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It is sort of funny, but I have been everything in the book.  Most notably, I would have to say would be neo-Nazi and liberal.  What makes it all the more amusing is those that have called me a neo-Nazi cannot list a single trait of commonality that would link a position of mine and that of the Nazism they heard (mis)used by CBS and Keith Olberman, thus picking the verbiage as a new key phrase of their own.  The sad part is the bastardization of liberalism that more aligns the Modern Liberal to the Nazi agenda than any other major political party in US history.

When faced with the neo-Nazi comment I usually ask “how” and wait for their response.  It is no surprise that their responses actually accuse the positions of the Modern Liberal and not my comments against this new and perverse direction the Left is moving in.  Therefore, it is laughable when a member of the Nazi leaning Left, accuses me of having a secret desire to bring Nazism to America.

When we look at liberalism, we cannot help but look at Obama himself.  Few realize how little he even uses the word and when he does, he dares to not delve into its lost definition.  The liberal of today cannot define liberalism beyond that of the common dictionary usage of “liberal.”  Tearfully sad I might add.  What’s worse is that so many of those whom supported Obama’s quest of Commander in Chief had so little interest in America herself, they could not articulate the difference between Left and Right, let alone find an internal political value that aligned them with a concept of liberalism that spawned an aged of accelerated Marxism, Leninism and economic Fascism; among other non American political agendas. 

Part of our collective problem is the need to define and label each other.  We do so with a ruthless scrutiny that disallows the individual expression of moderation.  You are either a full on party line puller, or nothing.  This is not unique to the rhetoric of the Left.  The Republican Party, which in my opinion has been a very poor representation of the Right in recent years is equally guilty.  Thank goodness for the Tea Party and their intent to return Conservative Values to the Right.  Either way, we are not a nation of special interests; we are a nation of individuals born with the right of the individual pursuit of our individual happiness!  To be clear, I redundantly used the word “individual” because that is where I feel the right to pursue life and life’s happiness falls.  It is not an entitlement in terms of guaranteed results as the Left is trying to turn it into.

However, I freely admit that I am not party line pulling conservative either.  Why would I want to be?  I define me; my political affiliation does not.  This definition is based upon a lifetime of developed personal values and beliefs.  I do not agree with all things conservative though conservatism best aligns with me.  If you were to be technical about it and base it solely upon “political aptitude,” I am actually better defined as Libertarian / Conservative!  Here is the kicker.  Most conservatives today actually lean more towards Libertarianism while they hold their conservative true to heart.  The Right of course downplays this because Libertarianism is gaining ever increasing representations that threatens the house that Republicans built on their journey away from conservative values as they pandered to the personal benefit of special interests.  This freedom that I express has caused some to say that I am liberal.  Hold your horses; if you read some of my writings, on the surface you will find some commonality with that of a Left that is now lost.

I am cool with gays in the military.  I have not always been, but “grew into it” as I matured in the military in the same manner I grew out liberalism while I was in the military.  Such a concept may at times cause a lesser politically articulate person to believe blue blood runs through these veins.  At the same time, though I am anti abortion, I am not Mr. Pro Life either.  Again, because I believe there are times that abortions are indeed called for, these same individuals may believe I am Pro Choice because seen in the writings are only certain key words that are attributed to a given side.  Just like people have selective hearing; people also have selective reading habits.  All I can say is read a bit deeper and if I write above a person’s level of understanding; read more – you will eventually catch up.  The one thing I am not is liberal.

Another part of this misunderstanding is what makes a conservative, a conservative.  I believe in less government - a very anti liberal position.  Going back to the individual pursuit, the pursuit comes with a certain burden of responsibility, a responsibility that lies solely with the individual.  It is not a gift owed to a person from governmental involvement in the regulation of personal lives.  What the government owes is equal opportunity, not equal outcomes!  The only gift provided upon birth is the gift of freedom that comes with being American.  What the individual does with that gift is up to them!  The Left of course does not agree with this.  And don’t feed me that “disadvantaged” BS because few were born more disadvantaged than I.

I believe in life and that life should be far more embraced than Americans today are willing to appreciate it.  Abortion in my eyes is not and should not be used as birth control, or as a tool to absolve individuals of their personal acts of irresponsibility.  Even though I do not fully agree with the Pro Life agenda, does not mean that I do not appreciate life for what it is or make me Pro Choice for that matter.

In as much, I believe in personal responsibility and accountability.  By far, this is the single greatest separation between my beliefs and that of the the Modern Liberal that has hijacked a once decent political philosophy.  What Obama and his minions of Modern Liberals want is equal outcomes in order to absolve the individual citizen of the personal responsibility that is granted as a gift upon birth requiring individuals to put their best foot forward despite the challenges they are born into.  This gift of freedom is viewed as curse because the Modern Liberal now covets on behalf of the other.  The other has identified this from a perspective of not having to fully effort the individual pursuit of happiness because it is easier for government to provide than it is for certain individuals to the risk the pursuit of more.  The ability to fail is freedom’s accountability for the willingness to strive.  The Modern Liberal now lacks the courage it takes to accept the consequences of failure as a part of Americanism.  By insisting upon equal outcomes, the Modern Liberal removes the individual responsibility of freedom and the accountability of where an individual finds them self in life.  In doing so, freedom itself is actually abolished!  Personal responsibility and accountability is everything.  It just takes guts to believe in it when times are hard.

How can I be cool with homosexuality?  It is about personal responsibility and accountability.  Homosexuality has been denounced since the onset of monotheistic religion.  For it, there is a consequence and that consequence comes in the form of accountability.  So, for me it is easy.  An adult makes choice just like any other and as with any choice, there will be accountability.  Because a person is gay does not make them bad when it comes to military performance.  It takes a certain type of person to be able to do the things required of those in the military and if that person happens to be gay, so be it.  From firsthand experience, the majority serving with them are more concerned with whether or not those that have been charged with the responsibility of having the life of another in their hands are capable of fulfilling the requirement.  It makes no sense to replace a gay person who can with a straight person who can’t.  Ask anyone who has had their life saved by someone who is gay and I am sure they will tell you the same thing.  If a gay person cannot fulfill such a mission, they should be prevented from serving BASED UPON THAT!  My fear is that gays will exploit this latest ruling and serve solely because they can and not because they are actually capable!  I fear that government will lack the courage to refuse service to those said gays out of fear of lawsuits and allow all gays because they are gay.  You see, supporting gays in the military comes with very conservative values; those of personal responsibility and accountability.  The Modern Liberal sees the tag GAY only and places no conditions of responsibility with it. 

So no, I am nothing like the Modern Liberal of today even when my views are confused with values of the Left.  For anyone stuck on the whole neo-Nazi thing, read a history book that is available anywhere in the world EXCEPT Germany and then re-evaluate your own position before judging mine based upon inaccurate Left Wing rhetoric.

For some strange reason I have been getting a great deal of e-mail inquiring about my position on abortion.  More specifically, requests to write an article on the new bills proposed in Congress and government’s role in abortion.  Fair enough.  The article is started, but while I collect my thoughts on the article, I will address some positions a bit more openly.

First off, I am no big fan abortion; everyone should know that by now.  While many seem to feel that this is due do my being conservative, this is actually an incorrect assumption.  It is because my personal values and personal experiences that have delivered me to a place in life where life itself appreciated a bit differently.  When “no big fan” is stated, it is to say that there is far less support for abortion than there is open opposition of it.  It does have its place given the cruel world we live in where the innocent are preyed upon by the vile.  Clearly, there are and can be no absolutes.

Where it started
The hang up exists in the history.  Our generation is a bit too young to understand “back alley abortions.”  A young woman in the 1950’s would get herself “in trouble” and turn to some quack to have an abortion.  Everything from hangers to rigged vacuum cleaners where used to conduct abortions.  This led to deaths from hemorrhage and infections.  Because of this, the government had little alternative but to regulate abortions.  In doing so government gave birth to a controversy that would become a political issue for the forth-coming generation.

What the argument lacks is balance.  Take for example a young 17 year old that has been the victim of her own father since she was three.  She simply does not have to be protested against and belittled when an abortion is sought.  This is of course a shortcoming of many on the pro-Life side.  They protest any and all before they take the time to stop and consider the factors.  Of course patient privacy prevents a selective protest, but not all seeking abortions are doing so as a means of absolving ones acts of irresponsibility. 

Facts are facts
I know, I know!  Condoms break, birth control fails.  Well, it is all in the numbers.  The failure rate is not what people think.  We all hear the astonishingly low failure rates, but they are manufacturer boasts of ideal applications and usages.  Women forget to take the pill.  Reality is that if she becomes pregnant, it is her fault, but this is a flaw AND failure of the birth control method given the administration protocol of the medication.  With this in mind, the birth control failure rate for the pill is actually 8%.The condom has a failure rate of 15%.  Do our youth actually know these percentages?  Probably not because so much “education” is sponsored by manufacturers and pro-abortion groups that real numbers are skewed.  This inaccurate representation of the failure rates and deliberate passing of misinformation only serves to increase the pregnancy and abortion rates. 

A personal account
I remember being taught very incorrect information.  The educator would take a condom, slide it over her hand and forearm to demonstrate that condoms “do not break.” 

“Well, Mrs. Johnson, what about  known wearing impact on latex of friction, ph balances, constant force and pressure?”  I could not help but ask.  She of course was not prepared for such a challenge, could not answer the question and chose to redirect.  Not one to by blown off, I took the high road and opted to disrupt the class.

“Stop listening, she is lying.  She can’t answer the question because she was not told what the failure rates actually are.  She is here trying to do our parent’s job and she is going to get someone in trouble doing it.  Look at her, when was the last time she needed a condom used?  How would she know from experience?  Old bitty, witch has no idea what she is talking about.”

My actions almost got me expelled from school for such direct opposition to a key liberal agenda piece.  (Un)fortunately, my aunt was the senior vice principle (who was more than tired of seeing me in her office) and my father was on the school board.  Nice right?  My problem was a simple one.  Because I was a poor Black kid did not mean I was stupid.  I never missed a single science question in all my years of school and though I did not know everything about sex and condoms, I knew BS when someone was trying to blindly shovel it down my throat.  That was my objection.  If you were going to lie to me, you at least had to attempt to do it smartly.  My punishment was an oral report on sex education and pregnancy prevention.  I had my say in the end.  A say that directly challenged the statistical efficacy of the planned parenting we were being taught.  My challenge was never met.  My aunt smiled, shook her head and walked out of the class.

No replacement for personal responsibility
Looking back it becomes obvious where the problem starts.  Youth have no idea what they are getting into.  They only know that they are supposed to be doing certain things by a certain age; with less and less parental involvement and more and more kids having kids – sex is what they are supposed to be doing.  It boils down to the irresponsible literally being taught both formally and by example of their parents that sex is very high on the adolescent to do list.  It ends in pregnancy that is supported by a system that condones and passively encourages premature sexual activity and abortions as an essential tool of birth control.  So, I get it.  Planned Parenthood and pro-choice groups are protecting the youth from being forced into the responsibility of being parents too early in life.

So where is the responsibility?  It is good to know that abstinence is on a comeback and teen pregnancy is dropping.  But at the same time a huge problem exists as our morals erode as a society.  What was once taboo is now commonplace.  We do not bat an eye seeing a pregnant 16 or 17 year old waddling through the mall while those of the traditional generation would have wanted to have words with both his and her parents.

One side believes abortion is the answer through enabling the lesser evil; death over responsibility.  The other side believes life itself should be cherished enough to at least be given a chance.  The two sides in this case shall never meet and that is fine.  All I am saying is that responsibility starts long before a given side is trying absolve another of it; yet they really do not support that concept - the concept responsibility starts before conception that is.  Because sexual activity in the young is so mainstream, it is not discouraged.  To make matters worse, the education process is laden with poor and inaccurate information which predisposes youth to risks they are hardly prepared for.  To right this wrong, abortion is again the answer delivered as a solution to a problem that was never correctly addressed to begin with.

The Obama factor
On the pro-life side exists a very interesting dilemma.  Most are not fully opposed to abortion, but embrace a concept of life that starts before even those of the Obama administration will acknowledge while the “acknowledgement” on the pro-life side is largely that responsibility begins with handling the events leading to pregnancy correctly.  However, what runs a bit deeper is accountability.  It is felt that if a person is willing to act in a more adult manner, they should be held accountable when their actions take a form on to its own.  With this group, it becomes a bit easy to ruffle feathers and stir spirited debate.  And that is exactly what Obama has done with not only with his personal support of abortions serving to absolve responsibility, but with ObamaCare that sought to very overtly deliver abortion services on taxpayer dollars.  It was contested that taxpayers were not funding abortions through ObamaCare, but that was very easily dispelled by simply reading the bill and its amendments. 

The fight over ObamaCare and its repeal did little to address these concerns.  (Please understand that ObamaCare hinges on far more than a simple repeal bill).  Adding to the challenges ObamaCare faces is a bill that seeks to ensure taxpayer dollars are not used to provide abortions in cases of consensual sex – regardless of government provided insurance or otherwise.  To the accountability respecting pro-lifer, this creates an ideal circumstance where responsibility is applied and those who truly need abortions are provided the option under circumstances that do not further economically imperil them.  Those on the pro-choice side disdain this bill and have delivered arguments and protests against it solely based upon the semantics of the definition of “rape.”  What they are actually angry about is a group has directly challenged their position to use abortions to absolve the accountability of the actions of individuals not fully understanding the consequences of sexual activity.  This disdain is felt so forcefully in this group because this group has always misrepresented the facets of sex on multiple levels and are thus largely responsible for the insanely high abortion rates of many ethnic demographics and deliberately refuses to fully address the level of responsibility that accompanies sexual activity.  This comes as a direct slap in the face to them and they have not taken it lightly.

The fact of the matter is that neither side is 100% right or wrong.  But there is not an equitable balance to found between the two either!  Hell, pro-lifers have taken lives in their protests against the taking of lives!  Pro-choicers have taken a position that virtually no one is responsible for their own actions and have gone to great lengths to ambassador a culture of immoral behavior. 

Finding balance
It is not whether a person is “pro-life,” or “pro-choice.”  It is a matter of balancing the perspectives that have polarized conventional and reasonable thinking.  Most support personal responsibility and feel taken back by government forcing them to fund the absolution of responsibility of the other while most also support the belief that what a woman opts to do with her body is up to her.  The balance lies in the imbalance between the sides that have been driven apart by the politicizing of an issue that actually has far more commonality than people will admit.  As with most, both sides have merit and both sides have fault, but what is most important to remember is when you respect yourself first, the polarizing aspects of the other become less so.  We embroil in debate and stand separated on an issue that has sufficient enough common ground to foster open and unifying discussion, yet we insist solely that the other side is wrong in our arrogance of self.  Interestingly enough, lost in the debate is life after life as we selfishly insist upon ourselves!

He was one of those guys that you cannot help but to remember in spite of his attempts to be unassuming.  I should have never met him, but I had such an odd approach to financial planning.  Not only was this man living on his investments, he had also received the death benefit of his wife.  Being new to financial planning, meant that this man would have a great of insight from several different perspectives.  His file was located in a cabinet designated for those who had been neglected for one reason or another.  Investors that where essentially on “autopilot,” those whom had no financial planner assigned to them, or those no one wanted to service.  He was filed there for obvious reasons.  It was not that he was difficult to work with; it was that no one wanted to have “that” conversation with him.  He was drawing from his investments, had received a insurance payout due to the loss of his wife and had very few questions.  An hour spent with this man would be about his wife, not about his investments, so his file was set aside until such a time that he decided to call for an appointment.  He would be my first solo appointment.

He was the first appointment of the day and I went in early to make sure I was there well before him.  My routine insisted upon coffee as I sat in my office going through the files of the day one last time, collect my thoughts, and paced the halls that was my trademark thought processing ritual. 

Walking in the office I could see him already there waiting.  His tall lanky, slight frame wrapped in tell tale grayish skin.  He had cancer and I could see it from so far away.  The tall, early riser was glad to be out of his daily routine and was excited to sit with a new face and discuss new things.  He needed a break from his routine and he needed the chance to share his story.

“Good morning Mr. Glenn” I greeted him.  His smile was just one of those real smiles.  He knew he was ridiculously early, but I invited him back to the office early under the condition that he had to join me for my morning coffee or not mind my partaking in my coffee while we talked.  He gladly took advantage of Jan’s freshly brewed joe as we talked.  He was soft spoken from illness and I had to ask how things were going.  He discussed his cancer and the experimental stem cell treatments he was undergoing.  He was not ready to die which confused him because he missed his wife so dearly.  He had her cremated and still had not found the strength to take this promised horseback ride into the mountains to scatter her ashes where the couple had spent so much of lives.  “She understands, but she is getting impatient.  She wanted to be free in the mountains, not crammed into an urn in the house she died in.”  He was right, but he could not bring himself to say that final goodbye to the physical state.  It is something our culture is far too familiar with.  It would seem that the majority of those I know anymore have the remains of a loved one nearby.  It is not a good or bad thing, just a human condition associated with whom we have grown into as a people.  Mr. Glenn came rushing back into my mind when I saw an article yesterday stemming from a California law maker trying to bring legislation back to life to legalize a process called “liquid cremation.”

Liquid cremation?  The same thing ran through my mind.  It is a “green” process of alkaline hydrolysis where heated and pressurized fluid is used to reduce a human body to about 120 gallons of liquid that is then disposed of or used as fertilizer.  The bones are reduced to a powder state that can be placed into urns for more traditional keeping or interment into a columbarium.  The legislation has failed in the past despite California’s embracement of “green initiatives.”  When a corpse was reduced to a liquid state, it was then to be “poured down the drain.”  Even the article I read yesterday contained the same disposal technique verbiage.  Turning your loved one into fertilizer is hard enough to accept, but pouring them down the drain is too far over the top it terms of a final resting place.

Ashes are poured everywhere, but it is done on our terms at a time we have deemed appropriate.  Giving the process of liquid cremation a “green” label to entice public support is solely based upon the ideology that the process does not use combustion though the expense is virtually identical to traditional cremation and produces twenty four times the amount of waste; waste that relegates a once human existence to a drain in which it is poured away.  Green processes are often exaggerated in this manner, but when it comes to such matters as cremation, they should be a bit more honest.  It is hard to say goodbye to a loved one and when it comes to cremation.  We find emotional toil in having to do it more than once which forces those like Mr. Glenn to hang on to things a bit longer than they thought they would.  A constant in life that we do not like to deal with is death.  In death there needs to be the dignity of honesty that liquid cremations hides through a series of lies to have it adorned with the title of green.

What we are witnessing is the green revolution slowly falling decaying to special interests and political agendas through selling a perception of exaggerated efficiency.  A field of science and technology said to save the Earth from its inhabitant’s destructive, wasteful ways; relegated to the deceptive practices of those wishing to advance an agenda by using a title of green despite the drawbacks in doing so.  What they fail to realize is that maneuvers such as this will blacken the eye of green advances that are for the betterment of society.  Much of what is labeled green is good while we witness the over selling of an increasing number of green initiatives that have proven to be far more impractical than beneficial.  To me we just cross a line when we deliberately misrepresent cremation so we can award a state contract to a campaign contributor so we can flush the state’s John and Jane Doe’s down the drain while we willfully deceive the public about what really happens during the process in question.  This is however, California.  What do you really expect from a state that sought to ban 42 inch flat screen tv’s in order to not have build a more efficient natural gas power plant that would have provided employment for its economically haggard citizens?

Growing up Liberal was not all the bad, in fact it was downright fun!  We were poor minorities in the inner city and disadvantaged in almost every way imaginable.  It meant that our parents were liberal by default.  It was not that they were hardcore liberals in every case, but liberal because they were supposed to vote Democrat in order to make the inner city just a little more tolerable.

Not voting Democrat meant that the children would have less because no other political party would support the needs of the disadvantaged.  So our parents and our parents, parents practiced liberalism because they were led to believe that in voting Democrat they were helping all in the community.  The good thing about growing up so liberal and so disadvantaged was that it was fun!  I cannot remember a day that I was not in trouble.  Don’t get me wrong, I was not “bad” as it is traditionally defined, but I was a little boy when little boys were allowed to be boys… back when little boys had a helping hand in their identities by a father and before being a boy was labeled as a disorder of one sort or another.

Our fathers knew the importance of little boys establishing their positions and encouraged us in doing so.  This meant trouble was never very far away.  In being a male child, we learned lessons of the world first hand.  A father would allow room for direct experience and be patient enough to tolerate the natural rambunctious nature to evolve into a maturity that spawned a provider and protector.  This process meant that we had to spread our wings as frequently as possible.  We had to test our resolve, our courage, and our strength all while being held accountable for doing so.  As hypocritical as that may sound, it was crucial for our long‐term development.  We were encouraged to do the things little boys do, but as soon as the envelope was  pushed just a bit too far, we were held accountable; fully!  The lesser boys would back off, and those more like myself would push in slightly different ways trying figure out exactly where the line was drawn.  It was our form of “playing.”  Well, maybe I was just a bit bad our sense of "playing" then is completely intolerable behavior today.

Rock salt

Sports were always big and in the winter, the Boys Club was the perfect after school stopping spot.  Homework first, a couple of hours of basketball and starving we would head home braving the Philly cold.  The walk was horrid.  To get home quicker, the little boy in us would come out.  Knock, knock run (doorbell Dixie to many) would always come in handy.  You would be impressed at how fast we could make the two‐mile trek.  The snow and ice of the winters made it all the more fun because running could not be easily accomplished.  The snow and ice also meant that we did not have to go on a porch to knock on the door.  We would get a nice hard snowball that was half ice and take aim on a door and fire for a thunderous effect that would assuredly scare living the crap out of anyone inside the house.  Looking back, it was more like gunfire in sound than it was like a “harmless” screen door‐ruining, window breaking snowball.

The throws, the crashing, and we off running down the ice coated sidewalk.  One fateful night poor Duke slipped and fell.  He was the fastest, so he was on his own as we slipped and sprinted straight by (and in some cases, straight on and over) him.

“He’s got a gun!” we heard Duke yelling.  We increased speed and Duke scrambled behind a car after drawing attention to himself.  The shot gun wielding home owner was more than tired of our regular visits.  He allowed Duke to take flight before we all heard the shotgun blast and a SCREAMING Duke.  He had been shot square in the ass with some good old fashioned rock salt and he did not like it, not one bit!  His ass burned something fierce, so fierce that once under the bridge with the rest of us he dropped trouser and sank his stinging ass deep into the ice cover snow.  HILARIOUS!  For all but Duke anyway. 

“Do my jeans have holes in them?  My mom is going to kill me!”  Looking back, we all had similar reactions when our actions were catching up with us.  It was not that Duke had been shot in the ass that concerned him; it was that his actions that led to the result could get him in trouble for both!  Accountability was always first.  It never stopped us from acting like little boys, but it did force us to call our acts as little boys into question.  We did not stop to seek blame crying that Old Man Snyder was wrong for shooting Duke in the ass with rock salt.  We first looked at ourselves for what we chose to do that led to the event.  Our fathers had taught us that all things in life happen as a direct result of the choices we make prior to any event unfolding upon us; even when the result is wrong.

Not a matter of blame

Of course Old Man Snyder was wrong, but we were wrong first.  He was good enough about it to let Duke get far enough away to give him a good scare rather than a trip to the hospital.  He knew what message to send and how best to send it given the unruly group of hoodlums he was dealing with.  We never once complained about it – hell, it was not only funny to us it was just! 

As good or as bad an example as this may be, we were all raised with conservative values.  Life’s unfair nature could be offset with good decision making and hard work.

It was not until I was in the military that I realized not just how my father embraced conservative values, but how our collective upbringing was based upon them.  Conservative values were practiced within the home, but in no way did they transfer over to the political realm.  This is often the case, though today I question how many actually have the courage to practice conservative values as they raise their children anymore.

There was never a question when I was in the wrong.  Things stemming from being in the wrong were first my fault.  There was no absolution of self, of responsibility, of accountability; it was about a sense of cause and effect and my contributions to it.  In this, there is little room for blame.  Even when I was not in the wrong, I was faced with the question of what I was going to do about it.  There was no time for pity parties, there was no time to waste on anything other than overcoming the shortfalls in life that I was dealt because of being born Black in the inner city. 

Self fulfilled prophecy

Being disadvantaged meant that one needed to actively seek out the condition of advantage.  It was not “unfair” that we had to study harder, or work harder.  That’s just the way is was and if we allowed ourselves to get caught up in being disadvantaged, advantage in life would most assuredly spend a lifetime eluding us.

Life is an ongoing self fulfilled prophecy.  If you believe that being disadvantaged in life will hold you back; it will.  If you believe you can overcome being disadvantaged and succeed; you will.  The problem with being disadvantaged is that many today believe it is a lifelong curse.  We believe that we cannot overcome the adversity.  What we believe will be.  My father never told me any differently. 

In being such an unruly kid, I learned that no one is to fault before me.  By being allowed to be a boy allowed me to learn how to establish my position.  We were like wolf cubs practicing to be the alpha.  When we bit too hard we got bit back.  Those who stopped biting because they did not like getting bit back would never go forward in life to lead their own pack.  It was the simple life lessons that are no longer being taught because of broken families and political correctness that now inhibit this tactile learning process.

Today a boy who pushes a bit is diagnosed with a disorder of some sort when all he is, is a little boy using tactile learning to determine how he will best fit into a suit and tie later in life.  When we deny this, we cripple the future of men.  Boys are supposed to be active.  They are supposed to fight and they are supposed to be held accountable for being little boys.  Instead we are raising little girls in boys clothes.

It was not always the kindest and most gentle upbringing, because it was not supposed to be.  I was not born into a kind and gentle world.  I was born into a cruel and unforgiving world, but I was also born with the responsibility of seeing my way through it.  My father instilled in me that life was not about the other and what the other had.  He showed me through allowing me to spread my wings that life was about my choices.  It was about my willingness to be accountable for myself when it was easier to find blame in others.  My father taught me that life was so simple to be so complicated.

So much of what we apply in life is in direct conflict of who were are labeled by others to be in life.  My father voted Democrat and I call him a liberal, but actually how liberal was he?

Not all nations can handle freedom.  The U.S. is truly unique in our experiment to be the first nation born directly into freedom.  Other nations have found freedom through formed democracy or multipartism.  Nations have attained varying levels of success and failure.  Underestimated is the level of governmental responsibility that is required to balance freedom and democracy. 

The Republic of Malawi has been under multipartism for 16 years and the small east African nation struggles to understand freedom.  Next week the Malawian government will hear arguments to ban farting in public.  "The government has a right to ensure public decency.  We are entitled to introduce order in the country," said George Chaponda, justice and constitutional affairs minister.

        "Would you like to see people farting in public anywhere?"

Well, even though you don’t really “see” people farting, it is hard to imagine democracy defining itself against natural body functions and the legislative process used to develop a process of law over nature.

          Since the country embraced multi-party politics 16 years ago people had felt               free to fart anywhere, said Chaponda.

        "It was not there during the time of dictatorship because people were afraid of          the consequences. Now because of multipartism or freedom, people would like          to fart anywhere, he said.

        "they should go to the toilet instead of farting in public."

        "Nature can be controlled... it becomes a nuisance if people fart anywhere."

The law states: "Any person who voluntarily vitiates the atmosphere in any place so as to make it noxious to the health of persons in general dwelling or carrying on business in the neighborhood or passing along a public way, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor."

In case you wondering, Chaponda is of the Democrat Progressive Party.  Dem Progressive is of the most idiotic political belief combinations in existence and demonstrates what can happen when freedom relinquishes control to the asinine. 

When farting becomes a crime, it is hard to say with a straight face that freedom elitists.  Of course with all the restricted sphincters as demanded by law, few faces will be straight as they will be forced into being strained holding back the call of Mother Nature.

“Stupid is as stupid does.”  And stupid is hardly worthy of being called a free democracy.

A cool sight this morning; literally.  You can see the hard freeze line in the mountains.  Not a fan of the cold by stretch of the imagination, but I do appreciate varying weather.  Living in southeast Arizona allows me the luxury of minimal weather variances.  Every now and then, we are rightfully reminded of our insignificance courtesy of Mother Nature.

Anthropomorphism is the word that comes to mind.  It is more than naming your beast of beater car Betsy or your puke colored Nissan Murano Clementine.  It is also an associative condition that afflicts both man and humanity.  This is where we believe as humans that we have power over things like nature, the gravitational attraction of the Moon to the Earth’s surface; that by the hand of the human race we can all jump simultaneously and shift the Earth’s rotation.  The affliction dictates that man, his impact is the end all be all, and a collective effort of man is the ultimate power.  Pretty arrogant right?  Man made global warming is a by-product of this macro narcissism.

Record breaking cold is yielded to Al Gore’s words that it is manmade global warming at play.  Of course he would say this; he made a fortune on the farce!  He peddles the lie of fear for a living.  No matter what happens, he will attribute it to global warming and continue to expand his riches in doing so.  But many people are quietly asking; “Okay, just what is going on?”

A good question considering many were experiencing upper 70’s one day and watching snow fall the next.  Global warming does not quite fit, but something is oddly amiss as weather patterns “seem” to be worsening.  “Seem” is the key word in many cases.  Just like dead birds falling from the sky and dead fish floating up from the depths, normality exists, it is just when so much attention is given to any one thing in a very short period of time the rate of incident “seems” to increase (statistical commonality).  The problem is that this only fits some of today’s weather events.  Others however, are a bit more unique to us and our lifetime.  These events and trends raise eyebrows and plant the seeds of questions many do not openly ask.

Several things are happening at the same time, but all are based in a planetary, evolutionary history that cannot be refuted.  Earth is a “cool” planet that experiences periods of warmth.  The human existence is in this most recent warm cycle.  It is all we know and all we are reasonably adapted to survive.  After all, it allowed us to evolve, migrate from Africa, out compete all other human like evolutionary beings and flourish.  Anthropomorphism dictates that any change in this is our fault; for we are collectively more powerful than the Earth herself.

Well, there is a problem.  This current warm cycle is but a snapshot in the history of the Earth which repeatedly cycles through warm and cool phases as it has for eons before we were even remotely biological possibilities.  Add to this a magnetic north pole that is shifting towards Russia at a rate of 40 miles per year and the ever increasing precession of Earth itself and things begin to destabilize (change).  Increasing weather cycles are thus natural as are both the loss and discovery of new species… especially the discovery of species to once thought to be lost.

Animal species are lost to shifting weather patterns and climate although athropomorphism dictates they are solely lost to human encroachment.  While human activity can detrimentally affect a precariously balanced species, its impact pales in comparison to naturally occurring weather and climate phenomena.  The recent reemergence of several species that once flourished is an indicator of the previous paleo weather cycle.

When it comes to a warming Earth, we look at a very brief understanding of global temperatures during the existing warming phase to rationalize and justify man’s impact.  In doing so we fail to take into consideration the Earth’s bigger and much more complex climate history.  We also use CO2 as a determining precursor of future weather.  The problem in doing this is that naturally occurring spikes in CO2 follow warming trends; they simply do not precede it in the manner our man caused CO2 concentration has.  Our science of manmade global warming is based upon CO2 emissions that have no historical scientific merit indicating they will actually increase global temperatures because it is an incident never before encountered by the Earth.  Since we are in a warm phase, we find scientific blame on these emissions and deny the normal flux of the planet.  What is important to remember is that the Earth has warmed repeatedly, before the human impact on CO2 concentrations.  Proponents of manmade global warming will not discuss the previous warming cycles before our existence.  Under this notion, the only cause of warming is man’s contribution, which is clearly a flawed scientific practice.

One hundered percent of the time, the Earth’s warming is followed by rapid and severe drops in global climate.  The warmer it gets, the more rapidly the Earth cools.  Another aspect the Gore minions will not outwardly discuss.  When these things are coupled together a slightly different picture of Earth’s climate is presented.  It is a fluid process of constant transition that we actively witness but a glimpse of. 

The polar ice caps exist only at the end of a global transition from warm to cool – 10% of the Earth’s existence has contained polar ice caps while they have been present 100% of our existence in this current cycle.  (I know, it sounds contrary because it has an inverse relationship.  Think of it as leaving an old school icebox open.  As it warms, the ice builds, but when it is at its coldest, there is virtually no ice.)  Oddly, Polar Bears have existed through at least two complete melting’s of the polar ice caps which introduced to the world, a much cooler planet; of course Homo Sapiens did not yet exist.  The common belief is that we are causing their death by warming the planet, but they will survive just as they have in the past.  The bigger question is if we can survive the forthcoming climate shift.

What we do know is that despite the human ego state, the Earth is going to do what it is going to do.  It has done this far longer without us than is has with us!  It is because of this transitioning climate that we even exist and without it, we would have never come to be.  In the big picture, we are a small evolving piece of a larger, ever-evolving planet.

As the Earth continues its wobble of precession and the magnetic pole continues its shift, the poles of north and south will be changed placing the Earth on its “side” as we know its side to be today.  On a day like today, many have a new appreciation for “warming,” but what should cause concern is what follows the warming trend, not the fact that we just happen to be in one.  More importantly, a warming trend that is increasingly demonstrating it is nearing its climate precipice.  Still we cannot understand that we are not warming the planet just as we will not be able to warm the planet once it again begins to cool; if it has not already started doing so.

Once before when this happened, our evolutionary predecessors were forced to Africa.  With so many humans inhabiting the planet today, no region will be able to support our numbers.  Only the fit will survive.  This will force a “cleansing” of the gene pool.  Those unable to contribute to the survival of the species will be forced out.  Birth rates will become controlled and Homo Sapiens will again evolve into stronger, healthier beings.  It is how the evolutionary life cycles work.  People like Al Gore have found riches in human ignorance that insists the warming is bad.  It pales in comparison to what follows!

Global warming has been turned into an emotive issue that forces an altered reality on many.  Nevertheless, when you get right down to it, global warming is as much a natural reality as is global cooling.  We fear water table increases, the ice caps melting and the ideological creation of a mini Venus here on Earth.  The next cooling period will make such fears desires and wishes of a time that would soon return will quickly follow.  Think of 75% of the nation turned into a permanently frozen Canadian Tundra.  Think of political initiatives that excessively tax the need of warmth as we usher in the cold through banality of denial.

How best to put this?  The “cold” that we are experiencing at this moment is but the tip of tomorrow’s iceberg.  As the Earth’s climate ebbs and flows it forces the evolution of all creatures that inhabit it.  It is our ignorance and fear that allows us to deny that we are but a speck of inconsequential evolution.  We are free to deny this reality because all we tangibly know is that of today, despite the clear writings before us. 

Bundle up, it’s gonna be a cold one!