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Perhaps you did not know this about me, but I am a troll!  LOL!  Seriously, apparently I am a troll… depending on who you ask of course.  It was a recent wave of anti-PJ sentiment that unfolded on Twitter that brought this to the surface.  Granted, I did not know about this until now because of my deliberate under utilization of social networking, but it is interesting nonetheless. 

So how was it that I became a troll?  Well, it was quite simple actually.  Crystal wrote an article in support of a Black Republican the GOP refused to support.  She tweeted the article and I uncharacteristically responded to her tweet in a very characteristic manner – and therein lies the problem… political honesty.

The Establishment Republican has done to Conservatism, what the Modern Liberal / Progressive has done to the Democrat Party – bastardized it.  When you think of one, it is the lesser desirable aspect that comes forth in the mind’s eye.  Clearly, not all Democrats are the baby killing, war mongering, wealth stealing, race baiting, profoundly ignorant, God hating, gay loving, right restricting, liberty stealing peddlers of political deceit, personal irresponsibility and overt dishonesty that Progressive influences  have now made representative of the Left.  In spite of such reality, the socially enforced current state of partisanism demands that we see only the worst in that which politically defies us.  The mantra of resistance becomes a pseudo-intellectual and sophomoric statement of ideological defiance:

You don’t agree with me because you are wrong, your political orientation is wrong and you will never agree because you are merely a blind follower of a highly faulted political regime.” 

This temperament is of course deployed because forcefully attacking disagreement allows the freedom to not self-evaluate an individual’s own political orientation, personal beliefs and motives.  Such self-evaluation would result in the acknowledgement that the aforementioned perspectives are questionable… in the least.   

With this in mind, the true Conservative is likened to the more the stereotypical bible thumping, God fearing, overtly judgmental, prudish, gay hating, power grubbing, racist, fat White Establishment Republican in the eyes of the Progressively influenced Leftist. 

In reality, these stereotypical, political impotents do in fact exist and it is their perverse distortions of self and ego driven narcissisms that are destroying the healthier sense of Americanism… by first destroying their own from within.    

Not making sense?

Please indulge me while I elaborate and explain the whole “troll” thing.

Daily Troll Alert?”  Apparently, this “alert” is used to inform Twitter users when someone is saying something that other Twitter users belonging to a some political clique may not find favor in.  It is sort of like high school gone digital – the quintessential definition of sophomoric.  It is not being referred to as a troll that is worthy of garnering attention, it is who is so callow to perpetuate such nonsense.  If you are thinking a Progressive, you could not be further from correct.  Clearly an Establishment Republican (who has the political lack of awareness to consider herself a Conservative / Libertarian)  attacking Conservative temperaments that are seeking to only improve the direction of the Right – albeit that Republicanism has reduced itself to the role of lesser evil considering Leftist alternatives).

The fact is Establishment Republicans are just as threatened by Conservatives as the Progressive Left.  Both want more control over the people, less liberty and freedom for the people and attack on personal levels when they know they cannot defend themselves with facts of truth. 

Let’s take the troll perpetuator, Gloria Mitchell for example.  She is quick to launch personal attacks when the current state of the GOP is questioned in a manner no different than a Progressive attacking when Obama is criticized.  Calling a person “stupid” is her favorite by far, but she is also quick to state that if you are Black, or of color and even remotely question the Republican establishment that you must be on “CRACK.”  (Take the insinuations from that as you may… but the stereotypical Establishment Republican comes to mind.  And to think, these same Republicans insist they are not a part of the problem that currently plagues the GOP.  Equal parts amusing, sad and pathetic rolled up into a political ball of hate and contempt – mostly self-contempt that is). 

Interestingly, our little Establishment Republican, Conservative hater is quick to denounce ObamaCare, yet is proud of her support for Mitt Romney who has also implemented health insurance mandates - and in the same breath, is quick to call others hypocrites, among other things.

Clearly a class act.

Here is my problem with today’s Establishment Republican; they make too many Progressives correct when they launch attacks depicting the Right as a bunch of racists based on generalizations and stereotypes. 

Too often, we hear the elected Republican elite state how they represent American liberties and freedoms, yet, not a single one of them consistently voted against the Patriot Act.  These same individuals supported the freedom crippling NDAA, unprecedented First Amendment limitations have been applied both by Republicans and with Republican support.  These Establishment Republicans are blindly supported no differently than Obama is supported by disillusioned Progressives – yet, we on the Right are not secure enough in our political identity to acknowledge the problem.  If we are too insecure to acknowledge the problem exists, we will never have the courage to correct the course of the Right.  Sadly, the failings of the Right are willfully and woefully protected by “troll perpetuators.”

America has fallen into a state of political despair driven by partisans who refuse to see their own wrongdoings and contemptuousness.  Today’s partisans, with all their might, hate any all things that do not represent specifically what they are – even when the end goal of discourse is for their betterment and the benefit of the nation as a whole.  It is this ill-contrived hate, which is now equally garnered on both the Right and Left that undermines the natural order of political progress.  Rather than correct the wrongdoings, which are indefensible, it is chosen to attack.  This only ensures what is wrong and can be improved, stays wrong and will not be improved.  Little in the political realm is more disappointing.

Are we to believe that Liberals are the only women having abortions?  Are Republicans the only ones in America who believe they have the constitutionally given right to bear arms?  Conservatives must then be the only Americans that believe in less government.  Such generalizations are completely absurd, but we have become so divided we cannot see how farfetched these assertions actually are.  We have not only learned to tolerate these gross and inaccurate generalizations; we have grown so apathetic and submissive to political order, that we actually buy into it them.

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It is interesting watching, reading and listening to all the fervor surrounding Phil Robertson and A&E.  The aged redneck said something less than flattering about gays and the GLAAD community went high and to the right… or left shall we say.  A&E, an extreme leftist, over the top, pro-gay network, then indefinitely suspended the Robertson family patriarch for openly expressing his opinion that homosexuality was a sin.  This, perceived as a gross constitutional violation of 1st Amendment rights, caused conservatives to circle their wagons in defense of Robertson. Think Progress, a progressive website, published an article further stating that Robertson not only hates gays but also, is an avid racist who feels Blacks were better off before Jim Crowe Laws.  Interesting.

Okay, before we get too deeply into this, I must confess that I am partial to rednecks – to say that, “some of my best friends are rednecks,” would be a gross understatement.  Of course growing up as a youth in the poor, Black, northern inner city, I was taught that rednecks were almost a different species altogether.  They were a bizarre and racist people that hated all things beyond that of their own.  It is the way this new Modern Liberalism works – it preys upon ignorance.  Chances were that I would never evolve beyond that of the street life I was born into, let alone run into a redneck in order to be able to make any self-determinations.  And so, it was to be.

A few novella sized chapters of my life ago I joined the Navy and was shell shocked by the types of different people I met during training, but the true awakening came when I was sent to Millington, TN.  There is where I had my first true redneck encounter with a young man named Allan Stuart from Tyler, TX. (If memory serves me correctly.)  You must remember that at this time Allan and I both were only months removed from our homes.  I still had far more Philly street in me than I did military bearing and Allan was far more country than he was a Sailor.  Shortly after check-in, which was befouled by my own “misconduct,” I was assigned to watch on the Naval Hospital’s Information Desk.  There, I was teamed with a young, skinny kid whose accent was so strong I thought he was speaking a different language.  (For those of you who know him, yes, Allan was skinny once upon a time). 

Allan’s personality is larger than life and he was quick to share stories of his youth in a colloquial dialogue of idioms that could rival that of Samuel Clemens himself.  Conversations at first were difficult, not only was his accent thick, I had yet to be exposed to true southern lingo.  I could barely understand a word he said often interrupting with untimely, “huhs?” and “whats?” Of the first stories he shared was when he once took his father’s bullwhip and was heading off to play with it.  My liberal oriented mind quickly made a predetermination of where he was going with this story.  As it turned out, I was wrong.  His father caught him running off with the bullwhip and stopped him.  “Give that too me Allan.”  His father said before directing him to run across the yard.  No sooner than Allan hit full speed, a lesson teaching lightning bolt and thunderous crack ripped into his back.  His father, to teach him a firsthand a lesson about what the bullwhip actually represented, gave him a little taste.  And so, the stories continued to flow between the two of us for years to come.  Though worlds apart, and perhaps in the minds of most, an unlikely duo, especially in the Memphis area of TN, we found more similarities than differences in not only how we were raised, but also who we were as individuals and a true unbreakable friendship was born.  We would both leave Millington and go our separate ways to pursue different military opportunities. When I arrived in Yuma, what was to be my final duty station, I was recognized by Allan’s wife; even though I had never met her… or knew she even existed for that matter.  A friendship forced apart by military needs had endured a career’s worth of separation.  Allan had not changed.  Still bigger than life, deceivingly smart, rudely determined, hyper opinionated, highly driven, brutally honest and still his own person in spite of a liberal world that was determined to prejudge him and his type of people – Allan was still the same Allan I had met so many years earlier.  Now adult sized, but still enjoying a bizarre sense of individuality that allowed him to drive up to morning PT in a canary yellow Mustang GT blasting old school Chaka Khan and talking in Stu’s unmistakable southern drawl.  You cannot help but to love him once you meet him.  Allan, though a redneck in his own definition, yields but one accurate marker of what most think a redneck is; his accent - that while being most obvious, was least defining.

Nothing about Allen was or is how a redneck was described to be in the uber-liberal Philadelphian inner city.  Liberalism and its soft racisms of predetermination feed and perpetuate themselves vested largely on the stubborn ignorance of devout followers.  Chances were that I would have never made it off the streets and come to know the likes of Allan and so many others like him.  Had this been the case and I remained confined to the self-limiting liberal la la land, today I would likely take the words of Phil Robertson and based them on the misconceptions that liberalism deliberately ascribed to me.  What was omitted from those early conversations was the sometimes brutal honesty, loyalty and sense of faith driven integrity many people possess – some of which happen to be rednecks.

 Little different, I would later learn, than southern Blacks whose faith derived influences live on in even the most secular on northern inner city families were these so called rednecks.  While Allan I were quite different demographically, we were far more similar in terms of value systems.  Separated again by the changing tides of life, if I were to stumble across Allan today and he were down and out – without question he would be taken in and my home would be his.  As unlikely as we were said to be back in the day has little to do with who we, and people in general, actually are.  It is this loss of personal understanding coupled with a greater loss of our sense of humanity that contrives such predetermined and prejudicial disdain being levied against Robertson by GLAAD.

This is why I detest not the GLAAD agenda, but GLAAD’s methodologies.  What GLAAD now demands through such protests against the individual right to disagree, is that everyone embrace homosexuality.  Those who do not are now being attacked as GLAAD seeks to aggressively force their agenda of homosexual acceptance upon all people over the individual right to uphold their own personal beliefs.  The crime, to GLAAD, is simply to not support the homosexual community.  This overly aggressive position by GLAAD has forced them to continually misstep when seeking to persecute solely because someone within, or the gay community in general is not held in the highest of regard.   

In the “Stop the Hate, Free Kate” campaign, GLAAD sought to demonize all those who stood against Kate Hunt, a 17 year old high school teenager who was having sexual relations with a 14 year girl.  What GLAAD and the LGBT community advocates saw was a young gay person facing charges for “being gay,” but willfully overlooked her continued violations of court placed restraining orders and even tried to use politicians to legalize same sex relationships involving minors to circumvent statutory rape laws in the state of Florida. 

Continually we are told by GLAAD, its advocates and its moronic spokes people like Wilsin Cruz that conservatives “hate” and fail to possess constitutional understanding in ill-fated attempts to advance their own, and now clearly biased and even prejudicial, agenda.  Their recent attack on Chik-Fil-A not only resulted in record sales for the Christian oriented fast food chain, but GLAAD again tried to use leftist political entities to block Chik-Fil-A businesses from opening in areas that were controlled by liberals.  Yet, their insistence is that they, as liberals, support American freedoms and concepts of constitutionality – until someone disagrees with them that is.

The fact of the matter is gays wish to be accepted for being gay, which is fine.  The trouble arises when the community chooses to force their acceptance on all others and refusing to respect differing opinions even when those who choose to not support homosexuality wish no harm, nor act in a discriminatory manner against gays. 

Here is an interesting piece of trivia.  We as a nation, demand that immigrants seeking citizenship bear the responsibility to “Respect the rights, beliefs, and opinions of others.” It is a concept deeply vetted by the First Amendment’s protection of free speech and religious freedom.  Unfortunately, the most enshrouded Americans, American communities and American subcultures demand that their rights, beliefs and opinions be respected, but too often now, they refuse to bear the responsibility of respecting the same of others.  It is a dichotomy that the American progressive and liberal factions embrace to the highest and most absurd proportions.  Inasmuch, through their perverse sense of entitlement, GLAAD and many members of the otherwise rational LGBT community have taken giant steps backwards while only advancing the right to refute their belief system among those who tend to be impartial to their way of life, which is actually the majority of Americans.

When you are content to be simply yourself and don't compare or compete, everybody will respect you.
Lao Tzu
A certain loneliness accompanies the Black Conservative.  To the Black community, the Black Conservative is anything and everything but a Black Conservative in the true form.  The Black Conservative is not a free-enterprise embracing Libertarian, is assumed to be a Black Republican, but is not a Black Conservative.  This is due to the Left leaning Black community’s embracement of the passive role of victim under the unconditional support of Liberal political order.  Despite the hundreds of well-documented years of the Democrat’s fight against equal rights, the Black community has been lulled into passivity by the Democrat insistence the Black is a victim and only a victim.

"...that black American leaders were practicing a politics that drew the group into a victim-focused racial identity that, in turn, stifled black advancement more than racism itself did." Shelby Steele - 1999

The illusion in the Black community is power lies in the guise of victimization while Whites lie powerless under the illusion of redemption.  The illusion removed reveals the Black is powerless in that Whites have no redemption.  To break ranks with the role of the Black victim is to dissent for the Black community itself; a measure and expression of individuality the Black community meets with very overt and animus aggression.  To be Black and not envision one’s self as a victim is to resist the political influences of the Democrat Party.  This resistance is a demonstration of self-reliance; a forbidden Democrat attribute for Blacks to espouse. 

The difficulties Blacks have in overcoming the inequities between Blacks and Whites is the prescribed victimology assigned to Blacks by the Democrat.  As victim, the Black will never be equal; the Black will be eternally relegated to the powerless beneficiary of state dependency where economic liberty has been and remains lost.  The vein of “Black Power” lies the depths of victimization.  A power that was to deliver a people from the larger society, imperiled its fate to a subordinate subculture powerless to the control of a single party political system it aligned itself with that sought only to oppress it into economic silence.  Of course, the Black, as a whole refuses to see this because asserting one’s self against it is to forsake the Black community as an entity.

To be Black, is to be Democrat.  There is no discussion to follow.

The Black community supported Mayor Marion Barry and Bill Clinton while freely and publicly loathing Shelby Steele, Stanley Crouch, Clarence Thomas, and Ward Connerly.  O. J. Simpson was innocent and Barak Obama was the only presidential option.  Race alliance is subject to the conditions of Democrat Party affiliation only.  It is wrong in the Black community to believe the individual Black is more than a victim.  It is to be condemned by the Black community to believe Blacks to have ability to progress forward in life without the aid of the White Democrat crutch; that equality can only be attained through truly overcoming the obstacles in one’s life. 

Black Republicans like Colin Powell have failed the Black community by claiming conservative values and ruthlessly fighting for hijacked Liberal initiatives like affirmative action that now actually hinder Black competence and equality while expressly demonstrating the same discriminatory actions of oppression that has led to ideology of the defining role of Black victim.  (Let us not forget the “Philadelphia Plan!”)  Thus, the true Black Conservative is the antithesis!  He is the exclusion of sharpness the conventional quasi-embraced Black Republican lacks. 

My oldest brother came home on leave from the Air Force.  I was quite young at the time, but would always tune into conversations that centered on politics.  He casually stated how he was no longer A Democrat, but had moved on to become an Independent.  His dissatisfaction for the oppressive nature of the Democrat Party was more than obvious in his strong reasoning.  The looks of disdain flowed evenly through the room; my mom, my older sister and my second oldest brother – my father smiled his coy smile and disengaged.  Heard was the fact he was no longer Democrat, deliberately overlooked was his strong rationalization as to why.  You HAD to be Democrat if you were Black in the inner city; all else was a betrayal against the Black community.  "How dare he move beyond this loyalty;" is what their looks suggested. 

The despised minority

For generations Black Americans have been the despised minority of indifference and overt hatred, separated from the mainstream populous by a monolithic self majority insistent upon voting for Black oppression in support of Democrat lies and obsolete thoughts of a failed self-identity.   

In part, the Black community has grown to identify itself by whom it annihilates.  Those whom move forward in modern contemporary political thought are rebuked by their own.  Their own believe themselves to be the victim to whom are owed in order to attain equality - a sense of equality that cannot be attained through independent achievement and through self-competence.  As a victim, equality is unattainable.  Concepts that defy what the Black community has actually accomplished in every imaginable field and professional order.  While the individual can excel through their own merits, he must insist that he is a mere exception and for those who follow him must be the product of dichotomy.

It is amazing what you stumble across researching online.  A person’s digital signature is amazing.  Inadvertently, I stumbled across the traces of an ex.  (JDG, or any coupled combination thereof we will refer to her).  She has not changed.  Music tastes are the same; our only true compatibility.  Her Navy career was solid.  As JG was promoting she would grow frustrated feeling she was passed over for promotion because she was a Black female.  “Look at how fast you are promoting.” She would say. 

“Look at what I do.  I promote because I have taken the hardest of the hard assignments and excelled.  When you take on harder assignments, you will promote.”  Guess what?  She took on assignments with increasing difficulty and excelled in doing so; she also promoted.  Apparently, she has gone on to retire and now works for a government agency conducting background investigations.  All said and done, she seems to be doing quite well, merits attained through her individual effort of self.  However, she still believes that without White Democrat support, the Black individual is robbed of the opportunity to advance their position in life.  A clear dichotomy.  She can be a competent individual as a Black community member, but judging by words of her support for Obama and certain programs, the victimized Black community cannot be competent as whole without aid. Lost is the ideology that a community is comprised of the individual - as more individuals excel on their own merits while insisting upon themselves, the more the entire community advances.

Totalism over equality

It is said that an “Uncle Tom” is a person whom fails to love their own people and enables their oppression.  Oppression in the Black community is enabled by those within the confines of the community that support the one party system of Democrat or nothing.  It is the totalism of victim over the competence of  individual that now create the community.  The quandary is how can such dichotomy and pluralism exist in a community that has contributed so much to humanity while still refusing to believe fully within themselves.  Collectively, they rebuke the strong individual that possesses more belief in the Black community than the Black community expresses in self belief. 

The ideology of the Black conservative is one truth.  It is a perception that all are created equal and to attain equality one must fully embrace that they, as an individual, are of equal value.  When a community assumes the role of victim, equality can never be attained.  Equality requires a level of self-responsibility and self-accountability that Democrats seek to absolve in order to passively oppress.  It is sad that the Black community has espoused the role of victim over the role of the equal and in turn attempt to shun those within the community attempting to deliver it to its proper place in society  - all while refusing to accept that "Uncle Tom" is far more fitting for those subscribing to their own oppression, not those whom have removed themselves from it so others may follow.

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It was two weeks ago that a chess game was played.  Chess, not in the literal sense, but in the intellectual gaming sense.  The figurative play of engagement to assess the true capability of the other.  The other has failed – miserably.  The catch is that one does not “fail” when being assessed per se.  To fail is this sense is then the egregious demonstration of one’s ignorance.

Two weeks ago dialog was engaged with Liberal / Obama support groups(ies).  The discussions were based upon the mass media’s new round of claims of racism against the Right.  To make the game interesting a door was left wide open for the Obama groupies and supporters to demonstrate that they did in fact possess the cognitive ability of independent thought.  Collectively they failed, but to rationalize their failure they uniformly united against racism and expressed the deplorable nature of the racist. 

Why did they do this?  The media was defending Obama and the birth certificate issue.  Because the birth certificate issue had little merit on which to defend Obama’s stubborn nature, the race card was again played.  The objective individual understands that race is utilized to defend the political ideologies of the Obama Administration which inherently lack the merits on which they can defend themselves.  The liberal enabler of racism only sees the claim while refusing to look at the facts behind the claim itself. 

The liberal participants went on and on about how the Right is racist, and for a person to not see that proved them to be blind to the reality of the existence of racism.  The problem with these statements was simple; they were in response to comments that contained the inclusion, “racism does indeed exist within the Right.  Racism however, is not the fueling motivator of disdain for Obama that those in the mass media and Left are making it out to be.”  Despite this, the Left simply related the vague conditions of the article itself.  A single liberal went off script and referenced Jimmy Carter’s comments pertaining to how race was fueling the fight against Obama.  After pointing out that Cater later recanted his statement supporting unsubstantiated claims of racism, she deleted her comment and stopped participating in the dialog. 

The deliberate gaping hole in my approach to the dialog was simple.  The article liberal groups were tossing around as definitive proof the Right is racist came 10 days after an incident of true racial significance that was perpetrated by a Republican political leader closely associated with the Tea Party!  Ten days is significant in an issue like this due the media penetration phenomenon.  This is to suggest that the liberal anti-racist who is capable of independent thought would have the ability to connect the two.  If the connection were not made at first, cued prompting, (which was more than adequately provided) would aid in the connection.  The only light bulbs that went off were those that immediately burned out when challenged to “think” in independent terms.  This cognitive inability to connect actual acts of racial concern to leftist claims of racism demonstrate the unconditional submission to hierarchy of “liberal social order.”

The problem lies in the symbolic interactionism of the liberal subculture that has lost the ability to “self script” outside of the conditions set by the dominate liberal whole.  This inability to script different perceptions of self develops into the loss of self-identity outside the confines set by the higher liberal social order.  This is exactly why, as atrocious a president Obama is; he will always have these unconditional supporters whom lack a sense of  self that is beyond that of which Obama as prescribed to them.  One lower level political figure in Atlanta stated, “Obama knows what’s best.”  Such a statement epitomizes the loss of self and the failure in the ability to identify self  individuality in the lower liberal subculture.  If the dominate liberal whole makes a claim, the subculture will in turn unconditionally submit to it.  Envision if you will, an abused other whom seeks to rationalize their abuse in terms of their own inadequacies.  Hence is the new liberal subculture.  The inept view of self has allowed its exploitation to a social order that is granted the perception of power for being more competent and more responsible than that of the individual self. 

When dealing with the liberal subculture on race issues, they can only articulate what the leftist media provides to them.  When challenged with the reality of Democrat racism, they completely shutdown.  They can (do as told and) finger point to unsubstantiated and vague claims of racism stemming from the right, but will not address the tenure of the late Senator Byrd in terms of Democrat tolerance of racism.  Nor will they address the institutionalism and glorification of racism associated with the naming of the USS Stennis after another late racist Democrat.  There is no discussion of the KKK and the more than 100 years of the Democrat Party fighting against civil rights will never be discussed.  Why?  Because the liberal higher order will not allow the expression of individual thought to do so.

It is not that racism does not exist; it is that we have allowed it polarize.  Through the manipulation of the liberal subculture, the Obama Administration forces race to the forefront and keeps it present by disallowing their followers to engage in open discussions on racism as they pertain America and American politics.  In order for America to move forward from our sordid past on racism, we must first be able to it address openly.  Unfortunately, the president of the “post racial America” has ensured it will not happen under his watch.  Enabling him is a group that clearly identified themselves to be inept of self.  Their concession and capitulation from freedom finds equal guilt in America’s racial conundrum as is the perverse act of racism itself.

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OK, we need to be completely honest and look at things as they are and for what they are and take the political correctness BS out the equation.  You see, this is what happens when you spend a generation baking the cake of double standards then want to sit down and eat it while expecting there to be no consequences. 

I am no Trump fan, but he has got some cojones!  Unfortunately, he is tea bagging the living daylights out of Obama with them!  Obama succumbs to the Trump pressure and releases his long form.  He folded, he knows it, the nation knows it and Trump took full and rightful credit for it.  Did that satisfy his craving for Obama blood?  No, one could argue he loves the taste!  The Obama Administration is taken back and Trump has their complete and undivided attention because he has effectively mapped a blueprint on how to defeat Obama in 2012.  And that is by doing what politicians have been too afraid to do because they are fearful of being called racists; take Obama head on and ensure he is fully exposed FOR THE FIRST TIME.  (Shame on you America for electing a man that has more sealed records than does a filthy rich criminal)!

With a quick and easy victory under his belt, Trump called for Obama’s grades as it would seem he will not rest until every single sealed Obama record is released.  Trump stated the following:

“I have friends who have smart sons with great marks, great boards, great everything and they can’t get into Harvard… We don’t know a thing about this guy.  There are a lot of things that are unanswered about this president.”

The retort?  This is code for saying Obama “got into law school because he is Black.”  as it would continue to read; “… an ugly strain of racism running through the whole thing.”

Trump is a racist!

Now just stop the stupidity because this is the exact type of thing the Obama / Holder team stand for.  What we are talking about is Affirmative Action.  States that have voted to have Affirmative Action programs removed are criticized as being “racist states.”  However, if one suggests a person is a product of a program they so strongly support, it is they who are the racist?  You can’t have it both ways Slappy!  This is exactly why Affirmative Action has outlasted its usefulness.

Holder and Co. recently forced a city to accept candidates into the police and fire/rescue services who did not meet the testing scores because they were Black.  One such Black candidate stated that he wanted to make it on his own merits because he did not wish to be stigmatized as a quota and judged as incompetent because he was Black.  Good for him, but shame on the Department of Justice for setting Blacks back 47 years!

So now we have a suggestion that Affirmative Action birthed Obama’s education and we are supposed to paint Trump as a racist for the insinuation (which is subject to your own interpretations by the way).  This is the damage the program causes and like it not, Obama and his DoJ are forcing it on the nation, but how dare we assume that people are actually products of the program… if we make such an assumption, no matter how loosely, it is an act of racism itself.  Yet, we insist that things be both ways?  We want equality, while we force a double standard of acceptance upon the people.  It becomes easier for minorities and women to attend certain schools, obtain certain jobs and even attain certain levels of success while never acknowledging that this in and of itself is an act of discrimination; racism in motion.  But, a person can only be viewed and referenced as an intellectual equal despite having to meet lesser standards in order to obtain the same position of “equality.” 

There have been times in my life that I have been discriminated against and I really did not care for them all that much.  Putting the shoe on the other foot, I can see why some take issue with Affirmative Action.  It is difficult, no, impossible to accept that you are not good enough because the color of your skin happens to be “wrong;” regardless of how good you actually happen to be.  Isn’t that what we tell White males with Affirmative Action?  Because they are White, they do not have a certain right of access to resources and opportunities?  That because they may be the person that posses a better skill set, have higher grades, or be more experienced; that they are not eligible because they are White; that even though they are a better fit, the slot must be filled by some one less qualified, less experienced, or less skilled because they are the right gender, or right color.  It sucks to be told that you are not good enough, even though you know you are far, far better!  It sucks like you would not believe.  There is nothing worse the busting your ass to get somewhere in life and be rejected because you do not look a certain way.  If it is wrong for me to be denied something because I am Black, it is equally wrong that a person is denied something because they are White!

So now we have this program that we “support” and even force upon the people, but do not consider it racist and discriminatory because it is believed that it “benefits” minorities.  We knowingly impose this double standard and blatantly ignore the consequences of such actions. 

Here is a clue, if we want to do away with the perception that a person has attained more by achieving less due to the color of their skin, perhaps we should do away with the program that enables such mindsets.  Just a thought.  So long as the program exists, the reality of the products of the double standard exists.  We can’t have it both ways and when someone calls us out on it, we really have to evaluate who is actually perpetrating the fraud and the racist acts. 

Let’s face it, America has a serious problem with the terms and conditions of race as a collective people.  We toss the word “multiculturalism” around, but have not have the foggiest idea on how to embrace ethnicity.  We allow ourselves to overreact each and every time we hear the words racist and racism.  Because of these interpersonal failings we have been exploited by a political entity that has learned to use these words to polarize constituents into passive followers of hate.  When the accusation is made it is believed, though the vast majority of the time it is never substantiated.  Sadly, America is so racially and culturally inept that an accusation of racism does not have to be substantiated to have an affect.  I will prove my point right here and right now.

If I would post on my Facebook page that Mark (no offense man) made a racial slur against me, your reaction would be; “Oh my God!  How could he?” because you do not know him personally.  Then I would have to listen to comment after comment about how intolerant you are to racism and how it sickens you that it exists.  It is because you find guilt first based upon the accusation of race that demonstrates your profound insecurity with race as an issue.  It does not make you a racist, but it does make you an enabler of racism!  And it is the latter that is fed upon to perpetuate the atmosphere of racism that exists in America today.

I spent the day engaging in various discussions based upon articles that that have used gross exaggerations of racism to fuel the political agenda of a given side and against an opposing side.  In each and every case, the accusation was largely supported even though no true details were known in which to base judgment accurate upon.  The Right was simply a bunch of racist losers as judged by supports of the Left who themselves were appalled by racism.  Our problem is that we fail to see the dichotomy that can exist in being "non-racist," but enabling racism through assumed guilt.  No one here owes the next person a thing when it comes to race and ethic relations.  All must be treated equally in order to attain equality.  The bottom line is that overcoming race as an issue means the individual must first overcome aspects of themselves they never directly face.  Because we cannot do that, allows us to be inclined to assign guilt with no evidence racism has been committed.  The result is an American society that cannot move beyond a sordid and racist past.

When will we realize the promise actually lies in the future and not clinging to the guilt and resentment of the past?
All of my brothers, sisters and I had high school teacher in common.  We were all told the same thing.

“Getting your high school diploma is important because without it you cannot become a trash collector for the city.”

In her eyes, us being a trash man was a good thing because working for the city came with benefits.  Not that people who work in the sanitation industry are under achievers, but when young minds are reaching for the stars, it is sobering to understand that certain people simply do not believe in you.  That your future was limited by your demographic and without a helping hand, your future was all the more limited.  Why?  Because the United States was once the home of slave and slave owners.  Because of this sordid history, Blacks were and will always be destined to a future of relative and comparative failure.

In reference to this past of slavery and Lincoln’s roll in it that we cannot seem get past; Franklin Brown left the following comment on my Facebook page:

“And, in truth, while some of it is unpleasant, it is nothing to be ashamed of. Growing stronger through adversity is a good thing.”

He is right, we are ashamed of our past.  It is a past of racism and discrimination that haunts Blacks and hinders the progression to true equality to this day.  To aid Blacks in attaining equality, affirmative action programs swept the nation.  Programs that states are now voting to do away with.  These states are labeled as “racist states” by many, but what people do not look into is why many communities are moving past the past by abolishing affirmative action.

POTUS deception

Equality can only be achieved one way, by unconditionally meeting a set of equal standards.  As states and organizations began moving in this direction, it was in hopes that the transformative aspirations of a newly elected Black president could help deliver the nation to a post racial society secure enough within themselves to embrace ethnicity over racial differences.  As it would turn out, this ideology was ephemeral at best; if it ever truly existed in the president to begin with.

Soon after Obama’s election and the fall of his coveted ACORN, it was disclosed that part of campaign strategy was to incite racism.  If a White journalist did not agree with a given position of the would-be president they were labeled as a racist.  This in turn negated objectivity and gave room for a presidential hopeful to go largely unchallenged in the mass media in fears of attacks for being considered racist.  It was a highly effective strategy that later infected the highest levels of the federal government.  A person who did not support health care reform was suddenly “racist.”  To implement health care reform would be to do away with the “American holocaust” that current health care is.  Through embodiment of these claims of racism, Blacks became victims of a Democrat political machine seeking to exclusively corral the Black vote and even further oppress Blacks.

Enter the Department of Justice and Eric “My People” Holder

The DoJ has been a key tool in ensuring that both Blacks never attain equality and align with the Democrat Party.  Voters in a small North Carolina community voted overwhelmingly to do away with party affiliation for local elections.  The voters wanted the ability to vote for “their candidate of choice” in local elections citing that in the small town they knew who the candidates were and thus did not need the D or R to determine whom to support.  The city has a population of 23,000; two-thirds of which are Black.  The DoJ threw out the vote claiming Blacks need the Democrat Party in order to know who to vote for.  Further acting upon racial intent, Loretta King of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division wrote of the decision, “Removing the partisan cue in municipal elections will, in all likelihood, remove the single factor that allows blacks to be elected into office.”

The DoJ has also ventured deep into the waters of affirmative action by forcing the Dayton Police Force to hire minority applicants who cannot pass the entrance exam.  Community leaders believe the Justice Department’s mandate stigmatized Blacks.  What the community wants is law enforcement and emergency personnel who are most capable of doing the job.  Under the mandate race becomes an issue because a minority will be questioned for their competence based upon the potential of being hired under a double (lower) standard.  In not lowering the standard, equality is attained; by lowering the standard, equality is forever an unattainable dream. 
Affirmative action is discrimination and racism

Further concerns will be raised when we consider the fact the affirmative action is in fact the employment of racism. 

In New Haven Connecticut, the city threw out firefighter advancement exams  because the results left too few minorities qualified.  As a result of the throwing out of advancement exams, one Latino and one Black were scheduled for promotion over White counterparts who clearly out performed them.  White firefighters sued for discrimination.  A suit that the Supreme Court ruled only 5-4 in favor of the firefighters.  Rather than correct the action, the city opted to not certify the results and promoted no one at all.

All discrimination and racism is wrong

It is not that minorities can’t, it is that minorities often too don’t have to!  We are so polarized by race and race issues we forget to look at things objectively.  If it is not fair to discriminate against women and minorities; why in the world is it acceptable to discriminate against White males?  Better yet, how is having lower standards of acceptability good for anyone in a given society?

There was a time when affirmative action was more than necessary and appropriate.  Today, at the hands of an affirmative action program that has been hijacked by a Black headed, largely Democrat led government, we have transcended from good intentions to overt government sponsored, endorsed and mandated racism.  While some see this clearly, others remain metagrabolized out of guilt for a past no American today has any control over while they render themselves ineffective as they fall idle and passive to race and race issues. 

Though a common political excuse, two wrongs never make a right.  Because slavery was wrong, does not make discrimination against another right. 

I was taught to set lower expectations, but that never meant I was not capable of being the best that I could be.  It never meant that I could not best any given standard.  This is somewhat of a unique outlook because human nature is to meet the standard.  If a person needs an 1100 on a SAT, they do not commit themselves to attaining a 1530.  What happens when that 1100 finds his or her self in an elite school because they are of a certain race, sex or both?  They fail.  What’s worse is that we all fail when we collectively fail to realize that.  Imposing standards of acceptability is done for a purpose; they are either met or they are not.  When we stray from the standard, we sell ourselves short before anything else.

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