There comes a point when time is measured in political terms. Americans become more reflective and begin to wonder, “what if.” Unfortunately, we currently live in a land where elected officials are rightfully of the least trusted people in America. Government scandals have revealed the American people to be the enemy of the state. Government sponsored programs have taken American lives while the Department of Justice sought to protect the program over the dignity of the American lives their program took. The highest levels of government refused to aid Americans overrun by terrorists in Libya and relentlessly tried to keep its betrayal of innocent Americans from the public. One scandal, closely followed by another redefined the Obama Administration, appropriately with Nixonian comparisons to corruption. The Obama Administration arguably has more scandals of significance to date than it does constitutionally acquired accomplishments. As Americans reflect on five years under Obama: “what if,” the votes of many Americans simply did not count?

“What if,” a state posted election results where 10 of its counties showed more registered voters than people eligible to vote? “What if,” a large urban city forcibly blocked GOP voting inspectors and in their absence showed a 90% voter turnout with 99% of the vote going to Obama? “What if,” a Chicago voting inspector reported voting machines not recording votes for Romney, but was obfuscated into silence? How much faith would the American people have in the Obama led federal government?

"What if," the hypothetical were fact?

Ten Colorado counties showed election results where there were more registered voters than there were residents actually eligible to cast votes. In fact, Colorado’s voter bloat inflation reveals registration ranging from 104 to 140 percent of ten specific counties of the respective populations. (Gardner, 2012) Topping Colorado’s voter bloat were the counties of San Miguel and Ouray where 140 and 119 percent of the population registered to vote. Consequently, not only did these counties far exceeded the national voting average, San Miguel County saw more than 70% of the votes going to Obama which aided in Obama winning the State’s electoral votes. (Politico, 2012) Pueblo County, Colorado, reported voting machine malfunctions at each of its voting locations. The devices changed votes from Romney – Ryan to Obama - Biden. (Heinrich, 2012) Vera Ortegon, Chairman of the Pueblo County Romney/Ryan Campaign stated, "The problem is that it is only happening in swing states and more specifically in swing counties within swing states and it's very coincidental. Pueblo County is a crucial swing county so it's going to boil down to just a few votes." Obama went on to win the county by more than 9600 votes.

In contrast, Philadelphia enacted a completely different type and far more aggressive form of voter fraud. The City of Brotherly Love forcibly removed and blocked GOP poll inspectors. (Hill, 2012) Philadelphia saw a 60% voter turnout. However, in all 13 of the Wards where GOP inspectors were prevented from monitoring the voting process, turnout was reported in ranges from 90 to in excess of 99 percent. In the 4th Ward, 9,955 votes went to Obama while 55 went to Romney. Beyond this, it is expected that it is to be believable that 59 of Philadelphia’s precincts went without a single Obama opposing vote in the absence of corrupt influences.

In Chicago, Steve Pickrum, a worker for the election supervisor, reported inaccurate vote recording by voting machines. (Cronn, 2012) "On early voting, when I did work on the floor when voters needed help using the equipment, I was able to see the preference of the voter, and every time that I saw a voter voted for Romney, a ‘voter save failure’ message came up on the screen,” he reported. He also ran into the same issue when he voted. He reported the error message to a poll worker who told him to assume his vote was counted. When he demanded his vote be checked, it was determined that his vote had not been recorded. Pickrum noted that he did not observe the error when a vote was placed for Obama.

In the battleground state of Ohio, it has been documented that machines would default to Obama 5 to 10 percent of the time. Ohio also reported the statically impossible: Obama won 99% of the vote in 100 separate districts.

Despite singling out specific and the more decisive battleground areas where the vote was more thoroughly scrutinized, social media outlets were riddled with incidents of voter fraud that demonstrate the problem was far more pervasive of an issue than many will acknowledge. Many who showed up to vote were told they had already voted for Obama, while droves of others boasted about being able to vote multiple times for Obama. In addition, specific demographics of people were duped into casting their ballots separately. In Florida, elderly voters were directed to place their ballots in a box while other voters utilized the voting mechanisms set up for the site. (Twitchy Staff, 2012)

“What if,” the scandal riddled Obama presidency is itself the largest scandal the media outlets refuse to report on?

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