America's sharpest recession recovery came at the hands of decreased spending, deregulation, and reduced government. Concepts President Obama refuses.

Economic insult to injury was delivered to the American people in a series of numerical misrepresentations and deliberately skewed data in order to perpetuate the illusion of promising economic news. (1) Those opposed to runaway government spending will describe these assertions as lies. The Toledo Chrysler Plant served as a recent backdrop for the Obama Administration’s plea for more spending time while it sought to overlook the gloom of economic realities. A message of economic delusion delivered in the typical, nonchalant President Obama fashion. (2) The American forefront however, is an economy riddled by a reality in stark contrast to the Obama led backdrop.

The nation has suffered its worst recession recovery since World War II in terms of both the depth and persistence of job loss. (3) According the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, a mere 54,000 jobs were added in May while 13.9 million Americans remain unemployed. (4) Not only have home prices fallen to a new two year low, the housing market has suffered a “double dip” and is now in worse crisis than the housing collapse of the Great Depression. (5), (6) The forefront for Americans is a reality is not of the laughing, or joking matter the president continually makes light of. In spite of such a displaced approach in addressing America’s economic plight, the economy is a very serious matter.

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In another controversial legislative move, the Arizona lawmakers are again in the national spotlight. This time for the Arizona House passing a provision that would require Presidential Candidates to provide proof of their constitutional eligibility to run for the presidency in 2012 if they wish to appear on the state's ballot.  (Read more).

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Many have been leery of the president’s campaign intentions to develop a civilian militia “larger than the Armed Forces.” Concerns were heightened with H. R. 1388: serve America Act, which many claimed to lay the foundation for such a militia while others attributed the bill and its passage last April to an uncanny resemblance of Hitler’s Youth.  Read more.

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