There are such things as journalistic integrity and ethics.  They provide credibility to the rhetorical argument by establishing a sense of trust the reader can subscribe to and more importantly, in which the reader can connect.  In the realm of politics where the subject matter becomes increasingly contentious, the rhetorical argument is frequently delivered with the over utilization of pathos in hopes that appealing to the emotive response of the reader in a manner that incites strong visceral reaction will overcome the lack of the ethical appeal contained in balancing a rhetorical argument with ethos.  The ethics of the argument IS the argument when comes to political issues of high contention.  This week we have directly witnessed the delivery of misinformation that will directly affect the residents of Arizona.

ICE embraces Obama Administration contempt of law

Multitudes of sources have reported that President Obama had signed an Executive Order granting amnesty to specific sub-demographics of illegal immigrants.  This 100% inaccurate!  President Obama has not signed an Executive Order granting amnesty to illegal immigrants.  While the objective of these articles is subjective and subject to individual interpretation, they come with the consequence of lost credibility, as Leftist Progressives will undoubtedly disclose the fabrications to advance the agenda of amnesty while further and rightfully discrediting the Right.

Read more: http://www.examiner.com/libertarian-in-phoenix/ice-seeks-to-exapnd-illegal-amnesty-the-right-fabricates-an-executive-order


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