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_ Political writing for a living is an unusual form of work.  One thing is for sure, you learn more about American political culture than you want to.  Over time, you find yourself struggling to maintain a balance between your own political alliances and what is right from a more objective perspective.  Your awareness of America’s plight under current political influences forces you to accept a reality the average American voter is free to deny the existence of.  All of a sudden, you’re alone in your understanding of a two party political machine hell bent on the destruction of America’s intent.

Over time, I have grown weary of the lies perpetrated by both the Right and Left as they seek to advance their collective agendas against the people. Lies both voters of the Right and Left accept as reality. Having grown up Liberal and now freely embracing Conservatism to actually vote with my personal values, all of this has brought me to my current place in time.  The time has come to stop allowing Republicans from so easily destroying Conservative interests.

"More or less, Conservatism, mothered by the Republican Party and Fathered by the Democrat Party, currently suffers an Oedipus complex in that Conservatives wish to destroy Democrats while they harbor a perverse attraction to the Republican political elite." - Paul Johnson

Proof and reason

Have you ever stopped to take a look at the Left versus Right and realized the arguments only exist because the Constitution has become an afterthought that is only used when a given side finds it convenient?  If we place the Constitution first, we would not have the volatile political atmosphere of today.  To me, this means BOTH Republicans and Democrats have duped the American voter into debating the semantics of an argument in order to force their prying eyes away from the only Document that has the power to FORCE government back into its LIMITED role over the people.  The Democrat versus Republican perspective actually LIMITS the perspectives of debate.  Us against them is what the voter thinks, but the American voter lacks the awareness to see the Democrat and Republican political elite are now essentially one in the same. Proof positive lies here.

It is here that I feel myself losing my grip on Conservatism as a political affiliation.  First of all, in more places than not, in order to vote “Conservative,” you must register Republican to do so – even though there are ever increasing disparities between the two.  My thinking at this point in time is that Conservatives are selling out their own personal and voting values to play second fiddle to a failing and highly distorted sense of Republicanism that rules the Right today.

Here’s how they do it

Rush Limbaugh was probably worse about it in 2010 than was anyone else.  If the Tea Party votes for such and such, he would rant, we will split the vote and the Democrats will win.  (And they will in turn advance the very same agenda against the people the Republicans sought to).  This has evolved into a new Republican mantra; “You have to look at the bigger picture.” the newly recruited, newly brain washed, once Conservative, newly pseudo-Republican schlepps now say.  They are saying; put your Conservative values aside so Mitt can slay Barak in the name of the honorable Republican Party!  And, in droves they are doing just that – placing their voting values aside so a Republican with NO CONSERVATIVE VALUES OR INTERESTS can AGAIN hold the Office of the President of the United States.

A proposal of lunacy 

It would be bad if Obama were reelected, we all know that.  But what we don’t know is what it will take for Americans to understand the need of more Conservatives influences in America.  Perhaps eight years of assaults on the Constitution by this man will be enough to make Americans appreciate the Constitution and its intent to LIMIT GOVERNMENT.  Perhaps it will take even more threats against personal freedom for the people to call upon the Constitutional Articles and a certain Declaration to return America to the people she ascribed a responsibility of protection.  Perhaps what the American voter needs is a true wake-up call to understand the threat their growing government actually represents to them.  Obama may well be the man to bring it to them given enough time.

From Conservative to Mindless Minion

It is tiresome watching once Conservative voters falling in line like mindless minions (#mindlessminions) to a higher Republican order touting the likes of a presidential candidate that is a direct expression of their very protests against the Republican Party.  And to think they have the nerve say, “You have to look at the bigger picture.”  A bigger picture of no Obama and no Conservative values, but all they will admit to is the former, their conscious’ refuse to allow them to address the latter.  Sell outs have a hard time acknowledging certain things you know; no matter how obvious they are.

But I digress.  The fact of the matter is that many Conservatives lack to courage to truly be Conservative.  First they flocked to Herman Cain who demonstrated more Republican values than he had interests in individual freedom.  Now they pull the Romney line so the Republicans can defeat Obama with a man who will be as much like Obama as Obama has been like Bush.  Just like Obama allowed Bush’s final budget to wreak havoc for four years, Romney will bury the fight against Obamacare.  He is after all, the practiced architect and prototype developer of Obamacare – the program the Right spent millions trying to stop.  More hypocritical than ironic when you stop and look at the history of the Republican fight FOR health insurance mandates.  He will, in the name of Republicans, continue to recklessly spend and Blame Obama for not passing a single budget since Bush.  Foolishly, Conservatives are yet again supporting the bane of their existence the likes of both the Republican Party and Romney as their selection for Free World Leader.

These so-called Conservatives say they like Romney’s business acumen.  I do too, but what does that have to do with being President?  Better yet, what will that matter when Americans lack the personal freedom to fully enjoy a better economy WHICH CANNOT BE DELIVERED TO THE PEOPLE FROM THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT in the first place?

But hey, I don’t “see the bigger picture.”

With the loss of the Conservative voice influencing American politics, Republicanism is allowed to freely expand government without the resistance of Conservatives whom have vested against their own values because they have been fooled into supporting the Republican norm over their own values EVERY ELECTION CYCLE.  When will Conservatives stop playing second fiddle to the lesser Republican?  When will Conservatives have the courage to stand up for their own values and have the faith in the values that guide their everyday lives and vote accordingly? 

While it is absurd to actually wish another four years of Obama on Americans to awaken them from their own world of lies, denial and apathy; the only element that can stop America’s downward spiral are the Conservative influences being currently being brain washed by the Right into supporting the least Conservative candidate in the field; next to Obama that is. 

Why is it that so few see this for what it is?

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_  And to think, I was told that things are getting better.  Of course if I were Joe - non-self-educating, lemming-like, sheepish – Public, I too would have fallen for the rhetoric that most today seem to be falling for.  Things are indeed getting better, but only when you compare “bad” to “worst.”  The Obama Administration would like Americans to believe that “bad” is in fact “good” and “worst” is not of their making.

Be that as it may, both bad and better are subject assessments of condition as compared to a “normality” that is based upon a set of personal values.  The idea in this case is to lull the public into overlooking the larger and more important picture – Obama’s actual performance as POTUS.  Here is what the Obama Administration is selling as better:
  • Americans in poverty increased 6.4 million from 39.8 million to 46.2 million
  • Home values dropped from $193,000 to $172,600 – an 11% loss in value
  • The U.S. has fallen from 1st to 5th in global competitiveness
  • As a direct consequence of Health Care Reform, health insurance premiums increased some 23% skyrocketing from $3,354 to $4,129 annually
  • Food stamp recipients jumped from 35 million to 45 million, an increase of 45%
  • Federal debt increased from 10.5 trillion to more than 15 trillion with no supporting federal budget 
  • Gas prices jumped 85%
  •  2 million more people found their way into unemployment despite POTUS boasts of an effective multi-billion dollar stimulus
  • Unsurprisingly, the Misery Index increased 65% under the Obama regime
What’s worse; while the Obama administration has not passed a budget in well over 900 days, it uses this failure in rudimentary functionalism to rationalize the blaming of Bush, who passed a horrid budget that spanned into the Obama presidential tenure.  Had the Obama Administration passed a budget in the three years Obama has been in office, their culpability in continuing the economic fascism of the Bush Administration would be irrefutable to even the most biased Obama supporter.  Instead, they use their inability to pass a budget as an excuse to both blame Bush and continue Bush spending policies which could have all been mitigated by more current fiscal budgets and defunding practices.  Simply put, America’s economic outlook could be considerably different today if the Obama Administration had actually wished to improve America’s overall solvency.

Here is a way of looking at one aspect, perhaps the largest aspect, of the Obama Administration.  If your household is consumed by debt, you do not seek to correct the problem by assuming even more debt.  Yet, America is being told things are getting better in areas where it is completely impossible for them to improve given the Obama Administration’s refusal to assume a role of fiscal responsibility that would be of benefit to the people.   

But when you look at it from the Progressive (anti) American position… I guess things are getting better.  America has fallen in almost all measurable areas making America more a global norm than an exception to a failing world.  This is after all, want progressives have wanted all along; a land of equal outcomes and denied opportunity to be more accepted by a lesser world.