MMA fans love a good a fight.  A good fight can end many ways, a submission, a knock out or simply be a slugfest to the closing horn.  When it comes to a slugfest, the winner looks better than the loser; regardless of what the scorecards say.  Recently, one such slugfest ended in a “loser” being declared the victor.  It happens, MMA fans are quite accustomed to it.

UFC on Versus 3 contained a loser that won; Diego “Nightmare” Sanchez who looked like his nickname when the fight was over, well in the second round actually.  When you “lose” in such fashion, there are things you do not do in the days following the fight.  One of them is talk crap on the guy who just beat your face to a bloody, swollen and barely recognizable pulp.  Still sporting sunglasses to hide his swollen, battered, and bruised eyes, Sanchez now claims Kampmann’s punches packed very little power.

The fight was “fight of the night” and each fighter was awarded an additional $40,000 with Dana White giving each fighter an additional $140,000 on top of that… perhaps knowing Sanchez may need a little additional cash for plastic surgery.

This morning, Sanchez took to Twitter insisting that looking like a loser and being a loser are two completely different things.

Kampmann, understanding that looking like a winner and being a loser gives him a certain edge of advantage.  And let's face it, he does need a win and decisively knocking Sanchez off would be the boost his career needs.
Sanchez is actually thinking twice.  And rightfully so, I am sure his face still hurts enough to make him think twice about squaring off with Kampmann any time soon.
The moral of the story?  When you get your ass kicked, deep down inside in you know it; scorecards play a very small role in that bitter reality.  A shot at a better fight?  Not after that performance.  The Nightmare proved that his face could double as a punching bag, while Kampmann demonstrated he could repeatedly hit it with laser like accuracy while preventing Sanchez from entering into his fight strategy.  Though Sanchez “won” the fight, he was relentlessly beaten during the fight.  In the end, what is most memorable about the fight is not Sanchez’s hand being raised; it the damage inflicted upon him that has been etched into the memory of MMA fans.
Rematch?  Sanchez better train this time!


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