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OK, the government shutdown. So what!  If Congress were to shut down; at least then we could rest assured the federal government was finally acting with some semblance of competence.  But of course, in true Obama fashion, the shutdown is the Republican’s fault – and he and his fellow Democrats are completely innocent and not in the least bit culpable.  The shutdown, driven by Republican anti-ObamaCare sentiment has left federal employees temporarily out of work and has been made out to be the ultimate American partisan Armageddon. Ignorance abounds.

The “defund ObamaCare” line in the sand is not what it is being made out to be.  The Republicans want “changes” to ObamaCare – not to cast it into the depths of the sea as Obama has been saying… yes, your beloved presidential messiah, is a liar.  The bigger question people should be asking is what “changes” are being sought.  Before that, the Right needs to grasp the concept that the Republican political elite SUPPORT health care mandates and “taxed” socialized medicine models.  Hell, Gingrich, who many Republicans supported on his presidential run supported health care mandates as Speaker of the House. Never mind the Republican Nixon era push, or how “Conservative” organizations like The Heritage Foundation spearheaded Republican based support.  At least this supported existed when health care mandates were a Republican ideology.  As Democrat ideology, the Republican Party has developed a public oriented façade that the Party despises the concept.  If this were the case, why then would the Republicans have started the resistance with “repeal and REPLACE?”  If the Republican Party cherished constitutional authority over political agendas of tax revenue, there would have been no need to replace ObamaCare for another insurance mandate model.  Because Republican support is what is, socialized health care in its current ObamaCare form is never going away.  Get over yourselves already.  ObamaCare was largely based on RomneyCare and despite years of fussing about ObamaCare, the Right lined up in mass and voted for Romney.  If the Right truly stood against ObamaCare and its founding unconstitutional conceptualisms, Romney’s name would have never found its way to a single ballot.  It is continually that the Republican political elite say one thing while doing the opposite, yet the Right’s constituent response is only reflective to what their leading Republicans are saying – not to what they are actually doing.  This leaves the Right arguing against their own Party’s agenda because they insist upon themselves with a perverse sense of denial about the larger Party’s actions. 

Since we can reasonably establish underlying Republican support for ObamaCare, we can then focus on what the Republicans actually find wrong with ObamaCare and in the least would like its start-up delayed.  Here is what you don’t know.

Perhaps the single largest problem with ObamaCare, beyond its blatant betrayal of constitutional authority, is the enrollment process.  Forced upon the states and grossly underfunded by the federal government is the enrollment process itself which is managed by “Navigators” and “Assisters.”  These individuals are hired to assist citizens in enrolling in ObamaCare in order to stay out of jail and or avoid being additionally taxed by the federal government for not enrolling.  Due to ObamaCare’s excessive complexity, it was determined that Navigators and Assisters will need a minimum of 20 to 30 hours of training to effectively enroll potential candidates.  Despite the training concern that was generated by the Obama Administration, they have allowed Navigators and Assisters to enroll citizens into ObamaCare with as little as five hours of training despite having no prior health insurance training or experience. 

To complicate matters with enrollment, Navigators and Assisters will not be held accountable for providing misinformation about ObamaCare plans that cause the enrollee to undergo financial hardship as are other professionals such as accountants and financial planners that disenfranchise their clients through either malicious intent or professional incompetence.  Long story short; the Obama Administration recognized the high probability of enrollment errors and rather than seek to correct the issues before these problems occurred, the Obama Administration has granted Navigators and Assisters “immunity” AFTER SETTING THEM UP TO FAIL the public.  This will assuredly result in enrollment errors, cause enrollees to pay for services in which they have no need and have enrollees be refused access to care because they will not be enrolled in the correct plans.  Sadly, those doing the enrolling will be provided federal protections for the harm they will undoubtedly cause.

This immunity however, stretches a bit further than one might imagine.  Navigators and Assisters will have direct access to the enrollee’s Personal Identifying Information such as SSN, date of birth, household income and even this same information of other adult individuals living within the same residence.  During the rulemaking session HSS conducted for ObamaCare, this concern led to a discussion to determine the feasibility of conducting background checks before hiring Navigators and Assisters to mitigate the high risk of identity theft.  One government official serving as a board member who was said to be “well versed” in Human Resources questioned whether the federal government held the authority to conduct background investigations as a condition of employment.  The discussion was then curbed citing background checks would hinder enrollment in that many areas where ObamaCare is in need. Potential Navigators or Assisters in these areas were described as being unwilling to submit to a background check and thus would not qualify for employment by default. This, according the HHS rulemaking board, would then leave gaps in where ObamaCare could be accessed and background checks were not included as a condition of employment.  Again, the Obama Administration identified a risk with the enrollment process and ignored it because it was deemed more important to launch the program by a specified date than it was to protect the American consumer enrolled in the program.  Sadly, this not where the enrollment issues end, it is where they begin.

The HSS was also advised against paying Navigators and Assisters on a per enrollment basis. They ignored the warning and have now set in place Navigators and Assisters who are grossly under trained, many of which have criminal backgrounds to include crimes of identity theft and have incentivized them to enroll the highest number people possible for the most expensive plan available while further granting them federal protections for misrepresentations of the program that cause financial harm to those seeking ObamaCare.  This system of dysfunction immediately led to ObamaCare scams where individuals and organizations sought to exploit the easily compromised program.  The HSS, once informed of the fraudulent activities refused to certify legitimately sponsored programs in order to protect the consumers.  This simply means there is little to differentiate the real program from a fraudulent program until such a time as the IRS seeks action against an individual who is actually not enrolled in ObamaCare.  In such a situation, it is the consumer who lacks protections and it is stretch to think the IRS will suddenly be forgiving when owed money when it has already abused its power enforcing its own interpretation of the new health care law.  Least we not forget, despite the misinformation and misrepresentations, ObamaCare IS NOT FREE.  The majority of enrollees will have to pay for their mandated insurance plans.  Because of this, the IRS now has unprecedented access to an individual’s financials that they will forcefully police.  Failure to comply will bear results that are hardly unpredictable considering the IRS’ enforcement tactics.

The problem here is that issues such as immunity for those enrolling individuals into ObamaCare, the gross lack of training, failure of the government vetting these employees for consumer safety reasons and the IRS’ power grab have not seen the light of day in the media and WILL bring direct harm to those who have been forced into ObamaCare.  The ideology behind the program was that it was for the good of the people, yet those implementing the program have not done a single thing to protect the people from the problems that ObamaCare is guaranteed to cause.  The “Republicans who have shut down government” as Obama likes to refer to them, want things like this fixed BEFORE implementation of the program.  While there are a few who would completely defund and do away with ObamaCare in the name of constitutionalism, they are not the driving force behind the current budgetary debates.

To delay ObamaCare gives government the opportunity to correct the highly faulted program and protect the interests of the consumer who under ObamaCare are forced by law to figure out how to pay for their share of the law’s mandates.  The majority of those who do not have health insurance do not have it because they cannot afford health insurance and pay for things like groceries and rent (see RomneyCare complications for an example of how this will affect most Americans enrolled in ObamaCare).  The law forces that decision on their behalf at rates that have now been determined to be more expensive than pre-ObamaCare health insurance rates.  More specifically, Obama promised to decrease the average family’s health insurance by $2,500 per year, while it will actually surge some $7,450.

The truth, as painful as it may be, is not what the highly partisan banter has been about.  What Obama supporters need to understand is that the program’s implementation is far more important to Obama than the protection of consumer interests that are clearly compromised by the program.  The Right needs to accept the fact that the Republican political elite are now completely out of step with their constituent base.  On both sides, Americans simply want to believe it is the other side that is wrong.  Unfortunately, neither understands what is actually happening.  Democrats have been duped, by their own over-abundance of ignorance, into believing Republicans are harming them by blocking ObamaCare while they (the Republican political elite) are in fact the only entity within the federal government attempting to protect them from the certain ill effects of ObamaCare.  Republicans, in an attempt to protect the secrecy of their support of ObamaCare have used the denial of the Right to poise a defense of defunding the program.  In doing so, they have lost the only position of integrity to be found within the entire debate.   Republicans birthed the ideology of mandated health care models in America.  They have wanted “ObamaCare” (or the like) for no less than 40 years and have pushed for it on several fronts since 1974.  Supporters of the Republican Party must come to terms with this in order to understand what is really happening in America today and within their own Party.   

Amazing is the deafening impact of denial when coupled with ignorance.  Of course, the Left will never acknowledge that their great one is perhaps the single most deceptive president in US history and Right will never realize their political elite have long since abandoned them and their conservative values.  In the end, we are left with exactly what we have here today.  We now live in a land where rhetoric has replaced reality.

If you are of the masses who believe Obama is the first Black president, you could not be more wrong.

 Thomas Jefferson, America’s third president was the nation’s first Black president.   Jefferson, the "son of a half-breed Indian squaw and a Virginia mulatto father," went to great lengths to conceal his ethnicity.  Jefferson was said to have destroyed all documentation of his mother and even seized letters from others that were penned by his mother.
The nation’s seventh president, Andrew Jackson, was the son of an Irish woman who had married Black man.  Jackson’s eldest brother was sold as a slave.  Later, in 1863, Jackson was placed on a 2-cent stamp; it was satirically named “The Black Jack.”

Abraham Lincoln was called "Abraham Africanus the First" by his opponents because his mother was known to be the product of an Ethiopian tribe.  Lincoln’s dark skin and course hair also confirmed to many that he was the product of an African father.

President Warren Harding, unlike Jefferson, Jackson and Lincoln, never denied, or tried to hide his African heritage.  Harding not only attended Iberia College, a college for fugitive slaves, both of his parents were on African lineage. 

Calvin Coolidge took great pride in his ethnicity as he boasted his mother was of dark complexion because she was of Native American descent.  Coolidge’s mother was actually a “Moor” and not Native American.  It was later determined that Coolidge was in fact of African descent.

There you have it. Quick, clean and simple; Obama is not the first Black president.

  Vaughn, L. D. (2002). Black People and Their Place in World Hisrtory. LULU Press.

_ Political writing for a living is an unusual form of work.  One thing is for sure, you learn more about American political culture than you want to.  Over time, you find yourself struggling to maintain a balance between your own political alliances and what is right from a more objective perspective.  Your awareness of America’s plight under current political influences forces you to accept a reality the average American voter is free to deny the existence of.  All of a sudden, you’re alone in your understanding of a two party political machine hell bent on the destruction of America’s intent.

Over time, I have grown weary of the lies perpetrated by both the Right and Left as they seek to advance their collective agendas against the people. Lies both voters of the Right and Left accept as reality. Having grown up Liberal and now freely embracing Conservatism to actually vote with my personal values, all of this has brought me to my current place in time.  The time has come to stop allowing Republicans from so easily destroying Conservative interests.

"More or less, Conservatism, mothered by the Republican Party and Fathered by the Democrat Party, currently suffers an Oedipus complex in that Conservatives wish to destroy Democrats while they harbor a perverse attraction to the Republican political elite." - Paul Johnson

Proof and reason

Have you ever stopped to take a look at the Left versus Right and realized the arguments only exist because the Constitution has become an afterthought that is only used when a given side finds it convenient?  If we place the Constitution first, we would not have the volatile political atmosphere of today.  To me, this means BOTH Republicans and Democrats have duped the American voter into debating the semantics of an argument in order to force their prying eyes away from the only Document that has the power to FORCE government back into its LIMITED role over the people.  The Democrat versus Republican perspective actually LIMITS the perspectives of debate.  Us against them is what the voter thinks, but the American voter lacks the awareness to see the Democrat and Republican political elite are now essentially one in the same. Proof positive lies here.

It is here that I feel myself losing my grip on Conservatism as a political affiliation.  First of all, in more places than not, in order to vote “Conservative,” you must register Republican to do so – even though there are ever increasing disparities between the two.  My thinking at this point in time is that Conservatives are selling out their own personal and voting values to play second fiddle to a failing and highly distorted sense of Republicanism that rules the Right today.

Here’s how they do it

Rush Limbaugh was probably worse about it in 2010 than was anyone else.  If the Tea Party votes for such and such, he would rant, we will split the vote and the Democrats will win.  (And they will in turn advance the very same agenda against the people the Republicans sought to).  This has evolved into a new Republican mantra; “You have to look at the bigger picture.” the newly recruited, newly brain washed, once Conservative, newly pseudo-Republican schlepps now say.  They are saying; put your Conservative values aside so Mitt can slay Barak in the name of the honorable Republican Party!  And, in droves they are doing just that – placing their voting values aside so a Republican with NO CONSERVATIVE VALUES OR INTERESTS can AGAIN hold the Office of the President of the United States.

A proposal of lunacy 

It would be bad if Obama were reelected, we all know that.  But what we don’t know is what it will take for Americans to understand the need of more Conservatives influences in America.  Perhaps eight years of assaults on the Constitution by this man will be enough to make Americans appreciate the Constitution and its intent to LIMIT GOVERNMENT.  Perhaps it will take even more threats against personal freedom for the people to call upon the Constitutional Articles and a certain Declaration to return America to the people she ascribed a responsibility of protection.  Perhaps what the American voter needs is a true wake-up call to understand the threat their growing government actually represents to them.  Obama may well be the man to bring it to them given enough time.

From Conservative to Mindless Minion

It is tiresome watching once Conservative voters falling in line like mindless minions (#mindlessminions) to a higher Republican order touting the likes of a presidential candidate that is a direct expression of their very protests against the Republican Party.  And to think they have the nerve say, “You have to look at the bigger picture.”  A bigger picture of no Obama and no Conservative values, but all they will admit to is the former, their conscious’ refuse to allow them to address the latter.  Sell outs have a hard time acknowledging certain things you know; no matter how obvious they are.

But I digress.  The fact of the matter is that many Conservatives lack to courage to truly be Conservative.  First they flocked to Herman Cain who demonstrated more Republican values than he had interests in individual freedom.  Now they pull the Romney line so the Republicans can defeat Obama with a man who will be as much like Obama as Obama has been like Bush.  Just like Obama allowed Bush’s final budget to wreak havoc for four years, Romney will bury the fight against Obamacare.  He is after all, the practiced architect and prototype developer of Obamacare – the program the Right spent millions trying to stop.  More hypocritical than ironic when you stop and look at the history of the Republican fight FOR health insurance mandates.  He will, in the name of Republicans, continue to recklessly spend and Blame Obama for not passing a single budget since Bush.  Foolishly, Conservatives are yet again supporting the bane of their existence the likes of both the Republican Party and Romney as their selection for Free World Leader.

These so-called Conservatives say they like Romney’s business acumen.  I do too, but what does that have to do with being President?  Better yet, what will that matter when Americans lack the personal freedom to fully enjoy a better economy WHICH CANNOT BE DELIVERED TO THE PEOPLE FROM THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT in the first place?

But hey, I don’t “see the bigger picture.”

With the loss of the Conservative voice influencing American politics, Republicanism is allowed to freely expand government without the resistance of Conservatives whom have vested against their own values because they have been fooled into supporting the Republican norm over their own values EVERY ELECTION CYCLE.  When will Conservatives stop playing second fiddle to the lesser Republican?  When will Conservatives have the courage to stand up for their own values and have the faith in the values that guide their everyday lives and vote accordingly? 

While it is absurd to actually wish another four years of Obama on Americans to awaken them from their own world of lies, denial and apathy; the only element that can stop America’s downward spiral are the Conservative influences being currently being brain washed by the Right into supporting the least Conservative candidate in the field; next to Obama that is. 

Why is it that so few see this for what it is?

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_  And to think, I was told that things are getting better.  Of course if I were Joe - non-self-educating, lemming-like, sheepish – Public, I too would have fallen for the rhetoric that most today seem to be falling for.  Things are indeed getting better, but only when you compare “bad” to “worst.”  The Obama Administration would like Americans to believe that “bad” is in fact “good” and “worst” is not of their making.

Be that as it may, both bad and better are subject assessments of condition as compared to a “normality” that is based upon a set of personal values.  The idea in this case is to lull the public into overlooking the larger and more important picture – Obama’s actual performance as POTUS.  Here is what the Obama Administration is selling as better:
  • Americans in poverty increased 6.4 million from 39.8 million to 46.2 million
  • Home values dropped from $193,000 to $172,600 – an 11% loss in value
  • The U.S. has fallen from 1st to 5th in global competitiveness
  • As a direct consequence of Health Care Reform, health insurance premiums increased some 23% skyrocketing from $3,354 to $4,129 annually
  • Food stamp recipients jumped from 35 million to 45 million, an increase of 45%
  • Federal debt increased from 10.5 trillion to more than 15 trillion with no supporting federal budget 
  • Gas prices jumped 85%
  •  2 million more people found their way into unemployment despite POTUS boasts of an effective multi-billion dollar stimulus
  • Unsurprisingly, the Misery Index increased 65% under the Obama regime
What’s worse; while the Obama administration has not passed a budget in well over 900 days, it uses this failure in rudimentary functionalism to rationalize the blaming of Bush, who passed a horrid budget that spanned into the Obama presidential tenure.  Had the Obama Administration passed a budget in the three years Obama has been in office, their culpability in continuing the economic fascism of the Bush Administration would be irrefutable to even the most biased Obama supporter.  Instead, they use their inability to pass a budget as an excuse to both blame Bush and continue Bush spending policies which could have all been mitigated by more current fiscal budgets and defunding practices.  Simply put, America’s economic outlook could be considerably different today if the Obama Administration had actually wished to improve America’s overall solvency.

Here is a way of looking at one aspect, perhaps the largest aspect, of the Obama Administration.  If your household is consumed by debt, you do not seek to correct the problem by assuming even more debt.  Yet, America is being told things are getting better in areas where it is completely impossible for them to improve given the Obama Administration’s refusal to assume a role of fiscal responsibility that would be of benefit to the people.   

But when you look at it from the Progressive (anti) American position… I guess things are getting better.  America has fallen in almost all measurable areas making America more a global norm than an exception to a failing world.  This is after all, want progressives have wanted all along; a land of equal outcomes and denied opportunity to be more accepted by a lesser world.

_ OK, I really need all of you on the Right; Conservatives, Republicans, and Conservative Libertarians – and even those on the Left weary of a rouge administration that has forced you to take a closer look at Republican presidential alternatives, to hear me out on a concern that has blossomed into its own school of thought.

A few will remember some of last year’s rhetoric which propelled social networking posts on “generic ballots” that showed how soundly a given Republican would defeat Obama in 2012.  My concern then was that so many on the Right were posting and referencing these polls with a certain cavalier disdain for the overall process.  This of course, was well over a year ago and it fueled an anti-Obama sentiment that rocked the 2010 election goals for the Left.  Clearly, Obama had been deemed a failure by the public and they sought to remove all Obama regime sympathizers from office.  Republicans, then predicted to make a mockery of an Obama re-election bid, were granted the votes to effect change in an administration that turned on the people.  The reality, like Obama, they too have now failed the American people.  The kicker is that they have failed the people for the EXACT SAME REASONS Obama failed!  The result?  Polls now show Obama soundly defeating the GOP “front runner.”

Here is an irony that discloses just how bad the republicans have performed in office since elected in 2010.  Just a few short months ago, higher and more influential leftist elements were calling for Obama’s acquiescence from the 2012 Democrat nomination.  Today, the best Republicans have to offer cannot compete with a President whose only battle is the coveted “Worst president in History” title.

How this happened

Well, you may remember some of my Facebook posts as well.  They basically stated, don’t get excited because these polls may not be so favorable when you replace a “generic Republican” with the face and name of a real and more typical Republican.  Not hard to figure out who was right.

It boils down to this; the 2010 newly elected Right never delivered on the fiscal prudence they were elected to implement.  You have to remember the 112th Congress’ first task was to pass a federal budget with sights set on cutting spending.  Delivered to the people was the EXACT OPPOSITE in the very worst way possible.  The budget never got passed and merely saw a series of extensions that directly resulted in MORE spending than the Democrat run 111th Congress ever dared to attempt.  Immediately, the Boehner led Right, capitulated on matters of spending and fiscal restraint as the Obama regime gained spending momentum.  Adding insult to injury, the Right then, after failing to pass the budget, allowed the Debt Ceiling to be increased while pulling a chapter from a Nazi/Communist Manifesto and allowed the creation of a Super Committee – THAT ALSO FAILED resulting in yet ANOTHER extension of spending increases now besting previous overspending levels that were racking up national debt at a rate of 100 billion dollars a month. (No need to mention the Obama Administration has now gone more than 900 days without finding the competence in which to pass a budget).  They did however, point out “cuts” in the spending in the latest extension; low income families have had their utility subsidies cut some 25 percent in the middle of an already harsh winter.  Yet today, there is still no true and fully implemented budget in place; to find one you must go back in time to the Bush Administration which built the American fiscal coffin preparing for a nation’s interment after a slow, agonizing death at the hands of gross federal over-spending and egregious fiscal irresponsibility.  So, ask yourself this; how has the Republican elected 112th Congress been of positive impact to the American people?  They haven’t!  And therein, the problem lies.

From the 2012 voter vantage point (especially for those on the Left), all that is seen is the Republican alternative to the Progressive led Obama Assault on Americanism is essentially more of the same. 

What’s worse, the American people have only seen Congress unite to increase future spending further economically imperiling America, and to mount a direct assault on constitutional rights in the form of a National Defense Act that specifically assails the American citizen.  As if that is not bad enough for the Right’s chances in 2012; the provisions within the Defense Act that drew so much criticism from Conservatives, Liberals, Republicans and Democrats alike – were written by the RIGHT, not the Left.  Once the detainee provisions of outrage were included into the Act, the Right, led by Sen. Lindsey Graham, the key architect of the detainee provisions, united with the Left to implement the Act against the people.

When all was said and done, two things happened.  First, Congress was bestowed with the worst disapproval in history making the 112th just that; “the worst in history.”  To the onlooker, this means the Republican solution is WORSE than the problem itself.  The second consequence is a bit more obvious; Romney, the GOP forced “front runner,” is already losing badly to the failure that is Obama.  It is hard to believe the Republican Party could possibly be more inept and dysfunctional than it is today.

Obama’s scandal ridden cronyism is now the lesser evil

Have things really gotten that bad?  Is the Republican interpretation of Americanism so distorted, the American people are more willing to surrender the U.S. Constitution to the Obama regime?   Is the lesser evil of submitting to full government control really a more promising voter prospect than allowing the Republican political elite to continue their current course of action?  Moreover, when will Americans begin to recognize “Republicanism” as the counter intuitive conservative political ideology that today’s Republican elite have turned it into?

Perhaps, it safe to say at this point in time, the Republican alternative to Progressive Liberal rule is just as bad – and in all honesty, now arguably worse, considering their highly ineffective and counter constitutional first year.  It is sad to imagine that the best the Republican Party has to offer has directly resulted in a worsening American condition.  But, it has.

Today, many are perplexed on how to approach the 2012 ballot.  Some Democrats are considering registering as Republicans in order to begin voting against Obama as early possible by using the Primaries to show their resolve to sever the head of the Progressive beast.  This is good, but these individuals are now desperately concerned that the damage caused by their previous votes for Obama will pale in comparison to voting for a Republican in 2012.  Ask yourself this, given the Republican impact in 2012; can you really blame their pessimism?  Personally, I cannot.

To me, their concerns are not only understandable, they are shared.  The GOP is now so far removed from both Conservative values and their constituents, the people, on all sides of the isle, can no longer relate to or trust them.  They [Republican political elite] represent a political interpretation that is best defined by the special interests they are currently in pursuit of – the people are thus inconsequential figures used only exclusively to move them in a position of power over their constituents.  This is what Obama has done and what the GOP is fostering in the likes of Romney, Perry and Gingrich.  While all are considerably different, all represent a willingness to move against the people as they pander to a problematic GOP that is increasingly supporting anti-constitutional concepts and constraints against American’s freedoms.

The reality

Republicans supporting Perry, Romney and Newt have just stopped reading this editorial because their echo chamber of “Republicans are just better and always right” is not being supported.  They have moved back to their “elect Newt” and “elect Perry” pages to convince themselves that the lies found there, trump the truth they have just read here.  They too are the problem.  When it is all said and done; their calls for a more constitutional America driven by fiscal prudence and individual freedom is mere lip service – deep within, they know these candidates will not deliver on these values.  What they see is only a given Republican replacing Obama.  To them, this will magically make America better even though the GOP’s best have proven, at a minimum, to be as bad as the Obama Administration.  They are calling for change in Congress and in America while fully supporting the system causing the problem by vesting in the likes of the now clearly faulted GOP political norm. 

The time has come to stop viewing the Right, in its current condition, as an end-all-be-all answer to the Obama conundrum.  Just because it is Republican, no longer makes it the best solution to a very complex and algorithmic problem.  Republican elite of today simply fail to make the cut.  Americans have settled for far too long – they are the result.

Unsubscribe from the American political norm

Thus, the school of thought is self-identifying in its simplicity.  Insist for both more and better when determining your allegiance to the worst our nation now has to offer.  The two party system has come full circle; it has divided a nation’s people to only unite in a bi-partisan elected class agenda against both its citizenry and the Constitution protecting the people from a freedom revoking government.  It is now no longer a matter of Right versus Left, but a sense of Americanism versus the federal government.  We must stop subscribing to the norm and force upon government the very conditions of the Document they have fought so hard to destroy.  While presidential selection drives the 2012 vote, no President can fully effect a sense of constitutionalism without a Congress willing to support it.

Here we have a U.S. Senate that brazenly attacked and defeated the Constitution with only FOUR Senators voting against it.  This should put into perspective the depth of America’s Congressional intent to harm that which is America.  All must go before any benefit for Americans can be found.

Voters want a statesman to deliver them from their past histories of irrational, nonsensical and apathetic voting habits.  Unfortunately, statesmen can only lead and effect change for patriots. In America today, there are simply far too few patriots willing to rebuke both the Progressive agenda to deliver America to a European-like state of social and economic failure and the Republican norm which is now markedly similar to the Leftist agenda killing American sovereignty.  Are you willing to subscribe to the school of thought of a patriot over the desire for a perception of an easier life under the thumb of an ever encroaching government now united against America herself? 

We need patriots, real patriots; not apathetic voters subscribing to the American political establishment that has formally deemed the U.S. Constitution as an Enemy of the State.

The 112th Congress is now officially classified as the worst Congress in measured history.  In my opinion, we cannot charge the 112th as the “worst ever” without fully acknowledging the same of the American voter who have delivered the 112th to existence.

Writing about politics found me; I never really sought it out.  It was the most dynamic, fluid, important and meaningful subject to cover.  Studying politics just made sense; writing on it just came naturally.  Unfortunately, to write, you must first self-educate - and studying politics reveals a truth that no one seems to really want to fully acknowledge, let alone accept  it.  Living in a world of political truth is a lonely place where all around are essentially lost to their self-insistence of denial.
To many, Barak Obama is a great president. Denial. Mitt Romney for others, represents a return to a better America.  Denial. Herman Cain is (somehow) the Tea Party favorite.  Denial. Americans, desperate to hide from political truth, use denial to provide themselves with a false sense of security in hopes a better future will magically blossom from blind hope - and the efforts of the more aware and more assertive American.  The truth is as obvious as it is a lonely reality.
Voters, both Democrat and Republican alike, have articulated the need for America to return to a nation led first by its constitution, and its politicians second.  It is felt that in order for America to prosper in the future, she must again become a
state which is more in keeping with the Framer’s intent.  Problem is, little more than articulating the need is being done.  Americans say they “want,” but do little to effect the change required to return to a more conservative state where individual freedoms, as prescribed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights, can reign prevalent.
Bi-partisan contempt for constitutionalism
Americans live in a world where the most concrete aspects of constitutionalism are subjective at best. Freedom of speech, while the most widely recognized right, has more conditions and restrictions than ever before. The Right blames the Left for this, but
the Right was instrumental in the development of “free speech zones” that serve as designated [restricted] areas where speech of dissent of America’s course can be expressed “freely.”  Plainly stated, if American citizens wished to protest former President Bush while he was traveling, they could only do so in areas segregated from the President himself, his course of travel, and out of eyesight and earshot of the mainstream media. 
Americans have the right to bear arms; that much is distinctly clear.  Yet, Second Amendment rights narrowly survived the SCOTUS in a 5 - 4 vote. Conservative Justice’s ruled in favor of the clearly constitutional right to bear arms while all Liberal Justices voted against it. The Left’s anti-Constitution position grew so fierce local governments like Chicago implemented laws making the right of gun ownership so difficult it was impractical to own a gun and virtually impossible to meet the requirements
to purchase a hand held firearm – in direct defiance of once unquestionable Constitutional rights. 
Recently, President Obama has fallen under criticism for “not thanking God” in his giving of rightful thanks. This criticism is driven by the “non-secular” Right which has forgotten the right to not express religion is equaled only by the right to express it

Every right granted unto the people through the Constitution and Bill of Rights is now subject to the interpretations of the nation’s controlling party.  Clarence Thomas has recently fallen under attack for this very reason. The weak, unorganized and ill-fated attack was a baneful attempt to remove the Conservative Justice and replace him with a Liberal Justice appointed by an increasingly progressive regime (likely, in attempt to shift the Conservative hold to a Liberal advantage prior to the SCOTUS hearing arguments on the constitutionalism of an increasingly unpopular Health Care Reform Law). 
Voter denial bests political truth; a snapshot 
The Republican Right refuses to acknowledge President Obama is not wrong for his lack of evoking God despite his glaringly obvious right to refrain from religious context; a right based upon the constitutionalism Republicans claim they want back. The Left, also calling for a return to constitutionalism, does not want to accept the fact Americans clearly and unquestionably have the right to bear arms.  Both contend they wish a return to a more constitutionally driven nation; neither make an effort to arrive at the fact that both sides only use the Constitution when it suits their needs and agenda at a given time.

 Presidential candidates of today represent this exact same set of shortcomings.  The Perry’s, Romney’s, Newt’s, Cain’s, Obama’s, and Clinton’s have all, with great detail and very overt expression, defied both the conditions of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  In doing so, the Framer’s intent Americans to wish to return to is discarded as irrelevant, unnecessary, and meaningless; yet, these same Americans calling for a return to a better America support them. Disgraceful.
The truth behind the denial
It was not until a recent dialog that I realized my own frustrations with Americans support of the un-American President and the un-American Presidential Candidates was out of their own foolish self-denial of political truth.  Though, for the life of me, I cannot figure out why any sane American would support President Obama, but they are free to do so.  The last thing they actually want is a return to constitutionalism. (Hell, they are not reading this anyway – in that Team Obama has not directed them to do so).  Those whom support this laughably incompetent, anti-constitution embracing field of the Presidential Candidates only see them as a means to and end with no President Obama - while none of the aforementioned candidates and political figures are even remotely capable of delivering America to a better place, let alone an America where constitutionalism is relevant. This is to say very directly; if a person supports anyone other than Ron Paul, they do not wish to return America to a nation in which the Constitution governs the land over political agendas. Sorry, but that is the truth and even the most deeply rooted denial must yield to it on order for America to progress healthily as a land reputed for  individual freedom.
Like versus American need

We like candidates for the wrong reason. Well, perhaps I am applying the wrong usage of the word like. We “select” our candidates because we “like” them.  What Americans should be doing is selecting candidates that America needs at a given point in time.  It is not a matter of “liking” them per se, it is a matter of fitting the right person into the presidential slot at the right time.  It is the economy that is driving electoral support, even though people are calling out for individual freedom and 
constitutionalism. Misguided?  Not really.  The people have long since been duped into the personal favorite game then selecting politicians.  The whole idea behind this was to lure voters away from the political truth with the perceived likability of a given candidate!  We fell for it and what we have today is its direct consequence!  So yes, Americanism has been lost, but its recovery lies in the American people placing the truth before their preferential prejudices of denial.

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As of late, there has been a theme that I keep mentioning to Rachel for no apparent reason.  Not sure why, but I keep almost subconsciously bringing it up.  It is as if something inside me has clicked.  Anyway(s)...

Do you know what it is like to be poor?  I do.  Imagine growing up, dirt poor (in our more modern terms) in an inner city row home deeply obscured by the far larger lost and forgotten, poor, Black, Philadelphean city-scape.  We were Black, we were poor, and no one really gave a shit.  Some winters were more harsh than others and being so poor only made the winters worse.  One distinct memory persists. 

Getting up for school of the morning of a hard freeze with no heat and no food made for a rough reality for a sixth grader.  Bundled up as if I was already going to school, heading downstairs, stomach grumbling, to find my brothers and sister sitting in a semi circle around an open stove which was the only source of heat in the house.  Much of that old city is still fueled by coal to this day... coal my father could not afford at the time.  No coal, no heat.  It added an extra sense of bitterness to the already wicked cold and added an extra sense of coldness to a young developing heart turning icy to cope with the harsh realities of life.  If that is not a bad enough start to a young kid’s day; imagine my breakfast delight - a can of condensed milk, water, sugar, and vanilla extract to be divided by four kids, warmed up on the stove and poured into my father’s old coffee cups.  A breakfast of champions right?  (I’m thinking it is not exactly what Wheaties had in mind).  And off to school I went in one of the worst moods of my life.  (If you have ever wondered where the hashtag #FML actually originated... now you know.)  Young, extremely aggressive and short tempered by nature, I found myself sitting tall in the principle's office (yet again).  Frustration got the best of me that morning and the class clown got his nose broke when I kicked him in the face for talking too much... his voice was grinding and grinding until I exploded with rage and fury.  Standing over him as he lay crying in a bloody heap, I punched him the face for good measure... and kept punching and punching and punching until Tony Cook pulled me from atop of him. (A ground and pound Tito Ortiz would have been proud of).  Don’t remember a thing; my hand hurt for three days though, so I know I did it.

Why is this relevant?  Because I know what it is like to progress beyond that of what your own father is capable of providing.  As a Black youth confined to such inexorable conditions, you either succumb to them, or you rise above them.  When the latter is chosen for a course in life, you will inevitably come to a point in time where you find yourself metaphorically face to face with your father’s image.  It is a heartbreaking moment of discovery when you conclude; “I will be better than you.”  As you progress, a certain sense of arrogance sets in, a sense of control and power that you quickly learn to harness as you inflict your will upon those whom posses a vision of self that places them as your subordinate.  On occasion, this sense of accomplishment can cross lines of appropriateness.  You see, this is what I think happened to Cain.

His father was brilliant.  A poor driver of a very successful businessman, he asked for shares of the company instead of cash rewards a bonuses - the apple did not fall far from the tree.  Seeing how his father worked capitalism, Cain vowed to best him having taken an early journey from poverty as he began to fast track to greater success.  For a period in his life, it may have gotten the best of him. 

Upon succeeding my own father, a certain sense of arrogance became overwhelming too.  Rather than grope (or break people’s faces) I took on specialized military challenges - almost in hopes that pushing the extremes would ensure that my final days of life would be in the comparative comfort of military duty.  This would ensure I have both succeeded and would never raise my children in the conditions I was forced to endure that destroyed my childhood innocence.  (Rough concept huh)?  For a poor Black youth, overtaking your father comes with baggage that no other person can ever really grasp.

Because of this, the first accusation levied against Cain was immediately dismissed; never even thought twice about it.  Four though, that’s a bit a much!  Given the statistics of the number who report harassment against those who do not paints a completely different picture; it has to be far more than four.  While Cain refuses to admit it, his support base has been rocked by this (see Jimmy Kimmel’s show that aired last night).  Cain supporters are heart broken to say the least.  Why?  Because the non-politician has been forced down the level of the average politician who is today, burdened in scandal.  Politicians lie, often with none of the tell tale signs of lying. (Remember this guy)?  Questions then arise: Is he lying?  Is she lying?  Did team Obama pay her to put the rest of her life at risk to squash the ever increasing formidability of @THEHermanCain?

A note on the latter.  Obama got into the Illinois Senate by having his three competitors removed from the ballot leaving him to run unopposed.  Clearly, if the man is this ruthless...

These challenges in morals and values are preconditioned to assume guilt, not innocence.  “It’s complicated.”  America’s European ancestry is a sordid one.  Everyone on the planet was thought to be second to the White male.  Blacks were slaves, Native Americans in many ways saw a far worse fate.  Women were no better, but women were able to overcome the victim role as they have been offered the protection of the social benefit of the doubt.  Cain, a Black man, is not.  Thus, with no proof, he is presumed guilty - even if he beats the rap.

Cain’s likability has as much to do with him as it does what he represents politically.  The people, in 2010, elected Republicans to stop the Progressive’s destruction of America’s intent.  The elected Republicans have proven to be completely inept at best.  Cain is the popular divergence from traditional GOP agenda driven politicians; until now anyway.  While Cain’s actual separation from the Republican norm is far more slight than his supports will ever admit, or may even realize, he is a fresh breath from the norm of politically fouled air; for this, many are quite enamored with the incredibly likable Cain.  They [Cain supporters] are at a loss even though everything they have asked for has long since been in the form of a far more experienced presidential candidate - one that lacks such integrity violations to boot. 

The potential loss of Cain as a candidate has sent a shock wave through the Right - a shock wave from which there may be no recovery - a shock wave that could well result in a 2012 Democrat President!  Even though many Cain supporters show the typical signs of political denial when it comes to Cain, they, as a group, are smart enough to know the far reaching implications of a lost Cain candidacy.  (Trust me, if Obama’s sense of arousal is as poor as his leadership abilities, the Presidential Chubby in France right now is completely unnoticeable).  Be that as it may, the entire Right is not only in jeopardy, it has been reduced, once again, to the failures it is most reputed for.  Cain was “that guy” who could return the Republican Right to grace.  Without him, the inept Romney’s and hypocritical Perry’s are likely to again reign supreme leaving Republican voters desperate for a fresh face to deliver them away from their own voting histories.  (I really hope you are tracking with me on that)!

Can Cain recover?  Just look at the candidate field which is riddled by scandalous politicians... now you tell me.  Of course this now makes him one of them, but perhaps he always was. 

What I like about Cain is that he has delivered to the people what they have asked for.  The people have very clearly stated that it is time to lessen the entitlement sensibility in America.  Cain delivered to them his 9-9-9(-9) plan which essentially removes the people’s special pardon for simply being American (less of course those in America unlawfully whom are draining an already crippled entitlement system).  Whether you like the facets of the 9-9-9 plan or not, you have got to respect him for listening to AND answering the desires of the people.  Last I checked, it is how America was designed to work.  There comes a time in politics where you must revert back to the American design; one of freedom, voice and choice.  Because I have many concerns about his tools to deliver America away from Modern Liberal Politics of Plunder simply means I am in the minority (again, imagine that).  This is good because this is how America is supposed to work.  Hell, it is how Obama and his “rediculousness” took control!  The people spoke out against America’s founding intent and sought, through means of progressive irrationalism, to destroy it.  Today, they are very clear in their intent to destroy capitalism itself.  (If you short sightedly voted for this because you were caught up in the Obama hype - slap yourself!  No hard feelings towards you, but like my mom would say after I hurt myself doing something extremely stupid - which was all of the time: “Now what did you learn?”  Hopefully, you learn faster than I).

If you find yourself struggling to rationalize your continued support for Cain, keep things in perspective.  It may turn out that Cain is not that squeaky clean political antitheses Conservatives have been yearning for.  So what.  Bubbles of hope often pop in life.  When they do it forces you to think in more practical and realistic terms which have not yet been fully applied to Cain because he has only been perceived as the non-politician.  Apply them and reevaluate your support from there; you may be surprised at just how deep your resolve actually runs.  Support is always conditional, but few actually take the time to identify their conditions of support!

I look at it like this.  That very bad sixth grade morning I snapped breaking a kid’s nose, and beating him unconscious - it was different time in my life, one that I found myself completely submerged in my own bitter reality.  As heinous an act as it was: How long am I to be held to account for it?  My entire life.  However, it is up to you to determine your own feelings about it.  That is where you should be with Cain. 

Don’t assume guilt because you have been socially conditioned to do so to thwart our European, White male history of discrimination. 

I will defend Cain when it is reasonable to do so, but you probably will not see me supporting his presidential run until he is the last man standing. 

Honestly, the way I see it, if both I and you supported him; we’d both be wrong.  It’s a matter of perspective: Let me be wrong for my reasons while allowing yourself the guilt-free freedom to be right for yours.

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I have to admit, it is good to be a work in progress; it allows you to be wrong from time to time as it grants the freedom to grow and learn through identifying inaccuracies in concepts, thoughts, ideologies, and predictions.  In this case, it was a conceptual inaccuracy about Herman Cain’s once fleeting and “marginal at best” support base.  His win in Florida, though followed by an almost immediate and abysmal defeat within the same polling group, was answered by a wave of support as Perry lost steam fueled by his more “mainline Republican” positions that are fouled and marred by a classically Republican dichotomy. 

This is not to say that if Perry were not being exposed for his questionable positions on illegal immigration, borders, and trade that Cain would not have surged.  In fact, as I look back, Cain was likely to surge with or without Perry’s history or debate strategies, which are “not [his] strong point.”  Cain is on fire; a game changer that is indicative of a very telling bifurcation in the Right.  While I still feel Cain is far too green to bear the burden of a nation in crisis, knowing the direst of Cain consequences will be felt not by me, but by my children – the man’s momentum is undeniable.  Either way, it is important to note that Cain and his 9-9-9 driven support represent an important divergence from the common and arguably inept GOP support structure as demonstrated by those on the Right still supporting the problems represented by “Republican” in candidates like Romney – the “Front-runner Farce.”   

Not one of those guys

Cain differs from the Romneys’ in that he stands against the traditional GOP standard that has set the wheels in motion for an essentially uni-dimensional candidate field designed solely against a train wreck of a President.  In doing so, the GOP candidates are starved on issues like foreign policy and have in turn (Romney) designed foreign policy proposals markedly similar to that of the Obama administration.  Republican supporters ONLY SEE no Obama and refuse to address how both Romney and Perry will advance policies that they today stand against.  Like I said, Cain is the “Easy the Choice” for the Republican voter weary of the current GOP direction, but not quite courageous enough to fully embrace the true Conservative values driven into existence in the 1960’s when it was determined the Republicans were actually part of the American problem.  Cain, well, he just is not one of those guys – and for that reason (among others) Cain supports are to be admired.  You can decide whether or not to admonish the ideologies behind Romney supporters for failing True Conservatism and remaining part of the antagonism destroying America.

One of the key support elements lies in the flat tax of the 9-9-9 plan.  Nine percent tax to be paid by every American.  A fair share paid by all.  The poor will say, that the 9% affects them more adversely than the rich.  The Left will declare it class warfare – personally, I like the flat tax as an economic adjustment tool that can serve to return equilibrium.  (If you do not know what I mean by that, look it up – no time to explain all the details now). 

Many will assuredly declare Cain “won” last night’s debates.  You don’t “win” debates!  All candidates do is present their ideas compared to current policy and that of other candidates in ways they think you want to hear it.  You either like what a person has to say, or you do not.  Over the string and series of debates, you then narrow down the candidate that best addresses your personal values and beliefs; clearly, no one “wins” – the media just uses that to sell candidates.  Look at it this way; how many times has Romney “won” a debate with horrid performances?  Not picking on Romney or his supporters, but we must understand he is saying what many Republicans wish to hear.  Trouble is, horrid is subjective.  What is awful for the Conservative is often grand to the Republican – that is how different we can be! 

Blackness; a rant

Unfortunately, Cain is now a matter of Blackness.  Well, not to us, but to the Left where race is the pinnacle issue.  To combat Cain Blackness, the Left sought to demonstrate Obama still maintains control of the Black vote – and I am sure he does.  What made this interesting is how the Left, through the media, concluded Obama is still (the one) supported by the Black vote.  To accomplish this, the Left turned to the most reputable polls.  The discovery was what one might expect; Obama support was rapidly waning in the one area they hoped would be steadiest – during the most challenging times, Obama’s Black support dropped an astronomical 50%!  Not thwarted by the truth, the Left sought out a poll that would show the most marginal loss of Black support.  They resorted to a poll that directly asked respondents to overlook Obama’s performance as President.  "General impressions of Obama rather than focus on the job he is doing as president" to be specific.  This ploy resulted in a 5% drop in support when compared to his Black support immediately following his election.  This of course failed for obvious reasons.  The US Presidency of today is about getting the damn job done.  Obama has been so bad, that in order to find support they must dismiss the single reason Obama is being polled – disgraceful. 

Following this failure, Team Obama ambassadored Team Sharpton to discuss whether or not Cain is Black enough for… being Black I guess – never mind the fact Obama is half White and half African (which equals zero percent Black as we currently understand Black to be).  In dissent, Cain said both the best and worst things imaginable on being Black in America.  If you are poor, it is your fault and if that was not both good and bad enough, he followed it with having “left the [Liberal] Plantation a long time ago.”  Moreover, he said the Black, as a victim, is doomed to an eternity of second-rate failure while wallowing in self-contempt and the continued disbelief in individual competence through truer equality. 

All of a sudden, it was as if Cain was speaking directly to me after reading some of my blogs.  Granted, Cain is not the Black Conservative Antithesis (yet), but he fundamentally understands the plight of the Black community driven by the irrational need to vote Democrat.  Cain is saying that Black support for Obama is essentially a self-fulfilled prophecy of Black failure.  He is correct, but the Black community is nowhere near ready to understand the depth of the implication, nor change their voting habits to match the values and conservative principles taught in the home.  In translation – Cain will never attain the Black vote preaching such concepts of contempt for Blacks who refuse to awaken to our own reality.  Oddly, the Black community, which shuns Cain, will highly benefit from Cain as they become less dependent upon the clearly oppressive Left.  Gotta love the multitude of ironies!

Speaking of Black; have you been keeping an eye Justice Thomas?  Big, bad is brewing with deep, far-reaching implications.

Hidden reservations

An interesting element exists in literally 100% of the Cain supporters I have talked with; a certain reservation is present with Cain that is in constant battle with his more likable attributes.  People like his willingness to learn.  I like that too, it is just that I reserve that as an admirable trait in subordinates where I can assure they develop appropriately.  If you wish to lead me, your learning curve requirement best be minimal!  As these reservations with Cain emerge, supporters almost immediately go into denial because they have been conditioned by a broken two party political machine to “settle.”  Supporters never use the word, but they describe its conditions quite well.

Whether it is his greenhorn role or other issues, Cain, like any other candidate has inherent shortcomings.  The more articulate citizen now understands how the Fed is contributing to the nation’s economic doldrums.  The Cain supporter not only understands this, but also opts to avoid Cain’s history with the Fed.  As the issue grows more critical, the Cain supporter now refuses to address his highly disputable Fed role model of the bubble blowing Greenspan.  Once upon a time, I thought Greenspan was an economic genius.  You have to understand that this was at a time when I was acquiring my Masters Degree and was attending Columbia – the Left leaning school highly supported several governmental economic programs now under Conservative scrutiny.  Self-education and the school of working to actually retire one day (soon) have taught me otherwise.  Calls to end the Fed and many other government organizations go largely unheard by not only Cain, but also the mainline candidates like Romney and Perry.  Clearly, Cain blends more into the Republican norm and becomes far less of an exception to the typical and now problematic political elite of the Right.  Conservatives, shun this and in doing so, look at bit deeper at what both separates and ties Cain to that so troublesome (R) behind his surname. 

Looking deeper reveals innate differences between Republicans and Conservatives.  Cain will not defend the individual liberties of the citizenry.  The reason for this is, like his supporters, he too has opted to “settle” in that the Patriot Act is 90% correct.  To the Republican, 10% represents a sort of acceptable and nominal dysfunction, whereas the Conservative views this as a potential showstopper because the said 10% wreaks havoc on individual liberty.  The difference is profound.  To the Republican, individual liberty is more of an afterthought of policy than it is the priority Conservative Libertarians endear it to be.  This is not a good or bad thing per se; it only highlights difference between the two.

Not ready for freedom

Truth be told, as much as Americans think they are ready to return to a state in which the Constitution becomes America’s priority, as a people, we demonstrate with no uncertainty we are fearful of being burdened with the level of personal accountability and responsibility required to maintain the freedoms bestowed by the Document.  Conservatives are demonstrating that America MUST return to its founding roots and in doing so; government reforms will take hold as politicians become more loyal to America’s intent.  These politicians will have no choice but to abandon America’s current course to self-destruction led by both the Liberal Progressives currently in office and the GOP’s failure to assume more conservative positioning. 

Republicans (let’s be honest), have not been attentive to the calls from the voting Right.  More importantly, their success is deeply rooted in the overwhelming Liberal failure than it is their accomplishments in office or meeting the needs of their constituents.  Many Republicans see this and have abandoned traditional GOP prospects for the less traditional Herman Cain.  Good for them and good for Herman!

Me?  I am not on board the Herman train because I value things that span beyond the scope of potential Cain represents.  If it came down to Cain V. Obama… I would flick the Cain switch.  If you pitted Cain against the likes of a strong Conservative cherishing constitutionalism and individual liberty… Can would be assed out of my vote without a doubt.  It is my values, I am not voting for myself next year; I am voting for Jamahl, Jasmine, Janece ,and Aaliyah and their future.  I want them to be able to look me in the eye and tell me they feel it is possible for their potential to carry them further in life than my potential has brought me.  Cain cannot deliver the intent of this ideology without first embracing the true concepts of individual liberty – even though he himself is the direct result of this sense of Americanism!  You see, it is not Cain; it is the way WE minimalize our perspectives of what and who these candidates actually represent. 

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One of the things I have stated (repeatedly) about the Right is the lack of depth and relevance of its presidential candidates.  As Obama spirals, the Left (as much as they hate to admit it) spiral with him.  The spiral, now more reminiscent of a freefall, has opened the door for the Right to make further gains in the House, conquer the Senate and take the Presidency.  But how different will things really be?

America is truly in dire straits and we must remember that while Obama is directly causing America’s decline, America is currently suffering through its second consecutive failed presidency.  First things first, we must be realistic about replacing Obama with a candidate whom possesses zero political experience.  Don’t get me wrong, Cain has value, the bigger question lies in timing.  My thinking is that a Rookie should not be the one pulled from the bench to quarterback a 4th and 15 from 45 with 2 seconds left on the clock when the home team losing the damn game.  He may throw that miracle pass, but chances are he fumble and fail.

This quarterback’s failure is not so much a reflection of his overall ability or potential, but driven by his inexperience pitted against the larger pressure of the prospect of failure.  Most of us want to be the hero and several us will be, but it will come at different times and different scenarios where ability, potential, and experience all intersect more evenly.  For Cain, the timing has not yet aligned for a successful U.S. Presidency. 

As we learned with Obama; when a President fails, a nation fails.  (Hmmm, that sounds like a good book or essay title; don’t steal it).  We simply cannot handle the failure of another president and must thoroughly assess whether our support for Cain is worth the represented risk associated with his inexperience.  Well intended or not, Herman can further stall a painstaking economic recovery, hinder job creation, compromise personal liberty, and even destroy the few positive aspects of an already crumbling foreign policy.  These are the consequences of the next president’s inability to perform; consequences that are not only exacerbated by inexperience, but also more likely outcomes of an inexperienced politician.  It is only after that where we can consider Cain from other, more traditional perspectives. 

Herman Cain SMOKED Perry in a recent Florida poll; and then finished dead last in the very next Florida poll.  Come to find out, he considered dropping out of the Presidential race twice prior to his Floridian surge, which can best be described as a fluke.  (This with the understanding that no candidate in the mix achieves the poll consistency of Ron Paul.  Some movement in the various polls is to be expected.  Cain however, has a consistency pattern of dead last – his support is actually marginal at best).  Many like Cain and I have to admit, there exists a certain fondness for the man in my heart as well.  What makes me different is that I understand why Cain enjoys a certain fancy of so many – his story.  He is the anti-candidate that lacks the political pedigree the nation has been drawn to despise because of the 2008 Obama campaign.  That’s right, Obama is still in people’s heads and they don’t even know it!  Cain still believes in the Patriot Act – I cannot even begin to emphasis how serious of a strike this is.  He has fine-tuned his delivery and is no longer making the errors of his early candidacy, but the attractiveness still lies in the journey, not Herman Cain the politician.  Support is found in his blueprint to best Obama; a straightforward attack saying what these other candidates are scared to say.  You have to appreciate a man in the forefront clearly stating Obama is a liar and he is tired of Obama’s “bullshit.”  Nice!  Really nice in my opinion.  But, (to all of you Cain supporters) is he the man YOU want serving as YOUR President?  Is he politically affluent enough to competently and effectively serve you as President?  Have you read his jobs plan and understand how much it will cost you?  Has he answered the question of how creating jobs in the private sector differs from creating jobs from the federal perspective of governance?  How are governance and job creation inter-related?  Tough questions, but questions he MUST be able to address that no one seems willing to challenge him with on level that translates wholesomely to the individual voter.  Cain, in my opinion, though vastly improving in dialog, does not measure up.  What we are forgetting is that we are repairing eight years of ineffectual, mismanaged and now blatantly corrupt Presidential leadership.  Is this really the right time vest support in an inexperienced wild card?  Oh, and if you wondering, I like the aspect of Cain that he is the most unlikely presidential candidate in the field whose journey is nearing a new beginning, not an end.  If you listen to Cain, he is in this as a personal challenge and fully expected to pull out long before things got serious.  The downside of this is simple; the Presidential run is a stepping-stone for something else (his words not mine).  The national exposure will do wonders for this man, but it leaves me wondering, that no matter how much I like his story and journey through to this point: Where does his commitment actually lie? 

There is a Cain factor that team Obama fears, the Left fears, and even elements of the Right fear.  Today, if you support Cain, yep, you’re a racist.  Can’t say we didn’t see that one coming, even if had to come from yet another idiot progressive celebrity.  (Can’t we just put them all on an island… and sink it)?  This is funny because a rhetorical question was posed to me in the form of a Facebook add: What will Liberals say when southern Whites begin supporting Cain?  And there it is, the most ridiculous Liberal response imaginable.  They will go on to compare this statement to that of those aimed at Obama citing his race driven support – nowhere will it be address these are apples and oranges.  Curiously, these irrational people are stating the following: The Right hates Obama because he is Black, but the Right loves Cain because he is… hoooold it… waaaait for it… YES!  BECAUSE HE IS BLACK!  Gotta love the Left.  Thus, apple = Racist anti-Obama Right; orange = Racist Cain supporting Right (???).  Only the Left wants things so ridiculously two sided.  Hard to believe these Liberals are this impossibly stupid. 

Herman Cain also sent warning flags into motion on Twitter.  He tweeted that he met with Gov. Jan Brewer and she told him she, “liked what he was saying.”  Call me a paranoid over-thinker, but this signifies a certain connection in message delivery that overshadows the actual intent of the candidate.  How my mind’s eye read Cain’s innermost thoughts when sending the tweet: “She likes what I am saying because I am now saying the things that will get me elected.”  But, like I said; paranoid over-thinker.

The bottom line on Cain is an assessment of the risk associated with the novice politician versus the unlikelihood of his ability to fulfill his potential during critical times of recovery that have been deliberated slowed by the current sitting President.  For this reason, Herman Cain is at best a Vice Presidential candidate where he can rely on the Senate to teach him the ropes of administering legislative processes – something Cain has absolutely zero clue on how to do.  Cain is breath is a breath of fresh air in an atmosphere clouded with lies, deceit, rhetoric, racism, ignorance, and now even unyielding Obama related corruption.  Many cannot and do not wish to filter the air to discover which candidate is the best fit for the challenges that face the nation.  More or less, he is the “easy pick” because there is so little to sort through with Cain because he has no background in politics.  While this is understandable, it is also lazy.  Not having the correct background, can actually be worse than having a bad background.  Again, we can look to Obama the freshman who very quickly found himself immersed in his own incompetence and inexperience.  This can only be worse with Cain.  Is now the time to risk four more years of American future on someone we KNOW is more unqualified than the current failure of a President?

Things are really getting bad for Obama.  Rightfully so, but it is sad to see because so many Americans have suffered for so long.  When a president fails, America fails.  Unfortunately, America and its President have failed.  My hiatus from politics ended Sunday upon returning from a small mountain cabin vacation and a nice two-month stint working on my books.  Catching up on politics is never an easy task.  So much happens in such a short period that things become intensely confusing.  It has become increasingly difficult to decipher what is and is not current, what is and is not relevant, and more importantly; what is and is not true and accurate.  The single constant and the easiest to stay on top of is the slow and anguishing demise of support for a failing president. 

While I was away

Obama’s polls, yet again hit a new low, this time accompanied by poll segments where he once found favor during the worst of times.  Social networking pages like Liberal Only, Liberals Only, Democrats Only, and Re-Elect Obama saw sharp decreases in page subscribers.  Social pages like Stop Obama From Being Re-Elected, Fire Obama, Impeach Obama, and NoBama all saw sharp increases in subscribers.  The Obama supporter seems to be rapidly diminishing to the few true irrational progressives that believe Obama’s agenda is actually healthy for America – a bizarre group that is also represented by fewer numbers than ever before as the progressive movement has been reduced to mere social pages that serve as echo chambers.  The “Only” in the title suggests the intent; if your views differ, you are not welcome.  They rebuke ANY position that defies their irrational logic and ban any posts not holding a torch of glory over their failing leader – the entire lot of them are completely brainwashed and still believe Obama is better for their future than they are their own.  A sad, sorry, pitiful, and pathetic group, these progressive, self-loving (loathing) “Only” people are.

Fueling the now hemorrhaging of support is not the Right (more on the Right next time), but Left!  The Left learned a lesson in 2012; if you side too closely with Obama, you are likely to lose your job.  As he did to America, he did to the surviving Left electorate and promised them that which he could not and would not deliver.  Their support however, has been short lived.  The Left lined up and began to abandon the Obama ship of despair. 

Pink slip time

Calls for Hillary Clinton to run against Obama for the Dem nod emerged.  The calls were answered with polls showing Clinton had replaced Obama as the most recognizable political figure in the world.  National Democrat organizations demanded that “someone must run against Obama[!]”  Only the beginning as it would turn out, the Obama abandonment ship was nearing full steam.

The Vice President uncharacteristically turned on Obama.  Biden, in a very conservatively toned interview, called for voters to no longer blame Bush for today’s economy, but to hold the Obama administration accountable.  The Vice President told Americans that the Obama administration has had time enough to correct the challenges it faced when the Obama administration assumed the helm of America; it is they who failed the American people and it is the Obama administration that is to be held accountable for failing to right the sinking ship as it once promised.

More recently, the anti-Obama ship steamed forward with the acknowledgment of Obama’s possible acquiescence from the Democrat nomination.  This is not to say he will opt not to run per se, but that he will concede to the Democrat pressure against his running.  Obama cost the Left the House in 2010 and will likely cost the Left the Senate in 2012 – a Leftist fear that is now so strong Democrats are suggesting the forth coming election be suspended so they can “work on the issues”  as they now understand the Obama led progressive agenda against constitutionalism will ensure their electoral defeat.  Conservatives have long since felt the nation could not handle four more years of Obama, apparently the Left is now finding merit in firing Obama for the good of their own as well.  With Obama, there has been a farce awaiting fruition – his character.  He never was the man he said he was and as a politician, he only appeals to the least sensible Americans.  His character as President of the United States has brought forth a reality that his activist cronyism would infect an entire nation.

Obama is the disease

The Obama administration is currently riddled with scandal as the Chicago gangland political machine fully takes root in DC.  Millions of taxpayer dollars were set aside for Fast and Furious in Obama’s stimulus.  After hundreds of deaths were caused by the program, to include that of a US Border Patrol Agent, the Obama administration claimed to have no knowledge of the program it included in its own funding program.  The ever-failing cover up led by the DoJ has developed into what is now being called Obama’s Watergate.

As the press began using Obama and progressive in the same statement, Obama aggressively began circumventing due legislative process by pawning off failed legislative desires on federal organizations to implement.  Progressives who have no respect for limited government overlooked his steps while they sounded outrage over a Governor utilizing commercial building codes to bring a halt to abortions.  Odd how they demonstrate the same hypocrisy as their slowly dying political demagogue.  As he fades, they will also submit to the will of the greater American.  That which ails America, is Obama – the only cure is to limit his presidential tenure to one term.

Constitutional toilet paper

A nation watched in shock as Obama stood before the US Constitution and directly stated how he would seek means to circumvent the Founding Document – one of the few promises he made good on.

Obama’s lie about health care reform has long since been realized.  Forced unconstitutionally upon the people, the fiscal burden caused states to cut back their Medicaid programs making health insurance issues worse with health care reform than before implementation of the heinous law.  Waivers for health care reform exemptions were granted to those of special interest to the Obama administration.  Once word leaked that Harry Reid’s and Nancy Pelosi’s Districts were disproportionately favored in federal waiver granting, the Kathleen Sebelius led DHHS stopped accepting requests for waivers.  Today, more than 50% of states await federal trails against health care reform.  Lawmakers whom have supported Obama and his backroom dealings for health care reform are now clearly targeted in forthcoming elections. 

Unemployment persists at high levels to which Obama produces a jobs bill that directly attacks the sovereignty of individual states.  Well, actually, it does more than that; it requires that states relinquish their constitutional rights before full benefits can be drawn from the federal government.  Ouch!  “Succumb to cronyism or your people will suffer” is what the job bill states in no uncertain terms.  Simply put, states are no longer states under this bill; they become Districts of the federal government.  Connect the dots between the jobs bill and the health care reform fight and you will uncover something very interesting.  If the jobs bill were to be implemented, States could lose their constitutional right to challenge unconstitutional laws set forth by the federal government - hardly a coincidence.


As the Chicago style political machine’s roots took grip under the nation’s foundation, in typical fashion it selected its own good old boys to invest in.  Little was said when Al Gore was granted $529 million to make electric sport cars in Europe.  More was said when the project went belly up a year later.  Unthwarted, the antics of Obama’s cronyism continued.  This time, he invested taxpayer money in a company the Bush administration steered clear of because of its lack of solvency.  The company, Solyndra, was granted more than 500 million taxpayer dollars because it is headed by a major Obama contributor – the company failed, people will be going to jail and Obama learned nothing.  As the Solyndra scandal unfolded, Obama moved to grant another solar energy company more than $700 million – this one run by no other than Nancy Pelosi’s  brother-in-law.  Nepotism, to Obama, means more than fiscal solvency.  Obama has demonstrated very clearly that his allegiance is to those among his own – not the American people.

The problem however, is a bit deeper.  Obama supports the ideology that government can create supply and demand.  His belief is that the funneling of taxpayer dollars into solar energy will create a need and demand for solar energy products.  He is essentially buying jobs in hopes the products produced will find their way into need because it was created by government.  Unfortunately, the demand for solar energy is abysmally low.  This means products created above the demand instantly become excess surplus.  Because the demand for solar energy products is so low, manufacturing excess forces the surplus holder to sell the goods at lower and lower prices which increases the manufacturing cost per unit – any high school economic student can see why this will not work.  The company will then have to receive federal subsidies to offset the fiscal and equity losses caused by government intervention.  This is all due to the Obama administration overtly defying the laws of economic equilibrium.  In the end, the taxpayers are out of their money as it used to create non-demand products and services.  Following this obvious fiscal error, taxpayers will be additionally indebted as the federal government is forced to protect the bad investment by shoveling equity into the company it actually hindered to create jobs that are not in need – and of course to pay off those whom it politically cherishes. 

How bad a President can get

I know it feels like there is no hope in sight for America, but as Obama asserts who and what he really is, Americans have actually awakened to the bitter reality that is Obama.  O’robots will never accept or understand this, but despite this unbalanced few, America has formally united against Obama and what he represents to Americans.  Obama has been so atrocious as President that he is failing to attain the easiest presidential re-election scenario possible.  We watched Clinton and several other presidents find favor after losing the House in sweeping defeat.  Obama could not even seem to master the success of default and indifference, which makes him historically bad – if not the worst President to sit in the nation’s Capitol!  The once shoe-in for re-election, may just walk away, head bowed in shame as he insists that Bush, the new Republican House, and the Tea Party were why he failed – that’s what progressives do, they make excuses and blame everyone except the one who is responsible. 

It now looks as if Obama may not even fully enter his re-election bid.  Support has waned to the truth.  His support now so low, he could not even fill a donation dinner selling plates at $5.  The price reduced to $3 as the First Lady took to e-mail literally begging people to attend.  Obama has failed, the blind still chasing after him as if they are toilet paper stuck to his shoe.  To that I say, good riddance!  We were far better off without the lot of you – it has been like watching a bad (worse) version of Idiocracy! 

The Republican response?  Laughable.