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_ The criticisms are just.  And it is not like one would really be exaggerating when saying, “Everyone hates Kim Kardashian.”  In fact, Kim is the fingernails on the Kardashian chalkboard of reality–satire TV.  She is a train wreck that happened upon the American people via self-exploitation of carnal explosion.  A trust fund, B-lister, pseudo-socialite propelled from the depth of irrelevance to the epitome of irrelevance by a “leaked” sex tape. 

They are pointed out for being a family whose only relevance is their lack thereof.  Yeah, I guess there is great truth to that as well.  Think about it, it is hard to be shallower, or more superficial than a Kardashian.

Aired was a quaint little story of the two spoiled youngest; they stole good old Bruce’s credit card.  To teach them a lesson, they were taken to a homeless shelter.  There, they learned how fortunate they were to be Kardashians; a lesson that hit home.  They spoke about how sad it was that an entire family lived in a space smaller than that of their individual bedrooms.  Warm fuzzies for everyone!  Though I am sure it comes as no surprise to anyone that the now “enlightened” Kardashian kids never went back to “help” the shelter exploited to help them.  Returning to the shelter would make the initial visit relevant – something that spanned beyond that of the family Kardashian.  The return to the shelter would have signified the moral acknowledgement of the old adage, “To whom much is given…”  That makes it real and real is not what the Kardishians’ are about; Kardashians’ are about… well, being Kardashian.

Their emasculated men in tow; a collective “nothing” self-condemned to a purpose in life defined only by how they impact a female Kardashian. Scott the alcoholic, battles on fighting his demons.  How his drinking impacts the Kardashian sisters is the focus; not the bigger picture of alcoholism itself.  It would seem that the Scott sub-story of relevance bringing awareness to coping successfully through the battle of chemical dependency is too real for the K family in that the impact would spawn a benefit to those beyond the realm of the internal Kardashian world.  It makes you wonder how impossibly selfish a family unit can get.

Issues that plague our modern world are only addressed when it is of benefit to them.  Kris Jenner (who even contemplated changing her name back to that of her both divorced and deceased Husband jealous that the daughters we getting more Kardashian attention) brought forth a female issue - because of course, bringing it forward landed her a spot as a company spokesperson.  So yeah, the kids got it honest.

For good reason, the criticism against family K is only growing in a world where the concern is directed at the other to keep the attention away from self.  Pleasure is found in the irrelevance of the family’s unintended satire of real life.  It is clearly understood that what happens with this family is of no consequence to anyone other than a Kardashian; and people like that.  People like the fact that the time spent watching the pseudo-drama unfold results in no thought provoking consequence.  It is almost as if the Kardashian clan usher in a state of suspended animation from reality itself at the hands of their own hyper-selfishness.

The problem is some find such irrelevance offensive.  They are outraged by the rhetorical question: How can anyone find value in a family that represents such superficial and selfish values?  Because they are offended by this, they have sought to have the Kardashians removed for none to watch.  The fact of the matter is E! is deeply vested in the nothingness represented by the Kardashian shows. One should consider that if K fans were short in number, Kardashian would not be the trademark it is today.  People enjoy the fact that talking about Kim’s mockery of a marriage means absolutely nothing them.  They know Kim is a walking relationship disaster and a whirlwind marriage followed by a hasty divorce, is anything but a shock.  As Kourtney said, “[Kim] is in love with being in love.”  A ten million dollar wedding earned her seventeen million.  A well designed prenup protected her “interest” in the event.  Many accuse Kris Humphries of coming up on Kim, but Kim clearly came up to the tune of seven million on him… but only after a “leak” proved who truly came [up] on who - which started the Kardashian legacy of irrelevance.

Kardashian is what it is because they are who they are.  Kardashian is irrelevant because the only aspects of life that are relevant to the Kardashians are issues that affect them.  They are a collective pool ascribed to a mindless selfishness of life that people enjoy out of its lack of real life consequence.  What you have to remember is that because all others are irrelevant to the Kardashians, they are equally irrelevant to all others. 

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