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It is not so much that conspiracy theories abound, it is that trust in a president is at an historic low.  Trust, like respect must be earned and to many, Obama has not earned either.  Too much deception, too many closed door meetings and far too many lies.  It has gotten so bad that when he announces that Osama bin Laden is dead, the skeptics raise a question; where are the pictures to prove it?

The quandary is based in Obama’s history of deceit with the people, the timing of the event(s), and perhaps most importantly, how he chose to deliver the message itself; his overuse of the words I, my and me.  For a person who does not favor the President, it is excruciating to listen to him insist upon himself to the degree that this man does.  Be that as it may, the timing came in conjunction with record low approval ratings, the beginning of the 2012 campaign and following the release of Obama’s birth certificate.  Almost too good to be true.  This forced even those who voted for Obama to question its authenticity.  As the question began to arise a new conspiracy was born, but before passing judgment, the bigger picture must be taken into consideration.

The Obama Administration places facial emphasis on foreign policy over domestic priority.  Due to this key factor, Obama is less likely to treat the international community in the same manner in which he treats Americans.  Simply put, we are worthy of lying to, they are not.  Osama is likely dead.  While many continue to ponder this as they await traditional confirmations which have suddenly fallen victim to “ethics in the media.”  Imagine that. 

It is said the images are extremely graphic and releasing them may be accompanied with certain consequences (inflame the enemy).  However, when media sources were confronted with the ethics conundrum, they universally responded that journalistic integrity requires their release with certain conditions being placed upon them.  Conditions such as separate “click” to access the photo(s).  Despite such concerns, the photo(s) must be released.  The international community will not be allowed to view Obama as a person perpetrating a fraud against a group of people.  It is inconceivable that a key figure in the war that is terror would go invalidated by the mystic shroud of passive silence that is Obama.  It is also inconceivable the government of Pakistan will be persecuted (and they will be) for harboring Osama without the credibility of undeniable proof of the event which felled the man himself in their nation where American troops have lost their lives; some at the hands of Pakistani people. 

There is also something we need to be completely honest about that fuels the doubt surround Obama and his speech.  There are those that whose disdain for Obama is so strong they doubt the event because they wish to not credit Obama with a perceived victory.  One the other side of this exists the progressive supporters of Obama who vehemently defend Obama and desperately needed Obama  to do something right so they have something of actual substance on which defend him on.  In classic Obama fashion, both sides have been let down.  No hard evidence leaves both sides in want.  Those of disdain speculate, while those of support are still reduced to the sophmoric defense strategies of name calling and then obsessing on the fact they have so few factual tools at their disposal to defend Obama with that continue “debates” with the most rudimentary attacks long after the debate itself is over.  What people want is for Obama to actually demonstrate that he can be decisive and strong; something the American people have yet to witness outside of “race related incidents” that do not warrant presidential attention.

The other thing we need to face is that Obama is just as desperate for a victory as are his supporters.  A true victory that all see as a victory.  Not the farce of victory in legislation that was developed with back room deals and delivered in a series of lies spanning more than two years.  A true universal victory that will not divide a nation and be called universal despite the issuing of more than 2,000 waivers to help “select Americans” avoid the atrocity of unconstitutional legislation that is failing before it even truly starts.  He needs that, his supporerts need that and Americans in general need that.  We have not celebrated a universal victory since Bush; we are long overdue.

Obama has demonstrated that when it comes to convincing the American people alone, they can be in want for all he cares.  However, his duty is to now convince the world; a world whose opinion he cherishes for more than those who cast votes him.  For this reason, a photo of bin Laden will be produced.  It is just unfortunate that his passive leadership style allows for such speculation before the right thing is done.  Suddenly it is about the political correctness of Muslim beliefs and ethics in the media.  The concern for retaliation grows; the truth is retaliations have already started; the longer the delay in proving the event to be true only serves to renew such efforts against the infidel. 

The Obama victory, is not an Obama victory.  He can say I, me and my as many times as he wishes.  The victory belongs however, to an intelligence infrastructure that Obama himself swore to destroy.  It is a victory in interrogation techniques that Obama sought to see good Americans imprisoned for.  Most of all, it is a victory for America’s most elite unit; a unit that Obama was willing to send on a mission such as this – without pay.