You're Liberal When You're Drunk - Conservative Voice
The two beer buzz sets the tone for the evening out. Well, four beer buzz since we drink tall boys. You know that point when you are out drinking with friends and the mood takes it true shape as that perfect little buzz sets in. Will it be a calm and mellow night? Perhaps a wild night? Maybe a night of harassing the lesser cerebrally enabled? You know everything you need to know three quarters of the way through that coveted second beer.

It is the released desire in the mitts of the adult ego state taking a much needed break. Your inner liberal rears it emotively driven head and begins to speak while allowing you the freedom to do the unthinkable.

Suddenly, you know what is better for others than they know what is best for them selves. Your sentences start with “you should” and “you need to” because in your liberal ego state in the absence of adult mindedness, all around you are no longer adults competent of making their own decisions.

You are the high and mighty and they are but the minions looking for some one to follow in the absence of their own self competence. Your advice is for them, not for you as you spew words of pseudo wisdom that you yourself cannot adhere to. Being heard is far more important then being honest.

The advice you give is ideal, not practical. Your prior failures in life become accomplishments to anyone that will listen and you insist upon yourself over the voice of reason. You turn liberal when you drink.

Hypocrisy becomes the standard, a lie is but a mere twisted truth as you determine life’s course for others; regardless of what they want.

When you’re drunk, your dirty laundry is suddenly neat and dry cleaned hanging well organized while you explore the depths of the closed closets of others.

You determine that all others are inept, incompetent and stupid as it is your duty to save them from themselves. You are liberal when you are drunk.

If you're not drunk, then what the hell is Obama’s problem?!

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