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Zach has gotten one thing right.  Abortion has clearly taken a racial turn, and it is about time considering the numbers!  Years were spent trying to force the CDC to release true numbers by ethnic group on abortion and now that they have, the numbers are finally beginning to hit the community most affected by abortion.  Though these numbers have been available for years, they were not sought out by Blacks because Planned Parenthood has described abortions as being the righteous and responsible thing to do for Black “mothers.” 

The current anti-abortion campaign that is being driven at Blacks is actually led by Blacks! 

The twist that is being applied to it is one that leads the Black community to believe all pro-life initiatives are White developed and White led.  In short, it is yet “another racial attack on Blacks.”  You have to love the Obama post racial America, but in this case, the race card is being well played if one understand the details behind it.  The race card is being misrepresented by pro-choice groups, but let there be no doubt about it; Blacks have enacted the ultimate trump card of race on this one!

This all started in New York where a pastor ended Black History Month with a billboard.

“The most dangerous place for an African American is in the whom.”  Almost poetic in its brutal honesty.

Sparks flew and the billboard was later removed.  The Black community was outraged.  Here are the facts.  In New York, 59.7% of Black babies are aborted.  This is more than Black lives lost to disease, accidents and violence; COMBINED!  Ending Black History Month by bringing greater attention to the abortion issue embodied a call for awareness to the future of the Black community.  Of course, it was not received this way, but that was the intent.  It was received solely as a disparaging mark against the Black community.  We will get into the disparaging aspects soon enough.

Billboards then began popping up across the nation.  As awareness increased, the tension increased; all fueled by misrepresentations of the message.  A driving force of the tension was the use of the word “genocide.”  30,000,000 abortions have been performed on Blacks since abortions became legal on January 22, 1973.  To understand this impact, one has to look at it from an anthropogenic perspective.  When viewing it as man caused, we must look back in history to find when man has taken 30,000,000 lives.  WWII 1945, WWI 1918, Taiping Rebellion 1864, Mongol Conquests 1472, and the An Shi Rebellion 673 are events that come to mind where 30,000,000 or more lives have been lost; wars!  And if you are wondering… no, the Qing conquest of the Ming Dynasty (1662) does not make the list as it claimed 25,000,000 lives if memory serves me correctly, but I am not the history buff I once was.  When you boil the numbers down to comparative proportions, you must then add the fact that we are talking about Blacks only, a single race of people.  That eliminates all conflicts less those in China where war was waged by hand for absolute rule.  You must understand that the 30,000,000 in question are not combatants, they are unborn Blacks whose only voice was a mother.  That then makes this the single worst life tragedy in modern history.  Genocide more than fits.  I guess it because Blacks are taking Black lives; many feel that the term genocide does not fit.  Perhaps a review of its definition may be in need.

What is worse is that some of these conflicts took 70 plus years to do what we have done in half the time, all voluntarily.  I am not sure about you, but that saddens me deeply.

As the billboards pop up across the nation and are met with outrage rather than a conditional understanding of what is happening, a very important point is being missed.  This is the Black community crying out to the black community to educate on what we are doing to ourselves.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Unfortunately, the message is a disparaging one and too many in the community wish to resist it through denial rather than take responsibility for their part in it.

Not having a baby is not always as easy as people think.  I have been a relationship for over four years and to this day discussions about birth control are present.  Without them, we would be looking at a significant investment of time, energy, devotion, and all resources to include financial resources.  When these discussions are not made a priority, the result is an unintended pregnancy.
And that is where the Black abortion story gets all the more saddening.  Hispanics, by proportional shift have more unintended pregnancies than do Blacks, but in stark contrast have far fewer abortions.  If this does not set off alarms in the Black community, nothing can!

We can dive into the minutia of the demographics all we like.  We can examine religious backgrounds, extended family units, average household income levels, but in the end the result is the same; Hispanics value life more.  We can complicate it all we want, attempt to justify and rationalize it and it still boils down to a complete moral and ethical failure within the value system of the Black family.  Until this brought into perspective, the loss of thirty million unborn Black children is completely meaningless.

Abortion of this magnitude is a symptom of a far greater and far more complex erosion of a specific populous.  It is the grievous exacerbation of multiple generations believing in the superficial while insisting upon the need of the provisions by the other over the fundamentals of family, self reliance, personal accountability and deeper values that untie a community and populous and deliver it into the future.  There comes a time when “history” is simply not enough, but there also comes a time when “history” is all that you have.  The Black community has not reached the latter, but 30,000,000 tiny voices are crying out that we are rapidly heading in that direction.  The only question that remains is if we are willing to hear their calls for help.  We have turned our back on them once; ironic it is that we still need them and they still need us. 

Disparaging is the fact that more than half of the Black babies in New York are aborted.  Disparaging is the fact that we would rather take offense to the truth than deal with truth’s reality.  Disgraceful is the fact that we of the Black community have allowed this to happen to the Black community.