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A certain loneliness accompanies the Black Conservative.  To the Black community, the Black Conservative is anything and everything but a Black Conservative in the true form.  The Black Conservative is not a free-enterprise embracing Libertarian, is assumed to be a Black Republican, but is not a Black Conservative.  This is due to the Left leaning Black community’s embracement of the passive role of victim under the unconditional support of Liberal political order.  Despite the hundreds of well-documented years of the Democrat’s fight against equal rights, the Black community has been lulled into passivity by the Democrat insistence the Black is a victim and only a victim.

"...that black American leaders were practicing a politics that drew the group into a victim-focused racial identity that, in turn, stifled black advancement more than racism itself did." Shelby Steele - 1999

The illusion in the Black community is power lies in the guise of victimization while Whites lie powerless under the illusion of redemption.  The illusion removed reveals the Black is powerless in that Whites have no redemption.  To break ranks with the role of the Black victim is to dissent for the Black community itself; a measure and expression of individuality the Black community meets with very overt and animus aggression.  To be Black and not envision one’s self as a victim is to resist the political influences of the Democrat Party.  This resistance is a demonstration of self-reliance; a forbidden Democrat attribute for Blacks to espouse. 

The difficulties Blacks have in overcoming the inequities between Blacks and Whites is the prescribed victimology assigned to Blacks by the Democrat.  As victim, the Black will never be equal; the Black will be eternally relegated to the powerless beneficiary of state dependency where economic liberty has been and remains lost.  The vein of “Black Power” lies the depths of victimization.  A power that was to deliver a people from the larger society, imperiled its fate to a subordinate subculture powerless to the control of a single party political system it aligned itself with that sought only to oppress it into economic silence.  Of course, the Black, as a whole refuses to see this because asserting one’s self against it is to forsake the Black community as an entity.

To be Black, is to be Democrat.  There is no discussion to follow.

The Black community supported Mayor Marion Barry and Bill Clinton while freely and publicly loathing Shelby Steele, Stanley Crouch, Clarence Thomas, and Ward Connerly.  O. J. Simpson was innocent and Barak Obama was the only presidential option.  Race alliance is subject to the conditions of Democrat Party affiliation only.  It is wrong in the Black community to believe the individual Black is more than a victim.  It is to be condemned by the Black community to believe Blacks to have ability to progress forward in life without the aid of the White Democrat crutch; that equality can only be attained through truly overcoming the obstacles in one’s life. 

Black Republicans like Colin Powell have failed the Black community by claiming conservative values and ruthlessly fighting for hijacked Liberal initiatives like affirmative action that now actually hinder Black competence and equality while expressly demonstrating the same discriminatory actions of oppression that has led to ideology of the defining role of Black victim.  (Let us not forget the “Philadelphia Plan!”)  Thus, the true Black Conservative is the antithesis!  He is the exclusion of sharpness the conventional quasi-embraced Black Republican lacks. 

My oldest brother came home on leave from the Air Force.  I was quite young at the time, but would always tune into conversations that centered on politics.  He casually stated how he was no longer A Democrat, but had moved on to become an Independent.  His dissatisfaction for the oppressive nature of the Democrat Party was more than obvious in his strong reasoning.  The looks of disdain flowed evenly through the room; my mom, my older sister and my second oldest brother – my father smiled his coy smile and disengaged.  Heard was the fact he was no longer Democrat, deliberately overlooked was his strong rationalization as to why.  You HAD to be Democrat if you were Black in the inner city; all else was a betrayal against the Black community.  "How dare he move beyond this loyalty;" is what their looks suggested. 

The despised minority

For generations Black Americans have been the despised minority of indifference and overt hatred, separated from the mainstream populous by a monolithic self majority insistent upon voting for Black oppression in support of Democrat lies and obsolete thoughts of a failed self-identity.   

In part, the Black community has grown to identify itself by whom it annihilates.  Those whom move forward in modern contemporary political thought are rebuked by their own.  Their own believe themselves to be the victim to whom are owed in order to attain equality - a sense of equality that cannot be attained through independent achievement and through self-competence.  As a victim, equality is unattainable.  Concepts that defy what the Black community has actually accomplished in every imaginable field and professional order.  While the individual can excel through their own merits, he must insist that he is a mere exception and for those who follow him must be the product of dichotomy.

It is amazing what you stumble across researching online.  A person’s digital signature is amazing.  Inadvertently, I stumbled across the traces of an ex.  (JDG, or any coupled combination thereof we will refer to her).  She has not changed.  Music tastes are the same; our only true compatibility.  Her Navy career was solid.  As JG was promoting she would grow frustrated feeling she was passed over for promotion because she was a Black female.  “Look at how fast you are promoting.” She would say. 

“Look at what I do.  I promote because I have taken the hardest of the hard assignments and excelled.  When you take on harder assignments, you will promote.”  Guess what?  She took on assignments with increasing difficulty and excelled in doing so; she also promoted.  Apparently, she has gone on to retire and now works for a government agency conducting background investigations.  All said and done, she seems to be doing quite well, merits attained through her individual effort of self.  However, she still believes that without White Democrat support, the Black individual is robbed of the opportunity to advance their position in life.  A clear dichotomy.  She can be a competent individual as a Black community member, but judging by words of her support for Obama and certain programs, the victimized Black community cannot be competent as whole without aid. Lost is the ideology that a community is comprised of the individual - as more individuals excel on their own merits while insisting upon themselves, the more the entire community advances.

Totalism over equality

It is said that an “Uncle Tom” is a person whom fails to love their own people and enables their oppression.  Oppression in the Black community is enabled by those within the confines of the community that support the one party system of Democrat or nothing.  It is the totalism of victim over the competence of  individual that now create the community.  The quandary is how can such dichotomy and pluralism exist in a community that has contributed so much to humanity while still refusing to believe fully within themselves.  Collectively, they rebuke the strong individual that possesses more belief in the Black community than the Black community expresses in self belief. 

The ideology of the Black conservative is one truth.  It is a perception that all are created equal and to attain equality one must fully embrace that they, as an individual, are of equal value.  When a community assumes the role of victim, equality can never be attained.  Equality requires a level of self-responsibility and self-accountability that Democrats seek to absolve in order to passively oppress.  It is sad that the Black community has espoused the role of victim over the role of the equal and in turn attempt to shun those within the community attempting to deliver it to its proper place in society  - all while refusing to accept that "Uncle Tom" is far more fitting for those subscribing to their own oppression, not those whom have removed themselves from it so others may follow.

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It was two weeks ago that a chess game was played.  Chess, not in the literal sense, but in the intellectual gaming sense.  The figurative play of engagement to assess the true capability of the other.  The other has failed – miserably.  The catch is that one does not “fail” when being assessed per se.  To fail is this sense is then the egregious demonstration of one’s ignorance.

Two weeks ago dialog was engaged with Liberal / Obama support groups(ies).  The discussions were based upon the mass media’s new round of claims of racism against the Right.  To make the game interesting a door was left wide open for the Obama groupies and supporters to demonstrate that they did in fact possess the cognitive ability of independent thought.  Collectively they failed, but to rationalize their failure they uniformly united against racism and expressed the deplorable nature of the racist. 

Why did they do this?  The media was defending Obama and the birth certificate issue.  Because the birth certificate issue had little merit on which to defend Obama’s stubborn nature, the race card was again played.  The objective individual understands that race is utilized to defend the political ideologies of the Obama Administration which inherently lack the merits on which they can defend themselves.  The liberal enabler of racism only sees the claim while refusing to look at the facts behind the claim itself. 

The liberal participants went on and on about how the Right is racist, and for a person to not see that proved them to be blind to the reality of the existence of racism.  The problem with these statements was simple; they were in response to comments that contained the inclusion, “racism does indeed exist within the Right.  Racism however, is not the fueling motivator of disdain for Obama that those in the mass media and Left are making it out to be.”  Despite this, the Left simply related the vague conditions of the article itself.  A single liberal went off script and referenced Jimmy Carter’s comments pertaining to how race was fueling the fight against Obama.  After pointing out that Cater later recanted his statement supporting unsubstantiated claims of racism, she deleted her comment and stopped participating in the dialog. 

The deliberate gaping hole in my approach to the dialog was simple.  The article liberal groups were tossing around as definitive proof the Right is racist came 10 days after an incident of true racial significance that was perpetrated by a Republican political leader closely associated with the Tea Party!  Ten days is significant in an issue like this due the media penetration phenomenon.  This is to suggest that the liberal anti-racist who is capable of independent thought would have the ability to connect the two.  If the connection were not made at first, cued prompting, (which was more than adequately provided) would aid in the connection.  The only light bulbs that went off were those that immediately burned out when challenged to “think” in independent terms.  This cognitive inability to connect actual acts of racial concern to leftist claims of racism demonstrate the unconditional submission to hierarchy of “liberal social order.”

The problem lies in the symbolic interactionism of the liberal subculture that has lost the ability to “self script” outside of the conditions set by the dominate liberal whole.  This inability to script different perceptions of self develops into the loss of self-identity outside the confines set by the higher liberal social order.  This is exactly why, as atrocious a president Obama is; he will always have these unconditional supporters whom lack a sense of  self that is beyond that of which Obama as prescribed to them.  One lower level political figure in Atlanta stated, “Obama knows what’s best.”  Such a statement epitomizes the loss of self and the failure in the ability to identify self  individuality in the lower liberal subculture.  If the dominate liberal whole makes a claim, the subculture will in turn unconditionally submit to it.  Envision if you will, an abused other whom seeks to rationalize their abuse in terms of their own inadequacies.  Hence is the new liberal subculture.  The inept view of self has allowed its exploitation to a social order that is granted the perception of power for being more competent and more responsible than that of the individual self. 

When dealing with the liberal subculture on race issues, they can only articulate what the leftist media provides to them.  When challenged with the reality of Democrat racism, they completely shutdown.  They can (do as told and) finger point to unsubstantiated and vague claims of racism stemming from the right, but will not address the tenure of the late Senator Byrd in terms of Democrat tolerance of racism.  Nor will they address the institutionalism and glorification of racism associated with the naming of the USS Stennis after another late racist Democrat.  There is no discussion of the KKK and the more than 100 years of the Democrat Party fighting against civil rights will never be discussed.  Why?  Because the liberal higher order will not allow the expression of individual thought to do so.

It is not that racism does not exist; it is that we have allowed it polarize.  Through the manipulation of the liberal subculture, the Obama Administration forces race to the forefront and keeps it present by disallowing their followers to engage in open discussions on racism as they pertain America and American politics.  In order for America to move forward from our sordid past on racism, we must first be able to it address openly.  Unfortunately, the president of the “post racial America” has ensured it will not happen under his watch.  Enabling him is a group that clearly identified themselves to be inept of self.  Their concession and capitulation from freedom finds equal guilt in America’s racial conundrum as is the perverse act of racism itself.

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It is not so much that conspiracy theories abound, it is that trust in a president is at an historic low.  Trust, like respect must be earned and to many, Obama has not earned either.  Too much deception, too many closed door meetings and far too many lies.  It has gotten so bad that when he announces that Osama bin Laden is dead, the skeptics raise a question; where are the pictures to prove it?

The quandary is based in Obama’s history of deceit with the people, the timing of the event(s), and perhaps most importantly, how he chose to deliver the message itself; his overuse of the words I, my and me.  For a person who does not favor the President, it is excruciating to listen to him insist upon himself to the degree that this man does.  Be that as it may, the timing came in conjunction with record low approval ratings, the beginning of the 2012 campaign and following the release of Obama’s birth certificate.  Almost too good to be true.  This forced even those who voted for Obama to question its authenticity.  As the question began to arise a new conspiracy was born, but before passing judgment, the bigger picture must be taken into consideration.

The Obama Administration places facial emphasis on foreign policy over domestic priority.  Due to this key factor, Obama is less likely to treat the international community in the same manner in which he treats Americans.  Simply put, we are worthy of lying to, they are not.  Osama is likely dead.  While many continue to ponder this as they await traditional confirmations which have suddenly fallen victim to “ethics in the media.”  Imagine that. 

It is said the images are extremely graphic and releasing them may be accompanied with certain consequences (inflame the enemy).  However, when media sources were confronted with the ethics conundrum, they universally responded that journalistic integrity requires their release with certain conditions being placed upon them.  Conditions such as separate “click” to access the photo(s).  Despite such concerns, the photo(s) must be released.  The international community will not be allowed to view Obama as a person perpetrating a fraud against a group of people.  It is inconceivable that a key figure in the war that is terror would go invalidated by the mystic shroud of passive silence that is Obama.  It is also inconceivable the government of Pakistan will be persecuted (and they will be) for harboring Osama without the credibility of undeniable proof of the event which felled the man himself in their nation where American troops have lost their lives; some at the hands of Pakistani people. 

There is also something we need to be completely honest about that fuels the doubt surround Obama and his speech.  There are those that whose disdain for Obama is so strong they doubt the event because they wish to not credit Obama with a perceived victory.  One the other side of this exists the progressive supporters of Obama who vehemently defend Obama and desperately needed Obama  to do something right so they have something of actual substance on which defend him on.  In classic Obama fashion, both sides have been let down.  No hard evidence leaves both sides in want.  Those of disdain speculate, while those of support are still reduced to the sophmoric defense strategies of name calling and then obsessing on the fact they have so few factual tools at their disposal to defend Obama with that continue “debates” with the most rudimentary attacks long after the debate itself is over.  What people want is for Obama to actually demonstrate that he can be decisive and strong; something the American people have yet to witness outside of “race related incidents” that do not warrant presidential attention.

The other thing we need to face is that Obama is just as desperate for a victory as are his supporters.  A true victory that all see as a victory.  Not the farce of victory in legislation that was developed with back room deals and delivered in a series of lies spanning more than two years.  A true universal victory that will not divide a nation and be called universal despite the issuing of more than 2,000 waivers to help “select Americans” avoid the atrocity of unconstitutional legislation that is failing before it even truly starts.  He needs that, his supporerts need that and Americans in general need that.  We have not celebrated a universal victory since Bush; we are long overdue.

Obama has demonstrated that when it comes to convincing the American people alone, they can be in want for all he cares.  However, his duty is to now convince the world; a world whose opinion he cherishes for more than those who cast votes him.  For this reason, a photo of bin Laden will be produced.  It is just unfortunate that his passive leadership style allows for such speculation before the right thing is done.  Suddenly it is about the political correctness of Muslim beliefs and ethics in the media.  The concern for retaliation grows; the truth is retaliations have already started; the longer the delay in proving the event to be true only serves to renew such efforts against the infidel. 

The Obama victory, is not an Obama victory.  He can say I, me and my as many times as he wishes.  The victory belongs however, to an intelligence infrastructure that Obama himself swore to destroy.  It is a victory in interrogation techniques that Obama sought to see good Americans imprisoned for.  Most of all, it is a victory for America’s most elite unit; a unit that Obama was willing to send on a mission such as this – without pay.