery of fiscal policy that was so large it not only indebted the current generations, but the forth coming generation because the bill itself was delivered in such a manner that Obama’s own party was denied the opportunity even read.  We have listened to a US President standing in front of our very constitution and declare how he would seek means to circumvent it and now watch as the promise to undermine the constitution comes to fruition.  What Rachel Maddow is saying is that we cannot allow the Republicans to be anything like these Democrats in office today!  How a person could contest such a notion is beyond me.

Granted, some are going to claim that these assertions are meaningless because of Rachel Maddow herself.  But when you stop to think about it, it was Rachel that broke the story on how Obama wanted to circumvent the constitution while having the gull to announce as much while standing directly in front of it; almost as if he were metaphorically urinating on it.  More objectivity exists with her than people give credit for.  Is she slanted?  Of course, but name any pundit from a given side that is not.  In as much, there are times when a criticism holds truth when you are willing, confident, secure and strong enough to listen to it. 

Americanism is in decline because the American citizen has grossly taken America and the freedom she represents for granted.  Through our passive citizenry we have yielded the helm of freedom to the progressive, socialist inclined, liberal anti-American. 

Lost is the freedom of the individual pursuit of happiness as it has fallen to a false sense of entitlement and economic enslavement by a government seeking absolute control under the guise of the absolution of the individual. 

This wrong can be righted, but only if we as a people hold to account those whom we have elected to do so.  Where Rachel Maddow is wrong is that it is not a matter of “watching;” it is a matter of insisting upon true and wholesome conservatives values as expressed with the compassion for our fellow man.


Recently I had to make one of the single toughest choices of my life; to sell my interest in a business to the other partners.

You have to understand, going down with the ship is only honorable when the ship itself is worth dying for. The glory is only found when the ship is sailing on a course of honor. It only matters when the fight of the journey itself is worth the arrival to a destination of greatness.

The fight for and of the journey was no longer worth the arrival of a destination that drifted further and further into horizon; despite pursuing it with all the effort and conviction I could muster.

The American Dream is disappearing.

I did not leave small business for me, I left it for the same reason I ventured forth into it; I did it for my kids – they are great.

The problem with small business today is the same problem with the American Dream. It is being destroyed by the Modern Liberal dream of anit-Americanism. Success is punished and underachievement of social dependency is becoming the new status quo.

“There comes a time when you have made enough money.” - Barak Obama

This is to say that working hard and striving for more is to cease in order to not make the underachiever and socially dysfunctional – not envious. If all can’t be better off; no one can.

It is all about “fairness” anymore. Let’s all underachieve together shall we?

This America, I can’t say that I much care for.

We have become too over sensitive. Too lazy. And too stupid. So stupid that the Modern Liberal can no longer decipher what is wrong from right. A Modern Liberal America that has the nerve to defend a teacher and school for FORCING students to remove t-shirts adorned with the AMERICAN FLAG because it COULD BE offensive to ILLEGAL students.

A Modern Liberal America that boasts a DHS that finds pride in failed border security. A DHS that boasts thwarting a failed terrorist attack on American soil while the Vietnam Veteran, hotdog vendor that actually drew attention to it, remains humble.

A Modern Liberal America that cannot see such flaws in governance for what they are.

We are losing America to Americans that do not understand what America is.

We have all grown up with the same dreams; it is just that some have pursued it more vigorously than others. It is okay to want it, just so long as you don’t acquire it. For when you do, the Modern Liberal wants the rewards of the success of others for no effort on their own while they make excuses for not being able to do better.

Under direct attack in America is small business, not because people get “rich” in it, but because it is part of the Dream itself. The Obama administration has launched a series of systematic attacks aimed directly at destroying American small business. This is not to say that they will succeed at doing so given the resilience of Americanism, but to say that unlike the Modern Liberal, I believe my children’s futures are my responsibility – and if I fail, they fail. Small business in pursuit of a fleeting Dream was no longer worth the risk.

So, I did the responsible thing and sold my vested interest and entered a line of work that even the government will have a hard time destroying. My children are owed my 100% and that is all they will ever get out of me – even in my final dying breath.

Success, (as hated as this administration has made it and as vile as they have painted it, in order to force an emotive response of jealously while the Obama administration ushered in a new era of racism to bifurcate a great nation – by using black against blacks – by using black against whites) is still attainable.

The choice to change fields came over a period of six headache stricken, nauseating and stressful months. The choice to change came in the belief that if I were to uphold my responsibility to my children, it had to happen with 100% commitment. 100%.

And that is what is missing from Americans today. The willingness to give 100%. The fear of going all in and failing. The forgotten concept that being able to fail is one of the greatest luxuries of freedom ever adorned a nation. Contrary to popular belief, failure is an option that you can opt out of through determination, hard work, methodical calculation and good old fashion effort. You learn that by failing first; over and over again while believing on yourself enough to persist.

But, because failure exists, the American Dream is being destroyed and the nation turned into a controlled test tube where failure is not feared, it is forbidden through controls that systematically disable opportunity through risk. The beauty of failing is efforting a dream - no matter the result. It is experiencing the harsh reality of the price of freedom – first hand. Failing is living and humbling yourself to try again – harder and with more commitment. Failing is picking yourself up and dusting yourself off - then creating a better plan. The willingness to fail is the willingness to live free.

The will of America is being broken because this administration does not believe in America and the ideal that the costs of freedom are varied and run deep into the fabric of this great nation; a fabric being ripped to shreds by the anti-American Modern Liberal.