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This one I could not help but pass up!  And don't get started with that "why you hatin' on Obama crap?" because I am not.

There seems to be some controversy about Obama being selected as the Most Admired man... again.  Many think this was rigged in a manner akin to the Nobel Peace Prize; and in all fairness it was - just not in the "rigged" manner in which one would consider. (Read more).

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It has been an historic week in Washington D.C.  The problem is that only half of the story is really being told by the mainstream media.  Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT) has been repealed and the DREAM Act has been shot down.  It’s only the former that is being hyped.  It is as if the failure the Dream Act will be overshadowed by the passing of the DADT repeal.  Of course this is not true and whether or not the mainstream media wishes to give the DREAM Act’s failure its deserved attention, America knows what happened, and you and I know what happened.  Illegal is illegal, is what happened. (Read more).

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One of the things that have been crystal clear is that President Obama did not bring about a “Post Racial America.” If anything, we have debated more about whether or not Obama has ushered in a “New Racial America.” Many thought it was people being overly sensitive to the fact that Obama is black. Several have claimed it was by design to bring favor to political platforms which otherwise lack merit.

It did not take Obama’s census form where he declared himself “African-American” for voters to see him as black. It should not matter, but apparently it does. That much Obama knew when he designed his campaign. You see, the “Post Racial America” that never was, was never meant to be. Revealed earlier today, Obama’s campaign was designed to elicit race as an issue and bring it to the American forefront. Initially targeted were journalists. If they were white and Conservative they would be attacked and painted as racist and bigots for standing against Obama. This was highly effective and those on the Obama attack quickly backed off. His lack of experience, his history, and the fact that more was sealed on this man than available about him; all swept cleanly off the table. He was given pardon because he was black. Unfortunately, as it would turn out, this tactic was so effective it persists in the Obama Administration to this day. (Read more).

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The consequence of attempting to force economic recovery on a nation is the same as Peter returning to a now broke Paul demanding payment in full, plus interest.  In the case of America, Peter is the consequence of a stimulus and other government spending initiatives named Paul. 

The probability of a double dip recession is now at 40% as the stimulus and programs like cash for clunkers come home to roost.  What is happening is very simple.  Stimulus and like programs are followed by short term economic activity which ebbs as fast as it surges.  As with any ebbing tide, it recedes further than the preceding flow.  In terms of economics, it causes more damage than it creates good. (Read more).

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 By Paul Johnson on Tue, 02/09/2010 - 13:52
Talk about missing the mark! 

Granted, some polls are far better than others and many of them you simply cannot trust because they are skewed to make a person appear to be ahead or behind.  Such an example would be one of CBS fame that printed “0% of African Americans disapprove of Obama.”  The flaws are obvious given the very person alone currently writing this.  On the flip side of the coin are polls that just simply show what is on people’s minds and allow you to make what you want of them.  One such poll revealed some startling concerns of the American people in terms of their priorities.   As Obama Bashing becomes as much as a leisurely past time for many as does Bush Blaming for others, it becomes apparently clear that the Obama Bashing opportunities have been handed forth on a silver platter trimmed ornate gold.

The top three priorities for Americans this year are; strengthening the economy, improving the job situation and defending the US against terrorism.  Clearly the administration has done too little and many will even argue that they have failed because so much attention has paid to three other areas; the stimulus, health care reform and cap and trade legislature.  It is here is where they have missed the mark. (Read more).

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I have to admit that I love political conversations at work. Granted, in my position I have to be a bit careful, but none the less they are fun.

One of the other directors asked me this morning, "So what do you think about the strong ruling against Arizona yesterday?"

My retort. "What do you think about the strong ruling against the Obama Administration yesterday?" The look of confusion was absolutely classic! Profound "dumbfoundedness," polarized by contempt and confusion.

"What ruling against Obama? I am talking about SB 1070. There was no ruling against Obama." As she began to insist upon herslf.

And therein lies the problem ladies and gentlemen. Reliance on mass media that actually has gotten the story completely wrong. The initial story went out without all of the details of the ruling. In the haste for writers go be read, that story is elaborated on just enough to avoid plagiarism and slightly altered versions of the same incorrect and shallow story reverberated across the nation - all incorrect. (Read more).

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Things get amusing from time to time. President Obama released a statement to inform the nation that he is indeed Christian. So what. Who really cares? Of all the things going on in America, a great deal of attention is being paid to what religious group this man belongs to. Making a statement depicting he supported the Mosque at ground zero did not help. The retraction was weak. He did not use his middle name until he was inaugurated. And then there is so much about this man the world will never know. Therein lies the problem; the unknown about our very own president. This is what makes such queries come to the forefront, not fear mongering as the Liberal media has to come to insist. (Read more).

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What the Democrats anticipate is major mid-term losses. Atonement for the lies and spending. Voter retribution for selling the American economy out to special interests, Modern Liberal agendas and the intent to Europeanize the world’s greatest nation.

The Wall Street Journal’s John Fund wrote in July, Democrat leaders are poised to lose the House and now realize their continued grip on the Senate is questionable at best.

When presidents come under too much fire, they appoint commissions. Like minded members from both parties to give the appearance that commission is “bi-partisan.” This bi-partisanship is as false as income levels of less than $250,000 not seeing new taxes under Obama. The commission is charged none the less with finding a way to cut a deficit now predicted to crest the $14 trillion mark. Their instructions from President Obama you ask? “Everything is on the table.” Such “enhancements of government revenue” could include acts of fiscal atrocities from entitlement cuts to the pillaging of retirement accounts. Last time everything was on the table in such a manner health care reform was forced upon the people by a government of which 60% objected to the program. Such concepts of governmental thievery should no longer be of surprise or dismissed as farfetched. (Read more).

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Everyone is feeling the squeeze of the recession.  Occupational fields that thrive based on consistent demand during all economic times are feeling it as well.  In particular, the health care industry is feeling the unrelenting brunt of the recession.  Though health care is in constant need, the impact is seen none the less.  Far fewer elective procedures are being conducted while increasing numbers of Americans are not seeking much needed medical care due to co-pays.  The impact as seen in the health care industry is that of consistently decreasing censuses of inpatient facilities which in turn cuts the hours for staff.  The concept is known as Patients Per Day, or PPD. (Read more).

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You read it correctly.  Republican tax hikes loom on the horizon.

How can that be you ask?  It all depends on who you listen to tell the story.  You see, the Bush bashing strategy is again beginning to rear its head despite the proven failure of the tactic according to the polled American voter who no longer see Republicans and Bush as synonymous political entities. President Obama this week in Atlanta - "It'd be one thing if the Republicans had seen the error of their ways," he said. "But that's not what happened. It's not like they've engaged in some heavy reflection. They have not come up with a single, solitary, new idea to address the challenges of the American people. They don't have a single idea that's different from George Bush's ideas -- not one."

As the Bush tax cuts are due to expire, the forthcoming Democrat strategy is to label them as a “Republican Tax Hike” due to the fact the Republicans set the sunset date of 31 December 2010. (Read more).

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