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It was two weeks ago that a chess game was played.  Chess, not in the literal sense, but in the intellectual gaming sense.  The figurative play of engagement to assess the true capability of the other.  The other has failed – miserably.  The catch is that one does not “fail” when being assessed per se.  To fail is this sense is then the egregious demonstration of one’s ignorance.

Two weeks ago dialog was engaged with Liberal / Obama support groups(ies).  The discussions were based upon the mass media’s new round of claims of racism against the Right.  To make the game interesting a door was left wide open for the Obama groupies and supporters to demonstrate that they did in fact possess the cognitive ability of independent thought.  Collectively they failed, but to rationalize their failure they uniformly united against racism and expressed the deplorable nature of the racist. 

Why did they do this?  The media was defending Obama and the birth certificate issue.  Because the birth certificate issue had little merit on which to defend Obama’s stubborn nature, the race card was again played.  The objective individual understands that race is utilized to defend the political ideologies of the Obama Administration which inherently lack the merits on which they can defend themselves.  The liberal enabler of racism only sees the claim while refusing to look at the facts behind the claim itself. 

The liberal participants went on and on about how the Right is racist, and for a person to not see that proved them to be blind to the reality of the existence of racism.  The problem with these statements was simple; they were in response to comments that contained the inclusion, “racism does indeed exist within the Right.  Racism however, is not the fueling motivator of disdain for Obama that those in the mass media and Left are making it out to be.”  Despite this, the Left simply related the vague conditions of the article itself.  A single liberal went off script and referenced Jimmy Carter’s comments pertaining to how race was fueling the fight against Obama.  After pointing out that Cater later recanted his statement supporting unsubstantiated claims of racism, she deleted her comment and stopped participating in the dialog. 

The deliberate gaping hole in my approach to the dialog was simple.  The article liberal groups were tossing around as definitive proof the Right is racist came 10 days after an incident of true racial significance that was perpetrated by a Republican political leader closely associated with the Tea Party!  Ten days is significant in an issue like this due the media penetration phenomenon.  This is to suggest that the liberal anti-racist who is capable of independent thought would have the ability to connect the two.  If the connection were not made at first, cued prompting, (which was more than adequately provided) would aid in the connection.  The only light bulbs that went off were those that immediately burned out when challenged to “think” in independent terms.  This cognitive inability to connect actual acts of racial concern to leftist claims of racism demonstrate the unconditional submission to hierarchy of “liberal social order.”

The problem lies in the symbolic interactionism of the liberal subculture that has lost the ability to “self script” outside of the conditions set by the dominate liberal whole.  This inability to script different perceptions of self develops into the loss of self-identity outside the confines set by the higher liberal social order.  This is exactly why, as atrocious a president Obama is; he will always have these unconditional supporters whom lack a sense of  self that is beyond that of which Obama as prescribed to them.  One lower level political figure in Atlanta stated, “Obama knows what’s best.”  Such a statement epitomizes the loss of self and the failure in the ability to identify self  individuality in the lower liberal subculture.  If the dominate liberal whole makes a claim, the subculture will in turn unconditionally submit to it.  Envision if you will, an abused other whom seeks to rationalize their abuse in terms of their own inadequacies.  Hence is the new liberal subculture.  The inept view of self has allowed its exploitation to a social order that is granted the perception of power for being more competent and more responsible than that of the individual self. 

When dealing with the liberal subculture on race issues, they can only articulate what the leftist media provides to them.  When challenged with the reality of Democrat racism, they completely shutdown.  They can (do as told and) finger point to unsubstantiated and vague claims of racism stemming from the right, but will not address the tenure of the late Senator Byrd in terms of Democrat tolerance of racism.  Nor will they address the institutionalism and glorification of racism associated with the naming of the USS Stennis after another late racist Democrat.  There is no discussion of the KKK and the more than 100 years of the Democrat Party fighting against civil rights will never be discussed.  Why?  Because the liberal higher order will not allow the expression of individual thought to do so.

It is not that racism does not exist; it is that we have allowed it polarize.  Through the manipulation of the liberal subculture, the Obama Administration forces race to the forefront and keeps it present by disallowing their followers to engage in open discussions on racism as they pertain America and American politics.  In order for America to move forward from our sordid past on racism, we must first be able to it address openly.  Unfortunately, the president of the “post racial America” has ensured it will not happen under his watch.  Enabling him is a group that clearly identified themselves to be inept of self.  Their concession and capitulation from freedom finds equal guilt in America’s racial conundrum as is the perverse act of racism itself.

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